Reviews from Food Adventures Indy

  • Long Thanh Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Long Thanh Restaurant

    Itís located in your typical strip mall with its boring signage outside. It looked like to me a great food adventure. A run down strip mall with basic signage is always a sign of a fantastic restaurant, but in this case, it was sub par.

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  • Siam Square in Indianapolis

    Siam Square

    Let me start off by saying that my food was fabulous. The service was fabulous. The décor is fabulous.

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  • Szechwan Garden in Indianapolis

    Szechwan Garden

    All I can say it was probably fried in the same oil as the fish because I could taste some remnants of fish in the batter. It was extremely spicy, with its dried chili peppers, and jalapenos. Not much of an adventurous Chinese dish. I'm sorry. I failed you. Service is fantastic, just don't let them Americanize you.

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  • El Puerto de San Blas in Indianapolis

    El Puerto de San Blas

    As we left the restaurant, it was surreal, the music, the culture, and the food. I was speechless when I left this restaurant. I couldn't believe the experience I just had. Amazing!

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  • Wild Ginger on 116th Street in Fishers

    Wild Ginger on 116th Street

    I ordered sushi. But this time I ordered two sushi rolls that I normally would not ever order. I ordered the spider roll, a soft-shell crab roll with tempura batter and cucumber, and a firecracker roll, a roll with spicy tuna stuffed inside a jalapeno with spicy mayo on top. I also went back and forth on whether I should order a couple of pieces of nigiri, and I finally settled on the super white tuna. I am glad I did, it was really the only thing on my platter that I really enjoyed.

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  • Mandarin House

    As we left the restaurant, its tranquility stayed with me. I no longer minded the busy traffic, or the fact that we had eaten "ethnic" food in Carmel. I was still enjoying my Zen of duck happiness. And that Zen lasted the rest of the evening.

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  • Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

    Let me explain this in detail: We order. The order comes out looking like a pizza with four huge splotches of food. Sort of look like an artist palette. Beside this huge supply of food is rolled steamed towels. Wait, theyíre not towels, itís injera bread. Itís a spongy like bread that can soak up sauces and whatever you can pick up with it. This is your utensil/food.

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  • Jamaican Style Jerk

    I picked the hot sauce. If you never had Jerk Chicken before, you may want to try a milder sauce and leave the hot sauce for the future because the hot sauce is hot. How hot? Like "my skin inside my mouth peeling off" hot. It is a delicious sauce that goes well with the tender Jerk Chicken. The Jerk Chicken falls off the bone and when you dip it in the hot sauce, it's like pure Heaven.

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  • Saigon in Indianapolis


    Oh, you want to know about the food? It was superb. Dave and I met some friends and we all split the appetizer platter. It had the usual spring rolls, egg rolls, crab rangoon, etc. They were all very tasty. One standout was the lemongrass beef. It is marinated flank steak rolled up with cheese and then grilled.

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  • Amber Indian Restaurant in Carmel

    Amber Indian Restaurant

    Dave and I are once again impressed with the simple goodness of deep-frying vegetables that Americans would not think about frying. These little spinach leaves were awesome.

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  • Ocean World in Carmel

    Ocean World

    I still love Ocean World. It is still my favorite sushi joint in the city. But may I make a small suggestion. If you are visiting for the first time, go at dinner. It's more magical.

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  • Mudbugs Cajun Cafe in Carmel

    Mudbugs Cajun Cafe

    I ordered the crawfish casserole since I had never tasted crawfish before. For those who have not had crawfish, I highly suggest that you try it. I am going to describe it as a cross between a crab and a shrimp. It is very sweet and tastes like the ocean. That being said, the rest of the experience was okay at best.

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  • Havana Cafe in Indianapolis

    Havana Cafe

    What was I expecting when I went into the Havana Cafe Cuban Cuisine establishment off of 38th and Moller Road in Indianapolis? Iíve never had Cuban food, so I didnít...

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  • King Chef Chinese Restaurant in Fishers

    King Chef Chinese Restaurant

    I have nothing. Really, I have nothing on this restaurant. It was so boring my face could have fallen into my meal and I wouldnít have woken up. Itís not like anything was too terribly bad, but nothing stood out. Plain and simple, boring! How boring was it?...

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  • Machu Picchu Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Machu Picchu Restaurant

    Why was the actual Machu Picchu in Peru created? One theory claims it was a prison colony for people who committed heinous crimes. Could a heinous crime back...

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  • Petite Chou by Patachou in Carmel

    Petite Chou by Patachou

    Wow! Thereís a lot of women here at Petite Chou in Carmel, Indiana. Fat women, skinny women, women that look like men, men that look like women, old women, young women, women with too much make-up on, women with fur coats...

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  • Istanbul Cafe in Indianapolis

    Istanbul Cafe

    A couple of weeks ago, my parents said that they would like to go on a food adventure with us. I asked where they would like to go and my father replied, ďI donít know. Surprise us. Just donít pick anything too adventurous...

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  • Bosphorus Cafe in Indianapolis

    Bosphorus Cafe

    A couple of weeks ago, my parents said that they would like to go on a food adventure with us. I asked where they would like to go and my father replied, ďI donít know. Surprise us. Just donít pick anything too adventurous...

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  • Cafe Heidelberg in Indianapolis

    Cafe Heidelberg

    Have you ever walked into a touristís trap? Heidelberg Haus on Pendleton Pike on the East side of Indianapolis may look like a touristís trap when you first set foot inside...

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  • Mangia Italian Restaurant

    Dave and I decided to cave to pressure and review an Italian restaurant, so we ended up at Mangia! in Carmel on a Saturday night. According to the website the restaurant specialized in northern Italian cuisine and was locally owned...

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  • Asian Grill Restaurant in Noblesville

    Asian Grill Restaurant

    Putting an Asian restaurant in downtown Noblesville, Indiana takes some guts, not only because itís an Asian restaurant, but because itís Noblesville. Anybody who lives in Indianapolis knows the people who live in Noblesville...

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  • Thai Taste Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Thai Taste Restaurant

    What? Donít be afraid of me? Iím just a floating dot with six points. Attach me to a menu item at Thai Taste and you better watch it! Iím hot enough to burn your insides out. I looked down at my stomach and I could see the back of my chair...

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  • el Arado Mexican Grill in Indianapolis

    el Arado Mexican Grill

    This week two of our good friends (and their 4 month old) joined us on a food adventure. We discovered that finding ethnic food restaurants that are open during Race Weekend in Indianapolis is difficult. After driving around Fountain Square...

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  • Viet Bistro in Indianapolis

    Viet Bistro

    Let me first start by saying how much I enjoy the Fountain Square neighborhood with its eclectic shops, great restaurants, and now the Cultural Trail. Itís cute, quaint, and highly walkable. If you havenít been for a while, try to schedule a visit...

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  • Sandra Rice and Noodles in Indianapolis

    Sandra Rice and Noodles

    Let me first start by saying how much I enjoy the Fountain Square neighborhood with its eclectic shops, great restaurants, and now the Cultural Trail. Itís cute, quaint, and highly walkable. If you havenít been for a while, try to schedule a visit...

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  • Jiallo's in Indianapolis


    My rear end is ďuncomfortably numbĒ from sitting in a restaurant booth for what felt like an eternity. OK, it was actually just an hour and a half, but for lunch, thatís a really long time. Dave and I picked Jialloís on West 56th Street for this adventure...

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  • Maxines Chicken & Waffel in Indianapolis

    Maxines Chicken & Waffel

    So here I am looking at a waffle and three chicken wings. What will it taste like? Will the wings have some type of Southern spice to them that counteracts with the waffle...

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  • Cafe Korea in Fishers

    Cafe Korea

    The waitress, extremely nice, took my order. I ordered the Dai Goo Tang entrée. She says, ďYou like fish?Ē Well, yeah, I do. I was thinking, why is she asking me? I soon find out...

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  • Barcelona Tapas Indy in Indianapolis

    Barcelona Tapas Indy

    I always look forward to tapas. Small portions on small plates, concentrated flavors to ďwowĒ your taste buds. Barcelona Tapas on Delaware Street might have the tapas youíve...

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  • On Time Seafood Restaurant in Indianapolis

    On Time Seafood Restaurant

    I experienced much confusion on Chinese New Year at On Time Seafood on Indyís westside. First, our GPS had placed this restaurant on the wrong side of the street...

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  • Santorini Greek Kitchen in Indianapolis

    Santorini Greek Kitchen

    Donít let the title fool you. The main dishes at Santorini Greek Kitchen in the Fountain Square area in Indianapolis are served on translucent blue plates and they are unbelievably special...

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  • Cairo Cafe & Mediteranian Foodscairo Cafe & Mediterranean Foods

    I take all responsibility for this one. I researched this ďrestaurantĒ and was really looking forward to it. The website showed a limited menu with a weekend dinner buffet...

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  • Kabob Korner in Indianapolis

    Kabob Korner

    This was an impromptu food adventure as our first pick for the day did not work out as planned. But thatís okay, that is why it is called an adventure...

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  • Shanghai Lil Restaurant and Bar in Indianapolis

    Shanghai Lil Restaurant and Bar

    When Dave and I went to Shanghai Lil at 86th and Keystone for dim sum, I thought that I knew what I was doing. I have had dim sum before, (granted it has been 20 years ago)...

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  • Patties of Jamaica in Indianapolis

    Patties of Jamaica

    You really donít know what to expect and this is how I was feeling when we approached Patties of Jamaica on Allisonville Road the other day...

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  • India Sizzling in Fishers

    India Sizzling

    The other evening Dave and I were watching television and a KFC commercial came on. Dave said, ďKFC, we should get some sometime, we havenít had it in a while.Ē I replied, ďWe havenít had Indian food in a while and I miss it.Ē A few days later we went to India...

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  • The Greek Islands Restaurants in Indianapolis

    The Greek Islands Restaurants

    The Greek Islands Restaurant on the south side of downtown is an island in itself. Albeit a bright blue island. For all that surrounds it, the restaurant seems to stand alone...

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  • Maria Casa Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Maria Casa Restaurant

    It happened yet again. This time, I was not at fault, I had checked the operating hours online before heading out. When we arrived at the restaurant, the open sign was on...

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  • Thai Kitchen Restaurant in Fishers

    Thai Kitchen Restaurant

    You drive by it all the time. At least twice a day when you go to work. That restaurant that doesnít peak your interest, but when you get around to it, youíll give try it...

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  • Taste of Europe in Indianapolis

    Taste of Europe

    So Andrea and I go to Taste of Europe on West 96th Street. Inside my head, my brain is working overtime. My left brain says, ďIsnít West 96th Street an industrial park area...

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  • Sawasdee Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Sawasdee Restaurant

    There is one thing I hate about Andrea: I always have to show my ID to purchase alcohol when Iím with her. You see, Andrea looks like she is under 21 years of age...

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  • Mama Irma in Indianapolis

    Mama Irma

    Look at this picture above from Mama Irmaís in Fountain Square, Indianapolis. When the waitress comes out with entrée and she places it on the table in reverse...

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  • E. Miracle

    Iím probably going to have to go back to E. Miracle on Allisonville Road for lunch sometime. I canít really say that I remember anything about eating there with Dave or if my memories of eating there are accurate. When Dave and I went on this food adventure...

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  • Ichiban Noodles in Indianapolis

    Ichiban Noodles

    I was expecting more from Ichiban Noodles & Sushi in the Castleton area. Okay, so the outside of the restaurant looks run down, but that usually means the owners donít have that much free time so they...

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  • Thai Orchid in Indianapolis

    Thai Orchid

    I propose a question to you. If you have been to two Thai restaurants in two years, why would you order the same meal? I came into Thai Orchid to order something different only to have the same meal...

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  • Panchos LLC in Indianapolis

    Panchos LLC

    After our visit a while back to 3 In 1 restaurant (which is now closed), I have been obsessed with tacos. Not the crunchy shell tacos loaded with mystery meat, sour cream, and cheese...

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  • LOS CHILAQUILES in Indianapolis


    After a string of ho-hum restaurants on the north side of town, Dave and I decided to return to the capital of ethnic food in Indianapolis, the westside. After much consideration...

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  • Iaria's Italian Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Iaria's Italian Restaurant

    I know that Iariaís is not adventurous for most people, but when one is meeting oneís in-laws (who happen to be running the mini marathon the next day), this perfect little Italian restaurant is a must...

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  • El Palenque LLC in Noblesville

    El Palenque LLC

    I donít even know where to begin. It isnít even the restaurant or the food that is giving me writerís block. The food was perfectly decent, the staff was friendly and efficient...

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  • Brugge Brasserie in Indianapolis

    Brugge Brasserie

    Brugge Brasserie in Broad Ripple has the best mussels in the city. Why restaurant patrons visit this restaurant and order meatball sandwiches is something I CAN explain...

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  • Canal Bistro in Indianapolis

    Canal Bistro

    Imagine youíre lost in a desert and the only morsel of food you had on you was a Shawarma sandwich and some French fries. Yes, I know you, you would pack a Shawarma sandwich for the hot desert, doesnít everybody...

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  • La Margarita Fountain Square in Indianapolis

    La Margarita Fountain Square

    Once again Dave and I found ourselves on a food adventure that we did not intend to have. We were in Fountain Square on a Saturday afternoon on our way to a different restaurant...

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  • Mediterrano Cafe in Indianapolis

    Mediterrano Cafe

    It was Daveís turn to pick our latest adventure when he said, ďAsian or Mediterranean?Ē I replied, ďMediterranean please.Ē So Dave said, ďMediterrano Cafe it is. Do you know where it is?Ē...

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  • Thai Papaya Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Thai Papaya Restaurant

    Is there an eggplant shortage? Did the emerald eggplant borer come and destroy all the eggplants in the world? I tried to order the Padd Makur at Thai Papaya restaurant on 96th street in Indianapolis, only to be told they donít have any eggplant...

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  • Country Kitchen Soul Food Place in Indianapolis

    Country Kitchen Soul Food Place

    We arrived around ten oíclock in the morning and we were greeted with so much admiration I felt embarrassed by my own bias opinion. You see, Iím a white male going into a predominantly black restaurant...

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  • Macnivens Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Macnivens Restaurant

    Andrea and I have opposite polarizing auras if there is such a thing as an aura. I usually have the negative aura and Andrea has the positive. I have the negative aura most of the time because...

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  • The Rathskeller in Indianapolis

    The Rathskeller

    Andreaís View: This food adventure to The Rathskeller on Mass Ave can be summed up by a quote by one of my favorite philosophers. I apologize in advance to Mike Tyson...

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  • Major Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Major Restaurant

    Daveís View: As I pulled into the parking lot of Major Restaurant I was asking Andrea if we were going to get stuck in the pot holes. There are many pot holes...

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  • Saffron Cafe in Indianapolis

    Saffron Cafe

    I was under the impression that Moroccan food from the Saffron Cafe was going to be like Indian food or Thai food for that matter. I was totally taken by surprise by this thinking...

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