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Cafe' Intermezzo

1845 Peachtree Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30309

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(404) 355-0411


  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 3:00 am
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 3:00 am

Cuisine: Cafes, Coffee and Tea, Mediterranean Restaurants

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4.5 of 5.0 from 188 reviews


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Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
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  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
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  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA
  • Cafe' Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA

Cafe' Intermezzo Reviews

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  • ChefMozThe food is delicious. The atmosphere wonderful. Yet, the service is horrible. The wait staff is unattentive and slow. A simple soup and sandwich during the business week one would expect to take 10-15 minutes to receive - this was not the case. Our drinks came right away and the waiter promptly took our order than disappeared for over 20 minutes.Once our simple soup and sandwich combinations did come I was given a long tea spoon for my soup and each of our soups were lukewarm. It than took another 10 minutes to find the waiter and I had to get up from our table to tell him we needed our soups reheated.I would recommend that the waiters focus a bit more on the customers and service and that they speed up their service so that the customer can return to work on time.

    22222 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozMy compliments for the atmosphere, I am Italian so I can say it is a nice European atmosphere. I also liked Eva, the nice waitress who helped us choose a cake.

    33333 by ChefMoz.org

  • JuN M분위기가 좋네요~ ㅎㅎ

    55555 by JuN M

  • Dolores MI miss the old location :( staff is always stressed

    55555 by Dolores M

  • Brendalee Absolutely Loved this place on of my favorites!

    55555 by Brendalee

  • Karen JohnsonThis cafe has a full restaurant menu that also includes pastries, cocktails, teas, coffee, and other alcoholic drinks. It has a European feel

    55555 by Karen Johnson

  • Kelsey NReally underwhelmed. The ambience is great, but the quality of the food and coffee is subpar.

    33333 by Kelsey N

  • Caroline RubinGreat lattes ☕️

    55555 by Caroline Rubin

  • Montique CThe Seafood Dip is delicious!

    55555 by Montique C

  • Michael B.You must go. One of the nicest spots in Atlanta.

    55555 by Michael B.

  • AJCThe typical late-night sweet craving might involve doughnuts, but this place has such lovely pastries -- and a European coffee house feel.

    55555 by AJC

  • Dan B.An Atlanta institution, though a bit pricey. Great, European-inspired coffee house with wonderful deserts and great coffee. Great date place

    55555 by Dan B.

  • Beverly horvitzDesserts are always good. They change them everyday.

    55555 by Beverly horvitz

  • Catherine MThe coffee is amazing

    55555 by Catherine M

  • Catherine MThe coffee is excellent! Just plain coffee..served in a French Press.

    55555 by Catherine M

  • Chris R.Nice place to grab a sandwich.

    55555 by Chris R.

  • Drew JohnsonThe "Cio" is a very smooth espresso drink, topped with white chocolate. In other words, divine.

    55555 by Drew Johnson

  • Howard FExtensive menu of grand drinks, we only came for dessert and it did not disappoint. Will make this a regular stop and the service was outstanding.

    55555 by Howard F

  • Heejung Kimcakeeeee! their mocha rocca rooibos tea was really good

    55555 by Heejung Kim

  • Ethan V.This place is fantastic! Great service. Their coffee is amazing. You can't go wrong.

    55555 by Ethan V.

  • Katie SEverything is good. I haven't had a bad experience here.

    55555 by Katie S

  • Mercedes REverything was good, but the bianco coffee was the highlight of my night.

    33333 by Mercedes R

  • Jordan DOrdered the cookie dough cheesecake and it was pretty good. Wish I could say the same about the service though. It was extremely slow and forgettable!

    33333 by Jordan D

  • Laurissa Wolfram-HvassIt's ok. Crowded and not worth the hype... But we always find ourselves there.

    33333 by Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass

  • Bethany NLoved this cafe in midtown! It feels just like one you'd find in Europe with delicious cakes (try carrot cake!) and great atmosphere.

    55555 by Bethany N

  • Katherine W.I've never had anything here that was less than amazing.

    55555 by Katherine W.

  • JulieLove this place. Great coffee and alcoholic drinks and fantastic cakes. Come here for an after dinner nightcap, coffee, and dessert.

    55555 by Julie

  • Aniket KCheesecake and coffees

    55555 by Aniket K

  • Karan Tamhane$4 martinis during happy hour. Great selection of martinis and beers.

    55555 by Karan Tamhane

  • Michelle Z.A very cute place w/ excellent desserts + delicious tea (try lemon + mango -- what a combination!)

    55555 by Michelle Z.

  • Merilee D.The desserts are ridiculous! Going back soon!

    55555 by Merilee D.

  • Brett V.The worst place I have eaten in Atlanta. McDonalds had better food!

    22222 by Brett V.

  • Greg NFavorite manager none. Today's winner wanted us to move my son from his stroller to a high chair that was 3 inches more narrow because it was a fire hazard and then put the stroller behind him

    22222 by Greg N

  • Amol K.Favorite date spot in ATL.

    55555 by Amol K.

  • Marcelo E.Turkish coffee is the best!

    55555 by Marcelo E.

  • Irays MunozThe coffee is great, so many choices but cannot go wrong. The chicken spinach crepes are amazing! And let's not talk about the fruit tarts imported from Italy, it's must!

    55555 by Irays Munoz

  • Tiffany CHave fun making your tea, coffee, or cappuccino.

    55555 by Tiffany C

  • Kimberly K.Great time with dear old Deaniac friends gathered to remember and celebrate @CelesteGrimesHoff

    55555 by Kimberly K.

  • Jessica T.Everything's great! Try the spinach crepes out 😀

    55555 by Jessica T.

  • Kimberly K.A welcome respite after a rough week

    55555 by Kimberly K.

  • Lina T.Chai tea and panini are yummy.

    55555 by Lina T.

  • Amie HOreo cheesecake!!!! Mmmm Mmm good!

    55555 by Amie H

  • Amie HWhite hot chocolate with raspberry !

    55555 by Amie H

  • Patricia S.Server Mario is the absolute worst. Ordered the avocado salad that had no avocado...Huh!!! My son asked for a straw that took him over 20 mins to bring. And the restaurant was not full.

    22222 by Patricia S.

  • Kenny JCaramel cappuccino

    55555 by Kenny J

  • Cheryl M.The service level and and food quality has declined drastically since the move. Our server was not very friendly nor was he hospitable. The ambiance is nice however it's a restaurant. :(

    33333 by Cheryl M.

  • Martin K.Great cakes, solid coffee. Best cafe in Midtown. Close your eyes and pretend you're in Europe.

    55555 by Martin K.

  • Renee HollawayCheesecake ;)

    55555 by Renee Hollaway

  • Brian Wyatt Jr.Great coffee and Eggs Benedict...breakfast potatoes were unseasoned and underwhelming though... :/

    33333 by Brian Wyatt Jr.

  • Paul RAsk for Clifford at the bar area. He's got a great attitude and will take care of you, whether you want to eat or just have a cappuccino.

    55555 by Paul R

  • Madhu VulimiriThe beverage selection is so big it's almost overwhelming. Might as well just pick a random page and take a chance!

    55555 by Madhu Vulimiri

  • Harit P.Love the cheesecakes here!

    55555 by Harit P.

  • Shayna J PatelCome after dinner for dessert and coffee! Two cases of cakes and a huge coffee menu. You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Shayna J Patel

  • Jose L.Best cheesecake in town creme brûlée it's one of the best.

    55555 by Jose L.

  • kema s.The atmosphere ... the quotes ... the coffee!

    55555 by kema s.

  • Evi C.The drinks and desserts are good, but the service is very slow. It takes 10 minutes just to have a server take drink orders.

    33333 by Evi C.

  • EVBest desserts & bar/cocktails. Nice people watching & BATON BOB performances.

    55555 by EV

  • Brandi CThey offer gluten free desserts that are yummy!

    55555 by Brandi C

  • LeonThe hummus platter with warm pitas is amazing.

    55555 by Leon

  • Lydia A.The toffee coffee is my favorite drink...yummy!!

    55555 by Lydia A.

  • Quana T.Order your cheese cake before u order hot chocolate or coffee! There's a wait for desserts!

    55555 by Quana T.

  • Kristen L.Blueberry cheesecake is awesome. Great coffee. Great service. 2 hours free parking in the garage.

    55555 by Kristen L.

  • Lazarus S.Thr spicy tortellini with shrimp is heaven

    55555 by Lazarus S.

  • Claire A.Idk a discount or some free food would be nice when it takes an hour to bring a tuna sandwich?

    33333 by Claire A.

  • Jessica Jbeautiful patio

    55555 by Jessica J

  • Brooks SmithGet anything with peanut butter! Desserts are so good!

    55555 by Brooks Smith

  • BruceConsistently hot as hell in the back dining room at night... Coffee makes the sweating even worse... :(

    33333 by Bruce

  • Ronald Clayton S.Great for a late night meal. Excellent variety of drinks, coffee and teas!

    55555 by Ronald Clayton S.

  • Armando SWonderful service! Delicious food. To die for desserts.

    55555 by Armando S

  • Clay ChapmanThe cheesecake is extraordinary. Coffee was average.

    55555 by Clay Chapman

  • Scott W.Mediocre breakfast. Service is inconsistent and have ask twice for services. Let's get things up to par and this could be a fabulous place.

    33333 by Scott W.

  • Jiwan P.Mango Mousse and Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Jiwan P.

  • Robert J.If you're on a diet.... Go home now! They have incredibly friendly waiters, and take an extended bathroom break and learn a new language ;)

    55555 by Robert J.

  • Celia B.The caramel Apple cake is the greatest

    55555 by Celia B.

  • James S.Service was great and on point. Maybe you should ask to sit in Castle's section.

    55555 by James S.

  • Олег Г.Очень вкусно! Кухня превосходная. Культовое место в Атланте и доступное по цене. Рекомендую и спасибо!

    55555 by Олег Г.

  • Kelly C.Drinks are watered down and the desserts in the case are old.

    33333 by Kelly C.

  • Chuck W.Really amazing desserts here, try some of the many different versions of cheesecake.

    55555 by Chuck W.

  • Tamara W.Try the White Chocolate Amaretto Cheese cake for dessert and the spicy tortellini is to die for!!!

    55555 by Tamara W.

  • Jacklyn mThey specialize in coffees, desserts and terrible service. Enjoy!

    33333 by Jacklyn m

  • Howard CWonderful experience!

    55555 by Howard C

  • Howard CNice tables both indoors and outdoors

    55555 by Howard C

  • Nya B.Too packed & the wait was too long...i prefer the 1 by Perimeter

    33333 by Nya B.

  • Felix C.The Croque Madame is not a Croque Madame. It is a croissant sandwich here.

    55555 by Felix C.

  • Ashley S.The tea was great with a big selection. The food was okay and the cocktail was really weak. We had a terrible experience picking a slice of dessert. Terrible system. If you go, you'll know.

    33333 by Ashley S.

  • Bina E.Cakes are good, service is awful! It's supposed to be a European coffee house, but no coffee or hot chocolate I've tried here resembles anything I have ever had in Europe.

    33333 by Bina E.

  • Megan W.I don't know if it usually takes 30min cook eggs but the service was very very slow from our server. But other servers looked like they knew what they were doing. I guess its luck of the draw.

    22222 by Megan W.

  • Sherzad S.Try the food. It's good.

    55555 by Sherzad S.

  • Debbie E.Chai tea is the best!

    55555 by Debbie E.

  • Samantha S.So good. Try the cioccolaccino or the coffee with Nutella in it yumm. Also Nutella crepe or pancake delish!

    55555 by Samantha S.

  • Kimberly H.Great atmosphere! I LOVE this place.

    55555 by Kimberly H.

  • Peter M.If you have beeakfast dont get the black coffee, its poor. Food ok. Good price compared to our hotel.

    33333 by Peter M.

  • Jun MengVery classy place.

    55555 by Jun Meng

  • David S.Fucking awesome. But everyone is right service is slow.

    55555 by David S.

  • Aaron C.A perfect place for Happy Hour. Has a European coffeehouse feel. I recommend the alcoholic coffee beverages, especially a Bailey's & Coffee. Check out the dessert and cheesecake display case OMG.

    55555 by Aaron C.

  • Marybeth MVery cute atmosphere, perfect place to relax and wind down. I highly recommend the chocolate, peanut butter cake!

    55555 by Marybeth M

  • AmericanadienneNice atmosphere, great for people-watching, and great service. The coffee definitely didn't disappoint...try the white chocolate coffee with a shot of hazelnut liqueur. Yum.

    55555 by Americanadienne

  • Bern B.Desserts are just so so but the coffee drinks are good. Try the Havana Maria.

    55555 by Bern B.

  • David M.Order the espresso that has white chocolate...yum.

    33333 by David M.

  • Hannah L.Everything here was wonderful. I recommend the apple and bacon panini.

    55555 by Hannah L.

  • Allen MacGaffeyCandy explosion was amazing but they didn't have any Turkish Coffee :( Otherwise cool spot just wished they allowed smoking outside

    55555 by Allen MacGaffey

  • KartklutzExtensive list of teas. However, just hope that whoever steeps your tea knows what they are doing--or ask to do it yourself; otherwise, you'll end up with a bitter cup of tea.

    55555 by Kartklutz

  • Marisol P.Don't come late on a Monday some of the slowest most incompetent service I have gotten in a long time!

    22222 by Marisol P.

  • GR8socialmediaOne word. .... sllloooooooooooooow

    33333 by GR8socialmedia

  • Johnna S.Don't get the fruit mouse, but the Oreo cheesecake is delish!

    55555 by Johnna S.

  • David H.Best Dessert in town!

    55555 by David H.

  • NamrataAny tea with fruit in it is really fruity even with other ingredients!

    55555 by Namrata

  • TJThe ideal location & a great ambience. The deserts are good too. Whether its cheesecake or a piece of cake, you're sure to find something you like. The drink specials are good too.

    55555 by TJ

  • Andrew AUsually come by late at night on the weekends for tea and dessert. Place is standing room only, so service is as expected. Haven't had a bad cheesecake yet.

    55555 by Andrew A

  • Gustavo L.English breakfast tea!!

    55555 by Gustavo L.

  • Nicole A.Cioccoloccino Bianco coffee is to die for!!!

    55555 by Nicole A.

  • Carl F.Intrigued by the life-changing MESSAGE of 'The Landmark Forum', but not the theatrical experience? This book~ "est: Playing The Game The New Way"= Amazing! Go to www.carlfrederick.org click Free Read

    55555 by Carl F.

  • Diane S.Red Velvet Cake...The best!

    55555 by Diane S.

  • K.S.HCan't go wrong with some Baileys and a slice of cheesecake.

    55555 by K.S.H

  • Megan H.Reese's cheesecake. Enough said.

    33333 by Megan H.

  • Woody W.Stuff is great, service is slooooow

    55555 by Woody W.

  • Dina C.Awful service. Not to sit down, though. Waited an hour for them to just swipe my card.

    11111 by Dina C.

  • Mukhtar V.Cannoli cheesecake, ya herd?

    55555 by Mukhtar V.

  • Samantha M.A beautiful café in Midtown Atlanta, clearly modeled after an Austrian "grand café." I had a delicious slice of strawberry cake to finish my evening. A must-see location for out-of-towners!

    55555 by Samantha M.

  • Jasmine L.The portions are large and delicious!

    55555 by Jasmine L.

  • Terence J.Coffee is good - waiting does take way too long.

    33333 by Terence J.

  • Kohl S.Chocolate martini topped off with the Nutella cheesecake...YUM

    55555 by Kohl S.

  • Fernando JTwo words... Amaretto cheesecake

    55555 by Fernando J

  • David K.The fresh fruit desserts are usually hit or miss. Cheesecakes are always on point.

    55555 by David K.

  • Dayana C.Sit outside when the weather is nice. You'll enjoy the view of Peachtree St

    55555 by Dayana C.

  • elicitI have been coming here for the last 20 years. Never have I been so disappointed in their customer service. Dessert server was so rude, we had to leave. New location, new staff = poor service.

    33333 by elicit

  • Sandra DLoved my Nutella cappuccino. But then the waitress took my parking ticket so the manager had to pay for my lost ticket fee. Hmmm...

    22222 by Sandra D

  • Sunny -Speak to James the Manager and the Intermezzo team will make your requests possible.

    33333 by Sunny -

  • Nicole A.Best selection of coffee, nice European and charming place, fair food, great dessert, pricey.

    55555 by Nicole A.

  • Tres eBest place for coffee and food is great, been coming here for years. New location is wonderful.

    55555 by Tres e

  • Michael C.Left a tip earlier by accident. The tip was actually for R. Thomas, across the street. Sadly, Cafe Intermezzo has moved downtown!

    33333 by Michael C.

  • Michael C.One of my favorite Atlanta eateries. Try the Breakfast Quesidella any time of the day!

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Benny P.Be prepared to wait and wait and wait. Lunch took forever. Food was mediocre at best. Desserts were good.

    33333 by Benny P.

  • Melina B.THIS LOCATION IS CLOSED - dear team, update your flipping website so people don't come to your CLOSED location.

    33333 by Melina B.

  • Fabiano C.Intermezzo location is 10 times better... Ambience, service (from the hostess to the waitress) and parking ($5) sux... Good thing it's moving to another place...

    33333 by Fabiano C.

  • Shawn F.Great place!!! Best Key Lime Martinis & Italian Gnoochi in the city!!!

    55555 by Shawn F.

  • Rachyl W.Great place for meetings or to just take a break on your own. Turkey DeLuxe is love!!

    55555 by Rachyl W.

  • Ben M.Great selection of teas: both black & green. This place is practically a tea room with the plethora of options for any tea connoisseur or casual drinker. They come in a tea press, might I add.

    55555 by Ben M.

  • David D T.Fantastic! Will definitely be back! :)

    55555 by David D T.

  • Heather B.'Spensive late night deliciousness for a price. Worth it for date night. Expect bougie service, but delightful beverages and desserts. Always a wait on the weekends, we always choose the bar anyways.

    55555 by Heather B.

  • iEatsBy J.Try the Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose (green tea) - (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by iEatsBy J.

  • iEatsBy J.Try the Amaretto Cheesecake & Vodka Strawberry Chocolate Torte - (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by iEatsBy J.

  • Vanessa L.Try the Crepe petite dejuner!!! Excellent!

    55555 by Vanessa L.

  • Anson I.Employees aren't very friendly

    55555 by Anson I.

  • Bia K.Go for a piece of key lime cheesecake. So far the best late night cafe+dessert place in Atlanta.

    55555 by Bia K.

  • AndrewAlways incredible coffee and cheesecake and the atmosphere is the classiest around. Prices aren't terrible either.

    55555 by Andrew

  • Chelsea R.With the Wild Hibiscus drink you can eat the flower.

    55555 by Chelsea R.

  • BjancaSweet potato cake! Yum.....

    55555 by Bjanca

  • Atiyah Tatiana T.It's a hit or miss sometime. When you get great service your happy. When you get bad service you never forget. And if you don't know how your cappuccino is suppose to taste like you are out of luck.

    55555 by Atiyah Tatiana T.

  • Katie F.Consistently SLOW service - almost not worth it. K thanks.

    33333 by Katie F.

  • T G.Try the Reese's Cheesecake (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by T G.

  • MaggieThe perfect spot for coffee & dessert!

    55555 by Maggie

  • Erica A.Try the caramel cappuccinos. Delicious!!

    55555 by Erica A.

  • MsUnique S.Turkish Coffee ...is DIVINE.

    55555 by MsUnique S.

  • Vi N.Get the Casablanca tea with a side of honey.

    55555 by Vi N.

  • Dahna C.Guys, this is a great date restaurant, too!

    55555 by Dahna C.

  • Dahna C.This restaurant has outstanding service and sorbet. It comes in the shell of the fruit of its flavor. For example, mine was coconut so it came in a coconut shell. I can't wait to return!

    55555 by Dahna C.

  • Emmanuel Gabriel S.Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! #SoFull

    55555 by Emmanuel Gabriel S.

  • EaterIn addition to food, coffee, hot chocolate, cocktails, and beautiful desserts. Cozy up in this romantic restaurant and share a slice of cake with that special someone. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • iEatsBy J.Try the sugar cubes - Lol (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by iEatsBy J.

  • Mimi S.If you're dining during the day, ask for Albert. He is very nice and knowledgeable in making suggestions on the menu. Loved the ambiance, food, teas and dessert. Vegetarian options available.

    55555 by Mimi S.

  • Soren B.This place is classy. They require "shorts or slacks" and "shoes".

    55555 by Soren B.

  • Social E.Try the Almond Chocolate Cake - Laetitia loved it! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Social E.

  • Sojanna M.They have hands down the best Oreo cheesecake.

    55555 by Sojanna M.

  • EaterIn addition to food, coffee, hot chocolate, cocktails, and beautiful desserts. Cozy up in this romantic restaurant and share a slice of cake with that special someone.

    55555 by Eater

  • Danielle V.This makes the cheesecake factory look like McDonald's ... Try CIO Bianca

    55555 by Danielle V.

  • Taste of AtlantaSatisfy your sweet tooth! Cafe Intermezzo presents over 100 different tortes, tarts, cakes, pies and cheesecakes.

    55555 by Taste of Atlanta

  • Ben S.My wife and i have been going here since we moved to Atlanta. They have a wonderful dessert and coffee selection here and we love the atmosphere. Great after-dinner spot!

    55555 by Ben S.

  • Emma A.Menu is too large. Service is nonexistent. Food is sub par. Overrated.

    33333 by Emma A.

  • Rebecca N.Careful, the white hot chocolate will put u to sleep. Its redonkulously badass

    33333 by Rebecca N.

  • Damianne A.First time here and was very excited until it took 20mins to get to go dessert! Def call ahead next time.

    33333 by Damianne A.

  • Jaxon L.Aside from the constant classical music, this place is awesome. More liquor choices than Satan's personal bar. Booyakasha

    55555 by Jaxon L.

  • Essley M.I've been in Atlanta 20 years and I've been saying I GOTTA go here. Man! I'll be there tomorrow.

    55555 by Essley M.

  • Lisa R.The gingerbread steamer is yummy!

    55555 by Lisa R.

  • Very Tasty!

    55555 by "B"

  • Biz B.Get the baked brie. Thank me later.

    55555 by Biz B.

  • Adrianne C.Perfect place to meet up with friends for late night dessert. Lovely atmosphere and the staff is incredibly friendly. The B-52 cheesecake is AMAZING.

    55555 by Adrianne C.

  • Khoi L.Do not order the Green Matcha tea. It tastes horrible.

    22222 by Khoi L.

  • Leslye R.The staff and service have changed considerably. Not what it used to be...

    33333 by Leslye R.

  • Jewel K.The chicken florentine crepe is to die for as well as the mint chocolate cake.

    55555 by Jewel K.

  • Sara B.Try the fruit tart, the mousse thing and the Oreo cheesecake!!!! Oh and the cafe au lait.

    55555 by Sara B.

  • KetraThe perimeter location is much better. Do not waste your time here with lackluster service. It's ridiculous.

    22222 by Ketra

  • Jason K.Holy crap Cheesecake! Constantly revolving and changing assortments of cakes + coffee & full bar + food otherwise! I stop here every visit to Atlanta.

    55555 by Jason K.

  • STEPONE 8.The hot chocolate is to die for...

    55555 by STEPONE 8.

  • D C.Cafe intermezzo is a great place for coffee and dessert after an evening at the Fox!

    55555 by D C.

  • Tarrance W.all the workers are gay . a little persuasion will get you far (:

    33333 by Tarrance W.

  • Toni R.The Oreo cheesecake is to die for!

    55555 by Toni R.

  • DLeeGo for the dessert. The cheesecake is to die for!

    55555 by DLee

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