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Reviews from Down Memory Lane


  • Noodles and Company in Kansas City

    Noodles and Company

    Since noodles and pasta are part of almost every cuisine, from Pad Thai in Thailand to Lo Mein (yes, that's how they call noodles in America) in China and to Mac and Cheese in Wisconsin, famous dishes from around Asia, the Mediterranean and America are served.

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  • Penang Malaysian Cuisine Resturant in Philadelphia

    Penang Malaysian Cuisine Resturant

    Once voted the Best of Philly for Malaysian cuisine in 2004, it is said that Penang (yes, a restaurant called Penang in Philadelphia) has a menu of over 100 appetizers and mains drawn from several Southeast Asian countries...

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  • Wingers in Wayne


    Besides Campus Corner, Winger’s is another fast food restaurant that is famous among Villanova staff and students. As the saying goes, “every college student on the Main Line...

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  • Azie on Main in Villanova

    Azie on Main

    Azie on Main claims to serve a distinct, multi-cultural and contemporary Asian cuisine that is coupled with global influences, thus offering a modern twist for those who hunger for diversity...

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  • Harusame

    According to the locals, Harusame has gone through many transformations in recent years - from Sapporo House, which was mainly a beer place, to Lotus Cuisine...

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  • Yangming in Bryn Mawr


    Housed within a 1765 building that is also home to a Terracotta warrior, Yangming is known as the number one Chinese restaurant in America...

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  • Samurai Japanese Restaurant in Bryn Mawr

    Samurai Japanese Restaurant

    Searching for a sushi restaurant along the Main Line led us to Samurai Japanese Restaurant...

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  • Du Jour in Haverford

    Du Jour

    Du Jour, which translates to “of the day” in French, is a cafe that offers something special, everyday...

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  • Outback Steakhouse in Wayne

    Outback Steakhouse

    One of the funniest things during my US trip was to hear about the general impression of Australia. The moment I mention Australia, words like the outback, desert, and kangaroos will pop up...

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  • Little Saigon in Upper Darby

    Little Saigon

    Considered one of the best Vietnamese restaurant in Philadelphia by most, Little Saigon is also my favourite dine in place for noodle soups...

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  • Sakura Japanese Cuisine in Philadelphia

    Sakura Japanese Cuisine

    While our initial plan was to visit Kansai Japanese Restaurant, we ended up at Sakura Japanese Cuisine, thanks to a local who guided us the opposite way...

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  • Susanna Foo Gourmet Kitchen in Radnor

    Susanna Foo Gourmet Kitchen

    With two cookbooks and two internationally known restaurants, the two-time James Beard Award winner, Susanna Foo, is widely recognized as one of America’s top Chinese chefs...

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  • Spaghetti Factory Restaurant The in Vancouver

    Spaghetti Factory Restaurant The

    Located in Gastown, 50 yards away from the birth place of Vancouver, The Old Spaghetti Factory that opened its doors in 1970, includes many authentic memories that was part of Vancouver as decorations into the restaurant...

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  • Campo's Deli in Philadelphia

    Campo's Deli

    Everywhere you go in Philadelphia, there’s always a stall or a shop or even a restaurant that claims to serve the most authentic, the most original, the best, or even the most perfect cheesesteak in town...

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  • Crayola Cafe in Kansas City

    Crayola Cafe

    Since Crayola is well known for its crayons, relating crayons to food didn’t sound quite right. But as a tribute to Hallmark's Crayola brand, the Crayola Cafe in Kansas City...

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  • Fritzs Railroad Restaurant in Kansas City

    Fritzs Railroad Restaurant

    A Kansas City tradition since 1954, patrons may dine in at Fritz’s for its novelty of the train, but usually ended up going back for the food...

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  • Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Kansas City

    Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

    Opened in 1985 at its current location inside the Crown Center plaza, it is said that Kabuki had retained its original Japanese ownership and tradition for the past 25 years...

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  • The Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia

    The Franklin Fountain

    And that, was just what we did, crazily joining in the queue. But instead of queuing for Taiwanese desserts, this time, its for Franklin Fountain’s home-made ice creams...

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  • Saigon 48 in New York

    Saigon 48

    Guests at the President Hotel can also choose from two on-site restaurants offering Japanese fare and Vietnamese cuisine...

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  • China Town Express in Washington

    China Town Express

    A review that reads “I can’t believe I am giving a Chinese restaurant in D.C. Five Stars, …” caught my attention while walking around Chinatown...

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  • Peppers Cafe in Ardmore

    Peppers Cafe

    Pepper’s Cafe is a tiny restaurant that specializes in fresh homemade food prepared before one’s eyes (about an arm’s length away)...

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  • Campus Corner in Villanova

    Campus Corner

    Recalling my first week in Philadelphia, this was where I first had a taste of the city’s favourite food, the Cheese Steak. (Frankly speaking, Campo’s definitely did a better job than them)...

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  • Pak Yue Chinese Restaurant in Ardmore

    Pak Yue Chinese Restaurant

    Like Pepper’s Cafe, Pak Yue is another place that I frequented for my dinner take outs. Besides friendly services, Pak Yue also offers consistent and cheap meals. A maximum of $7.25 to be exact...

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