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800 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

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(678) 666-5198

Cuisine: Mexican Restaurants

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4.3 of 5.0 from 101 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
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  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
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  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
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  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA
  • Escorpion in Atlanta, GA

Escorpion Reviews

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  • Tucker VGreat atmosphere. Service had some room to improve though behind the bar.

    55555 by Tucker V

  • Joshua AGet aged tequila shots. They're dope! Foods meh

    55555 by Joshua A

  • Andrew Delosky IIITequila flights are done well.

    55555 by Andrew Delosky III

  • G SThe grilled shrimp tacos are absolutely amazing! Large shrimp almost the size of prawns. I will definitely be back.

    55555 by G S

  • Beatrix BaloghGot the pastor tacos, they are delicious!! Good, spicy salsa, and they have michaladas (you can never go wrong with a good michalada).

    55555 by Beatrix Balogh

  • J B.They have a price fixe menu for pre-show speed. Was pretty good. The cocktails were better than the food.

    55555 by J B.

  • Alex PetraliaBeef Tacos are great!!

    55555 by Alex Petralia

  • Greysn KThe bar tenders were very nice, and even after finding out I was under 21 continued having conversation with me. Genuine girls, and the service was impeccable.

    33333 by Greysn K

  • JamieLynne WSit in the patio for great people watching on Peachtree Street!

    55555 by JamieLynne W

  • Christine WilsonTacos are decent. Make sure to be clear with your waitress your order some do not pay attention very well and you may get something different.

    33333 by Christine Wilson

  • Brandon C.On Fox Theater Events nights, they have a $17 two-course menu! Plus good margaritas!

    55555 by Brandon C.

  • Rich W.Reasonably priced Midtown dinner. Fantastic salsa.

    55555 by Rich W.

  • John J.This place is great "smash" is the best bartender you can have. Fuck anything else in midtown only go here! #yolo

    55555 by John J.

  • Devin P.The fried shrimp tacos are amazing.. Small low cost menu varietiesAwesome but pricy margarita pitchers.

    55555 by Devin P.

  • Christopher D.Premium tequila flights

    55555 by Christopher D.

  • K8 L.A must in Atlanta! Try the queso and the chicken enchiladas. Service is good, beer is cold! I come here for dinner every time I'm in town.

    55555 by K8 L.

  • Creative Loafing AtlantaCreated by mixologists Adam Fox and Gilberto Marquez, the selection is built almost exclusively on tequila and mezcal — but don't let that fool you into thinking this is all lime juice and sunrises.

    55555 by Creative Loafing Atlanta

  • Creative Loafing AtlantaSeta, the vegetarian option, is full of huitlacoche, the sweet and woodsy mushroom-like fungus, as well as corn, poblano peppers, and portobellos.

    55555 by Creative Loafing Atlanta

  • Jenn O.Drinks and tacos

    55555 by Jenn O.

  • Yusuf TBest Taste EL VENENO. I liked EL VENENO.

    55555 by Yusuf T

  • FidMeEscorpion has it's loyalty card in FidMe! Enjoy your favorite Mexican meal and after 7 stamps, get your dessert or appetizer for FREE! Download the app, available on every mobile device :)

    55555 by FidMe

  • Tom TLive a little, give the lengua (beef tongue) taco a shot, it's not bad. Also get yourself a Tequila Flight, I'm a big fan of the Tour of Mexico.

    55555 by Tom T

  • TJA nice little spot to get some tacos. Pretty good. Complimentary valet parking as well.

    55555 by TJ

  • Imari SteeleGet the Escorpion Margarita & Shrimp Tacos!

    33333 by Imari Steele

  • Daniel R.Carnitas, shrimp and baja fish tacos are really good.

    55555 by Daniel R.

  • Tom W.At the risk of sounding old, this place was way to freaking loud! Having to yell across the table all night is not what I want to do at dinner. That being said the food was OK, nothing special.

    22222 by Tom W.

  • Mike C.Just get Margs and Cheese Dip. Dancing on the weekends.

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Tierra B.Try the grilled shrimp taco! Great atmosphere!!!

    55555 by Tierra B.

  • Laurel G.Quesadilla (Steak and Veggie) was amazing. Service was great! (Thanks Benny)

    55555 by Laurel G.

  • Deep G.Ask for chips and salsa and specifically ask for the chips to come out warm and crispy

    33333 by Deep G.

  • Eugene F.Enjoyed the atmosphere of this place. The lengua taco was amazing.

    55555 by Eugene F.

  • Faith T.Guacamole is the best I ever had! Order the cheese dip with ground beef and also order the guacamole.

    55555 by Faith T.

  • Nikki W.I had a good time sitting at the bar. Great food and drinks!

    55555 by Nikki W.

  • Ron K.Illegal aniejo mezcal rocks

    55555 by Ron K.

  • Adria C.The service is decent but the food? Equivalent to Pozole or well, moes

    33333 by Adria C.

  • Ryan B.Good people watching from the patio

    55555 by Ryan B.

  • Occupy My Family ATLEscorpión is participating in Midtown Restaurant Week! Across Atlanta brunch, lunch and dinner menus will be offered at $15, $25 and $35 prix-fixe pricing tiers. Details: http://wp.me/p1t9ft-d8k

    55555 by Occupy My Family ATL

  • Tommy F.Get the fried shrimp taco.

    33333 by Tommy F.

  • Lala L.Make sure Miguel or Ivana make your drink.

    55555 by Lala L.

  • Michael F.I've been here twice. Both times the service was horrible. 1st time the server tried to take extra tip off my card. 2nd time I called in the order but they never put it in meaning I had to wait. Sad

    11111 by Michael F.

  • Stephan M.Terrible service, but the food is absolutely incredible.

    33333 by Stephan M.

  • Michelle H.The Tenga taco is amazing. And the service was really good on a Saturday night.

    55555 by Michelle H.

  • Michael S.Fried Shrimp!! Just what I needed

    55555 by Michael S.


    55555 by Tracy T.

  • Pamela O.Skip the guajillo rice.

    55555 by Pamela O.

  • Ashley B.El diablo is fantastic! Don't be deterred by the sweet ingredients...it's not very sweet (good thing!) and it's pretty strong!

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • EaterEven if you don't think tequila is your thing, tequila should be your thing here. A smoky Mezcal Mule with rhubarb jam and ginger beer is one of many wild forays into the merits of Mexican hooch.

    55555 by Eater

  • Violet B.Romaine salad w/salmon is one of the best

    55555 by Violet B.

  • Kelli M.Great place to eat before going to the Foxx!

    55555 by Kelli M.

  • Ancksuna M.BEST SALSA EVER!! The goat tacos are splendid!!!!!

    55555 by Ancksuna M.

  • Jason C.Tradicional margi - Nice! Fish tacos - served on flour tortillas; flavorful yet throw some hot sauce on the bad boys. Staff is amazingly friendly!! Will definitely return!

    55555 by Jason C.

  • FidMeEscorpión has its loyalty card in the app FidMe ! You get stamps, Escorpion offers you appetizer and dessert !

    33333 by FidMe

  • Sarah B.Great service and the BBQ tacos are to die for.

    55555 by Sarah B.

  • Nic R.No wait for lunch, then again, there's good reason for it.

    33333 by Nic R.

  • Mary CatherineCarne Asada Quesadilla. Delish.

    55555 by Mary Catherine

  • C C.Don't be a pussy...try the lengua taco. It's delicious.

    55555 by C C.

  • 360 MediaSpend your Saturday afternoon sipping specialty cocktails and chowing down on tacos on the patio.

    55555 by 360 Media

  • Kelly Anne A.Best margaritas in ATL!

    55555 by Kelly Anne A.

  • Alex C.This place is better than most of the reviews I read but not as good as some. Skirt Steak was pretty good

    33333 by Alex C.

  • Merriah C.Pretty good food. However, the service is "almost" horrible. Our waitress somehow salvaged the total apathy the hostess presented. (Note: This was 4 hours before closing)

    22222 by Merriah C.

  • Rickey JThe Paloma with chile salt is the best tequila cocktail in Atlanta.

    55555 by Rickey J

  • JP S.Get the BBQ Pork Tacos...will not disappoint!

    55555 by JP S.

  • Rockwell H.Like others have said, the service is slow. The food is ok. Nothing to write home about. For some odd reason they will not let you create a plate with different types of tacos.

    33333 by Rockwell H.

  • Stephanie P.Delicious shrimp quesadillas, and the margaritas totally give you your money worth! I'm definitely buzzin after one!

    55555 by Stephanie P.

  • wylie AWAAY to expensive for just some good Mexican food. Robbery. I was just stupid enough to give in.

    22222 by wylie A

  • Kimberly W.To continue! Had dirty plates stacked for an hr, no water or drink refills, would walk up to the table and just look at us. Im guessing that was code for "DO u need something!" And it wasn't even BUSY

    11111 by Kimberly W.

  • Kimberly W.BBQ tacos are super yummy! Drinks are made great! But, I warn you NOT to sit with a server named ERIC! Horrible! I had such high expectations bc of the owner but HORRIBLE SERVICE!

    33333 by Kimberly W.

  • Kimberly W.If I go off the service, I wouldn't return. Coming from someone who was a chef for 4 yrs & also was a server for 2 I feel like there are better ppl out there that can represent a company in a + way!

    33333 by Kimberly W.

  • Michelle PThe fried fish taco was the only edible one out of the 4 we tried... Steak and both Pork. Drinks were just ok. Not sure what they hype is about. Service was good.

    22222 by Michelle P

  • G V.Service isn't the best but goddamn I love their salsa

    55555 by G V.

  • Dylan B.This place is legit. Anything with shrimp is on point.

    55555 by Dylan B.

  • Sheryl GAsk for Ryan- great waiter!

    55555 by Sheryl G

  • Shalya F.The best thing about this place is the wish bone in my enchilada....

    33333 by Shalya F.

  • Michael DiazAmazing chicken enchiladas and ceviche. Everything was very fresh

    55555 by Michael Diaz

  • jarvis w RThis place is to die for...where else can you get a beef tongue taco, a braised goat taco, and mahi mahi taco, with fresh ceviche for under 20 bucks?

    55555 by jarvis w R

  • Creative Loafing AtlantaEric Celeste, editor-in-chief, fancies the La Tradicional margarita at Escorpion—"simple, cheap, and the right ingredients."

    55555 by Creative Loafing Atlanta

  • Sophia M.Good service. Terrible drinks

    22222 by Sophia M.

  • Matt EHorrible service. Ok food. Don't waste your time or money.

    11111 by Matt E

  • Violet B.Skirt steak and grilled spring onions ftw

    55555 by Violet B.

  • John T.Get the unadvertised pitcher of margs. So strong and will do the trick.

    33333 by John T.

  • Jamie T.Looks like a happening place. The service is friendly. Lots of energy. My wife is digging it.

    55555 by Jamie T.

  • Dhaval KChicken quesadillas are fantastic, and for desert, the churros are worth every calorie!

    55555 by Dhaval K

  • Stu BBest items: fried shrimp tacos and seta quesadilla; the quinoa salad is light and refreshing on a hot summer day. ' traditional' margarita kind of meh.

    55555 by Stu B

  • Sophia C.You have got to try bbq pork taco!

    55555 by Sophia C.

  • Walter SHave given them four chances and this place is disgusting.

    11111 by Walter S

  • Praful G.Try the Portobello Mushroom Tacos - Tacos look real good and Mexican rice as a side

    55555 by Praful G.

  • David T.The Florida de catarina w/ cucumber foam. Yummy yummy

    55555 by David T.

  • Jake C.Bland, boring, and blisteringly expensive. Stay away.

    11111 by Jake C.

  • Mike LitherlandHad a great time - get the 5 skull margarita

    55555 by Mike Litherland

  • BuckyCarnita tacos r great. Queso Fundido has runny cream like sauce under the queso and good stuff so it is not queso fundido! But the cheesy top layer is good!

    55555 by Bucky

  • Creative Loafing AtlantaThe tacos are there to pad your belly for more booze. Use them for this purpose. Top picks: grilled shrimp, seta, queso fundido, salmon ceviche, and the quinoa dishes.

    55555 by Creative Loafing Atlanta

  • Jared D.Abandon hope all ye who try to drink here. Bartenders make ignoring you into an art form.

    55555 by Jared D.

  • Toney DavisGreat Place ! Try the de Flores Orange Margarita!

    55555 by Toney Davis

  • Trudy B.Slow service even when there's no one there. Don't bother if you expect the server to be there when you run out of something. And REALLY don't bother if you're in a hurry.

    22222 by Trudy B.

  • Savory ExposureGet the grilled shrimp tacos!

    55555 by Savory Exposure

  • Jessie MGreat drinks and friendly staff. Ask for John- he is skilled in the art of picking your perfect drink.

    55555 by Jessie M

  • Social E.Smoked tequilas, a gourmet Mexican menu that includes vegetarian options. If you don't love Mexican this place will change your mind!

    55555 by Social E.

  • Soccer D.We've seen plenty of places come and go at this location; here's hoping this one stays. The Seta Tacos were fantastic.

    55555 by Soccer D.

  • Timothy P A.So glad that this place opened.....Good atmosphere/staff

    55555 by Timothy P A.

  • Social E.A real gourmet Mexican Tequila Resto in Atlanta. Food pairings were distinctively crafted & married to Tequilas from all over the place. If you've an astute tequila palette you just found your mecca!

    55555 by Social E.

  • Jeff RBite your Lingua Taco

    55555 by Jeff R

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