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2402 San Gabriel Street
Austin, TX 78705

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(512) 220-0953

Cuisine: Barbecue Restaurants, Bars

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4.9 of 5.0 from 97 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX
  • Freedmen's in Austin, TX

Freedmen's Reviews

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  • Ben T.Top 10 Brisket: 2017 Texas Monthly Best BBQ Issue

    55555 by Ben T.

  • Steve B.WiFi password is "moremeat" which fits the menu.

    55555 by Steve B.

  • Nathalie LThe brisket was exceptional. Ribs were good but not the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Nathalie L

  • Phil HDelicious sausage and brisket, and a good-sized drink menu with specialty cocktails. It's definitely worth fighting the crowd.

    55555 by Phil H

  • Jenna SBrisket is great! Chicken marinated in beer so not gluten free. Cool spot!

    55555 by Jenna S

  • Erik GonzalezThe fatty brisket was rendered well and had excellent bark.

    55555 by Erik Gonzalez

  • Abdullah yGo with Brisket and Dark Chicken.

    33333 by Abdullah y

  • Zack NBoth food and the cocktails were on point.

    55555 by Zack N

  • Daniel aWe had the holy trinity. A selection of meats. Enough for two with a couple of sides. Definitely try the taco chips they are amazing...

    55555 by Daniel a

  • Larry FergusonHanging in Austin and #loveit

    55555 by Larry Ferguson

  • Thomas DSmoke Stack sandwich was 10/10

    22222 by Thomas D

  • Forest DBeef ribs, jalapeno cheddar sausage, brisket

    55555 by Forest D

  • Mikkel AGo family style and share a bit of everything

    55555 by Mikkel A

  • Max S.Get the brisket, fatty. Best brisket in town. Pulled Pork + Sausage also worth getting. Jalapeno cheese for an appetizer. Banana Pudding is also great.

    55555 by Max S.

  • Ellis S.Everything is good here. The brisket was perfect, you could cut it with a fork.

    55555 by Ellis S.

  • Kelly AAmazing pulled pork and desserts!

    55555 by Kelly A

  • Baruch S.The basket brisket is awesome. And the whiskey.

    55555 by Baruch S.

  • Daniel B.The moist brisket made my eyes cross, delicious.

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Robert DTry the pork Ribs and beef brisket.

    55555 by Robert D

  • Joshua C.Try the Beans! Amazing!

    55555 by Joshua C.

  • Robert DPork Ribs and homemade pickles is a delicious dish!

    55555 by Robert D

  • Bryan HenryBrisket, sausage and smoked bloody mary

    55555 by Bryan Henry

  • Bryan HenryThe brisket, sausage and smoked bloody Mary are awesome. We loved the patio, music was fkn excellent.

    55555 by Bryan Henry

  • Dave RThe brisket was good but it wasn't sliced properly unless you like it in big chunks. The beans were really good but the coleslaw was weird. Service is good.

    33333 by Dave R

  • Nathan W.The burnt ends are phenomenal. Snag a seat out in the porch and pig out.

    55555 by Nathan W.

  • Joe AVery good BBQ, limited menu for lunch and a bit pricy

    55555 by Joe A

  • Dre DExcellent BBQ, beer is great. Whiskey - Ask for my man Jesse!!

    55555 by Dre D

  • Kathryn AGo early Sunday for the BBQ Benedict! Great building.

    55555 by Kathryn A

  • Melissa M.Great food & beer, only downside is 2 beers, 2 sandwiches, and 2 sides is $50.

    55555 by Melissa M.

  • Jon RohanSave room for the banana pudding

    55555 by Jon Rohan

  • Carlos AThe Holy Trinity es lo mejor. Es muy grande. Es para compartir o si de plano tienes mucha hambre.

    55555 by Carlos A

  • KelvinGet the holy trinity. The fatty brisket, ribs, and the sausage are all delicious.

    55555 by Kelvin

  • Lorenz L.Come early. They run out of the good stuff quickly. Feast and try the gin and tonic:

    55555 by Lorenz L.

  • Giovanna H.Fatty Brisket (ask for the burnt ends). Banana puddin gives my grandmother a run for her money

    33333 by Giovanna H.

  • Lorenz L.Try the gin and tonic, really worth it. It is home made and not bleached. Hence it's pinkish/brownish color.

    55555 by Lorenz L.

  • Kathrine Z.Really good brisket and chili!

    55555 by Kathrine Z.

  • Nathan MusgroveDefinitely recommend sitting outside if the weather is cooperating! Excellent BBQ.

    55555 by Nathan Musgrove

  • Kelly 🐘 M.Their monthly whiskey special is a great deal!

    55555 by Kelly 🐘 M.

  • SteveTerrific ambiance and serious upscale BBQ. Really enjoyed the patio. Parking is the only bummer.

    55555 by Steve

  • Joey G.$10 lunchbox for the win

    55555 by Joey G.

  • Ryan L.Stellar bbq service and atmosphere. Don't miss those homemade pickles.

    55555 by Ryan L.

  • Brandon R.Brisket in a great atmosphere

    55555 by Brandon R.

  • Aaron M.The sleeper hit of the Austin BBQ scene. Amazing brisket from a beautiful historic building.

    55555 by Aaron M.

  • Oskar WildlyThe BBQ is amazing! Awesome selection of cocktails and beer too. I found this gem on my Supper app: http://supper.mx/places/freedmens-austin/

    55555 by Oskar Wildly

  • Ashley RudolphReally good barbecue. Tried the rib and the brisket 👌👌👌

    55555 by Ashley Rudolph

  • Jeremy T.Brisket. Pork belly. Do it.

    55555 by Jeremy T.

  • Max K.Definitely save room for the banana pudding

    55555 by Max K.

  • Kyle C.Everything here is fantastic. I'm in love with the beets.

    55555 by Kyle C.

  • David B.Delicious brisket and ribs, especially when paired with their selection of old-fashions. We also got the beets for an appetizer, and slaw. Try to not overeat!

    55555 by David B.

  • Nick Q.This barbecue is so good you don't even need the sauce.

    55555 by Nick Q.

  • Nick Q.Get the brisket and the cocktails!

    55555 by Nick Q.

  • JenniferClassic cocktails at a legit BBQ joint? Hell, it's worth braving a few drunk undergrads to come here.

    55555 by Jennifer

  • Abdul chambersTha brisket was awesome no doubt

    55555 by Abdul chambers

  • Monika AJust the best brisket and ribs in town. Yes, more tender than Salt Lick's!

    55555 by Monika A

  • Dawn DThe char on the brisket is off the hook!!! Packed with flavor...and the house made pickles rock!

    55555 by Dawn D

  • Harry FielderBrisket is incredible.. Can't wait to come back for more!

    55555 by Harry Fielder

  • Jacob GarciaBrisket and bourbon

    55555 by Jacob Garcia

  • Sarah FoleyGreat patio and delicious brisket. Classic Texan BBQ.

    55555 by Sarah Foley

  • Melinda S.Tequila mockingbird is awesomeeeeeee & the Moscow mule is amazeeballlss 👌

    55555 by Melinda S.

  • Charles B.Grab a friend and split the Trinity, side of the pit chili, and finish off with the smoked banana pudding.

    55555 by Charles B.

  • Jennifer A.The brisket is tender, juicy and melts in your mouth. My only regret was not ordering more.

    55555 by Jennifer A.

  • Serious EatsThe expansive patio also has a palpable Texas vibe, complete with a view of the building's stonework and the unmistakable smell of the smoker.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Bryan GoodsonTry the German potato salad. Best I've ever had.

    55555 by Bryan Goodson

  • Chelle M.Everything is awesome!

    55555 by Chelle M.

  • Cora W.Named the "Freedmen" for the freed slave who built it in 1869. The building was the center of Austin's first "freed-man" community, Wheatville.

    33333 by Cora W.

  • Christian CThis place is great, try the German potatoes, holy trinity, and the banana pudding for desert....

    55555 by Christian C

  • Sliman AHi i'm there guys

    55555 by Sliman A

  • Erin C.Smokin' cactus is amaze 😋

    55555 by Erin C.

  • AzyxAAmazing drinks

    55555 by AzyxA

  • Alachia Q.The Smoked Banana pudding is amazingly good. I actually ended up ordering two!

    55555 by Alachia Q.

  • Jaden F.Get a Manhattan. You'll be impressed!

    55555 by Jaden F.

  • Matt F.The most amazing brisket I've ever eaten... Absolutely phenomenal cocktails and BBQ

    55555 by Matt F.

  • Philipp GShort ribs are sooooooo good

    55555 by Philipp G

  • Matrex EThe Lavender Collins is great!

    55555 by Matrex E

  • Emily E.Amazing pulled pork. Pork ribs are huge. Brisket burnt ends are awesome. So much flavor.

    55555 by Emily E.

  • David J. N.Any place that has Frito pie listed as a side.....that's our kind of place.

    55555 by David J. N.

  • DarkSkin 🌺 Q.Order the pulled pork!!!!!

    33333 by DarkSkin 🌺 Q.

  • Austin ChronicleWe love the cozy, 1869 aesthetic of this restored historic landmark. Pick your poison from the impressive Whiskey Wall and enjoy a plate of BBQ on the enchanting, dog-friendly patio.

    55555 by Austin Chronicle

  • Brooke DBartender of the year award goes to George.

    55555 by Brooke D

  • Patrick D.Cool place! Have them make you a drink based on the alcohol you enjoy!

    55555 by Patrick D.

  • Kyle D.Sunday brunch is great

    55555 by Kyle D.

  • Matt RJalapeno cheese is killer!

    55555 by Matt R

  • Suzanne B.This place is amazing!! Get ANYTHING!

    55555 by Suzanne B.

  • Lockhart S.This place needs to be on your Austin BBQ radar. Stockbauer, the proprietor and legend, ensures that good times will be had.

    55555 by Lockhart S.

  • Peter T.The BBQ is so good here - it might be sacrilege, but it's almost as good as Franklins or Lockhart BBQ

    55555 by Peter T.

  • Joel M.Come for the meats. Stay for the pickles and Pappy 20.

    55555 by Joel M.

  • Sean B.3 words: Bacon Peanut Brittle!

    55555 by Sean B.

  • Joel M.Pit chili, pork belly, German potatoes, flip envy, and old-fashioned are fan-fucking-tastic.

    55555 by Joel M.

  • MeganThe Gin Fizz is worth the splurge and the banana pudding is delicious!

    55555 by Megan

  • Kyle B.Swanky new spot up by campus, good for food or drink.

    55555 by Kyle B.

  • NadineThe banana pudding, German potatoes, sausage and short ribs are amaze balls.

    55555 by Nadine

  • Ryan B.The Smokin' Cactus is amazing.

    55555 by Ryan B.

  • Melvyn J.The banana pudding will make you slap your Grandma! No joke. It's that serious

    55555 by Melvyn J.

  • Shelley M.Everything tastes great, but the beans and the smoked banana pudding are a must.

    55555 by Shelley M.

  • Esmaeil aSuch a cool place. Free cocktails until new year. Go get some!

    55555 by Esmaeil a

  • Jerry MBBQ and tasty concoctions from the bar.

    55555 by Jerry M

  • Russell S.Charcuterie and gourmet BBQ in a super cool environment. Definitely worth a try.

    55555 by Russell S.

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