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1728 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX 78704

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(512) 474-4452

  • Sun - Thu 11:00am - 10:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 11:00am - 11:00pm

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4.7 of 5.0 from 184 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX
  • Chuy's in Austin, TX

Chuy's Reviews

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  • ChefMozThis is the perfect restaurant for Austin. The first time I went was courtesy of my college roommate and I wasn't so sure about the clothesline on the roof. The interior is equally intriguing (hubcaps on the ceiling in one room, fish in another, and car fenders on the walls.) The decor pales in comparison with the food, which is superb. It's Tex-Mex as the gods intended it to be, with family recipes, fresh ingredients, and wonderful seasonings. This place is always busy, so don't go if you're in an uptight rush ... otherwise, go, relax, and enjoy!

    44444 by ChefMoz.org

  • Gregory kUnbelievable Mexican food. Amazing!!!

    55555 by Gregory k

  • letajanelle RCame on the last day of their green chile festival. The chile relleno was seriously the best I've ever had. Albert our server was outstanding! Was a great experience all around!

    55555 by letajanelle R

  • Miriam GoldmanGo cheese chili rellenos or go home!

    55555 by Miriam Goldman

  • Andee DGot the shrimp and cheese relleno with a side salad/cilantro lime vinaigrette.. STELLAR☆☆

    33333 by Andee D

  • Jose JChips and fajitas are true Mexican delights. Good service and superb food.

    55555 by Jose J

  • Kaustubh KFor vegetarians? The Chile relleno is the best option!

    55555 by Kaustubh K

  • Bernie ZamoraHaving spicy Mexican martini, queso conpuesto and tacos El carbon (ole)

    55555 by Bernie Zamora

  • Ashley Menchiladas

    55555 by Ashley M

  • Erin G.We thought this would be a great option before Parade of Lights...and so did everybody else. It was PACKED, but the staff members were efficient and friendly :)

    55555 by Erin G.

  • Steve M.prickly pear frozen margaritas are the best

    55555 by Steve M.

  • Adam PGo to Chuys. It will break you and you will like it. Beef fajitas are out of this world.

    55555 by Adam P

  • courtney schielaFajitas are delicious!

    55555 by courtney schiela

  • Angela MLove the Appetizer Plate and any of their green chiles during their Hatch Green Chile festival! And of course margaritas!

    55555 by Angela M

  • AlisonNot a great place for you if you don't eat cheese

    55555 by Alison

  • Rick JWednesday is pork taco night... awesome food and margaritas.:-)

    55555 by Rick J

  • Ailie C.Creamy jalapeño ranch and Queso with chips. Fill up on that and get a Chicken Tortilla Soup.

    55555 by Ailie C.

  • Danielle DLoving the skinny margs here

    55555 by Danielle D

  • Jenifer K.Austin is the home to Chuy's, but it was the least favorite out of all the other locations that we've been too. The food just didn't taste as good as it usually it does... I got the stacked enchiladas

    55555 by Jenifer K.

  • Brian JGrandaddy's Brew!

    55555 by Brian J

  • Amanda P.Always ask for creamy jalapeño for your chips.

    55555 by Amanda P.

  • Divya MulanjurNew Mexican martini and chicka chicks boom boom. And chips and queso. That'll keep you going for a whole day.

    55555 by Divya Mulanjur

  • Jole P.Super good enchiladas and be sure to get the queso app and jalapeño ranch

    55555 by Jole P.

  • TheDLChips n Salsa and a Frozen Dot marg.

    33333 by TheDL

  • Matthew EGreat queso!

    55555 by Matthew E

  • Manuel JThe enchiladas were good

    33333 by Manuel J

  • Jeffrey C.Green chile sauces are not vegetarian sadly. But the rice and beans are! And you can get fresh roasted green chiles in anything.

    55555 by Jeffrey C.

  • Scott BAuthenticity- margs and the Green enchiladas!

    55555 by Scott B

  • Steve P.Get the tres leches desert here- the best in the world. No need to eat here- just come for that dessert.

    55555 by Steve P.

  • Sam M.The original location! Everything is delicious.

    55555 by Sam M.

  • Evan GainderAll about Queso!!!!

    55555 by Evan Gainder

  • Nicole M.Ask for the creamy jalapeño ranch (complimentary) with your chips and salsa. I also recommend the boom boom enchiladas--just a hint of heat and a lot of delicious!

    55555 by Nicole M.

  • Daniel M.Possibly the best fish tacos I've ever had. Also get the jalapeño ranch dip with your chips.

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Laura S.Everything was great here- stacked enchiladas, chicken fajitas, baba tacos, queso and salsa. Authentic and not overwhelmingly salty.

    55555 by Laura S.

  • Tyler JanikGet the chuychanga(add the boom boom sauce) it will make your stomach proud of you.

    55555 by Tyler Janik

  • Arach JalaalThe only thing that would have

    22222 by Arach Jalaal

  • Arach JalaalI'm at work on a Friday afternoon at a

    33333 by Arach Jalaal

  • Dianey S.Great fajitas!!

    55555 by Dianey S.

  • MarinaGood mom and top texmex. Nothing fancy just good food.

    55555 by Marina

  • B WChicka chicka boom boom enchiladas are life changing.

    55555 by B W

  • Grantland C.Amazing Tex Mex

    55555 by Grantland C.

  • Eric L.Table salsa is great and the chips are fresh.

    55555 by Eric L.

  • JoAnn C.Terrible experience tonight: food was cold, no service, drunk people screaming everywhere. Not a wholesome family dinner at all.

    22222 by JoAnn C.

  • Ken jHappy hour is great with all the free queso!

    55555 by Ken j

  • Kate K.Free nacho bar during happy hour, M-F 4-7p! Clear eyes, full tummies, can't lose!

    55555 by Kate K.

  • AmandaHas stayed true to its excellent self. Strawberry margaritas, creamy jalapeño for the chips and the number 9 lite plate rank high for me here. Love their complimentary chip/queso/salsa bar.

    55555 by Amanda

  • Norma Velasqueztry the fajitas and tres leches!!

    55555 by Norma Velasquez

  • Montanna S.I try queso at every restaurant that offers it, so far Chuy's and Torchy's are the only places with queso I will go out of my way for.

    55555 by Montanna S.

  • Vi TranHatch Chile specials are great.

    55555 by Vi Tran

  • ColinThe specials during Hatch Green Chile month are fantastic.

    55555 by Colin

  • Vi TranBig portions. As long as you avoid dinner time - the wait isn't too bad.

    55555 by Vi Tran

  • Susie S.Swirl margaritas are the best! And the Chuy Gooey!

    55555 by Susie S.

  • Rachel FowlerHatch Chili Fest 2014 Order the Heaven Combo. Amazing

    55555 by Rachel Fowler

  • Vi P.The Original Location!!!!!....

    33333 by Vi P.

  • Reena B.J,..,elepeno cheddar creamy sauce

    55555 by Reena B.

  • ColinGrab your own chips and salsa while you wait!

    55555 by Colin

  • Tara G.The server Taylor P. will literally make your day

    33333 by Tara G.

  • Jane SamsomQueso is the bomb.com

    55555 by Jane Samsom

  • Philip KThis place is so good. I loved the steak burrito. Spicy, tender, good.

    55555 by Philip K

  • Angela JAmazing Mexican Margaritas!

    55555 by Angela J

  • Pearson - Always LearningTex-Mex perfection. Get the Elvis Memorial Combo Platter with a New Mexican Martini. Don't forget the queso!

    55555 by Pearson - Always Learning

  • Profile BLove em! Just wish they would bring back the mushrooms, the chick quesadilla just isn't the same. I 2nd the request for creamy jalapeno dip - AWESOME!

    55555 by Profile B

  • 680The best Tres Leches in Austin

    55555 by 680

  • Jaa D.I got the fish and Shrimp tacos. Very good!!

    55555 by Jaa D.

  • Griselda ( Grizzy) T.Must try the new Mexican Spicy Martini!

    55555 by Griselda ( Grizzy) T.

  • Ann P.amazing salsa and chips..love this town

    55555 by Ann P.

  • Scott H.Best Mexican food in the town!

    55555 by Scott H.

  • Michael C.Try the Chuy's Ground Sirloin Burrito - I gotta a mini version! Yum! #hatchgreenchilisauce (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Hannah W.Happy hour is a bet

    55555 by Hannah W.

  • Hannah W.Charro beans and rice with salsa ranch a tortillas! 3$ and perfect after Barton Springs

    55555 by Hannah W.

  • Anna Marie H.Creamy jalapeno dip = crack. You might need a 12 step program after eating it.

    55555 by Anna Marie H.

  • zac m.Huge size portions and awesome margaritas.

    55555 by zac m.

  • Christian B.The creamy jalapeno sauce is the truth! Also, cool t shirts.

    55555 by Christian B.

  • Austin ChronicleWith hubcaps, colored lights, and a velvet Elvis, this is Austin-style Tex-Mex at its tacky, funky best. It's almost always busy, but the creamy queso and chips is worth the wait.

    55555 by Austin Chronicle

  • Cindy L.Eat half your meal & save room for the tres leches. You can thx me later

    55555 by Cindy L.

  • MATTHEW S.Horrible service

    11111 by MATTHEW S.

  • Veronica Jeanette L.Margaritas and boom boom sauce!

    55555 by Veronica Jeanette L.

  • Julie H.Don't take a date here.

    55555 by Julie H.

  • 1Harold W.Creamy jalapeño is really jalapeño ranch. Very good. I listened to every tip and was not disappointed at all. Strawberry margarita, tomatillo sauce and tortilla soup. Thanks everyone.

    55555 by 1Harold W.

  • Brandon T.They don't ask you for ID but they make girls wear a shirt over their bikini

    33333 by Brandon T.

  • Kristen C.Free nacho bar during happy hour... just one in your party has to order a drink!

    55555 by Kristen C.

  • Jessica H.Get the chuychanga with queso on top. Best item on the menu!

    55555 by Jessica H.

  • I Realty C.one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.

    55555 by I Realty C.

  • Barrett L.Happy hour from 4-7. $4 Margs and free chips with unlimited salsa, beef, and queso. Effing magical.

    55555 by Barrett L.

  • Julia K.Chica chica boom boom enchiladas are fantastic! Not too spicy. You can handle it unless you're an amateur.

    55555 by Julia K.

  • Jonathan N.The chili rellenos are the bomb diggity.

    55555 by Jonathan N.

  • Sascha E.There are often long wait times on the weekend. If you are in town and just want to pay them a visit, try your luck weekdays between 2pm and 5pm.

    55555 by Sascha E.

  • Sascha E.You have to be there for the Green Chile Festival, but it's really spicy! It's too hot for some people, so before you order a big plate, ask the staff if there is a way to try a little of it first.

    55555 by Sascha E.

  • Sascha E.The original Chuy's. Be sure to check it out on Elvis' birthday bash in January.

    55555 by Sascha E.

  • Bridget B.Great form of birth control... Too many loud children.

    22222 by Bridget B.

  • Sanaa K.chicka chicka boom boom replaced with shrimp = yummm and awesome customer service!

    55555 by Sanaa K.

  • Weird C.Weird Coupons say, get the tortilla soup. Smashing!

    33333 by Weird C.

  • serina a.Texas house martini is highly recommended! 

    55555 by serina a.

  • Zac S.Best tex-mex in Austin. You'll want to put the queso in your veins. Bush twins infamously got arrested for using fake id's here.

    33333 by Zac S.


    55555 by Mercy J.

  • Torn J.Get the table close to the restroom if you're having enchiladas.

    22222 by Torn J.

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  • F1 D.challenge yourself for some formula 1 trivia's

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  • Ashley B.Brooke was our server and she was wonderful!

    33333 by Ashley B.

  • Rick M.Dan will take good care of you at the bar! Best bartender in Austin! Leave him a great tip!

    55555 by Rick M.

  • Veronica Jeanette L.Boom Boom sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Veronica Jeanette L.

  • Brian S.Great Texas Martinis!!

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Nick K.Boom boom sauce is where its at. Spicy, cheesy, what else could you want?

    55555 by Nick K.

  • mitscootsTry the fajitas and sit in the hubcap room. Best salsa in town by the by.

    55555 by mitscoots

  • Ivy Y.fajitas with Brew's challenge!

    55555 by Ivy Y.

  • BingThere is no shortage of great restaurants in Austin, but Chuy's definitely has to be on this list for sure. Ask for creamy jalapeno dip to go with the chips when they bring them out." – Darryl Kotyk

    55555 by Bing

  • Brittany H.Ask for Collin he's super funny and crazy good looking.

    55555 by Brittany H.

  • Darryl K.There is no shortage of great restaurants in Austin, but Chuy's definitely has to be on this list for sure. Ask for creamy jalapeno dip to go with the chips when they bring them out.

    55555 by Darryl K.

  • Daphne E.Ratio of mix and tequila in Margaritas was off. So not very strong. Bought it during happy hour for half off - might be the reason. Great service though!

    33333 by Daphne E.

  • Social N.One of the only places that has a happy hour on Fridays. Less than $4 for margs until 7 pm every weekday

    55555 by Social N.

  • Social N.Chuy's is open late on Fridays and Saturdays 'till 11 o'clock! That's pretty late for a sit down restaurant. If you have an appetite, get the Big as Yo' Face burrito covered in creamy jalapeno sauce!

    55555 by Social N.

  • Jen S.Had the house special steak burrito...soooo good! The chips and salsa are excellent too. Good portions, great prices, in a fun, friendly and quirky atmosphere. Service was great too.

    55555 by Jen S.

  • Greg Y.Order the steak fajitas. Order them for 1, order them for 2, order them for a zoo... Just as long as you order them... Seriously!

    33333 by Greg Y.

  • Jennifer M.Deluxe Chicken Enchilladas!

    55555 by Jennifer M.

  • Daniel LChuychanga with the hottest sauce on the menu!

    55555 by Daniel L

  • Social N.Don't miss out on the creamy jalapeno. Also, this location can get packed around primetime, but they're open late! Swing by around 9 or 10 on a Saturday night for a very short wait.

    55555 by Social N.

  • Kristen P.The pico de gallo and queso are super amazing! Must try!

    55555 by Kristen P.

  • David B.Try the food. Its pretty great.

    55555 by David B.

  • Elliott R.Great for a first date :) and then your fifth, eighth, fifteenth, twentieth... ;)

    55555 by Elliott R.

  • Tonia R.Great chips and fun decor

    55555 by Tonia R.

  • CourtneyCreamy jalapeño sauce. Texas martini. Elvis green chile fried chicken. Enjoy!

    55555 by Courtney

  • cali w.Then r0und2 try a 1/2 sangria 1/2 lime fr0zen marg! wicked delishh

    55555 by cali w.

  • cali w.Try a 1/2 strawberry 1/2 mang0 fr0zen Marg! delishh

    55555 by cali w.

  • Carla H.Mexi Cobb + Jalapeño Ranch

    55555 by Carla H.

  • John W.Ask for the creamy jalapeno dip. Great happy hour - free nacho bar, cheap margaritas

    55555 by John W.

  • Laughing SquidLook for the headshot of El Vez. They have a photo booth but it's almost always broken. Put the little round sticker from your silverware on the ceiling in the back room. Also: try the sopapillas.

    33333 by Laughing Squid

  • LaLa S.Chicken tortilla soup warms your bones on a chilly night. The special nachos are pretty good too!

    55555 by LaLa S.

  • Jeremy B.Father agave margarita is world class!!!!

    55555 by Jeremy B.

  • Sydney W.Chuy's #8 Light Plate! I get it every time

    55555 by Sydney W.

  • karlthepagan ۞.Boom Boom Sauce is a great spicy vegetarian queso.

    55555 by karlthepagan ۞.

  • Amanda P.Kids meals only 3.99 with drinks and dessert.

    55555 by Amanda P.

  • Chris V.try the Mexican stuff

    55555 by Chris V.

  • joshua s.The Sampler Platter is amazing and more food than one person can handle. Great when you can't decide on one thing.

    55555 by joshua s.

  • Brittany H.Collin is the best and most attractive server here.

    55555 by Brittany H.

  • Joanna L.Don't forget the "table" sauce with chips!

    33333 by Joanna L.

  • Joanna L.All entrees can be ordered half portion for a reduced price.

    55555 by Joanna L.

  • Laura B.No matter what I order here, I never get the same thing twice.

    33333 by Laura B.

  • SarahAsk for extra jalapeño stuffed olives in your new Mexican martini!!

    55555 by Sarah

  • KeepR R.If you're underage don't try to order a drink. Just ask the Bush girls.

    33333 by KeepR R.

  • Jenna L.Hatch Chile Festival!

    55555 by Jenna L.

  • KeepR R.Always ask for the Creamy Jalapeno

    55555 by KeepR R.

  • KeepR R.Fresh warm tortillas! Just as satisfying as a warm pair of underware straight from the dryer.

    55555 by KeepR R.

  • Cory R.Chuychonga w/ boom boom sauce

    55555 by Cory R.

  • Cayla C.My favorite place ever. New Mexican martini is spicy and delicious and the menu is amazing.

    55555 by Cayla C.

  • Nalin V.Boom boom sauce on anything is amazing!!

    55555 by Nalin V.

  • BBQSteveComing from a native New Mexican: Try the Hatch Green Chile, its the real deal. You WON'T be disappointed!

    55555 by BBQSteve

  • Sawyer DEvery staff member we have met here has been in the most bad mood and very rude to the tables. I've been coming here for years, and now I'm sure I won't come back.

    33333 by Sawyer D

  • Kayleigh G.The Hatch Green Chile sauce is amazing!!!!!

    55555 by Kayleigh G.

  • Edward M.Sure, they feel "corporate." Whatever. They use some of the best quality ingredients you'll see in Tex-Mex. Plus, their green chile rocks.

    55555 by Edward M.

  • Jody G.You have to order the creamy jalepeno dip for their awesome, thin, lightly salted chips!

    55555 by Jody G.

  • Kathleen S.The tortilla soup is awesome as is the free snack bar at happy hour.

    55555 by Kathleen S.

  • Rahim H.Chips + salsa = amazing!

    55555 by Rahim H.

  • ♛ Jës ♛The famous creamy jalapeño is free, but you'll need to special request it from your server. For whatever reason, it doesn't officially appear on the menu.

    55555 by ♛ Jës ♛

  • JcrowleyThis is where the Bush twins got busted drinking underage. #GodBlessAmerica

    22222 by Jcrowley

  • Jason K.The hondo burrito with suiza sauce is heaven in a tortilla. Trust me!

    55555 by Jason K.

  • CheapismHappy Hour is from 4-7pm and offers $2.25 domestic beers and $3.50 house margaritas. With the purchase of a drink you get unlimited tortilla chips, beans, salsa, queso, and taco meat.

    55555 by Cheapism

  • Emmaline L.Deluxe tomatillo sauce is the bomb

    55555 by Emmaline L.

  • Drew G.Try the stuffed avocados, only on Thursday.

    55555 by Drew G.

  • Sophia H.Try the stuffed sopapillas, they are off the menu now, but you cam get them enchilada style- filling + sauce.

    55555 by Sophia H.

  • Louis T.ask for Clayton, he's hot!

    55555 by Louis T.

  • Maron RGreat Tex-Mex. Best, spiciest burrito I've ever had. Great decor.

    55555 by Maron R

  • AdamoGet a Marguerita and a Chuychanga! Remember that Elvis is watching you.

    55555 by Adamo

  • Keith C.Try the creamy jalapeno ranch dip. Fantastic

    55555 by Keith C.

  • Jessica F.Looking for yummy Mexican food? This is the place! Try the Chuychanga smothered in Queso...gives me shivers thinking about it.

    55555 by Jessica F.

  • LifeSize C.Queso!!!!!!!

    55555 by LifeSize C.

  • Jesse JIf you aren't into super spicy foods, substitute the hatch green chile sauce for deluxe tomatillo!

    55555 by Jesse J

  • Jesse KGo in for happy hour, the free nacho bar is fantastic.

    55555 by Jesse K

  • Steve P.I'm not a dessert person, but if u don't get the Tres Leches, you don't even know. Been coming for 6 years- the best dessert in the world. Seriously.

    55555 by Steve P.

  • @sloaneSwap a relleno for the crispy taco on enchilada's combos. So delicious!

    55555 by @sloane

  • Nisha C.texas martini!

    55555 by Nisha C.

  • Jeff H.This is the original... have a couple of frozen strawberry margaritas - just right. What is it I usually have to eat? Can't remember. Maybe just one margarita next time!

    55555 by Jeff H.

  • Daniel The chicken enchiladas with queso and jalepeno ranch on top taste as good as anything i've ever had.

    55555 by Daniel

  • Denise ACreamy jalapeno. Chicka chicka boom boom. Shrimp tacos.

    55555 by Denise A

  • Brent S.Eat the Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom with a margarita rocks no salt

    33333 by Brent S.

  • Ryan KBe sure to ask for some creamy jalapeno with your chips and salsa!

    55555 by Ryan K

  • Katy R.order deluxe quesadillas and eat in the bar if the wait is too long.

    33333 by Katy R.

  • Kristy M.order a Mexican Martini. You can't get them outside the state.

    55555 by Kristy M.

  • Dan sGo to Chuys, get a frozen margarita, and toast the Bush girls

    33333 by Dan s

  • David R.Had awesome Tex Mex. Don't fill up on the chips since the combos are GIANT!

    55555 by David R.

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