Looking for restaurants open for Easter?

Haunted Restaurants for Halloween

If you're up for something different, these restaurants are said to be haunted. Let us know how if you see anything spooky.

  • 1859 Cafe
    443 2nd Avenue Southwest
    Hickory, NC 28602
    The 1859 Cafe is haunted by a gentle blond woman. The house was built in 1859 by Henry Link to be both a home and a general store. No one knows who the ghostly woman is, just that she is blond and wears a long white dress. She has appeared in the dining room to waitresses relaxing there after their shifts. One of the staff was cleaning the mirror in the women's restroom when she saw the blond woman in the glass. Lights flicker a couple of times a week and some staff think it's the ghost, but the owner is skeptical about this. She hasn't seen the ghost, and there was a faulty power transformer where the electricity came into the cafe. However, her husband took a picture of just the building for their liquor license application, and when it was developed and enlarged, there was a figure in the lower corner of it. It appears to be a fair haired young woman in white, walking away from the building. The face is unclear.
  • Beardslee Castle
    State Route 5
    Little Falls, NY 13365
    An estate that looks like an Irish castle, this restaurant in Upstate New York has ghosts that set tables, shatter glasses, move or take objects and open/close doors. Balls of light have been seen, as well as apparitions. One ghost is a former owner who hung himself upstairs. A woman named Abigail died in the Manor, either by choking or during an epileptic fit. A long time employee would hear a woman softly call her name when no one was around. Another staff person saw a woman in white walk up a non existent staircase (where one had once been), and she has been seen by guests as well. One woman followed Abigail into the Ladies Room, but once in there realized she was alone.
  • Blacksmith’s Tavern
    2300 Main St.
    Glastonbury, CT 06033
    At Blacksmith’s Tavern, odd things happen late at night. Appearing most often when few people are left in the building is the ghost of a young man with dark hair wearing a rough fabric shirt and dark colored knickers. A former waitress told the owner that she actually talked to the ghost, and that he said his name was Bill and that he had grown up in the house, and about his dying and leaving his pregnant wife and young child. A historian researched the building and found that the builder of the house was Benjamin Taylor and one of his children was William. William married and had a 6 year old daughter. He died of consumption in his twenties while his wife was pregnant.
  • Cafe Sbisa
    1011 Decatur Street
    New Orleans, LA 70116
    The Café Sbisa is known to have doors that open and close of their of volition.
  • Casey Moore's Oyster House
    850 S. Ash
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Casey Moore's Oyster House has been existence since 1910 and many believe that it is haunted by its original owners William and Mary Moeur. It appears that sometimes the tables have set the silverware and napkins themselves and several eyewitnesses have seen a painting fly off the wall for no reason.
  • Catfish Plantation
    814 Water Street
    Waxahachie, TX 75165
    When Tom and Melissa Baker bought this Victorian House in 1984 their only concern was to make a go of a Cajun restaurant in this building that had already housed three different eateries. Shortly after they opened their business, all kinds of strange things started happening. One of the first incidents was when the Bakers arrived in the morning to find a large tea urn placed on the floor with clean coffee cups stacked in it. Among the many unusual phenomena are: dishes and silverware moving by themselves, radios suddenly changing stations, toilets flushing by themselves, cold spots, a piano playing, doors locking and unlocking, a sudden scent of roses, and knocking on walls.
  • Country House The
    Route 25A
    Stony Brook, NY 11790
    People have seen dish rags floating throughout the kitchen and some have even seen wine glasses thrown in peoples faces. The mishievous ghost is Annette Wilson, who's grave is located somewhere on the actual property.
  • Country Tavern
    452 Amherst Street
    Nashua, NH 03063
    Elizabeth Ford, who lived here two centuries ago, has never left according to many. The legend goes that her husband returned home after a year at sea to find her with a newborn baby. He killed Elizabeth and the baby and buried them on the grounds. The staff thinks she is looking for her baby. She tends to play pranks, opening and closing doors, moving plates, knocking glasses off shelves and such.
  • Historic Farnsworth House Inn
    401 Baltimore Street
    Gettysburg, PA 17325
    There is supposed to be a ghost of a confederate soldier in the attic - some think that he is the one who shot a civilian, Jenny Wade, by mistake and that he haunts the house because of his guilt. The spirits at the restaurant include a female ghost, Mary, who wanders the upstairs hallway, sounds of a tune being played coming down from the attic, and guests have felt a pressure on the foot of their beds as if a person had sat down there.
  • Jimmy's Haunt Steak & Seafood Grill
    217 South Street
    Morristown, NJ 07960
    This spooku restaurant is haunted by several ghosts. Samuel Sayre and his wife Elizabeth were murdered there by an employee Antoine Le Blanc. Antoine was then caught and hung on the Green of Morristown. All three are said to haunt this restaurant and paranormal events have taken place and multiple occassions.
  • Josephina's Italian Restaurant
    1433 Larimer St.
    Denver, CO 80202
    For many years the staff of Josephina's have suspected a ghostly cohabitant because of feelings of a presence, and odd unexplainable incidents. A psychic was called in and offered the following description of the spirit. The ghost is a showgirl named Amelia who worked there in the 1920's when the site was a speakeasy. She fell in love with the business' owner, married him and had a daughter named Ginger. When Ginger started dating a boy who her father thought was no good, her father ordered a hit man to get rid of him. Tragically, the hit man killed the boy and also took Ginger's life. Amelia received word of her daughter's death in the back room, near where the ladies' room is now, and still haunts that area.
  • King's Tavern
    619 Jefferson Street
    Natchez, MS 39120
    King’s Tavern is in the oldest building in Natchez, built in 1769. Originally it served as a resting point on the Natchez Trace trail. Then more modern transportation took over and bypassed the Tavern. It became a private home for a while, but then once again became a tavern. The tavern appears to be haunted by a ghost identified as Madaline. She was supposedly the mistress of the original builder, Richard King, and was murdered by his wife out of jealousy.
  • Lucas Tavern
    310 N. Hull St.
    Montgomery, AL 36104
    Lucas Tavern is a former tavern that is part of the historic complex of Old Alabama Town in Montgomery. It consists of a main room, kitchen and bedrooms. A one room school house built in 1890 is nearby. In the 1820s and '30s Eliza Lucas was the mistress of the tavern, being cook and hostess to its many guests. From the mid 1800s until the 1960s it was a private home, but was then abandoned. In 1978 it was rescued and moved to Old Alabama Town where it was restored and is now able to be toured. People have seen the apparition of Eliza Lucas, standing in the doorway, waving to passers by presumably as she did when she was hostess of the inn.
  • Middleton Tavern
    2 Market Space
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    The Middleton Tavern is an oyster bar and restaurant with four dining rooms, a piano bar, and an outside cafe in the summer. The staff have nicknamed their ghost 'Roland,' though no one knows his true identity. The most frequent signs of his presence are the tossing of plates or glasses off shelves, moving tables and chairs, and the smell of cigar smoke though they are not allowed in the building. Some people have seen an apparition of a man in Patriot era clothing looking out over the harbor.
  • O'Connor's Beef N Chowder House
    1719 Amwell Road
    Somerset, NJ 08873
    O'Connor's Restaurant occupies a farmhouse that dates from the late 18th Century. Reportedly, the staff has seen a vision of a woman on the second floor, and on the stairs leading to the second floor, many times over the years.
  • Poogan's Porch
    72 Queen Street
    Charleston, SC 29401
    Poogan's Porch is a low-country seafood restaurant in a former residence in Charleston. The name is a memorial to the owner's dog who used to remain on the front porch and greet customers. A woman in black seems to hang around the restaurant and has been seen many places on the grounds including upstairs where she knocked on the occupied bathroom door repeatedly and as the occupant exited, she saw the spirit fade away before her eyes. Another sighting was by a neighbor who saw a shadowy figure all in black banging on a window of the restaurant.
  • Red Lion Pub
    2446 North Lincoln Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60614
    This English style pub is across the street from the theater where Hon Dillinger was ambushed by federal agents and killed. In 1984 it was opened as a pub after being apartments. Said to be haunted by several ghosts, one is the spirit of a young woman who signals her presence with a strong scent of lavender. An apparition of a man wearing cowboy clothes has been seen walking along the main bar. Other sightings include a blonde man, and a man with a beard in a black cowboy hat.
  • Stones Public House
    179 Main Street
    Ashland, MA 01721
    This inn was built in 1823 by John Stone to be operated as an inn. It is currently a restaurant and bar. In the mid '70s the inn came under new ownership and the staff at that time would arrive in the mornings to find doors and windows wide open despite having been locked the night before. Objects would be moved around, but nothing was ever taken. In 1984 a seance was held, and a Boston area psychic identified three spirits: John Stone, a traveler killed by Stone after accusing him of cheating at cards, and a little girl who was hit by a truck in front of the tavern. In recent years typical ghostly behavior is described as glasses breaking while in someone's hand, lights going back on after the place has been locked up for the night, and staff have felt like someone is grabbing their ankles as they go down the open-baked basement stairs.
  • Willow Steakhouse
    18723 Main Street
    Jamestown, CA 95327
    The Willow Saloon and Steak House has had several freak fires which have drawn the attention of TV crews to try and spot the polterguiest. The restaurant is supposedly built over a mine shaft where a number of miners were trapped and died.