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Hei-La Moon

88 Beach
Boston, MA 02111

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(617) 338-8813

  • Sun - Sat 8:30am - 11:00pm

Cuisine: Chinese Food Restaurants

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4.1 of 5.0 from 82 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Hei-La Moon in Boston, MA
  • Hei-La Moon in Boston, MA
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  • Hei-La Moon in Boston, MA
  • Hei-La Moon in Boston, MA
  • Hei-La Moon in Boston, MA
  • Hei-La Moon in Boston, MA
  • Hei-La Moon in Boston, MA

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Hei-La Moon Reviews

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  • Xavier JOne of my favorite dim sum place.

    55555 by Xavier J

  • Kari Y.Cock roaches running around...

    11111 by Kari Y.

  • Andrew Jgreat dim sum. love their chicken feet.

    55555 by Andrew J

  • Youssof M.All the dim sum! You'll always find a table here. Huge space, and accommodates big groups.

    55555 by Youssof M.

  • Adam BGood! Highlights were shrimp dumplings, radish cake and rice rolls

    55555 by Adam B

  • Enrique HExcelentes dumpling y muy baratos!

    55555 by Enrique H

  • FoodiesprWe always come here for #dimsum definitely the best in #Boston

    55555 by Foodiespr

  • Margaret WangMainstay of Chinese dim sum in Boston. The feng chang is very good - excellent rice noodles.

    55555 by Margaret Wang

  • Pierrick AFun experience, great variety of dishes. It might be better to have breakfast first if you are not used to eating dumplings in the morning!

    55555 by Pierrick A

  • Terence C.Good dim sum esp if you get here early!

    55555 by Terence C.

  • Enrico SYummy dim sum. Crowded on weekend days. Great prices

    55555 by Enrico S

  • Douglon DCrap service, dirty, mediocre food

    11111 by Douglon D

  • Tianyu FangVery cheap but super delicious!

    55555 by Tianyu Fang

  • Lorenzo L.Best dim sum in Boston.

    55555 by Lorenzo L.

  • Alex H.Choose your dim sum from carts-- pork buns, shu mai, noodle "wraps" all good; others may be at your own risk! Fun to try new weird stuff so be adventurous

    55555 by Alex H.

  • ChanLing DSadly, the dim sum isn't that great. Though convenient location near South Station. And seating is quite fast.

    55555 by ChanLing D

  • Alice HuangExpected dim sum but they only had normal Chinese food for dinner. Very subpar fried rice

    33333 by Alice Huang

  • Derek L.Bagging for leftovers cost $1 per package, and you need to do bagging yourself! Better eat them all.

    55555 by Derek L.

  • Nathan KLunch time!!

    55555 by Nathan K

  • Nelson ChanChicken feet, har gao, siu mai, cheung fun.

    55555 by Nelson Chan

  • JYAuthentic push cart. Probably the best dim sum in Boston.

    55555 by JY

  • Apeksha ShenoyLove the dim sum on a cart service. There might be a small language barrier when it comes to ordering. But I'll still visit for the food - shumai, shrimp-veggie dim sum!

    55555 by Apeksha Shenoy

  • David BDim sum! Best place I've been to in Boston. Good pork buns, har gao, siu mai, shrimp noodle rolls. A little better than China Pearl, but pretty similar.

    55555 by David B

  • Benjamin D.quick service, double the restaurant downstairs below ground level, inexpensive

    55555 by Benjamin D.

  • MayeeSunday dimsum brunch! Ladies pushing the carts can't speak/understand English well; not explain the dish so do your homework; look at the menu/website. Usually 3 pcs per plate.

    33333 by Mayee

  • MayeeTry the crunchy noodles, see photo - forget what it's called. Sticky rice (with meat inside and wrapped in leaves) and any shrimp dimsum.

    33333 by Mayee

  • Jade N.This is the destination dim sum spot in Boston for my family.

    55555 by Jade N.

  • Cecilia W.Dim sum was good but tea pot was dirty and the customer service was HORRIBLE. We had the LAZIEST waiter ever. We asked for water, he looked like we inconvenienced him. So disappointed. :(

    11111 by Cecilia W.

  • Kim P.Best dim sum in Boston, hands down. Come early on a weekend morning and eat your little heart out.

    55555 by Kim P.

  • Janet T.If you don't see a dim sum dish you want, you can ask any of the staff wearing a red vest. They'll hunt down the right cart for you, or fire it from the kitchen.

    33333 by Janet T.

  • Frank BThe pork buns and black bean chicken feet are definitely worth trying

    55555 by Frank B

  • Kevin Maif you don't see what you want or are waiting too long, take matters into your own hands by going up to the cart with your sheet and order it yourself, don't feel bad cuz everyone's doing it too!

    33333 by Kevin Ma

  • Geoff K.Be careful, we got food poisoning from eating here :(

    11111 by Geoff K.

  • Wonho H.Everything is good. Go with someone who knows... That's the best way.

    55555 by Wonho H.

  • Francisca T.Best cha Sui bao evahhhs!

    55555 by Francisca T.

  • Whitney K.Horrible service

    11111 by Whitney K.

  • DON w.You want the Shu Mai

    33333 by DON w.

  • Vanessa P.Hot tofu with ginger sugar syrup is like crack. Ask for extra syrup

    55555 by Vanessa P.

  • Micaela M.Best dim sum in Boston!

    55555 by Micaela M.

  • SomZa P.Good price but Poor service!!!!

    33333 by SomZa P.

  • martha l.YOLO! Try the chicken feet

    55555 by martha l.

  • Dave R.Bring a native speaker, or take what you get.

    33333 by Dave R.

  • Danielle G.Amazing food and incredibly cheap! A ridiculously filling dim sum for five was less than $50. Highly recommend!

    55555 by Danielle G.

  • Amy L.Dear non-Chinese people - ask for xiao long bao, xia jiao, jiu cai jiao, and shao mai. And the waitstaff isn't rude - they're just Chinese. Nothing personal. :)

    55555 by Amy L.

  • Humayun R.Chicken feet!

    55555 by Humayun R.

  • DJASONNAMIf you see this... GET IT. This tapioca dessert with watermelon is a perfect way to end your dim sum.

    55555 by DJASONNAM

  • Grace K.A definite MUST GO PLACE for dim sum lovers. This is the best in Boston<3

    55555 by Grace K.

  • a A.Great hot tea

    55555 by a A.

  • Josephine F.Rudest staff ever. Never going here again. My things got stolen and they called me a liar. Manager is a piece of shit.

    11111 by Josephine F.

  • Manny B.Rude as hell but fantastic food. Who doesn't like to be mistreated anyway. You know you like it.

    33333 by Manny B.

  • Stan T.Best baked char siu bao of all the dim sum restaurants I've been to in the US (NY, Boston, Houston, Honolulu)

    55555 by Stan T.

  • Susan G.Good for dim sum, not so good for dinner. Canned mushrooms, lackluster shrimp, fishy- tasting fried squid.

    33333 by Susan G.

  • Tuğşad D.Cayini Pro ama istakoz girdi

    55555 by Tuğşad D.

  • Rebecca B.No dumplings after 8 pm. And no mixed drinks.

    22222 by Rebecca B.

  • Sangria W.still one of the best dimsum place in Chinatown...

    55555 by Sangria W.

  • Rey G."the parking ramp upstairs is nice" -said no one ever

    22222 by Rey G.

  • tI'd say this is the best place to get dim sum in Boston. Hot, good food

    55555 by t

  • Michael T.Dim Sum mecca.

    55555 by Michael T.

  • Gracie B.Good food, but rude staff

    22222 by Gracie B.

  • chinselDon't be shy to ask for what you want! Best dim sum in Chinatown. Never a long wait, and always fresh and tasty!

    55555 by chinsel

  • Kevin S.best dim sum in Boston

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Eelain S.this place is NYC's equivalent of Golden Unicorn. stick to the basics: har gow, char siu bao, har cheong, and law bak goh

    33333 by Eelain S.

  • Christine V.Good place for dim sum but there's a RAT in the lower dining area!!

    33333 by Christine V.

  • Joyce C.Get the turnip cake!

    33333 by Joyce C.

  • Linda P.Great food, very inconsistent service.

    55555 by Linda P.

  • Hthaiwon L.Dumpling heaven!

    55555 by Hthaiwon L.

  • Connie L.Come here if you're craving Dim Sum.

    55555 by Connie L.

  • Krystle J.Make sure you check the check and don't get charged for tea like a noob.

    22222 by Krystle J.

  • Alwyn V.Best Dim Sum in Chinatown bar none.

    55555 by Alwyn V.

  • Julia C.Best to get there early on weekends (10:30-11:00 a.m.)

    55555 by Julia C.

  • Joe R.the real deal

    55555 by Joe R.

  • Iris F.Best dim sum in Boston. Food has always been hot and fresh. Enjoy leftovers!

    55555 by Iris F.

  • Erwin C.Perfect place to bring my baby in a stroller as it's located on the ground floor, spacious, and has lots of tables.

    55555 by Erwin C.

  • Mei LaarneeGood food. Crappy service.

    22222 by Mei Laarnee

  • Fred S.If you arrive when it's crowded, stay close. They pick people at random if a table opens up.

    33333 by Fred S.

  • Gordon W.$6 validated parking...right over head!

    33333 by Gordon W.

  • Summer B.get hot n spicy tofu. then take the bus back to nyc

    55555 by Summer B.

  • Chad S.Hot spicy tofu. Go for it. You want it.

    55555 by Chad S.

  • KimbleGet here before 11 on Sundays or you may end up waiting a long time.

    33333 by Kimble

  • DigBostonThe Weekly Dig visited Hei La Moon! Check out what we had to say: http://bit.ly/afASnC

    55555 by DigBoston

  • Xavier T.This is the best place for Dim Sum in boston, great place for dinner as well. Reasonable prices great local vibe. I'm chinese so trust me.

    55555 by Xavier T.

  • JeannieBring two or more friends at noon on a Sunday. Take a number, wait for a table, gorge yourself on dim sum, and pay no more than $10/person.

    55555 by Jeannie

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