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Kome Sushi Kitchen

4917 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78751

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(512) 712-5700


  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 5:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 5:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 5:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 5:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 5:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, 5:00 am - 11:00 pm, 5:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Japanese Restaurants, Sushi Restaurants

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4.9 of 5.0 from 105 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX
  • Kome Sushi Kitchen in Austin, TX

Kome Sushi Kitchen Reviews

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  • Pedro TI loved the place. Great products and dishes. Nice quality price menu. The service was awesome. Summer time roll is a sure deal. Draft Asashi beer is fun, but maybe is not worth it for beer lovers.

    55555 by Pedro T

  • Glorianne KThe food was amazing! Their rolls are delicious and fresh, and if you sit at the bar they come out in less than 5 mins. Our waiter wasn't as attentive because it was a busy night, so I didn't mind.

    55555 by Glorianne K

  • Samantha JIka Yaki (grilled squid) was delicious! Sushi was mediocre. Great service :)

    55555 by Samantha J

  • Ahmed PChicken kara-age is the best thing ever

    55555 by Ahmed P

  • Molly HarringtonEverything!!! This place 👌🏻

    55555 by Molly Harrington

  • Ginger BThe tempura Camembert is the perfect end to dinner. Salty and sweet and crunchy and gooey.

    55555 by Ginger B

  • Scott B.This is my favorite authentic sushi place in town. Great quality food and excellent service.

    55555 by Scott B.

  • Ed ANo wonder it was crowded for a Monday night. Really good sushi at reasonable prices. Their special for the night was delicious!

    55555 by Ed A

  • Justin B.Make sure you try the ice cream.

    55555 by Justin B.

  • Martin CTry the raw octopus with quail egg!

    55555 by Martin C

  • Joseph B#12 on the menu was really great. Cozy restaurant with great service. Loved the variety sake.

    55555 by Joseph B

  • Ginger BCold hand towels with summer dinner are fantastic against the Austin heat.

    55555 by Ginger B

  • Lissa EEverything is excellent!! Best Sushi ever!!

    55555 by Lissa E

  • AlisonDelicious, unique dishes, and great value for the quality of food. Good date spot as well!

    55555 by Alison

  • Mahesh P.The curry beef is brilliant

    55555 by Mahesh P.

  • Vic W.everything

    55555 by Vic W.

  • Lisa M.Everything!

    55555 by Lisa M.

  • Jennifer SAnything here is amazing

    55555 by Jennifer S

  • Peter CChirashi & sashimi lunch!

    55555 by Peter C

  • Dean JSeasonal: eggnog soft serve. Delicious ginger/nutmeg/cinnamon spice, not too sweet

    55555 by Dean J

  • Dean JSpot prawn nigiri, yum!

    55555 by Dean J

  • RevsLawsIf you pay in cash, they round down on your change. I'm going to let them have it, and I am unlikely to return. This is in very poor taste. Better udon at Daito on the Drag anyway.

    22222 by RevsLaws

  • Ranu R.Delicious sushi. Love the clear soup and tempura. Sushi lunch special with the Austin roll was great! A must if you're craving sushi in Austin.

    55555 by Ranu R.

  • Dean JThis is the best sushi in Austin if you're not going fancy and dropping big $$$. Dinner is izakaya-style. Get the takoyaki.

    55555 by Dean J

  • SteveRamen is the best we've ever had - anywhere.

    55555 by Steve

  • Jimmy HughesGet the takoyaki! You won't regret it.

    55555 by Jimmy Hughes

  • Divya MulanjurExcellent sushi. The salmon koma is amazing. And definitely order the kome with honey wasabi sauce. And the mackerel nigiri. And well, everything else!

    55555 by Divya Mulanjur

  • Kaustubh KThe sushi is fantastic but I must say, their okonomiyaki is most excellent!

    55555 by Kaustubh K

  • Madeleine VadeboncoeurSushi lunch

    55555 by Madeleine Vadeboncoeur

  • Joao CrusThe staff, the atmosphere and the food! It's all amazing!

    55555 by Joao Crus

  • Nichole SpencerLoved the Lime in the coconut sake drinks

    55555 by Nichole Spencer

  • Nichole SpencerI loved their sweet and sour meatballs and their sushi rolls. Talk about amazing at a reasonable price.

    55555 by Nichole Spencer

  • LukeBury me with the squid

    33333 by Luke

  • Victoria S.Great sushi. Great prices.

    55555 by Victoria S.

  • Josh A.Unassuming exterior, fairly authentic Japanese restaurant vibe inside. Had a tasty bowl on spicy ramen and sushi. The fish was fresh and tasty. Waitress was helpful too.

    55555 by Josh A.

  • Sivim L.If u don't know what to order try the spider roll.

    55555 by Sivim L.

  • Matthew RayermannKome Fries are excellent as an appetizer! Eel sushi is also quite good.

    55555 by Matthew Rayermann

  • David P.A great line up of sushi plus some seriously good waffle fries as an app will make for a well spent evening. Top it off with an Asahi black

    55555 by David P.

  • Tiffany L.Okay no wonder Paul qui comes here on his off days. Best affordable sushi ! Great staff and lots of options! Really authentic sushi ! Did I mention for really good price ?

    55555 by Tiffany L.

  • Sam D.The fish pancake is a must!

    55555 by Sam D.

  • Chefs FeedPaul Qui, chef of Qui, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Tonkotsu ramen.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • ColinThis place can get pretty busy so show up early. And you'll need your whole party to be seated.

    55555 by Colin

  • Phú T.Go for the Hiyashi Chuka if you want a different perspective on ramen; the cold noodles certainly have a unique flavour and former texture; yum! :3

    55555 by Phú T.

  • Kelsey N.Ramen ramen ramen for lunch.

    55555 by Kelsey N.

  • Bart B.Almost tan tan (dandan) noodle bowls are close to perfect.

    55555 by Bart B.

  • Elynn L.Absolutely LOVE the hokkai don! The salmon and ikura are so tasty! The salmon belly sashimi is also really nice.

    55555 by Elynn L.

  • PaigeThe ceviche is the best in town but the portion is small

    55555 by Paige

  • Jane K.Great spot for lunch and dinner! The fish is fresh and the staff is friendly. Order the chirashi board for lunch

    55555 by Jane K.

  • Elliott C.Great sushi and make sure and have some wasabi fries!

    55555 by Elliott C.

  • Brook ShelleyKarage and sushi

    55555 by Brook Shelley

  • Paola MckeeDelicious ramen during lunch time the broth is very savory!

    55555 by Paola Mckee

  • Caitlin M.Must trys: The Kome fries with honey wasabi dipping sauce. Summertime roll. Midnight sun.

    55555 by Caitlin M.

  • Larry R.Great udon for lunch.

    55555 by Larry R.

  • Joel VictorianSurf and turf! You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Joel Victorian

  • Patrick B.Can't go wrong with the Katsu-don.

    55555 by Patrick B.

  • Billy G.Om nom nom

    55555 by Billy G.

  • Annie O.The Spooky Roll is scary good

    55555 by Annie O.

  • John H.Japanese curry rice! Love it with the potato croquette.

    55555 by John H.

  • DarkSkin 🌺 Q.Order the green tea parfait for dessert, it's big enough to share.

    55555 by DarkSkin 🌺 Q.

  • Shelby L.So so good! Loved the Ramen

    55555 by Shelby L.

  • Ari KahnTasty authentic Japanese dining. We liked it

    55555 by Ari Kahn

  • Leah J.Escolar Miso-Yaki is amazing.

    55555 by Leah J.

  • Hillary P.Get the Texas surf and turf. YUM.

    55555 by Hillary P.

  • Kat M.Great #vegan options for a sushi place. Avocado Mango Roll and the Kome Salad are my favorites.

    55555 by Kat M.

  • ColinCheck out the Austin roll. It's cheap and delicious.

    55555 by Colin

  • Jane K.Love the ramen for lunch and green tea parfait for dessert

    55555 by Jane K.

  • NikitaThe gyoza is the best I've ever had. So flavorful! The miso soup, also, delish!

    55555 by Nikita

  • Beth C.The Japanese Fried Chicken was good but if you don't like dark meat you probably should try something else.

    33333 by Beth C.

  • Damacio U.The salmon sashimi was tender and fresh, my favorite every time.

    55555 by Damacio U.

  • Nom Nom PRReally flavorful and affordable Japanese food and fresh sushi without being pretentious.

    55555 by Nom Nom PR

  • Kar T.Order the Camembert Tempura for dessert! SO YUMMY!

    55555 by Kar T.

  • Kyle B.Uchi and Uchiko get all the raves, but Komé is a more traditional sushi joint and definitely deserves its fair share of love.

    55555 by Kyle B.

  • Avan A.great service and delicious ramen.

    55555 by Avan A.

  • Zach M.Order the spicy miso ramen on the lunch menu, and add a soft-boiled egg. you will thank me.

    55555 by Zach M.

  • Sam D.The sashimi lunch is an incredible deal for the variety of fish

    55555 by Sam D.

  • Austin ChronicleThe Teishoku lunch specials are one of the best deals going: a bowl of savory clear noodle soup, a farm-fresh salad, soft steamed rice, homemade Japanese pickles, and an entrée all for $8-$12.

    55555 by Austin Chronicle

  • rachel s.come super early to avoid a wait! amazing take on fish & chips. stellar sushi.

    55555 by rachel s.

  • Jun H.Bummer, ramen is only at lunch. I guess I will have some takoyaki

    55555 by Jun H.

  • A.J. M.Incredibly good sushi, at an incredibly good price… Every bit as good as Uchi. The second I stepped through the door I was amazed at how good it smelled, and the food lived up to that expectation.

    55555 by A.J. M.

  • Aryan H.Get the grilled squid. Easily in my top 5 culinary discoveries of the past year. Get it. I mean it. GET IT!

    55555 by Aryan H.

  • Nate H.If you are used to Ramen found at Ippudo or Totto in NYC you will be very disappointed. But if you are used to $0.32 ramen packs then you will have reached the next level with this ramen.

    33333 by Nate H.

  • Maco R.Ask for Miho. Excellent waitress! Super knowledgeable, patient, and incredibly attentive 

    55555 by Maco R.

  • James B.Lots of nice things to say about this place: great food, atmosphere & price. But I'd avoid the seaweed salad, leaves much to be desired.

    55555 by James B.

  • Jasmin SunThe sake cheesecake is absolutely amazing

    55555 by Jasmin Sun

  • Sujei S.The grilled squid is awesome! The whole Aji (mackerel) sashimi is totally worth it if you dare eat the entire thing. The head is the best part.

    55555 by Sujei S.

  • Getaround_ATXThis place is extremely authentic in taste and presentation! The Katsu Don is closest to the real deal in Japan. Until Komé, I haven't had an experience like this since the summer of 2005. $$

    55555 by Getaround_ATX

  • Social N.Wonderful Japanese cuisine. Grab a bowl of ramen and fresh sushi for lunch!

    55555 by Social N.

  • Christine GDon't judge...there is more...the dipping sauce that came with the Endo...in New York made the dish sooooo good.

    55555 by Christine G

  • Christine GOMG! The Camembert Tempura with honey is just insane! Really! Did I say OMG?..OMG!

    55555 by Christine G

  • Christine GOk the Fat Samuri and the For Your Love were so yummy and fresh and light...highly recommend!

    55555 by Christine G

  • EaterKomé's ramen will change your life--though you can only find it at lunchtime--and plan to arrive early for a dinner spot, since the restaurant fills up. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Stephania B.Only sushi place I know that has a Swamp Roll: crawfish and fried okra. Weird but surprisingly good!

    55555 by Stephania B.

  • Anthony A.Very noisy.

    33333 by Anthony A.

  • Michele G.Try the spicy ramen. Amazeballs!

    55555 by Michele G.

  • Jefferson B.Dreamy Clouds unfiltered sake.

    55555 by Jefferson B.

  • Steven HSo many hipsters...

    33333 by Steven H

  • Hannah G.Fat Samuari is no joke! Fresh, tasty and filling. Actually, everything here was delicious and made with the freshest ingredients.

    55555 by Hannah G.

  • LisaTonkotsu ramen. Broth-wise, yes this is the best one you can get in Austin. But they can do it better. Noodles are way overcooked and the pork is too dry for ramen. But give them point for trying.

    55555 by Lisa

  • LisaIf you hear people speaking Japanese here then it's a good sign.

    33333 by Lisa

  • Alta C.Sushi lunch is AWESOME and a great deal!

    55555 by Alta C.

  • Kenny K.Also try the ebi fry.

    55555 by Kenny K.

  • Kenny K.The best udon in austin!!! Kayaku udon.

    55555 by Kenny K.

  • R FYou must try the sake cheesecake!!!

    55555 by R F

  • ThrillistComé to Komé for their Ika-yaki, a whole grilled squid with grated ginger. To wash it down, pick from their selection of Japanese beer & rice liquor like Texas Sake Co's Whooping Crane.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Kenji SRecommend Kome Vitche.

    55555 by Kenji S

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