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Blue Moon Cafe

1621 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

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(410) 522-3940


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Cuisine: American Restaurants, Breakfast and Brunch, Cafes

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4.6 of 5.0 from 177 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD

Blogger Reviews of Blue Moon Cafe

  • Charm City Couple on Aug 01, 2013

    This restaurant does breakfast with a side of artsy, Baltimore authenticity. You cannot miss the place since it is the only row house painted blue from head to toe on the block...

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Blue Moon Cafe Reviews

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  • rmlundvall reviewThe Blue Moon is the best placce in Baltimore to go for breakfast. The food is fresh and consistently outstanding.

    44444 by rmlundvall

  • Hala MSweet baby Jesus is a must have dish !!!! Everything was perfect and it worth one hour waiting without regrets !!! 💕

    55555 by Hala M

  • Bob M.Captain Crunch French Toast was great as well as the Sweet Baby Jesus.

    55555 by Bob M.

  • Cynthia RThe Captain Crunch French Toast was delicious! Just the right amount of fruit (strawberries, blackberries, bananas, apple, and blueberries). Friendly staff. Great, cozy decor. Highly recommended!

    55555 by Cynthia R

  • Larisa GrollemondBe prepared to wait a long time for brunch on the weekends. The crunchy French toast does not disappoint!

    55555 by Larisa Grollemond

  • Patricia KThe food was excellent and the service as well. Definitely recommend for Saturday or Sunday Brunch.

    55555 by Patricia K

  • Mike R.Great breakfast. Try the cinnamon bun.

    55555 by Mike R.

  • Derek F.Sweet Baby Jesus is the real deal. Get a Cinnamon Bun on the side, then prepare to nap the rest of the day!

    55555 by Derek F.

  • Arik VThey might serve other good, it's probably delish but I only got eyes for that captain.

    33333 by Arik V

  • Cristián SEverything is amazing. French toast, SBJ, and cinnamon roll are obvious, but after your first time try something new, like the red velvet flapjacks!

    55555 by Cristián S

  • Kenny T.Smaller French toast than before but amazing still. This place is 24 hours which I didn't realize! No line at 230am

    33333 by Kenny T.

  • Jennifer K.Captain crunch French toast was amazing

    55555 by Jennifer K.

  • Josh StanavageEverything is TERRIFIC! I recommend the ' Full Moon' and substitute in the CC French toast! It's worth the extra $5!

    55555 by Josh Stanavage

  • Jacob CJust get the captain crunch French toast. It really is that good. And don't forget to split a cinnamon roll... They're huge and almost as good as the French toast!

    55555 by Jacob C

  • Bmore MCaptain crunch French toast

    55555 by Bmore M

  • Bmore MLove this place and all the FOOOOOOOOOOD

    55555 by Bmore M

  • Cristina G.Lived up to the hype. Loved that there was a 45min wait & pple were still signing their name for a table = no fast food style = happy. Excellent svc! Captain Crunch French Toast was indeed amazing!

    55555 by Cristina G.

  • Terence C.Hole-the-wall spot! Friendly service. Save the crowd and go early during the week if you can. The cinnamon roll changed my life. The world famous Capt. Crunch French toast is legit. 4.5/5

    55555 by Terence C.

  • Shereese M.Great little breakfast nook in the heart of Fells Point. I must say, this was the 1st timme in a long time I've tasted buttermilk pancakes that live up to the name. Casey was awesome

    55555 by Shereese M.

  • Cory SEverything is amazing! Don't leave without trying the Cream Chipped Beef!

    55555 by Cory S

  • N JGreat breakfast spot. Waffles, pancakes, French toast, and omelette. Red velvet pancakes are great. They open 24 hours on Saturday up until 3 pm next day. Isn't that great!!

    55555 by N J

  • Asia CThe captain crunch French toast was awesome! My friend had the red velvet pancakes and said they were so delicious, she wants to come back.

    55555 by Asia C

  • Rainer jBreakfast every time if we stay in Bmore it"s have to be

    55555 by Rainer j

  • Bill L.Don't try to choose and just get BOTH the Captain Crunch French Toast AND the Sweet Baby Jesus! It's super decadent and you'll hate yourself a little after it but damn were they good!

    55555 by Bill L.

  • Jeffrey SCaptain Crunch French toast was on point

    55555 by Jeffrey S

  • Ricky S.Very good breakfast spot with a nice mix of traditional & unique menu choices.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Ben R.Cap'n Crunch French toast and Sweet Baby Jesus are the truth.

    55555 by Ben R.

  • Jo-Anne BTry Sweet Baby Jesus!! Soooo delicious! It's like Eggs Benedict with crab meat. And they are GENEROUS with the crabmeat!

    55555 by Jo-Anne B

  • Donovan JCaptain Crunch French Toast.

    55555 by Donovan J

  • Candice aCan't go wrong with the captain crunch french toast! Nice atmosphere. My favorite late night spot when I'm in the mood for breakfast food. Be prepared for a ling wait on weekend mornings.

    55555 by Candice a

  • Sarah MarieAmazing brunch! Got the famous captain crunch French toast and also split a homemade cinnamon roll 😍😍😍😍 lives up to the talk!

    55555 by Sarah Marie

  • Derek H.Cap'n Crunch French Toast! Great service - very small though so expect to wait. Like their shirt says : a badass breakfast!

    55555 by Derek H.

  • Jamsine PerezFrench toast

    55555 by Jamsine Perez

  • JeffreyCap'n Crunch french toast is awesome - and so is everything else here!

    55555 by Jeffrey

  • DesireeTry the Captain Crunch French Toast. Delicious! Open late.

    55555 by Desiree

  • DianaTo die for sweet Jesus and cinnamon role

    55555 by Diana

  • Dan FoyOnly had a cinnamon roll to go, but it was worth rating and coming back for more.

    55555 by Dan Foy

  • Junaid S.Captin crunch french toast !

    55555 by Junaid S.

  • April T.Cap'n crunch French toast??? Amazing.

    55555 by April T.

  • Ahmad MThe French toast is Incredible

    55555 by Ahmad M

  • Mark S.Unfortunately I don't think two and a half hours wait for breakfast is worth it for any restaurant. Their popularity has just far exceeded their capacity. It was good, but not worth it.

    33333 by Mark S.

  • Ashley C.They have Captain Crunch today!!! Consider it ordered! 😃

    33333 by Ashley C.

  • Adam S.G&G country scramble is outstanding and there's a reason every other tip mentions the cap'n crunch French toast. Get an order for the table.

    55555 by Adam S.

  • Rachel L.Captain crunch French toast and dimitris salsa burrito are the way to go !

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Blue Moon Cafe as seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Katie TCaptain crunch French toast is amazing. Can't wait to work my way through the menu. Where I take all my out of town guests

    55555 by Katie T

  • Ayesha FatinThe captain crunch French toast is the best!

    55555 by Ayesha Fatin

  • Joe F.Touring the Inner Harbor? Come here for a great breakfast...and energize for a day of sightseeing with the Captain Crunch French Toast.

    55555 by Joe F.

  • William S.Somehow I think captain crunch French toast is the sole reason Jillian picked Baltimore.

    55555 by William S.

  • Erin K.Great food small location

    55555 by Erin K.

  • Kyle R.Best hash browns on the planet!

    55555 by Kyle R.

  • Kyra OdiShare the Sweet Baby Jesus AND Cap'n Crunch French Toast

    55555 by Kyra Odi

  • Melanie GeorgeOne word ... yummy.

    55555 by Melanie George

  • Rachel L.Decadent Captain Crunch French Toast At Blue Moon Cafe in Fells Point

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • Ray SEverything

    55555 by Ray S

  • Saif ACaptain crunch French toast.. this thing is AMAZING 😍

    55555 by Saif A

  • Stacey DEven carry out "Captain CrunchFrench Toast" is great!

    55555 by Stacey D

  • Tiffany M.The captain crunch French toast is a must

    55555 by Tiffany M.

  • Stacy TGo very very early. Order the Sweet Baby Jesus or the Captain Crunch French Toast.

    55555 by Stacy T

  • Steaven DCapn Crunch French toast is beyond delicious, sweet baby Jesus is... well you'll crave it, when they ask you if u want to start with a cinnamon roll, U Do!

    55555 by Steaven D

  • Valarie EGreat place - worth the wait! Service was good! Small place, but nice atmosphere!

    55555 by Valarie E

  • Andrew S.Sweet Baby Jesus!

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Doug P.Everything is great. French Toast is the truth! Sarah Simington is the best in town.

    55555 by Doug P.

  • Terri W.Captain crunch French toast

    55555 by Terri W.

  • LaTanya D.Sweet baby Jesus

    55555 by LaTanya D.

  • LaTanya D.Fantastic captain crunch french toast

    55555 by LaTanya D.

  • Kenn B.Dimitri burrito was really good. Sweet baby Jesus was good but not expecting it to be $20

    55555 by Kenn B.

  • Dione D.Sweet Baby Jesus. (Wasn't on the menu when I went, but ask for it anyway!) It's hashbrowns, eggs, crab meat, tomatoes, hollandaise, and cheese. YUM.

    55555 by Dione D.

  • Sherrie V. W.Sweet Baby Jesus is amazing.

    55555 by Sherrie V. W.

  • BrittanyNot that serious. Regular food.

    33333 by Brittany

  • Sara Q.Best french toast I've ever had!

    55555 by Sara Q.

  • Quinetta C.Vegetarian omlette w/ turkey sausage..delish! If I wasn't allergic to seafood I would've loved to try the Sweet Baby Jesus!

    55555 by Quinetta C.

  • Karen K.If they say 45-hr wait it's really 1.5 hrs. Not worth it

    33333 by Karen K.

  • Eddie A.Good place for breakfast and brunch. The atmosphere on the other hand is a little odd.

    55555 by Eddie A.

  • Kelley R.Get here EARLY or you will be waiting! This place is small but worth the wait! It is simply amazing. Captain Crunch French toast....'nuf said.

    55555 by Kelley R.

  • Liza T.Good food but way overpriced.

    33333 by Liza T.

  • Dina D.The cap'n crunch french toast is as good as they say. The coffee leaves something to be desired but fun place.

    55555 by Dina D.

  • Joseph M.Come on your birthday, get a bomb cinnamon roll and the whole restaurant singing you happy birthday.

    55555 by Joseph M.

  • Ashley H.A bit overrated. Just get some hash browns

    33333 by Ashley H.

  • Jenifer K.The capt crunch French toast ($12) is solid, but the Sweet Baby Jesus ($20) with lump crab is outstanding! Service is very ... Relaxed.

    55555 by Jenifer K.

  • Emily M.Captain Crunch French Toast!

    55555 by Emily M.

  • Brad B.Short stack of captain crunch for 10.95?!?! Great food as always but guess they've jacked their price because their always so crowded.

    55555 by Brad B.

  • Shelly B.The sausage gravy is as good as my Grandma used to make! To die for!

    55555 by Shelly B.

  • Katie T.Take a chance on the Captain Crunch French toast. I promise it's not as weird as it sounds. It adds a buttery kick to the mix, not overpowering.

    55555 by Katie T.

  • Julie G.Food was amazing, however the wait is so long because the service was not as amazing

    55555 by Julie G.

  • Daniel T.Huevos Rancheros is amazing.

    55555 by Daniel T.

  • MichelaThe cinnamon roll rocks! But beware, the portions here are huge so it might be your wafer thin mint!

    55555 by Michela

  • SergHo. ly. Shitballs. This place is ♪amaaayyyzning!♪ Wait staff is chill. Ambiance is cool. The food ranks up in the mind-blowing-oral-sex range. Eat here. BOOM!

    55555 by Serg

  • SeteriaThe "Sweet Baby Jesus", is a must as well as the "Captain Toast French Toast" yay 👏👏👏

    55555 by Seteria

  • TarpIt is good but certainly not worth a 2 hour wait. Go to Ale Mary's or Fork and Wrench instead.

    33333 by Tarp

  • Steven B.Get your own Cap'n Crunch French Toast... Share Red Velvet Pancakes at the table. Yaya's are never wrong ;)

    55555 by Steven B.

  • katie d.Wow! I've never had a more rude waitress than I did here. She never smiled, never asked what we wanted (just stood there tapping her foot)... Ugh! Not worth it!

    11111 by katie d.

  • Kitty M.Mouth-watery French toast... Did not disappoint. I don't even like French toast :)

    55555 by Kitty M.

  • Kitty M.Captain crunch French toast! :D soooo good

    55555 by Kitty M.

  • Shanell B.Must Have the Captain Crunch French Toast

    55555 by Shanell B.

  • The Baltimore SunThe Baltimore Sun ranked this as one of Baltimore's 100 best restaurants. Read more: http://bsun.md/QSUa29

    55555 by The Baltimore Sun

  • Jenn R.Obviously Captain Crunch French Toast is a must try! Nice place! Love it

    55555 by Jenn R.

  • JenniferTry the Sweet Baby Jesus - Crab, cheddar cheese, poached eggs, tomato, and hash browns. I can see why this is the best breakfast in Baltimore. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jennifer

  • Christine S.Captain Crunch French Toast!!!

    55555 by Christine S.

  • Oshie B.If you're getting food to go: order it ahead of time. I stood in there for a half an hour waiting for biscuits and gravy. Also, it sat in the window for a while and it was cold by the time I ate it.

    22222 by Oshie B.

  • Dave M.The biscuits are so good you have to ask for them twice!

    55555 by Dave M.

  • Melissa T.BYO Ketchup, they use Fancy House Ketchup not Heinz

    33333 by Melissa T.

  • Paul B.They are closed. Don't bother going there.

    22222 by Paul B.

  • Jessie F.Captain crunch French toast #nuffSaid

    55555 by Jessie F.

  • Carlos P.Try the Cap'n Crunch French Toast - Sugar rush! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Carlos P.

  • Tara H.Try the Sweet Baby Jesus - They call this heap of crab, fresh tomatoes and eggs on shredded has browns because you yell Sweet Baby Jesus when they serve it. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tara H.

  • ThePurplePassport.comBlue Moon Café is famous for their Cap’n Crunch French toast. Alongside a savory breakfast, enjoy the Pennsylvania delicacy of mushed up pork scraps that made its way to Baltimore.

    55555 by ThePurplePassport.com

  • Kortney B.Try the Cap'n Crunch French Toast - Even better than expected. I could eat here everyday. #Delish (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Kortney B.

  • Quinton W.Captain Church French Toast is a must. My main squeezed love'd the red velvet pancakes. When I come back I wanna try this dish called "Sweet Baby Jesus" LOL

    55555 by Quinton W.

  • Emily F.Cap'n crunch french toast is a must. Love the atmosphere and funky decor. Will be coming back very soon.

    55555 by Emily F.

  • Kristen M.Do not trust posted hours. Love the food but really tired of checking hours online then going there to find a locked door.

    33333 by Kristen M.

  • Steve P.Pro-tip: while you wait, get a cinnamon roll from the counter to munch on outside

    55555 by Steve P.

  • Steve P.I thought it'd be too sweet for me, but it wasn't, it was AMAZING! Cap'n crunch frenchtoast! And the sausage are hand-formed patties=THEBEST.

    55555 by Steve P.

  • Steve P.Our wait was an hour, we killed time wandering shops and found ourselves in The Point at Fells. Dude gave us sample after sample of microbrews!

    33333 by Steve P.

  • April E.Best breakfast food, but, AWFUL service! They are incredibly rude. Im a server/bartender in the area and it is sad how rude they are.

    22222 by April E.

  • Tammy H.Here w my baby Taci on the morning of our wedding w Hasan & our new friends Renee & Langden

    55555 by Tammy H.

  • Peter P.I will never come back. Worst "host" ever. Tons of bad attitude, zero help. Far offsets the food. Never coming back.

    11111 by Peter P.

  • Allison K.super cute little place in the city. I highly recommend it.

    55555 by Allison K.

  • Jacob B.The wait is the horrible

    22222 by Jacob B.

  • Keenon H.Be prepared to wait!

    55555 by Keenon H.

  • Jordan D.Ask for the Cap'n Crunch French Toast! It's fantastic!

    55555 by Jordan D.

  • Jamaldon't expect good service when they only have 2 servers when its crowded. either deal with it or simply go elsewhere

    33333 by Jamal

  • Yogi 💋Try the Captain Crunch French Toast - I'm in love! Not to sweet and no syrup needed! Perfectly crunchy & just delicious (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Yogi 💋

  • Yogi 💋Try the Sweet Baby Jesus - So delicious! Perfect blend of hash browns, hollandaise, tomatoes, cheese and Maryland Crab Meat (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Yogi 💋

  • Jahn Q.That g&g ain't nuffin to fuk wit..... #ijs....

    33333 by Jahn Q.

  • Larry R.Looking forward to our first visit! We'll bring ouor appetites.

    55555 by Larry R.

  • Naptown ♫.The Blue Moon's infamous "Captain Crunch French Toast" is the definition of comfort food!

    55555 by Naptown ♫.

  • Jackie K.The french toast was the only thing good but not worth the long wait.

    22222 by Jackie K.

  • Jackie K.The cinnamon bun looks better than it tastes

    55555 by Jackie K.

  • Jackie K.Food was fair.

    33333 by Jackie K.

  • Domingos R.Like a lot of trendy, great breakfast places, there is a wait but it is very good. Captain Crunch French Toast was outstanding.

    55555 by Domingos R.

  • Naptown ♫.From the funky decor to the creatively eclectic menu featuring creations like the Captin Crunch french toast. It's easy to see why this is Baltimore Urbanspoon's #1 Diner choice.

    55555 by Naptown ♫.

  • Jamie M.The "sweet baby Jesus" special is AMAZING and the cinnamon rolls are delicious too.

    55555 by Jamie M.

  • Dangelo P.Great food...just expect a long wait

    55555 by Dangelo P.

  • Mindy F.don't order a soda. 2$ for a can! no cup with ice even.

    22222 by Mindy F.

  • Ab...Bout to have brunch with shawty...on to the next one...

    33333 by Ab...

  • Cracken ..Cap'n Crunch French Toast. Nuff said.

    55555 by Cracken ..

  • Todd P.Good Vegan/Vegetarian options

    55555 by Todd P.

  • Ralph C.Get their early because this place is busy. Special on the weekend.

    55555 by Ralph C.

  • Rachel R.Long waits for not so great food or service

    55555 by Rachel R.

  • Food NetworkGuy Fieri uncovered some of America's greatest comfort food here where the French toast is top-notch.

    55555 by Food Network

  • Stephanie T.Careful... the cook doesn't wear gloves. Gross.

    11111 by Stephanie T.

  • Mo H.Weekends open Friday from 7am to Sunday at 3pm. You've got to try the Capt Crunch French Toast!

    55555 by Mo H.

  • David W.The Sweet Baby Jesus is a must-have, though I think it's only a special some days: hash browns, chopped tomatoes, and lump crab topped with 2 eggs, melted cheese and Hollandaise sauce!

    55555 by David W.

  • BaltimoreVoted 2nd Best Breakfast by City Paper Readers for Best of Baltimore 2011

    55555 by Baltimore

  • Moritz R.Captain Crunch French Toast!

    55555 by Moritz R.

  • Jackie D.Captain crunch French toast! Worth the wait.

    55555 by Jackie D.

  • Brad E.Website says 24 hours on the weekend, however, not necessarily true

    33333 by Brad E.

  • Amanda H.if you get the captain crunch french toast share it with a friend is supper yummy but so much to eat

    55555 by Amanda H.

  • Shannon K.Three words... Sweet. Baby. Jesus. You won't be disappointed.

    55555 by Shannon K.

  • Cynthia H.We tried a bit of it all....I highly recommend this place it was great!!!!!

    55555 by Cynthia H.

  • Dinean R.If you come with a group of 4 or more split yourselves in half for a shorter wait time. The place is so small you'll probably be sitting next to each other anyway.

    33333 by Dinean R.

  • Aaron JDon't ever go here the wait time is ridiculous. People just sit at tables and occupy them to impede others from eating. And the staff doesn't ask them to leave.

    22222 by Aaron J

  • Ron J.The wait is tremendous. Mainly due to the staff. :(

    55555 by Ron J.

  • Charles P.Go early to get a seat. We were there right when they opened ay 7:00 and were the only ones in the place. Food was great. Staff friendly. Only a 10 minute walk from hotels. Worth the trip.

    55555 by Charles P.

  • CheapismDo you like homemade cinnamon rolls, biscuits and jam? What about captain crunch french toast? Huevos rancheros come with fresh salsa, there may be a wait, but it's worth it.

    55555 by Cheapism

  • Jennie T.Sweet baby Jesus!!

    55555 by Jennie T.

  • James C.Captain Crunch French Toast is a must but this place is great overall

    55555 by James C.

  • Dan M.Be ready to wait over an hour - great shops nearby. Blue Moon worth wait.

    55555 by Dan M.

  • Brian G.Sweet Baby Jesus!

    55555 by Brian G.

  • Kevin T.I must admit the captain crunch french toast is pretty good but the rest of menu is just ok. Also the service is horrible.

    33333 by Kevin T.

  • Mel L.Perfect hangover cure is Mexican Scramble, captain crunch French toast, and a side of bacon!

    55555 by Mel L.

  • Alison B.Cinnamon bun equals joy. Get one. This place rocks. Everything is awesome. Great staff, too!!!

    55555 by Alison B.

  • Antonio D.Best Place ever!

    55555 by Antonio D.

  • Emily K.Split the capn crunch french toast and crab, cheddar and tomato hashbrowns with a friend. Sweet and savory goodness will ensue. Be patient and the staff is friendly. It's worth the wait.

    55555 by Emily K.

  • Rachel TGina is the best server I've seen in a long time. She keeps this place running smooth.

    55555 by Rachel T

  • Sophia Dcapn crunch french toast *yummy*

    55555 by Sophia D

  • FoodspottingTry the Captain Crunch French Toast

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Chris G.If it's on the specials get the hash browns topped with lump crab, tomato, cheddar, two eggs, hollandaise sauce. Holy Shit it's Amazing!

    55555 by Chris G.

  • Chris A.Captain crunch French toast is great; give the Sweet Baby Jesus a try if its one of the daily specials. This is place has a great authentic hometown Baltimore atmosphere.

    55555 by Chris A.

  • Rob S.Capt Crunch Encursted French Toast = crack. It's the most delicious thing ever. Def get this!!

    55555 by Rob S.

  • Michelle S.The hashbrowns (and pretty much everything there) are insanely delicious. Don't forget the cinnamon rolls!

    55555 by Michelle S.

  • Jenna D.The wait is worth it. Get the captain crunch french toast, delicious

    55555 by Jenna D.

  • Latoya N.Sometimes it pays to stay pretty close. A lot of people give up and don't return. So our 90 minute wait was just 30.

    33333 by Latoya N.

  • Marianne O.Hey the captain crunch french toast and crab, tomato and cheddar eggs benedict

    55555 by Marianne O.

  • Dan T.Go to Blue Moon for fantastic breakfast food. If you like spicy, order Mexican scramble with its great chorizo sausage.

    55555 by Dan T.

  • Amanda B.Go to the Blue Moon Cafe, order Capn Crunch French Toast. Tell them Amanda is your favorite cook and see if she's working.

    55555 by Amanda B.

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