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  • Fetishes Fine Dining in Saint Pete Beach

    Fetishes Fine Dining

    It is rare that I can dine at a restaurant and not find at least one tiny little nit-picking thing to rag on. Fetishes is that unique venue where perfection seems to reign supreme. There were no misses and the prices were reasonable - $180 or so for two with a restaurant added 17% gratuity. We tacked on an additional 3% for excellent service.

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  • Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe in Tampa

    Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe

    One of our dining partners had the Pork Sammy...sliced BBQ pork on a bun. I had a taste and it was superb. Our other diner had the beef brisket on a bun and that was another winning selection. There are many more choices on the Soul Food Sundays menu, but alas I only have one stomach and it wouldn't hold any more food.

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  • Seared 1200 Chophouse in St. Petersburg Beach

    Seared 1200 Chophouse

    My rib eye was very flavorful, though a little chewy in places. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare and came with a large bowl of spinach - maybe too much spinach. I couldn't finish it all, but it was good - and, healthful.

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  • Eats American Grill in Tampa

    Eats American Grill

    My sirloin was prepared to a perfect medium rare. Unfortunately, to the tooth, it was far removed from tender, and it was rather devoid of taste. The Maryland style crab cake was prepared with a satisfying ratio of crab meat to breading. My side of asparagus leaned towards limp as opposed to having a slight fresh crunch.

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  • Mad Dogs & Englishmen in Tampa

    Mad Dogs & Englishmen

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen provided us with a great meal and a very pleasant evening. I am glad we returned. I was really pleased when we got our check. The total for the evening including food, adult beverages, and a well deserved gratuity came to a very reasonable $91.72.

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  • Datz in Tampa


    Do your taste buds and tummy a favor and Datz yourself into a stupor. We did and loved it! I don't remember the cost, but whatever it was, it was worth every shekel.

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  • Shor in Clearwater Beach


    Oh my gawd, those were the best oysters I have ever had in my whole life, and I have eaten more than my fair share over my life span so far. Salty, sweet, delicious, and perfectly shucked. The man with the oyster knife knew what he was doing and obviously respected the prize he was shucking.

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  • Columbia Restaurant - Ybor City, Sand Key in Tampa

    Columbia Restaurant - Ybor City, Sand Key

    I ordered the "prepared to order" paella which came out dry and way over cooked as if it was a left-over reheated in the microwave. I had asked the waiter if it was prepared in the traditional manner with a toasted rice bottom called a socarrat. He looked at me as if I just got off the banana boat. And, no it didn't have the toasted rice bottom; one of the best parts in my opinion.

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  • Oystercatchers At The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay in Tampa

    Oystercatchers At The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay

    The grilled grouper, salmon, scallop, and shrimp were shear perfection. The same cannot be said for the half Florida lobster tail. The meat did not remove cleanly from the shell - bits of meat stayed behind, firmly attached to the interior of the shell. That is a sign of old age or over cooking.

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  • la Petite Grocery in New Orleans

    la Petite Grocery

    For our last night in the crescent city I booked a table for the Belle of Ballast Point and myself at the historic La Petite Grocery on Magazine Street...

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  • Pelagia Trattoria in Tampa

    Pelagia Trattoria

    Hidden in the nethermost regions of International Plaza sits the Renaissance Tampa Hotel and just off the hotel lobby is the Pelagia Trattoria "featuring modern Italian cuisine."...

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  • Bungalow Restaurant in Tampa

    Bungalow Restaurant

    was lunch New Year's day at The Bungalow on West Kennedy here in the Big Guava. I could wax poetic ad nauseum about the decor, but I'm about the food...

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  • Luke Restaurant in New Orleans

    Luke Restaurant

    Composing that opening line was as much a strain on the mind as was trying to ingest all of this John Besh creation, Choucroute Garnie Maison. My abdominal food receptor was hard pressed to pack in so much delicious food, but my buds of taste were thrilled beyond measure with that huge...

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  • South City Kitchen in Atlanta

    South City Kitchen

    We heard Atlanta's song and we answered her siren call. We flew up to this Queen of the South for dinner this past weekend. Actually, two dinners and a lunch, but first things first....

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