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Daiquiri Factory LLC

889 West Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

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(404) 881-8188


  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 12:00 pm
  • Monday: 1:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 am
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 am

Cuisine: Bars

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4.5 of 5.0 from 119 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA
  • Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA
  • Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA
  • Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA
  • Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA
  • Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA
  • Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA
  • Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA
  • Daiquiri Factory LLC in Atlanta, GA

Daiquiri Factory LLC Reviews

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  • Jas FFridays 3 dollar daquiris and 2 dollar orders of wings!

    33333 by Jas F

  • Jas FThe purple rain was broken but the pineapple express, habitual offender, and dui were pretty tasty. Gabby is a bomb server if you have a larger party.

    33333 by Jas F

  • Velma BGreat customer service! I love this place!!

    55555 by Velma B

  • Velma BThey have Great drinks and the customer service is even better!! I LOVE this place; they found my wallet and held it for me!!

    55555 by Velma B

  • Patryce C.Great drinks! It's a must when I come to ATL!

    55555 by Patryce C.

  • Nicole GRecord-breaking Terrible customer service but the crab legs and daiquiris are everything.

    22222 by Nicole G

  • AmberBest daiquiris in the city! Best Greek salad I've found. Wings and fries are delicious too.

    55555 by Amber

  • Nicole GAll you can eat crab legs on Mondays 5-8:30pm. $25

    55555 by Nicole G

  • Tinika P.Monday All You Can Eat Crabs, and the Daquaris are awesome.

    55555 by Tinika P.

  • Damian D.Not the best service, but the food is surprisingly good. I wish they had New Orleans or Savannah sized cups for the daiquiris though.

    55555 by Damian D.

  • Adrianne R.Get there early on a Friday night it gets crowded.

    55555 by Adrianne R.

  • Camille APurple rain with jolly rancher

    55555 by Camille A

  • Falconsgirl630 IOmg try the dui

    55555 by Falconsgirl630 I

  • Oh SoPretty R.The fried shrimp is amazing.

    55555 by Oh SoPretty R.

  • Kandis K.Purple rain mixed with sour apple.....then a Bob Marley

    55555 by Kandis K.

  • Belynda B.#DUI That is all.

    33333 by Belynda B.

  • Marchel RobinsonOrgasm and wings happy hour Tuesday

    55555 by Marchel Robinson

  • Derrick HaireThe all in one. Great drink

    55555 by Derrick Haire

  • Robert M.Awesome Daqs!!!

    55555 by Robert M.


    11111 by Marc Mizrahi

  • Hakeem a.Wow lights went out

    11111 by Hakeem a.

  • Brandi CDUI & Pineapple Express mixed is the bomb!

    55555 by Brandi C

  • Todd WThe crablegs are the bomb.

    55555 by Todd W

  • Ahmad BrantleySucky servers. Sit @ bar.

    55555 by Ahmad Brantley

  • Marley P.That Bob Marley is where its at!!

    55555 by Marley P.

  • Brandi CThe Pineapple Express is very good and has real pineapple in it!

    55555 by Brandi C

  • Ray V Smith T.Monday nights all you can eat crablegs from 5-9

    55555 by Ray V Smith T.

  • Chris LewisGreat frozen drinks.

    55555 by Chris Lewis

  • Theresa YisraelThe best place ever!!

    55555 by Theresa Yisrael

  • DevontaThe fries are EVERYTHING and all you can eat crab legs were seasoned to perfect. Our waitress was all over the place though.

    55555 by Devonta

  • John N.The ALL IN ONE is great!!!

    55555 by John N.

  • Cicesley I.Fat Tuesday means cheap drinks and cheap food! Great time!

    55555 by Cicesley I.

  • Rodney SNice atmosphere and good service

    55555 by Rodney S

  • Celia B.The waitress was terrible. She was too busy dancing and flirting while her tip was decreasing.

    11111 by Celia B.

  • Bubba W.The Purple Rain mixed with the Habitual Offender is the best!!!!!!

    55555 by Bubba W.

  • BlakeThey are out of sour apple

    33333 by Blake

  • rozayIts fun with friends!!!

    55555 by rozay

  • Veronica M.Pineapple Express w/ piña colada is delish!!!

    55555 by Veronica M.

  • Dexter M.Good food, drinks are sneaky strong.

    55555 by Dexter M.

  • Veronica M.The Pineapple Express w/ piña colada is very addictive !!!

    55555 by Veronica M.

  • Sadie BierriaNice service

    55555 by Sadie Bierria

  • Tremayne C.DUI + Sour Apple Or DUI & Blue Mutha Shut Yo mouf = 1 hell of a combo!

    33333 by Tremayne C.

  • Tynisha McGordonSOOOOOOO good "Purple Rain"

    55555 by Tynisha McGordon

  • Don W.Order a wet dream, you'll enjoy your night

    55555 by Don W.

  • Ray V Smith T.The Pineapple Express is the biz today!

    55555 by Ray V Smith T.

  • DreDecent crowd on Wednesday during karaoke. Try the HV and DUI mixed together

    55555 by Dre

  • KynrikcBlue Pineapple Margarita....will set you free

    55555 by Kynrikc

  • D N.Mix them ALL!!!

    55555 by D N.

  • Candy S.Love the food

    55555 by Candy S.

  • Tim D.Have the bob marley

    55555 by Tim D.

  • Ree B.Great! Will return.

    55555 by Ree B.

  • Adrian B.Mix the Pineapple Express with the Hunch Punch!!!! Taste like Gold!

    33333 by Adrian B.

  • KynrikcSome kind of low country broil takes place on Mondays!

    55555 by Kynrikc

  • KynrikcPineapple Express is nice... Put that with orgasm and get tropical

    55555 by Kynrikc

  • Most_Known TI'M BACK!!!! #SMH

    22222 by Most_Known T

  • Leo B.Jolly Rancher! Love it!

    55555 by Leo B.

  • Parks TOnly one frozen drink..if not you'll be sick in da morning.

    22222 by Parks T

  • Diva4lifeFrozen drinks are strong..... a diverse crowd, straight, gays & lesbians. I love all people who am I to judge. Serena nice bartender!!

    55555 by Diva4life

  • Anthony The vodka cran will take u to the mountain top and back & for 3$ what a deal

    33333 by Anthony

  • Treva 'The Diva'💋I've since fallen for the sour apple, yum!!!

    33333 by Treva 'The Diva'💋

  • Heather DGreat atmosphere... very LGBT friendly

    55555 by Heather D

  • Kelsey Jo E.One and Done! #Potent

    55555 by Kelsey Jo E.

  • T-Dawg J.Ratchetness at its best! Not my crowd but on Fridays from 3-8 there are $3 daiquiris and $.25 wings!

    55555 by T-Dawg J.

  • Chances JEndless crab legs on Mondays.

    55555 by Chances J

  • Justin C.Cum b4 8 and enjoy a $3 special on drinks only on gri

    55555 by Justin C.

  • LeAnne D.Having an orgasm in the purple rain!!!

    55555 by LeAnne D.

  • ANACONDA ENT Agreat chill spot for drinks...especially during the summer

    55555 by ANACONDA ENT A

  • Nury C.The LG size, is really not LG.

    33333 by Nury C.

  • Nury C.Tuesday's 50 cent wings, $3 daquiris &Happy Hour on Friday 6 pm

    55555 by Nury C.

  • Adrian B.Sour Apple & Margarita mixed together is the Business!!!!!

    33333 by Adrian B.

  • danyale b.Try orgasm and blue mutha together! Its a mutha f+@#in orgasm

    55555 by danyale b.

  • Quentin V.Order a Suicide. Only drink worth ordering!

    33333 by Quentin V.

  • Batz B.Bob Marley daiquiri ...IZ!!!

    55555 by Batz B.

  • LGet a Bob Marley it's the freaking BEST !!!

    55555 by L


    55555 by Black R.

  • MorrisGreat drinks, fun people just don't have too many drinks...#getfkdup

    55555 by Morris

  • Ray V Smith T.Tryin to get wasted? Get the Orgasm!!!

    55555 by Ray V Smith T.

  • Dennis L.Strawberry Daiquiri + Pinã Colada mix...

    55555 by Dennis L.

  • Adrian B.Mix a sour apple, purple rain, blue mutha shut yo mouth, & piña colado!

    33333 by Adrian B.

  • D N.Superman Pink Panther

    55555 by D N.

  • D N.Fridays $3 Daiquiris & 25 cent wings Mondays ALL-U-CAN-EAT Crab legs

    55555 by D N.

  • Amari JI always get a habitual violator and sex on the beach ! Awesome !!

    55555 by Amari J

  • Chelsea B.Orgasam + ga peach + brain freeze = yesssss!

    55555 by Chelsea B.

  • Treva 'The Diva'💋The Superman is super yummy!!!

    55555 by Treva 'The Diva'💋

  • Batz B.Bob Marley frozen daiquiri

    55555 by Batz B.

  • Jose' M.The bbq sauce is amazing

    55555 by Jose' M.

  • Carlos W.Sex on the beach + sour apple....I call it ”the ivy” .........Skee Wee

    55555 by Carlos W.

  • John K.I love the large ORGASM lol...perfect

    55555 by John K.

  • Taj W.Get the "Blu Mutha Shut Your Mouth" and "DUI" mixed together. That makes it "Superman". Super tasty!

    55555 by Taj W.

  • Jared D.Rip the bartender they hold you down

    22222 by Jared D.

  • Barrie BThe crab legs are a must have!

    55555 by Barrie B

  • GeoffMonday night all you can eat crab legs from 4-9 for 23.00

    55555 by Geoff

  • Q D.A place for Bois come to play with Bois and girls come to play with girls.

    55555 by Q D.

  • James BA DUI & Blue Mother will get you right. 1 of each, 2 drinks total

    33333 by James B

  • Ebony H.Blue-Mutha is the SHIIIII.....lol

    33333 by Ebony H.

  • Jason F.You don't have to drink one of those colorful slushi type drinks! THEY HAVE A FULL BAR!! Patron, Hennessey, you name it! ;)

    55555 by Jason F.

  • Pj MDUI Orgaism and Blue Shut Yo Mouth

    33333 by Pj M

  • Avery The Vegi Burger is good make sure you ask for napkins though

    55555 by Avery "Pl@inum" M.

  • ROSE'they have the best BlueBerry Vodka Lemon Drops for $3

    55555 by ROSE'

  • Remy E.Cool, but pick ur night wisely & make sure u go early enough 2 have your drink, maybe get a quick bite 2 eat & leave b4 there is little to no room. Some deceptively strong drinks.

    55555 by Remy E.

  • Vance G.Margarita + Brain freeze

    55555 by Vance G.

  • Shea J.OMG the fried shrimp basket is to DIE for it's sooooo good!

    55555 by Shea J.

  • KynrikcHabitual and blue mutha....yes lawd

    55555 by Kynrikc

  • KynrikcBlue Mutha Shut Yo Mouth + Habitual Violator= Things gonna feel real nice and be a little different

    55555 by Kynrikc

  • DevontaGet Sour Apple and Sex on The Peach mixed together! Super Good!

    55555 by Devonta

  • Emily N.Yum- Georgia Peach tastes like freshman year

    55555 by Emily N.

  • Malaika TI love this place! Im going in a couple hours

    55555 by Malaika T

  • Trev HThe Orgasm is out of this world...after having a couple of these you will definitely be in the mood for some intense sex.

    55555 by Trev H

  • SuspectHelpful hint: be VERY gay friendly

    55555 by Suspect

  • Jamar J.Sooo good!! I had two drinks and was done!! Orgasm and the blue motha shut yo mouth are excellent

    55555 by Jamar J.

  • @KeithJonesJr"Silent killers" Two drinks and you're done!

    33333 by @KeithJonesJr

  • Jordan STry the Sexy Margarita (Sex on the Beach/Margarita)! Its to die for!!!

    55555 by Jordan S

  • Rashid S.Ga peach is so nasty!!!

    22222 by Rashid S.

  • Devon VOmg this "ORGASM" daiquiri...LORD HELP ME GET HOME

    55555 by Devon V

  • Jordan Phillip EAsk for the "all or nothing" it's a secret item

    33333 by Jordan Phillip E

  • Antoine V.Get the orgasm super string! Yeeaaahhh!!!

    55555 by Antoine V.

  • Daniel J.The" Blue Motha Shut Yo Mouth" is where it's at ! Have 2 and your good . . . .

    55555 by Daniel J.

  • Ryan E.Strong drinks, but delicious.

    55555 by Ryan E.

  • ThrillistHint: The 10oz, 12oz or 16oz coconut-shell cup is yours to keep when you're finished with any of 15 slushy flavors like Sex on the Beach or 190-proof Golden Grain-based sips like "Purple Rain" grape.

    55555 by Thrillist

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