Reviews from The Brown Bag Review

  • SmashBurger in Madison


    While the Dixie Smashburger may have a strange combinations of ingredients on it, they all play nicely together. The white BBQ sauce is unique to North Alabama having been made famous by such renowned Barbecue restaurants as Big Bob Gibson and Greenbrier Barbecue. It is a concoction of Mayo, vinegar, black pepper, cayenne pepper, corn syrup and horseradish, or in other words all of the good stuff.

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  • Blue Coast Burrito

    Taste wise, both of our burritos were quite good and with the exception of the tough grilled steak we both enjoyed them. On our next visit I will order the LaTinga Chicken and add more ingredients to get a bit more for the money. Making the burritos a combo is also a good move since the salsas are very good and more chips can be had for the asking.

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