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Golden West Cafe

4.6 of 5.0 from 166 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD
  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, MD

Blogger Reviews of Golden West Cafe

  • Charm City Couple on Aug 01, 2013

    Golden West Cafe is pretty much the essence of Hampden wrapped up into one awesome restaurant. The food is flavorful, the diners are eclectic, and the servers dress oh so cool...

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Golden West Cafe Reviews

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  • Dan P.Vegan French Toast special with strawberries

    55555 by Dan P.

  • Vincent S.Quickly becoming my favorite spot for food and drink in Hampden!

    55555 by Vincent S.

  • Jake SHot southwestern cuisine

    55555 by Jake S

  • Allison K.Best green chile I've had on the east coast.

    55555 by Allison K.

  • LolaSolid food, but spotty service.

    55555 by Lola

  • Dave SI actually like it here the food is good and they have a good beer selection!!

    55555 by Dave S

  • Nathan LGreat brunch!

    55555 by Nathan L

  • Matias MollinTATER TOTS!

    55555 by Matias Mollin

  • Daniel LOh god, that breakfast polenta melted my face with its goodness.

    55555 by Daniel L

  • Stazii Bbagle with butter and cream cheese for the last 2 times I've come been here I've found a long blond hair and this time big hunks of butter and cream cheese just thrown on and they don't wear Gloves

    22222 by Stazii B

  • Stazii BChilli cheese fries

    55555 by Stazii B

  • Stazii Bchilli cheese fries and the BBQ BURGER and the Pittsburgh (not a fan of the team) steak salad all were delicious

    55555 by Stazii B

  • Stazii BPittsburgh steak salad

    55555 by Stazii B

  • Michael CLove their brunch!! Mushroom Gravy is a must have.

    55555 by Michael C

  • Justin H.An excellent, varied menu and great beer selection. They even have a take out window. Very cool!

    55555 by Justin H.

  • Kolya CLox of love Omelette is amazing!

    55555 by Kolya C

  • Josh SThe frito pie is a perfect little taste of the Southwest.

    55555 by Josh S

  • Marilyn ZSpecial food and polite staff. i have nothing to complain about them

    55555 by Marilyn Z

  • PJ W.The pancakes are delicious!

    55555 by PJ W.

  • Yidy DNew Belgium in Baltimore!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Yidy D

  • Yidy DVegan tacos are so amazing we didn't even have time to take a photo before they were gone.

    55555 by Yidy D

  • Ben VTacos veggie

    55555 by Ben V

  • Luke JVegan tacos

    55555 by Luke J

  • Liz C.Unique delicious offerings

    55555 by Liz C.

  • Cecile M.Authentic ambiance, excellent food, plenty of healthy options & one of the best cappuccinos I've had! True gem.

    55555 by Cecile M.

  • Bryn T.Something for everyone! I like the veggie burger

    55555 by Bryn T.

  • Nicholas Z.A Hamden staple. A little dusty around the edges, but we'll call that charm.

    55555 by Nicholas Z.

  • Sonja S.Breakfast Burritos; hard cider on tap-very nice!

    55555 by Sonja S.

  • Jamie PFing Gymboree. Can see why drinks are so strong. Enjoy!! Ick

    33333 by Jamie P

  • ShannonChorizo burrito, Giddy Up omelette, or zucchini brie pancake. Order! Order now! And don't forget the tots.

    55555 by Shannon

  • Pam C.The Drew special is incredibly flavorful. And then you get virtue points for ordering a vegan brunch!

    55555 by Pam C.

  • Campbell BirdSouthwest brunch is tasty despite their green chile sauce being pretty bland.

    55555 by Campbell Bird

  • Allyson H.I've found my eternal happy place. Hip vibe; strong (fair trade) coffee; and veggie patties that won't leave you asking "Where's the beef?!" Not to mention their cocktails - try the Killer Bee.

    55555 by Allyson H.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Golden West Cafe as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Sid C.Best brunch in Hampden. Get the breakfast polenta.

    55555 by Sid C.

  • Nancy S.Everything!!!

    55555 by Nancy S.

  • Design*SpongeKnown best for their “frito pie” this eclectic joint is a great place to run into Baltimore regulars.

    55555 by Design*Sponge

  • B.J. E.Try to figure out what year the map is from. Good luck.

    33333 by B.J. E.

  • Fred S.Breakfast quesadilla is always on point. Great burgers, too.

    55555 by Fred S.

  • Corrie F.Excellent menu. Aztec burrito was good.

    55555 by Corrie F.

  • Rachel L.Delicious Brunch and Funky Decor at Golden West Cafe in Hampden

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • Jessica L.Get the tots

    33333 by Jessica L.

  • Jessica L.Aztec burrito and GET THE TOTS

    33333 by Jessica L.

  • Steve L.The zucchini and Brie pancakes are amazing. Trust me on this one!

    55555 by Steve L.

  • Kim J.Simple American fare but LOTS of vegetarian / vegan options.

    55555 by Kim J.

  • CleanChoiceA funky, unique venue for food and entertainment! Golden West cares about the environment, too. Not only do they run on 100% clean power -- patrons that switch get a $35 gift card!

    55555 by CleanChoice

  • Jessica E.Food is great but the service is hit and miss

    55555 by Jessica E.

  • Paul CunninghamSpectacular breakfast burrito w green chile sauce, aztec burrito christmas style, or breakfast polenta with carne adovada. Classic New Mexican. Good beer on tap. Can get quite crowded - try the bar.

    55555 by Paul Cunningham

  • jason s.Ugh. Goddamned Thomas nixed the TOFU BALLS!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    22222 by jason s.

  • Noah S.The black bean burger is phenomenal! Get it with sweet potato fries!

    55555 by Noah S.

  • Nicole C.Great food, grest service, great atmosphere. A bit of a hipster hideout, haha.

    55555 by Nicole C.

  • Lauren A.Amazing pancakes! Chocolate chip with pb or zucchini with brie and lemon.

    55555 by Lauren A.

  • The Baltimore SunBaltimore's Best Bars 2013: This Hampden bar bursts with character and personality unique to itself. Those in the mood for a beer and a massive burrito should visit immediately.http://bsun.md/1bhnIcU

    55555 by The Baltimore Sun

  • Bryan D.Awesome food

    55555 by Bryan D.

  • Jeremy G.Loved the Brussels sprouts, tots, and polenta. ¡Las carnitas son caliente!

    55555 by Jeremy G.

  • Shelly B.Try the zucchini brie pancake topped with honey. It just became my Golden West Cafe favorite!

    55555 by Shelly B.

  • Patrick R.You must above all things get the green chile on a burrito ... By far the best thing uhh ever!

    55555 by Patrick R.

  • William C.Save room for the York peppermint patty that comes with the check.

    33333 by William C.

  • William C.The fajita is SO good and more food than a grown man should be able to eat.

    55555 by William C.

  • Dina D.Kind of slow but really delicious breakfast tacos. Like, special delicious.

    55555 by Dina D.

  • Oron Gill H.Very eclectic and good. Local gem.

    55555 by Oron Gill H.

  • Lindy Z.zucchini Brie pancakes.. so good! :) one will fill you up, but two seems like a charm (and doable). the sweetpotato fries and tatter tots are must appetizer to share.

    55555 by Lindy Z.

  • LyndseyBreakfast quesadillas are heaven.

    55555 by Lyndsey

  • Hannah B.must get goldilox omelette!

    55555 by Hannah B.

  • BillysBurgerBlog.comThe Ring of Fire Burger

    33333 by BillysBurgerBlog.com

  • Tia S.The tater tots are perfect!

    55555 by Tia S.

  • Emilee R.You'll never forget your first tots.

    55555 by Emilee R.

  • Ashley R.The vegetarian biscuits and gravy are AMAZING. Only on Saturday and Sunday though :(

    55555 by Ashley R.

  • Ashley R.Busy on the weekends, but if you get here before 10 you'll get a table right away.

    55555 by Ashley R.

  • Aimee d.Food is good! People are great :) fun local flare

    55555 by Aimee d.

  • Judah A.This. Eat brunch here.

    33333 by Judah A.

  • Steven R.The hangover burger was great. The garlic fries tasted very fresh.

    55555 by Steven R.

  • ChrisAwesome food. Different choices, must go!

    55555 by Chris

  • Tiffany J.Ask to sit in Micky's section. He is awesome!

    55555 by Tiffany J.

  • Kristina R.Homemade ranch dressing is to die for

    55555 by Kristina R.

  • Sean O.Hope all the other beers aren't served as flat as mine was

    22222 by Sean O.

  • Dianne B.Wonderful vegan and vegetarian choices!

    55555 by Dianne B.

  • SarahIf you go to Golden West and opt out from getting the Brussels sprouts you're making a huge mistake. They will change your life.

    33333 by Sarah

  • Dave R.The tres leches is delicious. Three sweet milks ...that's right...plural milks

    55555 by Dave R.

  • Dave R.The Aztec burrito is ridiculously good.

    55555 by Dave R.

  • Colette S.I come here every time I visit y parents in Ruxton. Stick with the breakfast menu but make sure to order some tots. The Lisa Marie is my jont.

    55555 by Colette S.

  • Ambular I.You get peppermint York patties after dinner!

    55555 by Ambular I.

  • Ambular I.Take the plunge and Get the burger with apple and Brie on it...it's amazing! Even the pickiest of eaters will love it :)

    55555 by Ambular I.

  • jason s.Thomas will eat you!

    55555 by jason s.

  • Ryan W.A vegan's paradise

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • Molly Patricia S.Get the Hopi Cakes for Sunday brunch. 'Nuff said.

    55555 by Molly Patricia S.

  • The Baltimore SunBaltimore's Best Bars 2012: You will find "excellent bands playing on a consistent basis at this Hampden bar-meets-music venue," as well as a "surprisingly well-stocked bar." http://bsun.md/XyYupk

    55555 by The Baltimore Sun

  • Steve H.Get the steak and mushroom fajita. Totally worth the $17.

    55555 by Steve H.

  • Steve S.Bring back whole wheat pancakes! :-(

    55555 by Steve S.

  • Dave F.Had excellent service on Halloween (Wednesday night). Excellent food too: tots app (huge, great sauces), BBQ burger (tangy!) w/ sesame noodles, carne enchiladas.

    55555 by Dave F.

  • Cupcake CrusadersDid you know they have a Banana Cupcake on the menu? It's pretty tasty (but sweet!) too.

    55555 by Cupcake Crusaders

  • Barricade M.Head to Druid Hill Park just outside the Maryland Zoo for your chance to score a FREE copy of Barricade on DVD! You just have to fin we're we hid it first! http://bit.ly/QBQ0qf

    33333 by Barricade M.

  • Hayley P.Mediocre food, terrible service.

    11111 by Hayley P.

  • Heather D.Had breakfast here yesterday. The corn cake/bean breakfast dish was great and the pancake was huge (and thick and filling). I also recommend the tater tots.

    55555 by Heather D.

  • Chelsea W.Best seitan of my life. Also, moose friend.

    55555 by Chelsea W.

  • Jacki B.Nacho Salad rocks! A must try.

    55555 by Jacki B.

  • Erik C.Incredible brunch...the whole place has this blue collar hipster feel. The staff are attentive and know the menu which is a great menu. Their spin on Mexican food is awesome and try that bloody Mary!

    55555 by Erik C.

  • Marley S.it's not always on the cocktail menu, but ask for the sarsaparilla fizz

    55555 by Marley S.

  • Brian M.Fish tacos are A+, usually a wait to sit, they only split two credit cards.

    55555 by Brian M.

  • Shannon K.One of my favorite Sunday brunch spots. Tots and chorizo burrito, DO IT!

    55555 by Shannon K.

  • Christine O.Board games in the back!

    33333 by Christine O.

  • Heather B.The breakfast polenta is delicious but the soy chorizo with it is really spicy!

    55555 by Heather B.

  • Steph P.Beware of all the hipsters!

    33333 by Steph P.

  • HeatherStumbled across this great vegetarian brunch joint in Hampden. Definitely recommended.

    55555 by Heather

  • Kim C.The buffalo tofu serving is huge!

    55555 by Kim C.

  • Jae E.All-American Burrito w/ Bison

    55555 by Jae E.

  • The Baltimore SunGolden West has morphed into one of the city's best spots for cutting edge performers and dance nights.

    55555 by The Baltimore Sun

  • BaltimoreGalsteak and brussels sprouts. genius.

    55555 by BaltimoreGal

  • Hope F.Good food - worth the wait.

    55555 by Hope F.

  • Nacho Z.2 words: Tater Tots. They are awesome in the real meaning of the word. They inspire tastebud awe.

    55555 by Nacho Z.

  • Ned W.Kid friendly place. Even though we got a sitter tonight, will bring one year old next time!

    55555 by Ned W.

  • Biz K.They fixed the gravy! Back to yummy goodness. Way to go GW.

    55555 by Biz K.

  • Waffles M.Dollar-off whisky on Thursdays... I think it was Thursday... Err

    55555 by Waffles M.

  • Waffles M.The Warm Vietnamese salad is awesome!

    55555 by Waffles M.

  • Bryant S.Awesome polenta dinner... Very tasty.

    55555 by Bryant S.

  • Justin P.This is an office hunger magazine model location!

    55555 by Justin P.

  • Karim S.The Mental Oriental with peanut sauce and fried tofu is the type of salad you dream about. That is, if you happen to dream about salads.

    55555 by Karim S.

  • Biz K.What happened to the mushroom gravy? Used to be the only vegetarian thing that would sate me, now its way too onion-y (and i am pro-onion) Never go wrong with sides of tots or peanut noodles.

    33333 by Biz K.

  • Josh W.Amazing brunch!

    55555 by Josh W.

  • Donny V.Amazing seasonal beer selection, awesome wait staff, and the best brussel sprouts, breakfast quesadilla, and cupcakes around. Check out the weekend specials, too!

    55555 by Donny V.

  • Emily B.Hey you! Put that phone down, against house rules!

    22222 by Emily B.

  • CBS LocalOrder the Elvis pancakes: applewood bacon baked inside, topped with bananas sautéed in honey and peanut butter. - CBS Baltimore

    55555 by CBS Local

  • Lynn M.They have the best music selection if you're a fan of metal.

    55555 by Lynn M.

  • Brittany W.See Jenny Owen Youngs!!!!

    55555 by Brittany W.

  • BaltimoreVoted 2nd Best Cheap Restaurant and 2nd Best Brunch by City Paper Readers for Best of Baltimore 2011

    55555 by Baltimore

  • Dave F.Even getting here the minute it opened did not improve the service. But the food is so good.

    33333 by Dave F.

  • Gabriel BThey are out of catfish and french toast

    55555 by Gabriel B

  • travel42Service can be slow, so if you go for breakfast, it's best to arrive before 10 am. The blueberry pancakes are wonderful. (Also be aware this place is not cell phone-friendly!)

    55555 by travel42

  • Carolyn J.A+ for the Aztec burrito!

    55555 by Carolyn J.

  • Rachael S.Tots are amazing!

    55555 by Rachael S.

  • Melanie SBaltimore's best breakfast on a weekend morning. If you dig blue corn (I'm a blue corn addict), try the Hopi cakes. Just do it! You'll thank me.

    55555 by Melanie S

  • Avelino M.It's New Mexican, not Mexican, and it's very authentic, (esp. the huevos rancheros and the Frito Pie), even if the green chile isn't hot enough. Hopi Cakes are spot on too.

    55555 by Avelino M.

  • Liz S.Ginormous portion of tater tots! Yummm!

    55555 by Liz S.

  • skyler s.Terrible service but great food.

    33333 by skyler s.

  • Robert T.Get the tots. You will not be disappointed. Also, the Pittsburgh steak salad is fantastic, even though it's named after a most unfortunate city.

    55555 by Robert T.

  • DDogThe Elvis pancakes are fantastic. Just get one unless you're really hungry or sharing.

    55555 by DDog

  • cori AEpic peanut noodles. Better yet, the mental oriental with the fried tofu. Love it forever.

    55555 by cori A

  • Andrew R.The brussel sprouts are unworldy grand.

    55555 by Andrew R.

  • FoodspottingTry the Apple, Brie and Pesto Sandwich

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Amanda F.Service was ok, sweet potato fries were ice cold... But the tomato mozzarella sandwich is amazing.

    33333 by Amanda F.

  • Amnesty International B.A poor diet resulting in obesity is a major factor in the epidemic of non-communicable diseases, which disproportionately affects the poor.

    22222 by Amnesty International B.

  • Jessica P.Brussel sprouts appetizer and tres leches cake are both awesome. Huevos rancheros were quite disappointing - all spice, no flavor.

    55555 by Jessica P.

  • Pamela S.One pancake was enough bc you have to save room for the yummy cupcakes!!

    55555 by Pamela S.

  • Natalie B.Don't spend $2.75 on Boh...ever. What a ripoff. I don't even want to know what the other beers cost. Awesome decor though.

    22222 by Natalie B.

  • Kelly NGet the Skirt Steak with Brussel Sprouts... it was pretty amazing and an item I had overlooked on the menu many times. It's going to be new go-to order.

    55555 by Kelly N

  • jason s.Russel Brand/ Mick Foley works there. Get him for your waiter!

    33333 by jason s.

  • Andrea R.The banana cream cheese cupcakes are the best thing in the world. And I normally scorn all non-chocolate desserts, so that's saying something.

    55555 by Andrea R.

  • Gerald StacyGet the brussels sprouts. I promise you; they're the best you've ever had!

    55555 by Gerald Stacy

  • Richard R.Great food. Service sucks balls unless you're a pretensious hipster (much like the staff.) be forewarned that they frown upon substitutions with their food. Fries, basic as they may be, are the shit!

    33333 by Richard R.

  • Tracy E.It's delish!

    55555 by Tracy E.

  • Clark HCheck out Golden West Cafe in Hamden. Vegan fare and delicious

    55555 by Clark H

  • Stacy A.The food is great, but be prepared to wait a long time for your food. I recommend calling ahead and getting the food to go, it's much faster and you don't have to worry about it coming out cold.

    55555 by Stacy A.

  • Jimmy S.The BBQ burger is great. Get the peanut noodles.

    55555 by Jimmy S.

  • Eva CDIVINE apple, brie, and pesto sandwich. My advice is to invest in the peanut noodles

    55555 by Eva C

  • jason s.Tell Thomas to wear his "fire pants".

    33333 by jason s.

  • Greg H.Try a Kelpie!

    55555 by Greg H.

  • Greg H.Have 'em throw a batch of cookies in the oven for you when you order. And can't beat the apple slices and p.b. for kids' fare...

    55555 by Greg H.

  • BmorefrenchGood food, $1 Bohs on Sunday! Great Cookies too!

    55555 by Bmorefrench

  • Danielle sRyan Haase deserves all your money. Eat here!!!!

    33333 by Danielle s

  • Shilpa S.The sweet potato fries were the highlight. Avoid all of the Mexican brunch options especially if you're used to authentic Mexican food...

    55555 by Shilpa S.

  • Matthew YThe Black bean burger is great!

    55555 by Matthew Y

  • Gerald StacyOrder the tater tots and fried pickles to start, and then finish up your heart-healthy meal with the Frito Pie. This is some GOOD eating!

    55555 by Gerald Stacy

  • SarahFood is good, but if you're vegetarian, be forewarned that they fry their fries in the same oil as their fish.

    33333 by Sarah

  • Mark B.cheap wine Wednesdays

    55555 by Mark B.

  • Avelino M.try the cupcakes.

    55555 by Avelino M.

  • BaltimoreGalIf you're a meat eater, get the bison short ribs. If not (and you like spicy) try the buffalo-style tofu. Always get the garlic fries and fried pickles.

    55555 by BaltimoreGal

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