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Wagamama Inc

800 Boylston St #117
Boston, MA 02199

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(617) 778-2344


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Japanese Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 94 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Wagamama Inc Reviews

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  • Tom M.The chicken katsu curry is just as I remember it London, which is to say very good!

    55555 by Tom M.

  • Alex SAbsolutely love all the stuff on the menu. Had ramen, noodles, kim-chi all of it was really good. A good modern take on Eastern/Japanese fast food.

    55555 by Alex S

  • Emil H.Dumplings!

    55555 by Emil H.

  • J KRamen excelente! Buenísima relación calidad/precio

    55555 by J K

  • Tung JMust try the chicken teriyaki donburi ❤

    55555 by Tung J

  • Jeffrey A.This may be soup with noodles... but I'm sorry, it is not ramen.

    33333 by Jeffrey A.

  • Mashael MAlways and forever wagamama serves great food 👍 Love the gyoza, shrimp lollipops and chicken curry!

    55555 by Mashael M

  • Apeksha ShenoyWow! The food was yummy (raisukaree and the chili chicken ramen-add some soy sauce and chili oil). But the service was stellar!! We were checked on multiple times and made to feel so comfortable.

    55555 by Apeksha Shenoy

  • Aysu RGood ramen (chili chicken). Menu has recently changed - they got rid of the vegetarian option and the steak chili ramen! Food is overall good though, one of the more fresh chain restaurants.

    55555 by Aysu R

  • ShabChili chicken ramen is out of this world!!!

    55555 by Shab

  • Taryn L.The chicken pad Thai was very tasty

    55555 by Taryn L.

  • Elaine L.The British got ramen right! I love this place for its pretty good ramen AND it doesn't hurt that they do fresh juices too. Come here after a brutal gym sesh for a hearty post-workout recovery meal.

    55555 by Elaine L.

  • Meryl F.The Korean pork Ramen is delish. The beef chilly is good too. Overall nice ambience for groups. They have free green tea which is awesome. The staff is friendly & make good recommendations.

    55555 by Meryl F.

  • George SVery good.

    55555 by George S

  • Tianyu FangFoods are overly sweet for an Asian.

    55555 by Tianyu Fang

  • Sahil TChicken katsu kurry, chicken raisukaree, chicken firecracker, chicken pad Thai.

    55555 by Sahil T

  • Philippe MironThis place fill up fast! If you're in a rush you can order online go to the pickup area.I had the ramen miso beef and it was delicious. A bit spicy and really tasty!

    55555 by Philippe Miron

  • Brian ParkChili beef ramen with tea soaked egg is solid. The noodles are unique in that it's softer and chewier than traditional ramen noodles

    55555 by Brian Park

  • huskyboiI love the spicy chili ramen. I wish it was hotter but they will add extra chilies for you and the table always has chili oil and pepper powder. Love this place :)

    55555 by huskyboi

  • Debo R.Yasai katsu curry 😍😍😍

    55555 by Debo R.

  • Tessa VDelicious! You gotta try the chicken itame, it's like a green curry soup. And the service is a+

    55555 by Tessa V

  • Kevin TJust gross

    11111 by Kevin T

  • Phoenix R.Miso beef ramen has been my favorite but it's not as spicy as before the renovation with updated menu and everything

    55555 by Phoenix R.

  • Phoenix R.With the updated menu, I ordered the new yakitori duck but was disappointed. The duck is good but everything else is just so-so. Btw they no longer have sweet potato fries! 😱

    33333 by Phoenix R.

  • Max SaberFood was okay, had a simple ramen dish that wasn't as spicy as I anticipated. I felt as if the service personnel had a chip on their shoulder for some reason. There are better options to choose from.

    33333 by Max Saber

  • Jacob M.The Itame with chicken was delicious.

    55555 by Jacob M.

  • Elspeth M.Solid chicken ramen. Quick service, easy place.

    55555 by Elspeth M.

  • Debo R.Japanese pickles mmmm!! Also a big fan of the yasai katsu curry

    55555 by Debo R.

  • Enrico SQuick service and good prices. Try the noodle soups!

    55555 by Enrico S

  • Lily FernandoI did not like it too much spices. I will not come here again 😔

    22222 by Lily Fernando

  • Lily Fernandoاصدقائي الخليجين حبيت اقولكم انه ماعجبني، احسه خايس..وبما ان اذواقنا متقاربة..ماعليكم من الأمريكان،، الا اذا انتم عارفين و مجربين اللي تبون

    55555 by Lily Fernando

  • Mike D.Who knew that Wagamama was super kid-friendly! The kids menu has a plate with chicken (fried or grilled) with corn, carrots, cucumbers on the side, and teriyaki sauce on the side, too! Kids love it!

    55555 by Mike D.

  • Jonas H.Wtf? Came here for chicken katsu curry buttttt They were OUT! r u kidding me? It's one of their top sellers and they said they were out all day!. People said service was bad....and they r right!

    22222 by Jonas H.

  • Sandy W.Overpriced, but the selection of gluten free noodles is pretty good. Nice atmosphere - aesthetically very pleasing.

    55555 by Sandy W.

  • Nahlah DThe lobster salad was great

    55555 by Nahlah D

  • Michael M.Wagamama in London is where my love for ramen started - but I can't say this place holds up now that I've been around the block. Get the katsu curry here, pretty good stuff.

    55555 by Michael M.

  • Austin AingeLots of good stuff. Ramen was my favorite.

    55555 by Austin Ainge

  • YaZ …Get some edamame, order the chicken katsu curry, and maybe add some duck gyoza. And you're done

    55555 by YaZ …

  • Tom S.The Chile Men can be made vegan, it's got a nice kick, but not too spicy.

    55555 by Tom S.

  • Tom S.Fresh rolls are amazing!

    55555 by Tom S.

  • Shivani R.The gyozas are quite blah! Skip 'em

    55555 by Shivani R.

  • Vinny ZembruzskiChicken Ramen is very good.

    55555 by Vinny Zembruzski

  • Baraa M.Chicken Katsu Curry is a must try dish. Also, the dumplings and the sweet potato fries and edamame👍

    55555 by Baraa M.

  • Joslin D.Chili Ramen is the best!

    55555 by Joslin D.

  • Lina L.They charged for fresh red chillies here, which is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. 1.75 for red chillies, screw that. Never coming to wagamama in the US again. Service is also poor here.

    22222 by Lina L.

  • Samuel K.If you are expecting authentic Japanese cuisine, this place ain't it.

    55555 by Samuel K.

  • Sue O.Very loud & stressful environment. It's good I'm eating alone, wouldn't be able to hear anyone else! Waiter had to get mngr to help with gluten free options.

    33333 by Sue O.

  • Alex M.Great vegetarian options, and great dessert. A hip spin to a classic Asian fusion restaurant, def recommend Yasai Cha Han for my fellow veggies :)

    55555 by Alex M.

  • Tu N.Maybe they changed but a few months ago when I was there, there service was horrible. Food was less than OK. Left a penny tip.

    11111 by Tu N.

  • Lisa E.Get the spicy chili chicken ramen! Especially when it's 22 degrees in Boston-its tasty and warms you right up!

    55555 by Lisa E.

  • Michael B.Be careful when ordering the firecracker dish. It's insanely spicy!

    55555 by Michael B.

  • Rebekah P.The Apple-Lime juice is amazing. Go for the large--you won't regret it.

    55555 by Rebekah P.

  • Sabrina B.Favorite dish is Yaki Soba. Love it!

    55555 by Sabrina B.

  • Roberto G.Good food for an international chain. Great for a mall restaurant. Get the chicken katsu curry.

    55555 by Roberto G.

  • Chip L.Chicken Donburi: delicious!

    55555 by Chip L.

  • Greg M.Japanese beer is so good

    55555 by Greg M.

  • Robert T.the chicken lettuce wraps are the best appetizer! tasty and healthy

    55555 by Robert T.

  • Proxy ApparelGet the Ginger Chicken Udon Teppan. So delicious!

    55555 by Proxy Apparel

  • Anime Boston SGotta fill that need right? Wagamama's got a dream menu for otaku or fans of good Japanese cuisine everywhere.

    55555 by Anime Boston S

  • Emma MurphyThe chicken lettuce wraps are a meal in themselves - or great to share

    55555 by Emma Murphy

  • Kerem K.Try the salmon ramen. Period.

    55555 by Kerem K.

  • Mark N.The yasai katsu curry is really good. Edamame needs more salt.

    55555 by Mark N.

  • Amy L.Mmmm, moyashi soba - substitute the noodles with bean sprouts and PERRRRFECT!

    55555 by Amy L.

  • Alexa F.Great gluten free options!

    55555 by Alexa F.

  • Samantha M.7 of the dishes (no aps) can be made gluten free.

    55555 by Samantha M.

  • Nirmala B.Mongolian beef delish. Reco the Coconut reika for desert

    55555 by Nirmala B.

  • Gayle L.Try today's special vegetarian fresh rolls - amazing!!

    55555 by Gayle L.

  • Hassan D.Try the chicken chilli men - Delicious but definitely not spicy enough.

    55555 by Hassan D.

  • Bill M.Miso beef noodles

    55555 by Bill M.

  • Dan K.Someone misspelled Wagamama

    22222 by Dan K.

  • Darian Symone H.Apple a d lime juice. Looks gross but taste great!

    33333 by Darian Symone H.

  • chantal y.The chicken katsu curry is pretty damn good. Wish it came in half portions, and would include veggies instead of the wilting, unappetizing salad on the side.

    33333 by chantal y.

  • Jongpol J.Get the teriyaki soba with steak or salmon .. Its really good!

    55555 by Jongpol J.

  • Rachel L.I'd travel hours to get here. Being back in the States after living in London has put a hiatus on my Wags nights.

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • Alexandra L.Def recommend the Chili Men w/ Chicken.. the coconut soups were a wee bit disappointing..

    55555 by Alexandra L.

  • AmberGrilled chicken curry chicken is really good.

    55555 by Amber

  • Christopher W.Pay $10 for ramen...and regret it.

    55555 by Christopher W.

  • Mark STry #20 Chicken Roman Soup -- Excellent lunch

    55555 by Mark S

  • Yesi O.Try the raw juice, refreshing and delicious

    55555 by Yesi O.

  • Becky A.katsu curry. mmm.

    55555 by Becky A.

  • nancy DLove the fresh juice

    55555 by nancy D

  • Nabin BFood was great but the wait staff was VERY slow.

    33333 by Nabin B

  • Michelle CTry the chili ramen with udon noodles instead of ramen noodles.delicious

    55555 by Michelle C

  • William T.Always good food and fun. Notice the new booths, menus and lighting?

    55555 by William T.

  • Mark B.While I would prefer pork, they do a decent version of chicken katsu curry.

    55555 by Mark B.

  • Sam S.Chicken Teriyaki is what you want to eat.

    55555 by Sam S.

  • Karen H.Salmon ramen is delicious, order if meat is not your thing!

    55555 by Karen H.

  • Matt RMiso beef ramen is fantastic

    55555 by Matt R

  • JaneThe duck gyoza are delicious.

    55555 by Jane

  • Mark B.Love the Yaki Udon but the new hoisin coated spare ribs are a great treat.Don't forget to get garlic salt and chile pepper on your edamame

    55555 by Mark B.

  • Than T.The chicken kare lomen (#36 I think) is awesome.

    55555 by Than T.

  • Ace B.Added some new dishes to the menu- but still like katsu curry.

    55555 by Ace B.

  • simspotthumbs up on the chicken katsu curry (#71) BUT it's rather odd that the sticky rice turned out too dry! hmmm...probably a bad/old batch, but kinda important.

    55555 by simspot

  • William T.the Chicken Teriaki is awesome.

    55555 by William T.

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