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Our directory has 90 Pizza Patron locations.  3.7 average from 56 reviews

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      • Pizza Patron in Arlington

        #1 Pizza Patron

        4306 Matlock Road, Arlington

        55555  5.0 of 5.0 from 2 reviews

        Pizza Patron is awesome I love la mexicana THIN CRUST CRUNCHY pepper jalapeƱos beef red onion you guys should try it...

      • Pizza Patron in McAllen

        #2 Pizza Patron

        2708 Nolana Ave, Ste 240, McAllen

        44444  4.0 of 5.0 from 3 reviews

        Normally when you get a pizza with jalapenos, they overwhelm the other flavors. La Mexicana has a nice balance of toppings so you taste them all.

      • Pizza Patron in Carrollton

        #3 Pizza Patron

        2521-A N. Josey Lane, Carrollton  4.5 of 5.0 from 4 reviews

        $6.50 for an extra large pizza. Delicious and cheap!

      • Pizza Patron in San Antonio

        #4 Pizza Patron

        8219 Marbach Road, San Antonio  4.3 of 5.0 from 3 reviews

        Great pizza at great price!

      • Pizza Patron in San Antonio

        #5 Pizza Patron

        4638 W Commerce St, San Antonio

        55555  5.0 of 5.0 from 1 reviews

        Try the Mexicana pizza here it's amazing!! It has green peppers,olives,onions,jalepeno and chorizo!!