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  • Jon's Bear Club in Reedley

    Jon's Bear Club

    The dinner I had was the Chicken Milano. The sauce was creamy, the chicken was perfectly flavored, and it was obvious that the dish (along with the entire meal) had the full attention of its maker. The staff was also excellent. They gave me their full attention and utmost patience, and helped me decide what I wanted, telling me their favorite dishes. I enjoyed the evening talking and savoring my food.

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  • Valentino's Pizzeria in Reedley

    Valentino's Pizzeria

    The only experience that was less than savory was the check, but it is to be expected after such a wonderful meal.

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    The side dishes are scrumptious! The mac and cheese is nothing like a store-bought mix, with a thick cheese sauce bubbling in whiteness around thick tubes of macaroni.

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  • Bouchon Bakery in New York

    Bouchon Bakery

    When my parents flew out to New York for a visit, I knew I would be taking them to Bouchon Bakery which serves my favorite cup of coffee in New York City. Their pastries are witty, charming and out of this world.

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  • Daniels Mexican Grill in Reedley

    Daniels Mexican Grill

    Though the restaurant had many good points, there were some areas that I felt were lacking. For instance, the floors looked like they could use a good sweep.

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  • Organic Fresno

    The dream is big, but it is also local. Ta-Raw understands that change comes slowly. She collaborates with people in the community who share her mindset, promotes local growers, and speaks with anyone who will listen.

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