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Iron Works

100 Red River
Austin, TX 78701

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(512) 478-4855

  • Sun - Closed;
  • Mon - Sat 11:00am - 9:00pm

Cuisine: Barbecue Restaurants, Bars

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4.6 of 5.0 from 185 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Iron Works in Austin, TX
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  • Iron Works in Austin, TX

Iron Works Reviews

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  • toppertx reviewBBQ places are hard to rate because getting a good piece of meat may depend on which part of the brisket is being sliced, or what time of the day you get there. The Iron Works is the closest BBQ place to my home so I eat here frequently. From time to time, I get dry brisket or ribs. But that is OK because most of the time it is moist and delicious. They serve huge beef ribs here. This is not a common BBQ restaurant item, but they season them to perfection and serve them hot from the smoker. Brisket is fine, but the sausage is a standout here. Sides are good, and they have some killer pecan pie. When firing on all cylinders, you won't get better BBQ anywhere.

    44444 by toppertx

  • Nick TGood sausage, even better brisket. Mac and cheese is also good! Quaint little patio.

    55555 by Nick T

  • Camden AThe brisket was great, but the pulled pork didn't compare to other BBQ spots. Sides can be skipped

    55555 by Camden A

  • Roberto S.The best BBQ in town !!

    55555 by Roberto S.

  • Roberto S.Don't forget to feed the birds..

    55555 by Roberto S.

  • Salvador 🐲.The brisket and sausages were good but not great. Really liked the cole slaw and potato salad. Also make sure to get some banana pudding for desert.

    55555 by Salvador 🐲.

  • Allison K.Brisket and mac and cheese were just okay. Better BBQ options in town.

    55555 by Allison K.

  • Leandro BravoO que tem de bom? EVERYTHING

    55555 by Leandro Bravo

  • Henry MGreat BBQ. Mac cheese not so good. Lovely atmosphere - authentic and wonderfully simple. Sampler plate is v large.

    55555 by Henry M

  • Toni H.The ribs are amazing

    55555 by Toni H.

  • Thanos JTo put it simply... OMG! Having visited countless BBQ places, this one beats them all. I've never tasted such a tender and moist brisket, heavenly ribs. Unfortunately the sausage is kind average.

    55555 by Thanos J

  • Ian TThe sampler plate was awesome

    55555 by Ian T

  • Peter CBest BBQ and close to convention center.

    55555 by Peter C

  • M GBest beef ribs

    55555 by M G

  • Claudia M.The beef ribs are the best. Also, the sliced beef. Loved the atmosphere.

    55555 by Claudia M.

  • Miriam GoldmanThe beef ribs are phenomenal. Why would you get anything else?

    55555 by Miriam Goldman

  • Greg P.get the brisket--this place is incredible, EXCELLENT food and service!

    55555 by Greg P.

  • ShadiThis is what a BBQ joint needs to be. No fancy stuff, no service; but amazing food! Beef brisket,brisket,brisket... Don't feel a shame, get in line for round two.

    55555 by Shadi

  • Mark M.One of the best BBQ places in Austin. And a perfect low-key, no-frills environment.

    55555 by Mark M.

  • Ming-Samurai L.Sausage links

    33333 by Ming-Samurai L.

  • Nathan W.The pork ribs here are top notch. Lines start forming out the door at 11:30am (especially during SXSW) but they move quickly. Iron Works is deceptively larger than it looks from the outside, trust me.

    55555 by Nathan W.

  • Marta MFantastic BBQ

    55555 by Marta M

  • Rita B.Brisket. You can choose de sampler with brisket, rib, sausage.

    55555 by Rita B.

  • samichlaus SAuthentic Texan BBQ place. Try the pork chops and brisket.

    55555 by samichlaus S

  • Jason ThigpenLegit BBQ joint on the river. Authentic venue. Good food.

    55555 by Jason Thigpen

  • Marcelo SalgadoAwesome! The original Texas BBQ.

    55555 by Marcelo Salgado

  • Amanda RoseBrisket and sausage were phenomenal! Creamed corn was great, too. Could've skipped the beef ribs, though.

    55555 by Amanda Rose

  • Mike S.Get the sampler platter. You will not regret it.

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Casey L.Get the sampler platter if it's your first time here - it looks huge but you'll eat it all and be happy you did.

    55555 by Casey L.

  • Melania SpagnoliVery authentic BBQ place! The atmosphere is great and very friendly. Try the brisket!

    55555 by Melania Spagnoli

  • Tim J.Hang out with friends at the long tables and get some brisket

    55555 by Tim J.

  • Abner A.This is the best sauce in all of the ATX BBQ scene. Takes the meat to a whole different level! Check this place out. Delicious.

    55555 by Abner A.

  • Dave MGreat ribs, less convinced by the brisket

    55555 by Dave M

  • Jacob C.Pretty shitty bbq to be honest. Was dry and cold. Go to LA Barbecue just near by and get the brisket. (Go before 1pm otherwise will be sold out)

    33333 by Jacob C.

  • Adam GambrelGreat BBQ that is way overpriced. The food was excellent and authentic, but a two meat plate with sides was $18 for lunch.

    55555 by Adam Gambrel

  • MarinaI don't eat meat but all the sides were really good.

    33333 by Marina

  • Dustin GHad the Beef-Brisket plate with Mac-N-Cheese and Green Beans. The brisket was so tender, and the spicy BBQ sauce made it complete.

    55555 by Dustin G

  • Blair TNothing fancy about this place..paper plates, very simple menu...but none of that will matter when u take one bite of the most tender beef brisket you've ever had. Use spicy BBQ or ur making a mistake

    55555 by Blair T

  • Carol B.Barbeque beef ribs! None better to be found!

    55555 by Carol B.

  • Tatiana AAuthentic Austin restaurant with amazing brisket. Great atmosphere! A balcony with a view to a channel with turtles and fish. Love it!!!

    55555 by Tatiana A

  • Luke CBest BBQ I have ever eaten in my life. The sampler after is bomb, and the atmosphere is great. Can't wait to come back!

    55555 by Luke C

  • Tom R.I don't know what the hype is about. Definitely not epic BBQ. The brisket is best bet but not memorable. I would totally skip the ribs and the sides are not worth the effort.

    55555 by Tom R.

  • Thea SThe sampler was great and enough for 2 servings

    55555 by Thea S

  • Len S.Great sauce here. Try the Brisket and the sweet corn. Grab some pecan pie as well, really good.

    55555 by Len S.

  • RyanRibs. I had ribs for lunch.

    55555 by Ryan

  • Shane A.I don't get the hype. The beef ribs are full of gristle and fat. The green beans tasted like they came out of a green giant can. There r far better BBQ places in Austin.

    33333 by Shane A.

  • Michael M.Too many good BBQ places in Austin to pick favorites, for some reason this one made me feel most at home. Delicious BBQ sauce.

    55555 by Michael M.

  • Terrell KinneyGet the table outside where you can watch Waller Creek.

    33333 by Terrell Kinney

  • Danyel S.so. excellent. the brisket. the pork ribs. the chicken. the pinto beans. the sweet creamed corn. the baked yam when they have it. plate > sandwich. ALL OF THE SAUCES!

    55555 by Danyel S.

  • Jon KentGet a BBQ sandwich here, won't regret it! Throw coleslaw on top!

    55555 by Jon Kent

  • Andy MRibs. That is my tip.

    55555 by Andy M

  • Shane IGet the Beef Brisket. Enough said.

    33333 by Shane I

  • Chet M.Awesome meats! Can't go wrong there. Sides not that great though.

    55555 by Chet M.

  • Denis JThe Sampler is a must! Love the place. Got the t-shirt. #sxswqc

    55555 by Denis J

  • Jessica S.Get the beef ribs

    33333 by Jessica S.

  • Sebastian DTry the beef brisket with cole slaw and sweet corn salad. It's wonderful!

    55555 by Sebastian D

  • Will K.This place isn't very good. Everything was dry. Sausage was the best of the sampler.

    55555 by Will K.

  • Rudy P.If you're in the mood for bland bbq, help yourself. THis place does NOT represent Austin's BBQ.

    33333 by Rudy P.

  • David B.Awesome BBQ!

    55555 by David B.

  • Karina G.Delicious brisket and pork ribs, but don't seat on the deck area, it's infested with termites on the wood floor!! I was wearing sandals and a lot termites climbed on my feet.

    33333 by Karina G.

  • Josh P.Don't sit out back! Ants! Damn good smoked sausage!

    33333 by Josh P.

  • Michael R.Don't go! Better BBQ elsewhere.

    22222 by Michael R.

  • FreyboyBeef Ribs!!!

    55555 by Freyboy

  • Tonya S.Enjoyed feeding the turtles after dinner.

    55555 by Tonya S.

  • Social N.Get the beef ribs for sure. They're simply amazing. Also the spicy BBQ sauce is a must.

    55555 by Social N.

  • Gennifer B.Food is amazing! Don't expect a smile or decent customer service from the cashier; she apparently hates her life and anything that comes in contact with it.

    33333 by Gennifer B.

  • Greg A.Try the brisket

    55555 by Greg A.

  • Chris E.Texas us about smoke. This is superior to all others

    55555 by Chris E.

  • I Realty C.It's so good they regularly run out of meat

    55555 by I Realty C.

  • David C.BBQ good, best w/o their sauce (sauce not good)

    55555 by David C.

  • Никита Д.Ммммм, свининка

    55555 by Никита Д.

  • Paul R.Great pork ribs! And when in Texas, try a Lone Star beer. Not bad. :-)

    55555 by Paul R.

  • Yu Hsiang W.Go for the sampler ... comes with brisket, ribs and sausage.

    55555 by Yu Hsiang W.

  • Jeff B.Sampler plate is excellent!

    55555 by Jeff B.

  • Torn J.If there is a long line to get in that means a big celebrity is eating inside.

    33333 by Torn J.

  • Anthony V.The SAMPLER is righteous! 1st time here? Try this! ;-)

    55555 by Anthony V.

  • Nathan W.Grab an ice-cold RC Cola. Who needs Coke or Pepsi?

    55555 by Nathan W.

  • MTVIt’s official, MTV and Dan Platzman from Imagine Dragons agree that Kimchi Taco Truck is amazing.

    55555 by MTV

  • John G.Grab the sampler. Great food

    55555 by John G.

  • nina m.excellent brisket!

    55555 by nina m.

  • Matthew C.I was really underwhelmed by the BBQ. It tasted like they had cut the smoking time in order to produce food faster. Maybe that's just because of sxsw. Rub was mild. Not much flavor.

    33333 by Matthew C.

  • jon a.While waiting in line, check out the 1935 flood line inside on left wall.

    33333 by jon a.

  • Luka K.great food, definitely a recommendation

    55555 by Luka K.

  • cristina c.Only served at lunch but awesome loaded potato with chopped beef!!! Yum!

    55555 by cristina c.

  • Michael S.Food is good but not good enough to wait in line. Better to walk across street and get bbq at food trucks for sxsw

    33333 by Michael S.

  • Tom F.Yummy sampler plate.

    55555 by Tom F.

  • Deborah A.Get the sampler to get a taste o beef ribs, brisket and smoked sausage. The beef ribs are to die for.

    55555 by Deborah A.

  • Marcelo G.The beef rib was tasty but brisket was really special

    33333 by Marcelo G.

  • The Wall Street JournalReader tip: It was packed with celebrities who appreciated the SXSW open, casual, shared dining experience. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

    55555 by The Wall Street Journal

  • Race C.They have pretty good barbecue. Check it out!

    55555 by Race C.

  • Anthony A.Everything is amazing, period.

    55555 by Anthony A.

  • Joshua G.The bbq sauce is to die for.

    55555 by Joshua G.

  • SpoonerThe sausage is legit. Get it and get some to take home. Everything else I've ever had here on multiple occasions has been dried out beyond belief, though. Props for glass bottle sodas.

    55555 by Spooner

  • 🎀Khara' H.LOVED IT AS USUAL!

    55555 by 🎀Khara' H.

  • Dean L.Oh man small, nice atmosphere. The pork ribs are great. Price is a little high but totally worth it

    55555 by Dean L.

  • Grace K.Great beef brisket. Just have it last night!

    55555 by Grace K.

  • Jeff R.The brisket is the bomb. They also have old school sodas.

    55555 by Jeff R.

  • Coach K.Remeber Big Red soda? They have it in bottles here.

    55555 by Coach K.

  • Rick G.Ditto all but pass on nanner puddin

    33333 by Rick G.

  • Jim S.Awesome sampler plate

    55555 by Jim S.

  • Jim L.Poor If this is Austin's best that is sad. The service was as dry as the meat. Go get a McRib for better. Very disappointed

    22222 by Jim L.

  • Madelyn J.It is expensive.

    55555 by Madelyn J.

  • Jesse J.Beef Ribs FTW

    55555 by Jesse J.

  • Greg 👟 T.If you get brisket, make sure to get the fatty brisket.

    55555 by Greg 👟 T.

  • John B.Beef ribs are stellar!

    55555 by John B.

  • Michael S.Toothpicks, paper towels, agua...

    22222 by Michael S.

  • Anton S.The beef ribs here are the BIZNESS

    55555 by Anton S.

  • Andru E.Try the Banana Pudding (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Andru E.

  • Damien B.Try the Beef Brisket BBQ Plate - The sauce - mmmmm! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Damien B.

  • Dan H.The line isn't as long as it looks, it moves really fast. Order the brisket.

    55555 by Dan H.

  • Damien B.Try the Beef Brisket Plate & Pork Loin Sandwich - Yum!! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Damien B.

  • JugnooMeThe @JugnooMe team really enjoyed the beef ribs here. Grab a side of beans and try the brisket - enjoy!

    55555 by JugnooMe

  • Angela S.Go upstairs for an outside table.

    55555 by Angela S.

  • Rob O.Killer BBQ sauce, lash it on

    55555 by Rob O.

  • Shiny W.There is a sign on the door that says they will be open on Sunday for SXSW

    33333 by Shiny W.

  • Chris D.Make sure to try the table BBQ sauce. Sweet, with BBQ kick, you'll love it!

    55555 by Chris D.

  • Holger L.Very solid BBQ place. Go for the ribs and brisket with a side of coleslaw!

    55555 by Holger L.

  • Jai D.Try the Sampler Plate (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jai D.

  • Stephanie S.For #sxsw, stop by the RV across the street for warm cookies from @practicefusion

    55555 by Stephanie S.

  • jbrotherloveSXSW folks, Iron Works BBQ will be open this Sunday (3/11/12).

    55555 by jbrotherlove

  • American ExpressOriginally an ornamental iron work shop, this family owned and operated business has been serving real Texas barbecue in a country atmosphere since 1978. The brisket is a must

    55555 by American Express

  • Andy M.To find the coolest SXSW venues and parties download the "Chase the Uncorn" iPhone app. Powered by real-time Foursquare data. (http://bit.ly/zWCcOu)

    55555 by Andy M.

  • April B.SXSWi attendees, get you some Barbecue... Especially if you're not from Texas!

    55555 by April B.

  • michael h.After eating the chili take a a walk around the restaurant as take a look at the deserts, you can crop dust with out anyone being the wiser

    33333 by michael h.

  • Leo L.Big says chicken I say ribs. I'll try the chicken next time.

    33333 by Leo L.

  • Mark R.A bit diss appointing. Ribs good.

    55555 by Mark R.

  • MacTry the BBQ!

    55555 by Mac

  • David B.Potato salad is weak. Potato fries are awesome.

    55555 by David B.

  • Matthew B.Pork ribs were good but the pork loin sandwich was dry

    33333 by Matthew B.

  • Dan RThe jalapenos are sweet peppers. Take a big bite.

    55555 by Dan R

  • Peter A.Do I really need to give you a reason? Just go.

    33333 by Peter A.

  • Joe P.There is much better BBQ in and around Austin... come here only if stuck at the convention center.

    33333 by Joe P.

  • Chris A.Order the ribs! You know you do...

    33333 by Chris A.

  • Trena D.Very good BBQ Enjoy patio if its cool.

    55555 by Trena D.

  • Rick Perry for PresidentGreat beef ribs. We hosted our 2010 SXSW gathering here. You'll meet your match if you get a full BBQ plate.

    55555 by Rick Perry for President

  • Jim M.The brisket is amazing!

    55555 by Jim M.

  • Thomas DIncredible brisket plate with delicious potato salad and smokey-flavored beans.

    55555 by Thomas D

  • Sean C.Good "visiting Austin" group dinner place. Plenty of space and not too loud... and really good BBQ.

    55555 by Sean C.

  • Lawrence G. MillerVery good BBQ and very convenient. Come early at lunch!

    55555 by Lawrence G. Miller

  • Todd C.get tha' samplah'

    33333 by Todd C.

  • Gregory G.Great briscuit and everything else for that matter. Sauce is sweet with a little bite. Also, they have a great selection of sodas.

    55555 by Gregory G.

  • Welcome to CollegeIn town visiting colleges in Austin, make sure to stop at Iron Works BBQ and get the Sampler. INCREDIBLE!

    55555 by Welcome to College

  • Terrencethe sampler. end of story.

    33333 by Terrence

  • Justin P.This place is tops!!

    55555 by Justin P.

  • Matt G.Try the peach cobbler. It's outstanding.

    55555 by Matt G.

  • Bryan CollinsWe got a pound of everything, the chopped beef won the meat fight. Go for it.

    33333 by Bryan Collins

  • @iamkhayyamBest joint in town. #FingerLickingGood

    55555 by @iamkhayyam

  • Nikon USAIn town for another day? Follow us & @aplusk on Sunday, March 13th and you could win big. Go to facebook.com/Nikon for details.

    33333 by Nikon USA

  • Robert S.Upstairs is completely empty. So if you need a place to sit come up the stairs.

    33333 by Robert S.

  • schneidermike s.Get ya vitamins and IRON

    55555 by schneidermike s.

  • TJ LShiner + brisket = party in my mouth

    55555 by TJ L

  • Sharron💋 R.Sampler plate yuup you know it!

    55555 by Sharron💋 R.

  • Big Boi JI always go with the chicken.

    55555 by Big Boi J

  • Internet E.Close to the convention center, but get here early if you plan on making it to your after lunch sessions!

    55555 by Internet E.

  • Max P.Such a memorable experience! More BBQ sauce please!! ;)

    55555 by Max P.

  • Michael MGrab some chilly to warm you up for the cold holiday season.

    55555 by Michael M

  • Volcom EntertainmentSampler shampler, just order one of everything on the freaking menu. Food coma has never felt so good. You'll be counting ribs to fall asleep from here on out.

    55555 by Volcom Entertainment

  • Jean-Guy NiquetThe pork ribs are amazing.

    55555 by Jean-Guy Niquet

  • Drew C.All about the sampler!

    33333 by Drew C.

  • GadlingBrisket is the highlight. Try the sampler platter if you're really hungry.

    55555 by Gadling

  • Mike B.The sampler platter is an orgy of textures and flavors that dance rhapsodically in your mouth.

    55555 by Mike B.

  • Nakeva (Photography) C.Brisket is awesome and they have their own sauce. Check out www.ironworksbbq.com

    55555 by Nakeva (Photography) C.

  • Moish F.If it's your first time, consider the "Sampler" plate. If you're 2 people, add one other plate of whatever looks good, and the two of you will really chow down. This stuff is really the BBQ sheeyat.

    55555 by Moish F.

  • Dave S.Get the sampler! It is a huge amount of food.

    55555 by Dave S.

  • Emerson Q.The ribs are their best dish but if you want to find that out on your own try "The Sampler" comes with the brisket, a sausage and 1 rib! - the best BBQ in downtown Austin.

    55555 by Emerson Q.

  • jbrotherloveVisiting for SXSW? try off hours (e.g., during panels). Also, Iron Works is closed on Sunday.

    55555 by jbrotherlove

  • BluLabel D.It's all about the sampler plate. Oink. Oink.

    55555 by BluLabel D.

  • Stephen LOne of the best BBQ places in Austin

    55555 by Stephen L

  • Justin MBest BBQ in Town!

    55555 by Justin M

  • John R.Go for BBQ sandwich with all you can eat pickles

    55555 by John R.

  • benjamin g.Take the sampler!!!! Incredible

    55555 by benjamin g.

  • Mary Kate JAmazing potato salad and definitely don't skip the peach cobbler! It's delicious...

    55555 by Mary Kate J

  • RyanSometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night craving their sausage sandwiches. Parking is free, they have air conditioning, and the food is unbeatable.

    55555 by Ryan

  • Shawn M. M.Iron Works is the real deal, authentic BBQ, plastic "silver wear" and all. Got the "Sampler"! It's a great deal for any carnivore, my belly is FULL!

    55555 by Shawn M. M.

  • Nick TSpicy sausage with sweet BBQ sauce death row last meal good with both kinds of ribs. Oh man.

    55555 by Nick T

  • Stephen T.Skip the brisquet, go straight for the ribs!

    33333 by Stephen T.

  • Q L.Go to Iron Works BBQ. Pull your own pork.

    55555 by Q L.

  • Dan sGo to Iron Works, eat BBQ, any day but Sunday

    55555 by Dan s

  • Sarah W.Pork ribs and peach cobbler. There is no finer meal.

    55555 by Sarah W.

  • Morgan B.a must eat while in Austin!

    55555 by Morgan B.

  • George K.Have turkey plate. Wash down with either Shiner Black Lager or Welch's grape soda.

    55555 by George K.

  • Amanda JBBQ beef plate with spicy BBQ sauce and a Lone Star. Uh huh.

    55555 by Amanda J

  • DensYeah, I know it's packed but you gotta get the steak with the butter sauce (shit, what kind of sauce was it?) and the side of mac and cheese. Bananatown delicious.

    55555 by Dens

  • Micah B.Ordered the Beef Brisket and Ribs.

    33333 by Micah B.

  • Sean S.Classic. Best BBQ downtown, maybe best in Austin.

    55555 by Sean S.

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