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Tin Drum Asia Cafe

265 18th St NW # 4110
Atlanta, GA 30363

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(404) 745-3068

Cuisine: Cafes

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4.1 of 5.0 from 60 reviews

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Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA
  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe in Atlanta, GA

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Tin Drum Asia Cafe Reviews

Add your review for Tin Drum Asia Cafe.

  • Nathan Mbasil fried rice

    55555 by Nathan M

  • Ashley JCrab and cheese spring rolls are amazing!

    55555 by Ashley J

  • Off The Menu mPanko Shrimp Taco: A panko-fried shrimp taco seasoned with spicy teriyaki and finished with shredded cabbage and cilantro.

    55555 by Off The Menu m

  • Brigham W.Get the panang and add Sriracha!!!!

    55555 by Brigham W.

  • Tin Drum Asiacaf√©Try one of our NEW Smokin' Korean BBQ Bowls for 1/2 off on your 5th check-in!

    55555 by Tin Drum Asiacafé

  • D N.Everything is really good & the service is always terrific!!

    55555 by D N.

  • Jenna R.Thanks for losing my ordering and being rude. 45 minutes and no food? I work at a full service restaurant whose "long time ticket" is 18 minutes.

    22222 by Jenna R.

  • Leslie Y.I highly recommend trying the sesame stir-fry w/ noodles instead if rice.

    55555 by Leslie Y.

  • David S.Get the Panang Curry Chicken!!

    55555 by David S.

  • Britta S.The shrimp pad tai is delicious!

    55555 by Britta S.

  • Mire S.They just changed their menus, some of the plates are not listed, but you can still order them.

    55555 by Mire S.

  • Jose L.Mango Stir-Fry is one of the best thing on the menu.

    55555 by Jose L.

  • Lauren LoweDon't go to this location, they can't read and disregard what the foursquare coupon says. Instead every fifth visit, gives you a spring roll, these people are special.

    33333 by Lauren Lowe

  • Jason S.Want to keep it light? Chopped salad with grilled chicken. Cucumber wasabi or Asian sesame ginger dressing. Very good.

    55555 by Jason S.

  • Shalimar B.The Spicy Spaghetti and the Teriyaki Tacos are the best meal choice

    55555 by Shalimar B.

  • Brittany C.Crab and cheese spring rolls! Addicting just like they advertise! :)

    33333 by Brittany C.

  • Jessica B.I love the food at tin drum in general. This location needs a refresh. It's dirty and dingy. Staff needs a refresh too. Slow and uninterested.

    22222 by Jessica B.

  • Porsha TatumGet the Samosas!!!

    33333 by Porsha Tatum

  • Porsha TatumI tried the Chop Chop salad and Samosas today...yum!!!

    55555 by Porsha Tatum

  • Kelly Anne A.The Thai coconut soup is delicious!

    55555 by Kelly Anne A.

  • Rahul BhandariGo for tikka masala if u like spicy curry!

    55555 by Rahul Bhandari

  • Skipper C.Place for the basics.

    33333 by Skipper C.

  • Lesley C.Mixed my Tin Drum Curry into my Coconut Soup. This should be its own dish! And the Thai Iced Tea is always a must. Mmm-mmm!

    55555 by Lesley C.

  • babs o.to be blunt.. this is white people asian food. the tikka masala is very bland and does not taste authentic. the thai basil wraps are stuffed with iceberg lettuce and a couple of shredded carrots.

    33333 by babs o.

  • KianaTheres a man in the back kitchen creating magic... Honey miso sauce on the shrimp taco.

    33333 by Kiana

  • Natt K.Don't come when it's busy or too late at night. Food may be terrible.

    33333 by Natt K.

  • Marlissa D.The staff is rude and the space is cramped. And they don't clean their tables but tell you you're not allowed to sit in certain areas (even though there's barely 1 dozen tables to start with).

    22222 by Marlissa D.

  • Anurag A.I liked the Veggie basil fried rice with tofu

    55555 by Anurag A.

  • Pamela A.Get the classic: Tin Drum Curry! You won't be disappointed.

    55555 by Pamela A.

  • chella k.Try the crab and chesse spring roll don't forget pineapple fried rice is delish!

    55555 by chella k.

  • Megan J.I've been to several tin drum locations and it is one of my favorite places to eat, HOWEVER this is the most inefficient establishment I have ever been to. Never again. I can go elsewhere.

    33333 by Megan J.

  • Thomas H.Try any of the curry dishes with white rice!

    55555 by Thomas H.

  • Benjamin S.The beef fried rice is great! As well as the spring rolls

    55555 by Benjamin S.

  • Nicole L.The Penang and Curry Spring Rolls are great!

    55555 by Nicole L.

  • Scott P.Chicken basil had two tiny pieces of chicken. Make sure you let kitchen know!

    33333 by Scott P.

  • Grace E.The basil stir fry is really good if you want a spicy stir-fry and the spicy spaghetti is a good spicy noodle...

    55555 by Grace E.

  • Tiffany R.Really nice staff and quick service :)

    55555 by Tiffany R.

  • Marjorie H.Teriyaki drum roll!!!!

    33333 by Marjorie H.

  • Scott P.The staff is so rude, disrespectful and can't even get the orders right. Due to horrible service alone I won't be back. Don't waste your time folks!

    11111 by Scott P.

  • Scott P.They use to offer a check in special - not no more! Very slow service.

    33333 by Scott P.

  • Roger B.Customer service piss poor....

    11111 by Roger B.

  • Charles F.Tin drum is awesome. Love this place and all the vegetarian options! Basil fried rice is a fav. But I have never been disappointed from eating here!

    55555 by Charles F.

  • Erin B.The Pad Woo Sen is delicious! So's the shrimp fried rice (even though you have to pull off the tails).

    55555 by Erin B.

  • Greg C.Our first time. Great Chop Chop Salad. Fried Rice and Egg Drop Soup on the salty side, but could be us. We don't cook with salt. Good food! Great atmosphere! Love the kiosk!

    55555 by Greg C.

  • Abigail S.The service stinks!!! Food is ok.

    22222 by Abigail S.

  • Kumar A.Panang curry is awesome here. Make sure to ask for spicy else it's mild.

    55555 by Kumar A.

  • Conrad H.Tin drum get it!

    55555 by Conrad H.

  • MayaThe guys in the kitchen are the best.

    55555 by Maya

  • AtlanticStationThe Chop Chop salad is the perfect way to get your Asian-inspired fix while keeping it totally healthy!

    55555 by AtlanticStation

  • Patrick C.This location is not validating new Atlantic Station parking fees -- and mgmt seemed unconcerned to address it.

    22222 by Patrick C.

  • Shay MacGreat food and service each visit. I must go sometime this week for lunch.

    55555 by Shay Mac

  • Tess V....and she helped 5ppl and a phone call b 4 helping me. Lavitawas very kind. I will write th GM 2nite.

    33333 by Tess V.

  • Tess V.Was highly disrespected by Brenda. She rudely cut me off 6 times while trying to get the Foursquare special. Le was very professional in handling the transaction. I requested her name

    22222 by Tess V.

  • Bama DAs the new manager of Tin Drum, I would love to get everyones comments and suggestions!!!

    55555 by Bama D

  • Nicole K.Panang Curry & Thai Iced Tea is the way to go!

    55555 by Nicole K.

  • Kayla W.Teriyaki chicken roll up is amazing!! Only $3.95.. get two!

    55555 by Kayla W.

  • J. B.The Thai Basil Rice is VERY good! Its a MUST have!

    55555 by J. B.

  • Matthew H.Other than loud staff dropping f-bombs while we tried to eat with kids, great place.

    33333 by Matthew H.

  • David F.Pad woon sen very good. Pad thai has chicken-read menu carefully vegetarians!

    55555 by David F.

  • Patrick Q.Food was good and very reasonable. They do have brown rice for an extra $3.

    55555 by Patrick Q.

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