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TGI Friday's Reviews

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  •  Ask the manager to turn the music down. It is too loud. The bartender can't hear the order. They really need to turn down the music.

    22222 by Rob C.

  •  Service is poor. Food is good.

    22222 by Mike T.

  •  Kraft beer battered burger is the business

    33333 by Nevada J.

  •  Karioke 8:00 on Tuesdays

    55555 by Paul H.

  •  Dont go here if you are white!

    33333 by James F.

  •  I like how they opened it up around the bar. However, the music is still cheesy.

    33333 by Sean W.

  •  Complete the "Give me more stripes" reward program before you go and they will email a coupon for a free appetizer. . .

    33333 by Fred G.

  •  Come on Fridays workers don't ruin my favorite place to get Jack Daniel Shrimp with your understaffed, non answering the phone for my to go order now I have to wait 20 min for my lunch...

    33333 by Tiffanie L.

  •  Chyna is by far the worst server/bartender I have ever had, and I worked in restaurants before!

    33333 by Adrian M.

  •  Best tip I can give don't come here and expect any type of all.

    55555 by Michael R.

  •  Sum things never change.... Aint got my food yet... While those that came in after me did...

    22222 by Jamal S.

  •  It's pretty good here no complaints :) pretty good service. As soon as I came through the door I was serviced right away :)

    33333 by Beautiful N.

  •  Ladies, carry hand sanitizer & personal wipes.....the bathroom is disgusting!

    22222 by PurpleGirl

  •  come in the evenings/nights. the bartenders are better!

    33333 by Kenya F.

  •  Nina is the best bartender! She's really hot too!

    55555 by Frankie V.

  •  B sure to tip ur bartenders

    55555 by Alucard

  •  The fuckin champ/mayor is up in this bitch all the time....

    22222 by Matt P.

  •  Only come here when Matt the bartender is working he'll take care of you, everytime.

    55555 by Mary M.

  •  The endless lunch special cant be beat. $6.99 for limitless soup, salad, breadsticks, AND soft drink. Note a $2 up charge after 4 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends (still a great value).

    55555 by Rich M.

  •  The only reason to go here is Matt Powers... he is the dopest bartender they have...

    55555 by Matt P.

  •  Mmmm. Jack Daniel Ribs!! The best!!

    55555 by Rick D.

  •  No sprite, no lobster, and watery ranch dressing after 25 min wait, on Memorial Weekend

    11111 by Ernie D.

  •  Really? No Wi-fi? C'mon, guys! It's 2012 for crying out loud....

    33333 by Ian T.

  •  So be mindful of the bartenders

    33333 by Jamal S.

  •  "Pick 2" is the best value for a hungry tween!

    55555 by Eva W.

  •  hers your review today, day bout Kay Kay! her service is the worst. their service as a whole is shitty! id recommend going to another locati

    22222 by Kimberly H.

  •  Loved the generous wine glasses and the lunch portions are "justright"

    55555 by Celez N.

  •  No drink specials after 9... Va state law

    33333 by AyeBrooke

  •  The absolute worst TGIFridays ever! Never again on a Saturday night. Ratchetness everywhere and the servers didn't even acknowledge us. We took our money elsewhere

    11111 by Kipani Joi

  •  Bad...just bad service :(

    22222 by Shad T.

  •  Look for Donnell in the bar, awesome bartender.

    55555 by Elie R.

  •  This place is so freakin lame! Why do bartenders insist on doing flare. Call the 80's they want tom cruise back. To bad for them they break more glass then catch. Two thumbs way down. Btw smells here.

    33333 by Bobby M.

  •  Service here is slow.

    33333 by Susie C.

  •  The staff is completely lost/confused. I could see 3 open tables. However, they were confused how to seat a party of 2!

    22222 by Anahita N.

  •  Killer music selection! Though, I think they had to grow the broccoli and milk the cows before bringing out my broccoli and cheese soup. :/

    33333 by Jen W.

  •  Poor management. They ask you to wait for 10 mins while there are still many tables open.

    22222 by CY K.

  •  The sizzling chicken and shrimp is delicious!

    55555 by Beacon H.

  •  Karaoke here on Saturday nights!

    55555 by Des D.

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