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30-13 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106

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(718) 932-9569


  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 2:00 am

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Cuisine: American Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 101 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
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  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY
  • Sanfords in Astoria, NY

Sanfords Reviews

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  • Emily JAmazing brunch. Huge portions, and always delicious food. Can be a little pricey, but two people could easily split one dish. The frittata is my favorite, with the parfait a close second.

    55555 by Emily J

  • Emily JOne of the best chicken parmigiana I've ever had. I like to call it "dinosaur chicken" because I can literally make 3 meals from it.

    55555 by Emily J

  • Vivian KongIt's always busy but great brunch menu - portions are on the larger side!

    55555 by Vivian Kong

  • Chris MTruffled Mac and cheese is monster!!!

    55555 by Chris M

  • Denise NGreat brunch in the area. Love the boozy brunch which is $10 extra to get 2 brunch drinks and coffee or tea.

    55555 by Denise N

  • Alexia MEverything is delicious here!!!

    55555 by Alexia M

  • Lisha M.Just discovered this place.. What a GREAT menu... For something different, you must try the Duck Burger...

    55555 by Lisha M.

  • Gabrielle S.Great place for brunch, great atmosphere, food and music! 👍😊

    55555 by Gabrielle S.

  • Gabrielle S.Avocado toast and poached eggs. Yummy

    55555 by Gabrielle S.

  • CJ PGreat beer and cocktail list, porchetta sandwich was amazingly juicy and tender. Dollar oysters were deliciously fresh!

    55555 by CJ P

  • erica f.Since i been here they have expanded the restaurant, became more trendy and romantic. Their menu is vamped up, i had the best trufflr mac and cheese of my life, i am a truffle lover that dish was art.

    55555 by erica f.

  • lanamaniacBrunch and dessert

    55555 by lanamaniac

  • Dawn DAny of their brunch!!

    55555 by Dawn D

  • erica f.Great for late night breakfast food

    55555 by erica f.

  • erica f.Good for breakfast food late at night

    55555 by erica f.

  • Eric T.Food is solid. Tons of options. Only gripe: food takes a while to get to the table with or without crowds.

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Deborah WGreat brunch.

    55555 by Deborah W

  • Alex R$18 brunch prix fixe gets you an entree—the duck burger stuffed with Gouda is AMAZING— and TWO drinks of choice. wonderful place and great service.

    55555 by Alex R

  • Katie N.Gouda stuffed duck burger 👍🏻

    55555 by Katie N.

  • Tzoutzi Geverything and especially the bourbon collection

    55555 by Tzoutzi G

  • Olivia Z.I came here for brunch. Their crab cake Benedict was delicious. Their egg was cooked to perfection and the portions were nicely sized. Very good food.

    55555 by Olivia Z.

  • Tracy VSteak skillet, calamari and octopus starter, everything...

    55555 by Tracy V

  • Matthew EThe new layout is beautiful, food is still amazing (Nutella pancakes!), and the staff is genuinely nice and friendly. Be sure to ask what drink specials available for brunch if they're not listed!

    55555 by Matthew E

  • Ed DI've sampled a lot of dishes from appetizers till desserts, never got disappointed. And for wine lovers, please dine-in, you'll be surprised 😉

    55555 by Ed D

  • Morgan P.Get the steak skillet for brunch.

    33333 by Morgan P.

  • Veronica YurovskyThe brunch is great. Don't get the granola if you want a full meal, though.

    55555 by Veronica Yurovsky

  • Zach H.Best brunch in Astoria. Great omelettes, pancakes, and burgers.

    55555 by Zach H.

  • Dana G24 hour booze & good food. Quesadilla was HUGE and delicious. Pulled pork sandwich (apparently award winning) was fine but nothing special. Really nice staff.

    55555 by Dana G

  • Heather NYummy and great service

    55555 by Heather N

  • Kimberley S.Order the stuffed shells Mac&cheese

    33333 by Kimberley S.

  • KathTry anything and everything But the falafel... That u need to go across the street for the food truck! Been coming here since my first day in Astoria ! Local's fav fur sur!!!

    55555 by Kath

  • RIcardo M.Best brunch in Astoria..!

    55555 by RIcardo M.

  • Denise C.Don't leave without trying the truffle fries. The lobster ravioli was pretty good. Love the ambience and service here.

    55555 by Denise C.

  • ellen r.Everything is gr8here

    55555 by ellen r.

  • David B.The wait is typically 20-30 minutes during the weekend brunch rush, but it is such a good brunch special (2 drinks + coffee/tea). Try the crab cakes or the duck and waffle.

    55555 by David B.

  • Angelica Y.Definitely one of the best brunch deals you can get in Astoria - $16 for two drinks and a choice of entree from a pretty extensive list of tasty options

    55555 by Angelica Y.

  • İpek A.One of the best brunch place in the city

    55555 by İpek A.

  • Ana PavEverything :)

    55555 by Ana Pav

  • Clyde Kelly J.Brunch every single day!

    55555 by Clyde Kelly J.

  • Stacy N.Eggs Benedict was good. Steak bowl was mangy.

    33333 by Stacy N.

  • Dennis JAbsolut geniales Frühstück!

    55555 by Dennis J

  • tre/This place rocks!!! Great food. Decent prices. Chunky Thai Chicken Wrap was amazing!!! I will definetly be going back.

    55555 by tre/

  • Antoinette AbreuSteak Skillet, classic mimosa, Lava Cake , coffee latte

    55555 by Antoinette Abreu

  • Nicole AnderssonCoffee is surprisingly good and so is the frittata

    55555 by Nicole Andersson

  • Arda CulluPancake cok basarılı

    55555 by Arda Cullu

  • Melanie W.Delicious and reasonably priced breakfast and brunch options.

    55555 by Melanie W.

  • Marcelo SLugar delicioso, garçons atenciosos e comida maravilhosa. Especial pro BBQ sanduiche.

    55555 by Marcelo S

  • inna k.Get the Longtrail Limbo IPA! I hate IPA's and this one's really good. Not heavy like a wheat though it tastes slightly like one, with a bite.

    55555 by inna k.

  • Mimi T.Food isn't bad, but it takes a while for it to actually arrive.

    33333 by Mimi T.

  • Gordon MeiFor brunch, consider the Prix Fix. Entree with one chilled drink (e.g. mimosa with a refill) and one hot (coffee, etc).

    33333 by Gordon Mei

  • Sean M.Don't sleep on the Tequila Braised BBQ Meatballs, man!

    33333 by Sean M.

  • Amanda L.Nutella s'mores waffle is a must. You won't regret it.

    55555 by Amanda L.

  • Kelly G.The Nutella S'mores pancakes/waffles are to die for. My favorite brunch spot. Definitely make reservations WELL in advance for Sat/Sun brunch or you will wait forever to get a table

    55555 by Kelly G.

  • Jaimie Yurie HanGet the truffle Mac and cheese!

    55555 by Jaimie Yurie Han

  • ellen r.Tuna is great

    55555 by ellen r.

  • RyFirst time I've ever had a Duck Burger. One word: amazing.

    55555 by Ry

  • Heather S.Do Sunday brunch!

    55555 by Heather S.

  • Laura W.their house dressing is amazing (and they won't tell you what is in it)!

    55555 by Laura W.

  • Laura AI have gone to sanfords many time even when they were a little crappy 24 hour diner. I just waited 25 min to sit and the the waitress told me I couldn't haver food they way I wanted it they were busy.

    22222 by Laura A

  • Dmitriy S.Everything here is amazing, especially the chocolate chip cookie with milk for dessert.

    55555 by Dmitriy S.

  • Derrick VYou MUST try the steak salad and order it medium well. Its out of this world!

    55555 by Derrick V

  • Curt H.Sanitary Inspection Grade Pending. They hid it inside.

    11111 by Curt H.

  • Seahee P.Mushroom Risotto and mashed sweat potato are the best!

    55555 by Seahee P.

  • Josh H.The most amazing bacon/egg/cheese I've ever had. The long wait on weekends is really off-putting, though.

    55555 by Josh H.

  • Andrea L.Really nice diner but why is its grade pending?

    33333 by Andrea L.

  • Lenka F.Great brunch deal, good food, but the wait is too long! We waited 90 minutes last time..

    33333 by Lenka F.

  • Felix G.Try the steak skillet for brunch! It's filling & flavorful!

    55555 by Felix G.

  • Jon T.Sit in the Mimiimfurst memorial pew.

    22222 by Jon T.

  • coleen c.amazing food. worth the long wait on late nights. perfect for that post-drinking, hangover-prevention meal

    55555 by coleen c.

  • Victoria VI am a little put off by the fact that they hid their Health Dept Grade Pending at the host station.

    22222 by Victoria V

  • Angie C.Love it. And, the sangria is awesome.

    55555 by Angie C.

  • Cindy P.Get the fried ravioli for an appetizer. It's filled with ricotta and mozzarella and comes with a delicious fresh tomato dipping sauce!

    55555 by Cindy P.

  • Mike V.The fried mozzarella ravioli is the best appetizers

    55555 by Mike V.

  • ThisGirlCanEatBrunch is amazing and the pulled pork sandwich is out of this world

    55555 by ThisGirlCanEat

  • Stephanie HSangria is actually pretty yum! :) Skip the crowds on the wkends and check out wkday breakfast; delicious and they are really nice an accommodating!

    55555 by Stephanie H

  • Patrick H.I like the brunch here - but not the 30 minute wait. Get here early for that. Otherwise, skip it altogether. The Astoria has far too many better places to eat for the money...

    33333 by Patrick H.

  • Clyde Erwin B.Cozy diner. The hamburgers taste pretty great and same for the pastas. Brunch here is also quite tasty. Prices are a little more than Bel Aire a few blocks away which has food on par at times. But San

    55555 by Clyde Erwin B.

  • SpadeBBQ pulled sandwich! And the Peasant Salad with vinaigrette! Amazing!!!!

    55555 by Spade

  • Elizabeth BSausage alil under cooked

    22222 by Elizabeth B

  • SpadeCAPRICE employees recommend everything on the menu at Sanford's!! Best of the best!!!!

    55555 by Spade

  • Mike M.Best diner in Astoria.

    55555 by Mike M.

  • Sean H.Great food at good prices! Definitely worth the trip! Sit with Gerry!

    55555 by Sean H.

  • Erica S.Loved it, to dark for me though

    55555 by Erica S.

  • SpadeBest Tomato Soup!! Don't forget to try the chicken ranch salad!

    55555 by Spade

  • Scott G.The Butternut Squash Ravioli appetizer is not to be missed... Save some of your breadbasket to sop up that sauce!!!

    55555 by Scott G.

  • lauren c.The sangria is the BEST.

    55555 by lauren c.

  • Ashley B.Great burger- cheap brunch!!! Make sure your entire party is there when you go so you can be seated right away :) enjoy

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • Stephanie M.Sit at the bed of the bar to see and smell the delicious kitchen

    55555 by Stephanie M.

  • Kane A.You wouldn't think it, but they have a great beer selection. Beers from all over.

    55555 by Kane A.

  • Sandra B.Crab cake benedict is delish for brunch!

    55555 by Sandra B.

  • NicoleGreat brunch special. Quality ingredients, plus coffee and a mimosa.

    55555 by Nicole

  • Elizabeth T.If you can't make it into Sanford's (which you should def try to), go to seamlessweb.com and order. Saturday and Sunday brunch? TO DIE FOR... and an amazing hangover cure. GOOD LUCK!

    55555 by Elizabeth T.

  • RedHeaded V.Awesome food - something for everyone. I am thrilled that I can order off the lunch/diner menu even when they're serving brunch.

    55555 by RedHeaded V.

  • Elesha H.Brunch at Sanfords! Yummmm! The whole menu is delicious! You cannot go wrong!

    55555 by Elesha H.

  • Tito EBig boy breakfast is a great value!!

    55555 by Tito E

  • Treyci B.Breakfast items are delicious!

    55555 by Treyci B.

  • Jessica L.the yellowfin tuna salad is AMAZING! wasabi and ginger dressing? perfect!

    55555 by Jessica L.

  • Heather P.great food, incredible staff. but they have the ODDEST music playing here. obscure people doing mamba-esque covers of popular songs like "smells like teen spirit".

    55555 by Heather P.

  • Marc G.Order their short rib special on the weekend if it's available... You won't find a more tender short rib in the five boroughs.

    55555 by Marc G.

  • Tina L.Amazing seared tuna, the best chili cheese fries, and free wifi!

    55555 by Tina L.

  • Kane A.Go here! Cheap prices and great food! Don't be fooled by the trendy appearance, it's like a fancy diner!

    55555 by Kane A.

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