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Caffe Vittoria

296 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113

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(617) 227-7606


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 1:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: Closed

Cuisine: Cafes, Coffee and Tea, Ice Cream, Italian Restaurants

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4.7 of 5.0 from 141 reviews

price range:Less than $10


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Caffe Vittoria in Boston, MA
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  • Caffe Vittoria in Boston, MA
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  • Caffe Vittoria in Boston, MA
  • Caffe Vittoria in Boston, MA
  • Caffe Vittoria in Boston, MA
  • Caffe Vittoria in Boston, MA
  • Caffe Vittoria in Boston, MA

Caffe Vittoria Reviews

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  • Will 👅 yummy, Delish desert , nice atmosphere and Renata was a very very nice waitress who take care of us so good! 👏👏👏

    55555 by Will

  • Pouya VTry cappuccino and lobster tail.

    55555 by Pouya V

  • Maxwell TTheir tiramisu and cappuccinos are 'out of this world'

    55555 by Maxwell T

  • Alex MetzlerService isn't great, but the food is delicious. The spumoni and tiramisu were amazing!

    55555 by Alex Metzler

  • Ashley G.The tiramisu was very good. Nice small cafe with old espresso machines in the back.

    55555 by Ashley G.

  • Madonna MHCan't get any more Italian than this!

    33333 by Madonna MH

  • Leena DBest coffee shop in Boston ❤️

    55555 by Leena D

  • Aysu RThe best place in the North End to satisfy everyone's needs. From coffee, to spiked coffee, cocktails, and a delectable house wine with an extremely generous pour - you can't go wrong here!

    55555 by Aysu R

  • Annie AlfordLimoncello cake is delicious. Fluffy and light!

    55555 by Annie Alford

  • Rebecca E.Skip the line at Mikes and get the cannollis here

    33333 by Rebecca E.

  • Adriana ANice place to have a great coffee and a creamy ice cream! 👌🏻

    55555 by Adriana A

  • Ashley B.Why wait for a cannoli when you can order one here? Best tiramisu in the north end, always accompany with a cappuccino or espresso

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • Jumanah MGreat coffee, you should try the cappuccino, unique

    55555 by Jumanah M

  • Lizzie MGet the hot chocolate here, it's so yummy! Oldest coffee shop in the North End too.

    55555 by Lizzie M

  • CarolCoffee and desert after dinner. Excellent cannolis

    55555 by Carol

  • MélinaCutesy, "authentic" Italian café in the North End. The mocha latte is great hot or iced. Cash only!

    55555 by Mélina

  • R Enapolitano cake is delicious!

    55555 by R E

  • R Egreat cannoli, tiramisu and coffee. crowdy but lovely place

    55555 by R E

  • Niki BlakerDon't expect the friendliest service, but I look past it because they serve the best iced / cold brew coffee I've ever had.

    55555 by Niki Blaker

  • Taylor M.coffee, cannolis

    55555 by Taylor M.

  • FoodiesprRed velvet cheesecake and cappuccino is a must! #northend #Boston #italiancafe

    55555 by Foodiespr

  • Ádám JThe best coffee I had in Boston.

    55555 by Ádám J

  • Angie O.Delicious coffee/espresso!! Have to order the ricotta pie!!

    55555 by Angie O.

  • Gabriel NCappuccino and Tiramissu are awesome!

    55555 by Gabriel N

  • Setenayold&traditional cafe in North End. Coffee is delicious. The place has nice interior.

    55555 by Setenay

  • Rosi Liriano FacendaA way better than mike's

    55555 by Rosi Liriano Facenda

  • ChristinaThe cappuccino is amazing

    55555 by Christina

  • Jeremy K.One of the best spots in town for a coffee and dessert. Great ambiance too!

    55555 by Jeremy K.

  • Joseph JThe iced cappuccino is the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Joseph J

  • Nuray YTry tiramisu you will fall in love

    55555 by Nuray Y

  • Rawan 🎀 BPerfetto cappuccino 😍👌

    55555 by Rawan 🎀 B

  • Alice P.My favorite cafe. Tiramisu heaven, cappucino perfection!

    55555 by Alice P.

  • Chantelle FerreiraDelicious latte and cappuccino. They add a bit of chocolate to the cappuccino which gives it a nice flavour. Hang out at a table by the window for some great people watching too.

    55555 by Chantelle Ferreira

  • Sofia U.The only, i repeat the only place in Boston that makes a proper cappuccino

    33333 by Sofia U.

  • Violetta TEspresso is ok, but don't order a double espresso or you'll end up with a long, (and too expensive) coffee in a big mug with three times the amount of water a double should have.

    33333 by Violetta T

  • Adwa MA Life changing cappuciano in all over Boston and accompined it with canoli from mike.. great heavy snack meal 👌👌👌

    55555 by Adwa M

  • Kapil B.Best Tiramisu I have ever had!!

    55555 by Kapil B.

  • Kari Y.Cannoli is crunchy and the cream is delicious, perfect to go with any coffee. Cappuccino with coco powder, yummy =)

    55555 by Kari Y.

  • ToneService is great! The Cherry Soda is refreshing. Lots of boozy coffee specials too

    55555 by Tone

  • Andraz R.Tiramisu was ok but espresso was the worst I've had It tasted like in Germany instead of Italy

    22222 by Andraz R.

  • MassimoCharming classic Italian cafe. Grab a cappuccino and a cannoli and you are good to go.

    55555 by Massimo

  • Nahlah DThe tiramisu is amazing

    55555 by Nahlah D

  • Sushama K SSorbet s are awesome

    55555 by Sushama K S

  • Deepti A.Coffee & coffee based products are a must try!

    55555 by Deepti A.

  • Clara BayarriThe iced espresso macchiato was really good, but the eclair was extremely dry

    33333 by Clara Bayarri

  • Andrea L.The coffe is amazing but the waitress, the old blonde lady was very rude. She had very bad attitude. She should not be a waitress.

    22222 by Andrea L.

  • Matt D.Best coffee in town. By far the best mocha I have ever had.

    55555 by Matt D.

  • Oscar [.Hot chocolate!

    55555 by Oscar [.

  • RTLEspresso affogato is LEGIT good. Espresso topped with vanilla ice cream. Perfect for an afternoon recharge spot.

    55555 by RTL

  • Oren M.The best kept secret in Boston's North End: the cannolies here are actually much better than the more well known establishment next door. Also, this place serves the best coffee - Italian style.

    55555 by Oren M.

  • Ziba TIf you like amazing deserts and very friendly atmosphere ,then this is the place you can feel it! One more personal tip from me ,try their lobster-tail and tiramisu with amazing aromatic cappuccino☺️

    55555 by Ziba T

  • grace s.Affogato, cappuccino and tiramisu - all too notch! Waitresses aren't crazy friendly but their drinks are good enough to overlook that bit. Lol

    55555 by grace s.

  • Nourah A.Tiramisu & Cappuccino 😍

    55555 by Nourah A.

  • Maher KThe best Maccatto ever

    55555 by Maher K

  • Sharon RYummy tiramisu! Best in north end thus far.

    55555 by Sharon R

  • Don KLate nite pizza

    55555 by Don K

  • Melissa CostelloThis is noted to be the oldest italian caffe in Boston. Perhaps the best cappuccino in the North End.

    55555 by Melissa Costello

  • Sara S.Hot chocolate!!!

    55555 by Sara S.

  • Erica S.Hot chocolate and tiramisu: DO IT!!

    55555 by Erica S.

  • W Z.The tiramisu was the lightest and best I've ever had. Good latte okay almond chocolate covered biscotti

    55555 by W Z.

  • Keith M.Perfect stop after a perfect meal at giacamos

    55555 by Keith M.

  • Colette L.Great cannoli and galati

    55555 by Colette L.

  • SK P.Cash only!

    55555 by SK P.

  • Sydney T.Amazing coffee! Stop and grab one before or after dinner in the North End. Cash only!

    55555 by Sydney T.

  • Anand S.Really good tiramisu

    55555 by Anand S.

  • Gracie L.Exquisite tiramisù.

    55555 by Gracie L.

  • Patricia A.Best cappuccino in Boston! Authentic Italian 👌

    55555 by Patricia A.

  • Anand S.Best cappuccino

    55555 by Anand S.

  • FLDGet a lobster tail.

    33333 by FLD

  • AllieI love sitting up front & people watching while sipping an Espresso Affocato (espresso w ice cream). Great coffee shop!

    55555 by Allie

  • FLDGet a lobster tail

    33333 by FLD

  • Dee D.Ask for Josephine. Best waitress in Boston. She's worked there for over 30 years and is a local born in Italy and raised in the North End. You can't get any more authentic than that. A must go!

    55555 by Dee D.

  • Andrew W.Good food!

    55555 by Andrew W.

  • Mariko L.Great cannolis and ice coffee!

    55555 by Mariko L.

  • Lorena Y.Delicioso capuccino

    55555 by Lorena Y.

  • Kurt N.The accordion guys are complete douchebags.

    33333 by Kurt N.

  • CarmenGreat place for deserts. FYI to the cappuccino lovers- the sprinkle brown sugar and dribble chocolate syrup. Not great of you don't like sweets in your coffee

    55555 by Carmen

  • Stephen A.Cash only!

    55555 by Stephen A.

  • jodyIce the capp on a warm day. Doesn't lose any flavour

    33333 by jody

  • Kathryn C.Try the Cappuccino - #Authentic #Gelato #Cappuccino in the North End of Boston, MA (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Kathryn C.

  • Sarah D.Best Iced Caffe Mocha of my life!!

    55555 by Sarah D.

  • John C.Try the Cappuccino - They make a great one. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by John C.

  • NihanThe best cappucino and tiramisu in the world!!!!

    55555 by Nihan

  • Jenny M.Order a cappuccino and maybe dessert, turn off your phone for a while, and get that North End feeling you were looking for. Especially good on rainy days.

    55555 by Jenny M.

  • enes n.It was best cafe mocca in Boston

    55555 by enes n.

  • Charlene C.Latte macchiato with hazelnut sciroppi. It's a winner!

    55555 by Charlene C.

  • Jo C.Cappuccino, blackberry gelato, and tiramisu rivaling that of Italy! Also, the historic ambiance/ former glamour of a gentlemen's cigar club with sunken coffers since 1929, sighting of Mafiosos.

    55555 by Jo C.

  • Grace H.Apparently they charge $2 for hot water here ...

    22222 by Grace H.

  • Alicia B.The best coffee (Lavazza) in all the world!

    55555 by Alicia B.

  • Alex W.Wild Irish coffee

    55555 by Alex W.

  • Joanna H.Open till midnight? That's pretty awesome. Don't be coming here to eat your Mike's pastry though, it's not allowed!

    55555 by Joanna H.

  • Vicky H.Best Tiramisu and Cappuccino.

    55555 by Vicky H.

  • John C.Try the Cannoli - One of the best cannolis you can eat anywhere. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by John C.

  • Sam M.Best cannoli in Boston

    55555 by Sam M.

  • Sofia P.Most delicious and decadent cappuccinos! Remember that it's cash only.

    55555 by Sofia P.

  • Tiffany J.Best cappuccino and tiramisu outside of Italy!

    55555 by Tiffany J.

  • Samantha L.I love the hot chocolate :)

    55555 by Samantha L.

  • Brian S.Skip the to go box at Mikes and take it easy with some espresso and a pastry or five.

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Lost In A Supermarket M.Thirsty? Tired? Sober? Pop in here while meandering the North End for a quick B52- coffee with Baileys, Kahlua & Grand Marnier. Deliciously inebriating...

    55555 by Lost In A Supermarket M.

  • Fay P.Omg just do it!! :)

    55555 by Fay P.

  • S J.Try the Cannoli's.... to dieeee for!

    55555 by S J.

  • Helena N.Great expresso and tiramisu to die for. Also great to seat at the window and people watch. Good service, happy that I got this tip.

    55555 by Helena N.

  • Ruth MacDecent iced coffee.

    55555 by Ruth Mac

  • Donna B.Best coffee and lobster tail (which is from Modern)!

    55555 by Donna B.

  • Tom C.Don't go to Mikes. This is the place!

    33333 by Tom C.

  • Bill P.lobster tail is amazing, accompanied by a cappuccino. great people watching. cash only

    55555 by Bill P.

  • Jacques B.My favorite place in the North End for coffee and dessert. Order the tiramisu and a cappuccino

    55555 by Jacques B.

  • The Next Great Generation (Boston)This cute, authentic coffee shop is a slice of vintage and a taste of Italy without the pricey plane ticket.

    55555 by The Next Great Generation (Boston)

  • Sergey A.WIFI: connect to STANZA password: fleamarket ... You're welcome :)

    55555 by Sergey A.

  • Pete M.After a great meal at il panino.. This is the spot!

    55555 by Pete M.

  • Tristan$5 for a watery espresso? Tourist trap. Avoid.

    22222 by Tristan

  • Robert W.Great after dinner setting. A very tasty Cappuccino.

    55555 by Robert W.

  • Kyle C.Beware: prices aren't printed on the menu. Two double shot espressos for $10? Ridiculous.

    33333 by Kyle C.

  • RebeccaThe Xmas eve wait for cannolis at modern pastry is an hour or two. Sit at vittoria, get an espresso or a glass of wine & they'll box up a dozen or two in 5 minutes! The same cannolis from modern!

    33333 by Rebecca

  • Jenna L.The best in the North End! Heck w Mike's!

    55555 by Jenna L.

  • Tom K.Eclaires FTW

    55555 by Tom K.

  • LisaAmazing mocha

    55555 by Lisa

  • Keith G.Cappuccino is what you want... and a chocolate cannoli

    55555 by Keith G.

  • Melissa M.Cafe mocha is amazing!

    55555 by Melissa M.

  • Isabel R.Best cappuccino and Lobster Tail in Boston!

    55555 by Isabel R.

  • Wan F.this place so nice .... check it out...

    55555 by Wan F.

  • Katie C.Get the strawberry cheesecake!

    55555 by Katie C.

  • Stacey S.Love tiramisu? Get it here. Easily the best in the North End.

    55555 by Stacey S.

  • Sherry C.Definitely the best iced cafe mocha i've ever had!

    55555 by Sherry C.

  • Sergey A.CASH ONLY... also, get cafe mocha - you will NOT regret it!

    55555 by Sergey A.

  • Yesi O.Grab a connoli from Mikes Pastries and then have a Cappuccino @ Cafe Vittoria

    55555 by Yesi O.

  • Rebecca... or cappuccino with a shot of frangelico (instead of sambuca). Great decor and ambience, no nonesense service, a mini trip to Italy.

    55555 by Rebecca

  • Kelly S.Don't get the napoleon!

    33333 by Kelly S.

  • Phillip M.Love the chocolate cannoli!!!

    55555 by Phillip M.

  • Paige P.Best desert in the North End. No question. Get some sambucca with your dessert. Seriously. Do it.

    55555 by Paige P.

  • Gary F.Best gelato, chocolate mousse cake, Napoleon, and cappuccino around!

    55555 by Gary F.

  • BostonTweetMy favorite place (after dinner in the North End) for a shot of Sambuca chased with an espresso followed by a slice of chocolate mousse cake. Are you full yet? How about another shot of Sambuca? Now a

    55555 by BostonTweet

  • Ken M.LOVE this place! I always hit up Caffe Vittoria when I'm in the North End of Boston. Grab an espresso or cappuccino, a cannoli or pastry and people watch out their windows on Hanover Street.

    55555 by Ken M.

  • Matt NGreat Americano!!! If you don't paying tourist prices...$5.35 for a med americano :(

    55555 by Matt N

  • Henry K.Best cafe mocha in town

    55555 by Henry K.

  • Faith F.Bring cash! They don't accept credit cards here. But, luckily, there is a Citizens Bank across the street if you've forgotten.

    33333 by Faith F.

  • Gina L.One of my favorite caffes in Boston...best cappuccino and cannoli in town!

    55555 by Gina L.

  • Gina L.One of my favorite cafe's in the North End...best cannolis in town!

    55555 by Gina L.

  • Steve C.Probably the best espresso in the City of Boston.

    55555 by Steve C.

  • Rich K.Best tiramasu I've ever had.

    55555 by Rich K.

  • Elon L.Get a Mint Cookie or a Caffe Vittoria! They'll warm you up.

    55555 by Elon L.

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