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Paper Moon Diner

227 W 29th St
Baltimore, MD 21211

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(410) 889-4444

  • Sun - Thu 7:00am - 12:00am
  • Fri - Sat 7:00am - 2:00am

Cuisine: Vegetarian Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 201 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD
  • Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, MD

Paper Moon Diner Reviews

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  • Kathy C.The food is good, but if you come in alone, you will be sitting at the counter. They don't seat singles at tables :/

    33333 by Kathy C.

  • Stacy Y.No bar. Seriously?

    33333 by Stacy Y.

  • Rachel L.Awesome grilled cheese!

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • Wilson AAny place that has a list of rules and charges at the front of their menu gets a thumbs down.

    33333 by Wilson A

  • Candice aThe grits are delicious, the banana foster french toast was okay. It's a bit over priced in my opinion, no reason 1 egg should cost almost $3. The pancakes are cornmeal....who eats cornmeal pancakes??

    55555 by Candice a

  • Stacey RMilkshakes & burgers! Crazy good!

    55555 by Stacey R

  • Rebekah NGreat quirky menu. Large portions so come hungry! Would recommend their milkshakes and pancakes. Great place to come after a dance or with friends

    55555 by Rebekah N

  • Akilah J.I miss the days when this was 24 hours....mourning the past

    33333 by Akilah J.

  • Stefan VClosed on Tuesday 😢. This place was awesome when I first started going there, almost 20 yrs. ago, now? Well let's just say a lot of other people like it.

    55555 by Stefan V

  • Carlos CDuck bacon is fantastic!

    55555 by Carlos C

  • Jae WatkinsReally good breakfast good. Get the grits

    55555 by Jae Watkins

  • Gloria RThe food is very amazing there. Eggs Benedict,Spring egg and homemade beef chili are very delicious. Excellent and friendly service. Don't forget to have the Bacon Milkshake with your meal!!!

    55555 by Gloria R

  • Lilith A.Incredibly rude staff and manager. Way Overpriced. The cute decorum doesn't make up for either.

    22222 by Lilith A.

  • PureWowThe flavors here are as eclectic as the knickknacks in this diner--bacon chocolate or black sesame and honey?

    55555 by PureWow

  • Emma LTry the Duck Hash, if it is available as a Special!!

    55555 by Emma L

  • Gianluca DBellissima location

    33333 by Gianluca D

  • Josiah L.Must have their milkshake!

    55555 by Josiah L.

  • Carol JSo much visual trippy, I'd love my days to be this happy fun. Have been coming here for many years and the food remains the best.I crave the omelets and french toast like Homer drools for donuts.LUV

    55555 by Carol J

  • Oscar Meveryone here is so friendly. the food is great and plentiful and the sweet potato fries were on point 👍

    55555 by Oscar M

  • Emma LI had duck hash there and it was awesome! I love the ambience there also. It is quirky and friendly. There servers are attentive without being overbearing. Great spot!

    55555 by Emma L

  • Bryant JLove this place..Bacon milkshake was amazing and food well prepared..will return

    55555 by Bryant J

  • William MyersCrab and artichoke dip omelette.

    55555 by William Myers

  • Melissa S.Fast, friendly service. Excellent food. SO much to look at! We had the bananas foster French toast & the crab & artichoke heart omelet. Will definitely come back!

    55555 by Melissa S.

  • Crystal MMilkshakes are awesome!

    55555 by Crystal M

  • Kathy C.Cheesy grits, yuuuuuuuuummmmmmm

    55555 by Kathy C.

  • Amanda JFrench toast and grits really great! Don't get the eggs Benedict, the eggs were cold because they apparently pre-poach them and the Sauce tasted off as well.

    33333 by Amanda J

  • Michael KAtmosphere is Very unique, friendly, food+++

    55555 by Michael K

  • Rosie GGet the Kaptain Krunch milkshake

    22222 by Rosie G

  • j MFood is excellent!

    55555 by j M

  • Katie H.Great for breakfast lunch or dinner! I highly recommend the bananas foster French toast 👌🏼🍌

    55555 by Katie H.

  • Rebekah NThe decor is so amazing. Perfect for the creative person. The menu is certainly creative as well and delicious. I had a great birthday here.

    55555 by Rebekah N

  • Anik PGreat diner food. Everything in a traditional diner plus some unique tastes.

    55555 by Anik P

  • Rosie GCaptain crunch milkshake is a winner

    55555 by Rosie G

  • Meredith T.Red velvet pancakes. Dessert for breakfast. Great way to treat yo-self. Grits are also delicious.

    55555 by Meredith T.

  • Pearl A.Try the Bacon milkshakes! Not everyone's cup of tea, but it's something you should try at least once in a lifetime. I think it's delicious!

    55555 by Pearl A.

  • Karen SThe atmosphere was really cool. Loved the decor and the menu was surprising. I had the salmon omelet. It was delicious.

    55555 by Karen S

  • Peter STheir quesadillas are great!

    55555 by Peter S

  • Albert SUnique, artistic, you can look around and explore for hours! Oh yea- the food is great too!!

    55555 by Albert S

  • Justin M.Great food.

    55555 by Justin M.

  • Yousif D.This place is amazing!! I tried "spring egg" it was priceless. Definitely I'll come back again. The only downside is the the service is so slooooooooooooooow!!

    55555 by Yousif D.

  • Alex F.One of the most unique places in Baltimore to eat breakfast. Feast your eyes on the decor as you fill your tummy with delicious diner fare.

    55555 by Alex F.

  • Ali A.Excellent shakes. Unfortunately, they no longer take to-go orders. There is also a minimum order amount per head.

    33333 by Ali A.

  • beto STop de mais !!!

    55555 by beto S

  • Paul CunninghamGreat for late night. Fun for dates. Try the burrito, quesadilla, pigs in a blanket, etc.

    55555 by Paul Cunningham

  • Lauren A.Great food, but long wait. Cinnamon toast bread pudding was amazing!

    55555 by Lauren A.

  • Conor HardenThe brunch food is incredible. Also the atmosphere is so unique and eccentric!

    55555 by Conor Harden

  • Nik N.So much good food... You'll have a have a hard time ordering.

    55555 by Nik N.

  • Rachel L.Crazy decor. Typical diner food.

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • Allison F.Fun decor, great food!

    55555 by Allison F.

  • Amanda NCobb salad and a bacon milkshake! How could that be wrong?

    33333 by Amanda N

  • Courtney PorterCaptain Crunch Milkshake 👍 and crazy babies

    55555 by Courtney Porter

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Papermoon Diner as seen on Food Paradise

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Pam M.Great for out-of-towners. Teamwork approach to service: not assigned to one server and they split tips. It's great!

    55555 by Pam M.

  • Jake S.The biscuits and gravy was a hearty meal, with a big, fluffy biscuit and very peppery gravy. Order it with one of the famous milkshakes. Leave a happy human being.

    55555 by Jake S.

  • DeAdra LHated the crab cake made me sick. But loved the salmon club and the crab Mac N Cheese. Will go back again and again.

    33333 by DeAdra L

  • Sid C.One of the best brunch places in Charles Village

    55555 by Sid C.

  • Shannon Y.Play I Spy while waiting for your meal!

    33333 by Shannon Y.

  • DeAdra LI had the Crab Mac N Cheese And the Salmon Sub. It was FAB

    55555 by DeAdra L

  • Eric B.Eclectic Atmosphere! Love It!

    55555 by Eric B.

  • greg s.Standard diner fare from the mind of a psychopath

    33333 by greg s.

  • Milly E.The peanut butter shake is fuckin wonderful !!! 👌

    55555 by Milly E.

  • Jared M.The buffalo tofu wrap is incredible, but you should probably ask for extra napkins.

    55555 by Jared M.

  • Margie H.Had the hot tofu wrap with hoisin sauce. Delish! Also got an orange milkshake to go. Friendly staff, great food, funky space. Definitely check it out!

    55555 by Margie H.

  • John S.The place is nice, the servers and food are great. But the policies of not allowing takeout orders, or outdoor seating being non existent, should be reviewed.

    33333 by John S.

  • Jen F.Crab mac n truffle oil cheese. Ask for shredded bacon on top!

    55555 by Jen F.

  • Nicola K.The service is atrocious. Double whatever wait time they give you. Food is just okay.

    33333 by Nicola K.

  • Brendan P15+ year customer. turned overpriced, poor service diner last few years. Always a wait even with many available tables. Don't expect coffee refills anytime soon! Poorly run. Still good food tho.

    33333 by Brendan P

  • Angenine PCrab Mac and cheese delicious!

    55555 by Angenine P

  • Jason ChesnutTheir eggs Benedict with ham is the best I've had in a long time.

    55555 by Jason Chesnut

  • Colin M. F.Never TOO bad of of a wait, always delicious, tons of options, awesome.

    55555 by Colin M. F.

  • Vikki R.Try the chocolate bacon milkshake!

    55555 by Vikki R.

  • Melania F.As seen on the Travel Channel's Diner Paradise.

    33333 by Melania F.

  • Rex K.A phenomenal experience with a cool bizarro theme! I had an outlandishly good Monte Crisco sandwich.Challah bread with sunny side up medium egg bacon& havarti cheese sith Maple syrup. Cheese grits too

    55555 by Rex K.

  • Mike C.Get anything that comes with home fries.

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Ratthazart H.Have a funny😊😜

    33333 by Ratthazart H.

  • Phillip E.Try the Bacon Milkshake - Maple, bacon, chocolate or vanilla ice cream. In all seriousness, this combination of sweet and salty really works.

    55555 by Phillip E.

  • Mandy D.Bacon milkshake for sure! Eat it with a spoon if the bacon flakes scare you

    55555 by Mandy D.

  • Liz L.Lots of tasty selections on the menu. The fried ravioli was a great starter for my bf and I. We also both ordered milkshakes. I had the kap n' krunch, very tasty! Also enjoy the cool decortations!!!

    55555 by Liz L.

  • Frank L.Blueberry pancakes. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Order the blueberry pancakes.

    55555 by Frank L.

  • K F.Food is good, service is so-so, decor speaks for itself.

    55555 by K F.

  • Victoria B.Awesome food! Phenomenal service! Unique decor! I can't wait for my next visit and to try a bacon milkshake.

    55555 by Victoria B.

  • Lianna B.Really upset by our visit. We usually love this place. Unfortunately we were ignored the majority of our dinner. Our main server went on her break and decided to not return with our food. Awful.

    22222 by Lianna B.

  • Robbin M.Cool but freaky place.

    55555 by Robbin M.

  • Daniel B.Staff was pretty unfriendly, something changed as they used to be good.

    22222 by Daniel B.

  • Glow I.Although there are many interesting sounding items on the menu I have found it best to stick with the basic hamburger, good but nothing special. Milkshakes a must. Good place to bring visitors.

    55555 by Glow I.

  • Mardette S.Grits were wonderful

    55555 by Mardette S.

  • Shae C.Love it for late night meals...the breakfast us awesome as well as dinner items never disappointed

    55555 by Shae C.

  • AskiaGee-Eye Joe the appetite hero! Great breakfast burrito and very filling.

    55555 by Askia

  • Robbie R.Try to find the secret logbook.

    55555 by Robbie R.

  • BROADSIt's like eating dinner inside our brains.

    33333 by BROADS

  • Jim L.Chunky Monkey Milkshake

    55555 by Jim L.

  • Keisha A.Love this place! Great food. The eccentric decór is a must see. I will definitely be back.

    55555 by Keisha A.

  • Jordi M.My husband works here

    33333 by Jordi M.

  • jamyla b.Best grits in town. Savory, creamy, and meat-free.

    55555 by jamyla b.

  • Lance B.Eggs Benedict --great thing to make up for that lost hour

    55555 by Lance B.

  • Lance B.Their grits are awesome with the red pepper

    55555 by Lance B.

  • Kimberly U.Good food, wonderful staff. Play I spy with the decor! Oh and I got engaged here :-)

    55555 by Kimberly U.

  • Bob J.This place gets insanely busy and crowded on weekends. Still good service and great food though. Try the Captain Crunch milkshake!

    55555 by Bob J.

  • SpamTheir homemade beef chili is amazing and spicy. It's a thick red chili with chipotle and sweet peppers, topped with cheddar jack. Served by the bowl or as part of their generous taco salad.

    55555 by Spam

  • Marsha W.Order the Specials. The waitstaff gets bonuses when you do. Help a server out! :)

    55555 by Marsha W.

  • DaDa (Tigger)Delicious. I miss coming here

    55555 by DaDa (Tigger)

  • Cam M.You can really try anything on the menu and be happy with it. Haven't had a bad meal yet. Get the "BBQ Shrimp Quesadilla" at least one time

    55555 by Cam M.

  • Cory A.Bacon Milkshake, I love you.

    55555 by Cory A.

  • Jason M.Awesome! Love it!

    55555 by Jason M.

  • ZoeFor some reason the first time I went there all the junk hanging around made it feel....dusty. I honestly couldn't stop imagining a massive hair ball of ancient garbage building in my throat.

    33333 by Zoe

  • David O.Kevin's omelette and add pesto... The best!!

    55555 by David O.

  • SpamTreat your inner kid to a Cap'n Crunch milkshake.

    55555 by Spam

  • TyTy N.Tracy was terrific!! Ask for,her!

    55555 by TyTy N.

  • NOM NOM BorisYou must try one of the best nomnoms ever, Meatloaf Sandwich (5/5 NOMs). Its a must to try at this great place. More tips & pics @ nomnomboris.com

    55555 by NOM NOM Boris

  • @BaltimoreTom⚾Try the Eggs Benedict!

    55555 by @BaltimoreTom⚾

  • Chrissy N.Bacon milkshake (I prefer chocolate but others claim you can taste more of the maple with vanilla). Salted Caramel Milksjake. And holy crap their crab Mac n cheese is to die for. So many options!!

    55555 by Chrissy N.

  • LaurenLove the milkshakes. So good.

    55555 by Lauren

  • Rob S.one of my fav spots in bmore! very quirky & can be a bit overpriced for a diner... but i still love going at any time of day. bacon milkshake is very interesting! ALWAYS swap for sweet potato fries!

    55555 by Rob S.

  • Carolyn J.You don't look a gift breakfast in the mouth.

    33333 by Carolyn J.

  • NOM NOM BorisYou must try one of the best nomnoms ever, Meatloaf Sandwich (5/5 NOMs). Its a must to try at this great place. More tips & pics @ nomnomboris.com

    55555 by NOM NOM Boris

  • NOM NOM BorisBACON MILKSHAKE!!!! Yes, you must try most amazing nomnom Chocolate Bacon Milkshake. Why aren't you there already? More tips & pics @ nomnomboris.com

    55555 by NOM NOM Boris

  • Matt T.Be ready cause this is a different kind of place..be open and don't judge people...

    33333 by Matt T.

  • Ed C.Cap'n crunch French toast 24 hours a day on the weekends. Skip the brunch lines

    55555 by Ed C.

  • Jason L.Papermoon combines a silly atmosphere with fantastic food. It's a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Try the Caramel and Sea Salt Milkshake along with the Bacon, Avocado, and Havarti Omelette.

    55555 by Jason L.

  • Sherrell J.This is one of my most favorite places to go. The atmosphere in there is great and the way it's designed is absolutely creative.

    55555 by Sherrell J.

  • Jared S.The interior decor will blow your mind. Nutella French toast: nutella filled french toast drenched in chocolate topped with bananas -- another mind blowing experience.

    55555 by Jared S.

  • Jenny T.Weedburger... Amazing!!! Nuff said! :-D

    55555 by Jenny T.

  • Hannah M.Try something new! Their strange combinations are always the best!

    55555 by Hannah M.

  • Julie S.seriously, eat here.

    55555 by Julie S.

  • Renz P.this has to be the strangest place i have ever consumed a meal.. from the slightly voodoo-esque dolls hanging from the roof to the tricycles, random paintings etc but the food is good.. cool place lol

    55555 by Renz P.

  • Cristo L.Charm City Badge

    33333 by Cristo L.

  • Claire A.peanut butter shake!!

    55555 by Claire A.

  • Heidi S.Check out the unusual decor- old toys, pez dispensers, et al.

    55555 by Heidi S.

  • Shannon Y.It's like the inside of my mind in Diner format.

    33333 by Shannon Y.

  • Heidi S.What more could ask for?Off the wall decor, pretty food, open 24 hrs.

    55555 by Heidi S.

  • Nick A.The windows are wicked cool.

    55555 by Nick A.

  • Katie H.Best biscuits ever.

    55555 by Katie H.

  •  Deon P.Camera! Get ready.. Banana cream pie milkshake

    55555 by  Deon P.

  • Charles E.Grab yourself an omelet and whatever the weirdest sounding milkshake is on the menu and you'll be in bliss.

    55555 by Charles E.

  • Lucy P.Try the caramel sea salt milkshake...it is the BEST!!!

    55555 by Lucy P.

  • Hope F.Breakfast Anytime... yes please.

    55555 by Hope F.

  • MarylandCheck out all the Pez dispensers, as you sip on a caramel and sea-salt milkshake!

    55555 by Maryland

  • Baby T.I always order the Fried Green Beans! dunno why! oh of course you'll love all their omelets!

    55555 by Baby T.

  • SpamHave Joe make you a peanut butter & Cap'n Crunch milkshake. Powerfully decadent.

    55555 by Spam

  • Susan S.Love this place!

    55555 by Susan S.

  • Thomas B.Try the eggs benedict

    55555 by Thomas B.

  • Baltimore Maryland M.Two Words: Bacon. Milkshake. That's maple bacon and chocolate ice cream.

    55555 by Baltimore Maryland M.

  • DanieTry the Salted Caramel Milkshake! Nom nom noms...the BEST milkshake EVER!

    55555 by Danie

  • Naptown ♫.Never been to a Wacky, Outer Space Themed, Toy Encrusted, Diner before ? Bring the kids, bring a camera, and don't miss the TV Dinners.

    33333 by Naptown ♫.

  • CITYPEEK PattiWindow seat

    33333 by CITYPEEK Patti

  • Nazaahah A.Try the grits...creamy, tasty, veggies sprinkled throughout...could be a meal by itself

    55555 by Nazaahah A.

  • Catherine B.Bacon milkshake...interesting combination of salty and sweet. It's definitely worth trying!

    55555 by Catherine B.

  • Alexis M.My fav stomping grounds when I lived in Baltimore. Must bring a camera!!

    55555 by Alexis M.

  • CBS LocalChoice budget bite: The Crab Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil ($9) is divine and definitely enough for a meal. - CBS Baltimore

    55555 by CBS Local

  • Amanda D.Don't leave the venue on foot, with no direction as to where your going, in the dead of winter...At least I found this place while being lost haha

    33333 by Amanda D.

  • Jessica P.This place is a not so hidden treasure! Truly one of a kind & great food!

    55555 by Jessica P.

  • Adamworked here for six months. shrimp and grits are fucking awesome. make eggs at home and try something more interesting! birch beer float isn't on the menu but is awesome, ask for it blended.

    55555 by Adam

  • jamyla b.The grits - savory & creamy & cheesy and meat-free!

    55555 by jamyla b.

  • Corey F.Sea salt latte is bangin

    55555 by Corey F.

  • Misha EToys make it fun, but Blue Moon in Fells is so much better in terms of food for the money. Captain crunch French toast is the bomb!

    55555 by Misha E

  • Akilah J.Bring back the 24 hour service then you'll bring me and many others back.

    33333 by Akilah J.

  • Elliott P.The bacon milkshake is great! BUT do you know what makes it GREATER? Have them make it with Vanilla ice cream and Chocolate syrup!! So good.

    55555 by Elliott P.

  • BaltimoreGalthe shakes are the best.

    55555 by BaltimoreGal

  • CaronSouthern love burger & a bacon milkshake will have you in pure bliss

    55555 by Caron

  • LeviGet the Eggs Bennie w/ tomatoes @ spinach. Delicious!

    55555 by Levi

  • SpamJust discovered that the coffee is Zeke's! No wonder it's good.

    33333 by Spam

  • Amanda F.The food is very good. Try danielles usual it's great. Total Baltimore icon support this great local business.

    55555 by Amanda F.

  • SpamIf you love bananas, get the Bananas Foster French Toast. Lots of bananas both inside and outside, and sweet enough to let you ignore the syrup.

    55555 by Spam

  • Kerry Anne K.Great place! Loved the food!

    55555 by Kerry Anne K.

  • Nathan M.In the mood for purr greasy fatty bliss. They got something called the southern love burger. Incredible!!! Best idea for a burger ever.

    55555 by Nathan M.

  • SpamTry the Bacon Milkshake - Maple, bacon, chocolate or vanilla ice cream. In all seriousness, this combination of sweet and salty really works.

    55555 by Spam

  • DJ Ken R.Bring a camera! Awesome atmosphere!

    55555 by DJ Ken R.

  • Adanna RThe grilled cheese is gourmet! Also, don't forget to have dessert...especially the carrot cake.

    55555 by Adanna R

  • Robyn J.The peanut butter shake is AMAZING!

    55555 by Robyn J.

  • Rafael R.portobella gravy over homemade biscuits - yum!

    55555 by Rafael R.

  • Nikki N.Everything great including service. Eclectic menu- awesome grits the Monte French toast sandwich outstanding

    55555 by Nikki N.

  • Sillybearpa GThe breakfast menu here is awesome!!!

    55555 by Sillybearpa G

  • SpamTry the Banana Cream Pie Milkshake - Tastes EXACTLY like the real thing!

    55555 by Spam

  • Ben SBe sure to admire the hundreds of Pez dispensers along the wall of the waiting area.

    55555 by Ben S

  • Dy A.hmmm good tea

    55555 by Dy A.

  • Sherry NBacon chocolate milkshake . . .sounds weird but is really good!

    55555 by Sherry N

  • Evan S.Ask for crunched tortilla chips in the 'salsa, cheddar & avocado omelet.'. They'll look at you funny, but just smile and wink.

    55555 by Evan S.

  • KimberlyYou might have a bit of a wait, but it's oh so worth it. One of my favorite places in Baltimore!

    55555 by Kimberly

  • Emily K.Bring a friend, order the grilled cheese with mango chutney and the cranberry melt, split and be engulfed by sandwich bliss.

    55555 by Emily K.

  • Amnesty International B.Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration insuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means.

    33333 by Amnesty International B.

  • danielle Mchocolate milkshake

    55555 by danielle M

  • Jenna D.use to be for locals, now its a tourist trap. still, the wait is never too long, and the omlettes are yummy.

    55555 by Jenna D.

  • Avelino M.When there's a special breakfast involving sauce (like blueberry pancakes with lemon compote), ask to try the compote on their fabulous cheesecake.

    55555 by Avelino M.

  • Dave CDon't come here if liz p is the Mayor. She smells like Tuckers butt?

    33333 by Dave C

  • Meredith LOrder the grits at least once--they are like a comforting wave of deliciousness.The Sweet Potato fries can't be topped, though.

    55555 by Meredith L

  • Craig JCheck out the mannequin in the bathroom in the basement...uber creepy

    22222 by Craig J

  • Sherry NMy 5 yr old said, "OH . . This restaurant is PRETTY! Girls would like this restaurant"!!

    33333 by Sherry N

  • Richard R.The service is usually pretty crappy but you won't seem to care. Good food and a wide selection albeit overpriced. The decorations are great. They are no longer open 24 hours.

    55555 by Richard R.

  • Jessica M.Egg sandwich on a bagel with sausage and American, and a side of home fries. Glass of OJ or chocolate milkshake. Awesome.

    55555 by Jessica M.

  • Kristen G.the deep dish apple pie will make your brain move. in a good [great] way. get the ice cream, don't skimp.

    55555 by Kristen G.

  • ian h.Birdsnest with sweet potato fries...a winner every time.

    55555 by ian h.

  • SpamThe Vegan Nachos is every bit as good as the Machos Nachos. (It's got hummus and cucumbers instead of sour cream and cheese.) In either case, it's generous and yummy.

    55555 by Spam

  • SpamIf you're in the mood to spoil your carnivorous side, get the Southern Love Burger...it's topped with pulled pork BBQ, cheddar cheese, and bacon!

    55555 by Spam

  • SpamYou can't go wrong with one of their omelettes.

    55555 by Spam

  • Andrew S.Great food. Watch out for the cross dresser's

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Lisa JBEST BREAKFAST EVER! You MUST order the grits. They're to die for. We also enjoy the UpTown Omelette and Kevin's (???) Omelette with mushrooms & onions.

    55555 by Lisa J

  • Allan M.Tofu scramble was runny? Watery? when I tried it, conisder yourself warned.

    22222 by Allan M.

  • Eleanor BGo to PaperMoon and order the Porky Burger with provolone or the Turkey/Cranberry sammich. Avoid the Sweet Potato fries when they're busy, and try the chocolate shake!

    55555 by Eleanor B

  • Shikha P.Went here and it has the kitschiest decorations ever, not to mention the coolest food.

    55555 by Shikha P.

  • Jonah S.Bring a camera... you're going to want some pictures of this incredible place!

    55555 by Jonah S.

  • Lizsorbet smoothie with cranberry juice is awesome!

    55555 by Liz

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