Reviews from The SOG City Oracle

  • Bangkok Sushi in Lutz

    Bangkok Sushi

    I normally wouldn't suggest driving up to the Pasco pasture lands just for food, but Bangkok Sushi would be worth the effort. And, for me, that is saying something.

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  • Rouen Thai Restaurant in Tampa

    Rouen Thai Restaurant

    The portions of fried rice and Drunken Noodles were too much for us and we did something we rarely do, and that is to ask for take-home boxes. We waddled out of Rouen Thai with boxes in hand and full bellies.

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  • Nitallys Thai Coffee House in Saint Petersburg

    Nitallys Thai Coffee House

    All four of us had to ask for take-home boxes, and dessert was pretty much out of the question. There really was a lot of food. And, all things considered, it was relatively inexpensive.

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