Mulligans Bar & Grill

23 Lincoln Street
Biddeford, ME 04005

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(207) 284-9283

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars


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Mulligans Bar & Grill Reviews

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  • squirthound reviewThe food isn't bad for the price,considering your next to Old Orchard Beach,Maine where there, the food prices are high.It's better to go to this restaurant and at the same time you could go shopping to Walmart and many other stores around this are in Biddeford,Me.You Can have a steak meal for $5.99 on Wednesday's here.Plus the dishes they serve are heaping portions,free popcorn while you wait for your meal.

    by squirthound

  • ChefMozWe had the opportunity this summer to eat at many restaurants while on vacation in Maine. Being a South Carolinian, we were open to enjoy as many diiferntr restaurants as possible. Mulligan's is indeed a specialty restauarant. It caters to the masses. People of all cultures were observed eating to their full. Would I go there again? yes. It has a down to earth style that all can enjoy.


  • ChefMozGreat food and great prices, would love to have a menu sent to me in Montreal so I can show some friends


  • ChefMozCheap food, cheap people and lousy service! That's all your going to get out of this joint. You never know what will happen here!


  • ChefMozHey everyone - don't forget to use those great snack vending machines there at Mulligan's. For a mere 25 cents they provide a snack that's fresh and sanitary. I use to service them every week when I was into that work. (Hi George! Everett here.) A good dose of salted cashews just before you chalk your cue and step forward to break may sink two balls on the break and put you ahead of your opponent before he/she knows what happened. But, watch out! He/she just might get energized to get even or better by plunking "two bits" in that peanut machine up close to the bar by the pool tables.


  • ChefMozI wouldn't recommend it because of the terrible smell of smoke.The food was OK but no one should have to smell smoke like that while trying to enjoy a meal.Did have a very nice wait person.Food:****Service*****


  • ChefMozFirst of all, Mulligans is not a restaurant, it's a local drinking establishment that adds an extra bonus by providing a VERY full menu with EVERY item UNDER $5! If some tourist is going there expecting a gourmet meal, they need help...I can personally recommend 40+ restaurants in a 20 mile radius!! Mulligans has buffalo wings, chicken fingers, steaks, prime rib, chicken sandwiches, chicken parmiggiana, shrimp coctail, nachos, etc...ALL UNDER $5!! The steaks ARE thin (1/2", but 10 oz!!) and not PREMIUM quality...IT'S UNDER $5!!! The mashed potatoes are instant. The steaks are NOT greasy and NOT full of gristle. I had one last night! I'm having the prime rib tonight! For a broke divorcee, $5 for a prime rib and instant taters is CHEAPER THAN I CAN COOK AT HOME. If you're seeking fine dining, and you can't figure out that a pub with a $5 menu ISN'T a five star, then go back to your own state and find ANY steak for $5! This bar is NOT a dive. Not by a long shot. I can personally send you to 40+ DIVES in a 20 mile radius too! Mulligans is clean, well furbished, well lit, has four gaming machines and six pool tables, offers a full bar with great service at fair prices...AND EVERY MENU ITEM IS UNDER $5! What more could you ask in a college town?


  • ChefMozWent there on the recommendation of a local. Was very surprised at the low prices -- too good to be true? Unfortunately, yes. Ordered the sirloin ($4.95) and got my money's worth. A five dollar steak is exactly what it sounds like -- thin, tough, full of grizzle and greasy as all hell. I can see it being a great "divey bar", but definitely NOT a place I'd recommend to eat at.


  • ChefMozI really love this place. Good cheap cheap food, free pool tables and a great juke box selection. No one ever bothers you or makes things wierd and uncomfortable. If you're not down with the frat boy hipster bar scene, spend all your money at Mulligans. Plus the new bartender makes a mean martini. just go.


  • ChefMozYes, the food was good but not great. Place was too smoky for us.


  • ChefMozYou get your money's worth here. Mulligans is an all around good place to eat. You can drink smoke and eat. Can't say that for many places in this new world.


  •  I've never been kicked out of a place at 7pm on a Sunday night, because someone in our party didn't have an ID that said he was 21. We weren't looking for drinks, only food. How unprofessional.

    22222 by Krista L.

  •  Awesome burgers

    55555 by Lindsey H.

  •  For the price of food, its good.

    33333 by Paula N.

  •  Best foo d 4 your buck.

    55555 by Stephen E.

  •  Always come back here when I come visit home. From michigan LOVE IT

    55555 by Kayla D.

  •  Good service, tasty food with nice portions and excellent prices (most items under $5).

    55555 by Rod K.

  •  They sat all 17. With out a reservation on a Saturday night at 6:30 in less than 15 min

    22222 by Kim R

  •  The food really is under $5. Amazing good.

    55555 by Kim R

  •  This is my home.

    55555 by William C.

  •  This place is so good in so many levels

    55555 by Matt

  •  Ask the bartender for a "Skittle Shot!" Trust me, they are delicious!

    55555 by Lindsey C.

  •  A great and very inexpensive place to eat out at if you are in the Saco/Biddeford, ME area

    55555 by Barry F.

  •  Get the chicken pot pie, it's amazing!

    55555 by Zachary B.

  •  More American Chop Suey than you can finish in one sitting for $2.50!

    55555 by Zachary B.

  •  A must do, The best place for food and fun , Awesome waitress ask for Treasa No meal over $5.00 you cant go wrong

    55555 by Blue Pearl C.

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