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Weather Up

1808 E Cesar Chavez St
Austin, TX 78702

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(512) 524-0464


  • Sunday: 4:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Monday: 4:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 4:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 4:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Thursday: 4:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Friday: 4:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cuisine: Bars

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4.7 of 5.0 from 152 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Weather Up in Austin, TX
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Weather Up Reviews

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  • Inna SJasper Jamaican

    55555 by Inna S

  • Ryan M.Bartenders choice is always fun

    55555 by Ryan M.

  • Alex MNice little speakeasy near a few great restaurants in the area. Not a lot of room, but cozy with great bar. Cash only.

    55555 by Alex M

  • Michael OAsk for a bartenders choice

    55555 by Michael O

  • Milagros CNice room and friendly bartender. My drink was good but a bit on the sweet side. When I asked for less syrup on the following round the waiter was NOT into it. So I feel weird about this place now.

    33333 by Milagros C

  • Adrian PhillipsWalk in and see the hostess and she'll help you get situated. Great cocktails, wouldn't bring too large a group here as there's not too much room. Cash only, drinks are around $13 a piece.

    33333 by Adrian Phillips

  • Bria ESuper chill, super BK. Love the ambiance. Fun place to take a friend or a date. You could walk right by it and not even realize it!

    55555 by Bria E

  • Michael OBlack Manhattan

    55555 by Michael O

  • alba e.Look for white tile and a door.

    33333 by alba e.

  • Cristian L.Come to this place for 3 things: Quality cocktails, cool speakeasy ambiance and a great time. It's tiny so, don't expect to have to be standing. Also, bring cash, they don't take credit.

    55555 by Cristian L.

  • Emma HolderCocktails, all the cocktails

    55555 by Emma Holder

  • Rainbeau AIf I was a guy taking me on a date, I would go here. Super cozy + wonderful cocktails. (cash only)

    55555 by Rainbeau A

  • Henrik RIt's a great hang-out place for later in the night. Drinks are decent! 🍸

    55555 by Henrik R

  • Christine DVery good cocktails. Cozy dim setting great for intimate gatherings. Cash only. 🍸

    55555 by Christine D

  • Nate ALow light. Good drinks. Neat spot.

    55555 by Nate A

  • Valentin G.Great cocktails and nice outdoor seating!

    55555 by Valentin G.

  • Matt AGreat cocktail spot in Park Slope area. Perfect for drinking at before getting fancy asian street food at Bar Chuko (see number 8) a couple doors down.

    55555 by Matt A

  • Eric PAttentive bartenders, romantic outdoor space

    55555 by Eric P

  • Kelsey GCozy bar with a lovely back patio. Great spot for dates

    55555 by Kelsey G

  • Sam LThese are ~real~ cocktails. Beware.

    55555 by Sam L

  • Rohit C.Only major downside is cash only

    55555 by Rohit C.

  • phil MEveryone is!!

    55555 by phil M

  • Penn DHand crafted cocktails very distinctive and flavorful. You can order different drinks and so much variation it makes drinking an exploration

    55555 by Penn D

  • Adam GriffLocal gem.

    55555 by Adam Griff

  • Shinji K.Fancy cocktails and cash only

    55555 by Shinji K.

  • Abigail A.Feels like the standard Manhattan cocktail bar. Could use a little charm. But the drinks are very good and the staff very friendly.

    55555 by Abigail A.

  • Joshua PollakIn the past drinks were good but trending distinctly sweeter now. Unbelievably loud inside when busy.

    33333 by Joshua Pollak

  • Penn DSpeakeasy style cocktail bar

    55555 by Penn D

  • Caylin KCocktail selection is top notch.

    55555 by Caylin K

  • Sharon T.Very rye base cocktail place! Not really my thing but the bartenders choice saved me :) got a gin-egg white-lemonade-almond drink

    33333 by Sharon T.

  • John C.The cocktail menu is amazing! I went for the torchlight - mezcal, lime, honey, and cholula for some kick. Perfect for a winter night!

    55555 by John C.

  • Cameron M.Romantic, cozy outdoor patio

    55555 by Cameron M.

  • Jake EubankAsk for the bartenders choice. They won't steer you wrong.

    33333 by Jake Eubank

  • Luc AEast meets west and The Torch light with Cholula cocktail

    55555 by Luc A

  • Theresa R.Amazing (and super strong) cocktails. Not a ton of space

    55555 by Theresa R.

  • Neil Dixitgood cocktails in prospect heights

    55555 by Neil Dixit

  • Saarim NReally nice low key spot, check out the tiled ceilings

    55555 by Saarim N

  • Emily SReally nice, intimate spot to go with your significant other. "East meets west" is yummy.

    55555 by Emily S

  • Untapped CitiesVenture inside, past the velvet curtain, and you’ll find yourself in a glowing jewel box of a bar. The white subway tiles continue inside, completely covering the ceiling, like in the Paris métro.

    55555 by Untapped Cities

  • Ray D.Improved Whiskey Cocktail!

    55555 by Ray D.

  • Marlynn W.Cocktails...

    55555 by Marlynn W.

  • David B.Speakeasy with great cocktails. It's great for date night and post Chuko.

    55555 by David B.

  • PUNCH AWeather Up is all shiny white subway tile flashing in the reflection of golden box lamps. With a classic cocktail roster, the bar is the original outpost of a Brooklyn/Austin/Manhattan trifecta.

    55555 by PUNCH A

  • Kodi M.You know how most cocktail bars give taster-type portions? To hell with that. You get your money's worth here, and it's always mixed perfectly. One cocktail here = two at lesser places.

    55555 by Kodi M.

  • Fodor's Travel EA classy speakeasy-style bar with an unmarked door and an amber-lit interior framed by subway tile, Weather Up is an excellent date spot.

    55555 by Fodor's Travel E

  • Jeph C.My drink of choice is Gordon's Breakfast

    55555 by Jeph C.

  • Emily CharltonCash only!

    55555 by Emily Charlton

  • Madeline VuExcellent cocktails and lovely bartenders. I've been to all three locations in Prospect Heights, Tribeca, and East Austin. Love them all ❤️

    55555 by Madeline Vu

  • Piyush NGet the powii, it's fantastic! Also the east side fizz is a great light and refreshing drink for summer nights!

    55555 by Piyush N

  • Robert StewartCocktails are refreshing.

    55555 by Robert Stewart

  • Adam L.All the cocktails on the menu are great, or tell the bartenders what you like and ask them to come up with something.

    55555 by Adam L.

  • Adrian H.All or Nothing

    22222 by Adrian H.

  • Andrea CAmazing drinks but cash only!!!

    55555 by Andrea C

  • LukeLovely in any season, with a (in)famously cozy interior or beautiful backyard

    55555 by Luke

  • Kevin NgLeave it up to the bartenders and try to find a spot out in the garden.

    55555 by Kevin Ng

  • Rebecca ChadwickAmazing service. If you order at the bar they'll come and bring you your cocktail.

    55555 by Rebecca Chadwick

  • Reed EngerExceptional cocktails - ask for the bartender's special while waiting for your table at Chuko across the street.

    55555 by Reed Enger

  • Elise M.Jelly of the drinks with metal straws.

    33333 by Elise M.

  • Kyle TurmanFantastic speakeasy vibes and excellent cocktails. Tell the bartender what you like and they'll take care of you.

    55555 by Kyle Turman

  • Ioana KutuzovaBird in the Hand cocktail is wonderfully balanced!

    55555 by Ioana Kutuzova

  • MarinaThe mixologists really know how to make tasty drinks. They also have cool spoons. Lol

    55555 by Marina

  • Alison G.Moody atmosphere, cocktails duh

    55555 by Alison G.

  • Sage W.The space is cool but comfortable, the bartenders are awesome, and the drinks are delicious. This is my favorite bar.

    55555 by Sage W.

  • Wesley V.Classy joint

    55555 by Wesley V.

  • Andrea N.Yummy drinks. Sit at the bar and make a friend. The bartenders are actually friendlier than the waitstaff. Cash only and there's a small, but lovely, patio in the back.

    55555 by Andrea N.

  • Sarah S.Once you find it, (there's no sign on the door) try to snag a seat in the garden! The cocktail list is great, but these experienced bartenders can make you anything you want! (Cash Only)

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • goopWhite subway tiles, a chill vibe and great tunes sum up this bar, worth traveling to for a drink or many. They always seem to be playing the right tunes, but you can still hear yourself speak.

    55555 by goop

  • goopTo make a night of it, grab dinner at The Vanderbilt, a very solid, lively restaurant across the street.

    55555 by goop

  • Jaycob B.Cool decor and a bonus patio out back. It's less noisy out there

    55555 by Jaycob B.

  • Roxanne ITry The Falls! ;-)

    55555 by Roxanne I

  • James L.Checked out a cocktail bar in Prospect Heights. Tile ceiling, wood interiors, great Sherpa drink

    55555 by James L.

  • Esther K.Small, cozy bar with expert bartenders who are serious about making a good drink. Nice decor, liked the vibe. Cash only but no tax!

    55555 by Esther K.

  • M M.Don't hang your coat on the hooks under the bar. One spilled drink and it's covered in cocktail.

    33333 by M M.

  • Olivier S.THIS IS A GREAT PLACE !!!!!

    55555 by Olivier S.

  • Virginia M.Cocktails. Cocktails are good.

    55555 by Virginia M.

  • Chris R.The Sherpa is really good if you like Manhattans

    55555 by Chris R.

  • Miles FitzgeraldAsk for a tequila and ginger cocktail!

    55555 by Miles Fitzgerald

  • The Corcoran GroupAfter a high energy show at the Barclays Center, this is the perfect place to unwind and sip an expertly crafted cocktail. They make a solid Sazerac.

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • Stina P.Grab a seat the bar. Order a Palma Fizz or La Isla. Enjoy cozy conversation and candle light. This cocktail speakeasy emits a Cheers warmth in the atmosphere of a Brooklyn speakeasy.

    55555 by Stina P.

  • Jacob Anderson C.Ask the waitress what her favorite is, or tell her what you like. You'll be impressed.

    33333 by Jacob Anderson C.

  • Jacob Anderson C.Melony is amazing, ask her on advice.

    55555 by Jacob Anderson C.

  • Basak C.Excellent cocktails, fun fun place.

    55555 by Basak C.

  • Afiya J.Gentleman's Buck is my drink of choice here at this gorgeously designed Real Drinkers Bar... no dance floor, no food, just a barstool a magnificently tiled ceiling with your Poison of choice!

    55555 by Afiya J.

  • Nicholas B.adjusts menu periodically,its back garden is the ideal setting to enjoy a Trinity (gin, antica carpano formula, dry vermouth) or Eastern Sour (bourbon, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, orgeat)

    55555 by Nicholas B.

  • Carrie L.Great place to drink outside. Check out the beautiful patio in back!

    55555 by Carrie L.

  • Reginald MceachernNice place,great decor, great cocktails mixed to perfection

    55555 by Reginald Mceachern

  • Mary W.Nice place no sign. New Orleans feeling music is blues. Bartender is good . Do not serve food.

    33333 by Mary W.

  • Jessica R.best cocktail bar

    55555 by Jessica R.

  • Sasha S.Inconspicuous little black hole of class

    55555 by Sasha S.

  • Chris F.Checkout the bike racks on the opposite side of the street: two with high capacity on the west side of Vanderbilt, just south of Brooklyn Bike & Board.

    55555 by Chris F.

  • Tess M.Creole cocktail.

    55555 by Tess M.

  • Daniel H.The Gold Rush—not on the menu—is great. Citrus/bourbon.

    55555 by Daniel H.

  • Kyle Dean R.unassuming cocktail bar with amazing drinks.

    55555 by Kyle Dean R.

  • a. h.The Brown Derby. So much flavor, so good.

    55555 by a. h.

  • Charles B.old. fashioned.

    55555 by Charles B.

  • Kate S.The Revolver is the best drink I've ever had! Awesome bartender too.

    55555 by Kate S.

  • Johnny LeoTalk to Ben. He knows what's up. Perfect manhattan = perfect.

    55555 by Johnny Leo

  • Becky A.One of the best cocktails I've ever had in my life. And trust me, I've had a lot.

    55555 by Becky A.

  • Brian A.the cable car is amazing

    55555 by Brian A.

  • Chris V.Don't show up before 7pm, and if you do you can head over to Woodwork for a pre-cocktail beer.

    55555 by Chris V.

  • Varun S.The napkins are dental bibs. The straws are made of metal. And the drinks are strong. Really like this place.

    33333 by Varun S.

  • Ben G.Old Fashioned made with one huge cube of ice.

    55555 by Ben G.

  • T.S. D.Weathered Up is my favorite white-tile ceilinged mood-lit unmarked cocktail bar in Brooklyn by far.

    55555 by T.S. D.

  • Ericka C.Reminds me of the Clover Club.

    55555 by Ericka C.

  • CeliaClassy joint, GREAT backyard

    55555 by Celia

  • Kaydee B.Great cocktails. Great garden. But be prepared to wait ages for one of the bartenders to notice you and then not be particularly nice. Ugh. Hate to say it but the one in TriBeCa is better.

    33333 by Kaydee B.

  • HBOGirls happened here. On a job interview, this place was a “little hip” for the tastes of Hannah’s potential employer.

    33333 by HBO

  • Emily B.Excellent, excellent drinks in this unmarked establishment. Check out the back patio!

    55555 by Emily B.

  • Genetta A.Top-notch drinks and presentation. Very.cool speakeasy vibe.

    55555 by Genetta A.

  • Party EarthThe cocktail ingredients can be unusual, from rocks of candied ginger to infused simple syrups. Hang at the bar and feel free to ask about an ingredient that seems a bit odd - you'll be glad you did.

    55555 by Party Earth

  • eric m.Upscale drinks. Down to earth feel.

    55555 by eric m.

  • Linda LouCheeky Chef Oyster Bar summer Sundays at 7PM #CCOB tweet @LindaLouNYC

    55555 by Linda Lou

  • Brette C.If you like a joint that has a mixologist - not a bartender - this is the place to go. Great cocktails!

    55555 by Brette C.

  • Marie CJohnny is the best and will make u anything

    55555 by Marie C

  • Maritsa P.It's not on the drink menu, but they make AWESOME dark n' stormies.

    55555 by Maritsa P.

  • tze c.Perfect place for a first date!

    55555 by tze c.

  •  Deon P.Cocktails!

    55555 by  Deon P.

  • Christen D.It's like stepping into another world.

    55555 by Christen D.

  • Jarid M.let your friends accuse you of ordering a likely yellow girly drink.

    33333 by Jarid M.

  • VoiceStreetTake the right path and try the Via Vero –a bitter and spicy combination ofrum and sweet vermouth.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Paul JCash only!

    55555 by Paul J

  • Justin EGabe is legit. Ask him about whiskey.

    55555 by Justin E

  • Nichelle S.bring cash

    55555 by Nichelle S.

  • Kristen T.From the late summer drink 2011 menu, order the Trade Wind. Perfectly balanced spicy cocktail. Low burn.

    55555 by Kristen T.

  • James L.Best cocktails in the neighborhood, period. If a signature cocktail doesn't catch your eye, have the bartender make you something based on your tastes. They're very talented mixologists.

    55555 by James L.

  • My Damn ChannelSit in the garden & order a simple, strong old fashioned.

    55555 by My Damn Channel

  • Jen R.My favorite cocktail bar of all time. No sign. You'll know it by the subway tiles on the building facade.

    55555 by Jen R.

  • Brian B.Like expensive things because they're expensive? You'll LOVE this place. Bring lots of time and money

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Richard K.Try the kennsington fizz. It is an amazing gin drink.

    55555 by Richard K.

  • Trish QueFireflies on the patio!

    55555 by Trish Que

  • John W.Willb is a douche. Get a weatherup and forget

    33333 by John W.

  • Christopher T.Good drinks. Busy at night though. Don't be afraid to walk up to the bar and ask for a drink.

    33333 by Christopher T.

  • molly MIf they don't have the drink you want don't ask for something like it cause it will be a crappy virgin. Just ask for bartenders choice!

    33333 by molly M

  • Will PTerrible bartender - whining when customers come in, when someone orders too many cocktails, when people order water. Horrible.

    22222 by Will P

  • Justin M.Get a "white horse"

    33333 by Justin M.

  • Sonya S.If you get the Battle of New Orleans, wait a bit for the ice to melt and the orange rind to soak--perfection!

    55555 by Sonya S.

  • Michelle S.Great atmosphere, (small) dog friendly, and great drinks. Good spot.

    55555 by Michelle S.

  • AskMenCocktails like the Bourbon Highball (bourbon, lemon, simple syrup, soda) or the El Diablo (tequila, ginger syrup, lime, crème de cassis, soda) stay cool with hand-carved ice.

    55555 by AskMen

  • FianaIncredibly long wait for a drink. Still trying to decide if it's worth it. The drinks are pretty good...

    33333 by Fiana

  • essie l.Try the Grapefruit Collins - recipe at the link but trust me, it's perfect. The bitters make it.

    55555 by essie l.

  • Mark E.Be patient. It's not "fast drink."

    55555 by Mark E.

  • Stellah D.they make a perfect aviation.

    55555 by Stellah D.

  • Christina K...order 20 minutes in advance, they are excruciatingly s l o w here

    22222 by Christina K

  • Christina Kgreat for bromances

    55555 by Christina K

  • BrooklynMuseumStaff Pick! Jenny (Exhibitions): Old-fashioned cocktails in a cozy space with an amazing copper bar. Great spot for a mid-winter drink.

    55555 by BrooklynMuseum

  • Tom F.get a holland razor blade and a leave it to me

    33333 by Tom F.

  • Julie T.try any cocktail - theyre awesome...but bring loads of cash - no ccs

    55555 by Julie T.

  • Noah Z.Go to Weather Up and get a Moscow Mule.

    55555 by Noah Z.

  • Lindsey PThey may make the best Sazeracs in the city- might be because half of the bartenders are from New Orleans.

    55555 by Lindsey P

  • Joey X.Go there and get the homemade ginger ale. Couldn't be better.

    55555 by Joey X.

  • Nick B.Amazing drinks, nice bartenders (yes, that's right, *nice*) and they have amazing ice-cubes!

    55555 by Nick B.

  • Tom I.Have a Dark & Stormy at Weather Up. All the cocktails are excellent

    55555 by Tom I.

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