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5 Napkin Burger

105 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02199

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(617) 375-2277


  • Monday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Friday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - Midnight
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - Midnight

Cuisine: Bars, Burger Restaurants

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4.1 of 5.0 from 137 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
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  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
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  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
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  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA
  • 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA

5 Napkin Burger Reviews

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  • Muhammet ADon't eat french fries....

    33333 by Muhammet A

  • S A RHappy hour at the bar is reasonably priced. Sitting at a table in restaurant is way over priced.

    33333 by S A R

  • Hazim AI had a good lunch, try their sweet potatoes fries

    55555 by Hazim A

  • Olcay SHamburgeri güzeldi Amerikan birasıyla 😘

    55555 by Olcay S

  • Michael GGood burger; good service.

    55555 by Michael G

  • Alfred LAmazing burhers,fries and cervice! Would come again! 😄

    55555 by Alfred L

  • Alfred LAmazing burgers, fries, and cervice, would come again! 😄

    55555 by Alfred L

  • Fernando CThe Signature´s house burger was very tasteful. Unfortunately they don´t have bbq, however the homemade sauce was good. The onions were also nice. The hose famous shake is the best option. The cake ok

    55555 by Fernando C

  • Donna JBurgers cooked to order. Asked for medium rare, got medium rare!! French fries extra.

    22222 by Donna J

  • IrinaPatty in their special burger is juicy and tender. Ribs are really spicy. Everyday special thing works only at the bar. Overall, the place is ok but nothing extraordinary.

    55555 by Irina

  • Kevin M.Had the Korean BBQ with turkey. It was delish. Wait staff was friendly and provide good service. Sweet Potato fries are a must!

    55555 by Kevin M.

  • Michelle V.This is a hopping place! The food was excellent. Some of the VERY BEST sweet potato fries I've ever had.

    55555 by Michelle V.

  • Samantha L.The fries were amazing! The turkey burger was meh

    55555 by Samantha L.

  • Noha JTried the lamb kofta I did not like it the meat was burnt

    22222 by Noha J

  • Antonia QMahi tacos were delicious!

    55555 by Antonia Q

  • Nawaf MIt is my place whenever i feel burger.

    55555 by Nawaf M

  • Alex J.They had to call the police to validate the legitimacy of my state issued photo ID. DO NOT RECOMMEND EVER!

    11111 by Alex J.

  • Tianyu FangShould definitely try the shake, which can be drunk by two.

    55555 by Tianyu Fang

  • Joel F.Blah burger... Nothing great... If you made it here... Go a few blocks down to Boston burger company... You'll not regret

    55555 by Joel F.

  • Nick H.Their '5 napkin burger' wasn't very impressive.

    33333 by Nick H.

  • Ami ChangHappy hour - fantastic sliders for $2 and 50¢ wing!

    55555 by Ami Chang

  • Billy SBBLT burger was good, fries overdone (crispy dark yellow to orange), and slightly over an hour from seating to entrée on a quiet Monday night as an eight top. Calamari was nice.

    33333 by Billy S

  • Gianna N.I love their homemade veggie burger!

    55555 by Gianna N.

  • Max SaberVeggie burger is crazy good. I enjoyed getting lettuce as the "bun" for the burger :)

    55555 by Max Saber

  • John TangSignature burger actually a bit bland...

    55555 by John Tang

  • Kenneth KocinckiBurgers sliders

    55555 by Kenneth Kocincki

  • Marcus F.Awesome fried pickles

    55555 by Marcus F.

  • Jonas H.Well if u want a Sam Adams beer in a signature glass it's a good place but not for $7.50 a pint! Come on! $2 slider at hh r good way to try the $15 burger and save ur cash. Full price not worth it!

    33333 by Jonas H.

  • Marcus L.Great after work spot. Their happy hour sliders and tacos are killer and only $2!

    55555 by Marcus L.

  • FLY E.Great taste

    55555 by FLY E.

  • Daniel T.Find a local burger joint instead.

    55555 by Daniel T.

  • Leandro AmorimTerrific. The Original 5 Napkin burger is great. They also have the best onion rings I've eaten in a long time, heavily crispy and awesome.

    55555 by Leandro Amorim

  • Raphael ArmandSweet potato are amazing!

    55555 by Raphael Armand

  • Obaid AlzarooniMushroom blue cheese burgher a must.

    55555 by Obaid Alzarooni

  • Abdulrhman Bin MehainiI think they have the best burgers in Boston.

    55555 by Abdulrhman Bin Mehaini

  • John L.One of the best burgers I've had in my entire life, but it doesn't stop there... The milkshakes for dessert are ridiculously good!

    55555 by John L.

  • Andrew C.Good burgers and easy fare while shopping in/around the Prudential tower and Copley Center

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Ennis G.Happy hour sliders

    55555 by Ennis G.

  • John KalishGet the tater tots instead of fries!!

    33333 by John Kalish

  • Norrin R.Surprisingly really good matzo ball soup for a burger place... Just sayin'

    55555 by Norrin R.

  • Jon C.Don't go here! Overpriced and not good. Wish I had just held out for the happy hour and not blown so much on the crap burger.

    33333 by Jon C.

  • Ben B.Kid friendly, but no changing table in men's room.

    33333 by Ben B.

  • Robby RMy waiter was a dick. My tip is that waiters should not be dicks.

    22222 by Robby R

  • Nourah A.Service was bad, food was good

    22222 by Nourah A.

  • Jennifer R.All of their burgers were massive, but they made me a kids size burger with adult style fixings. Very accommodating. Good fries too.

    55555 by Jennifer R.

  • Michael L.Very good burger for the price. Fries were so-so... deviled eggs were terrible

    33333 by Michael L.

  • MacTry the Burgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Mac

  • Jennifer S.Service is really slow!

    33333 by Jennifer S.

  • WynterSit outside on the patio if its nice, order the blueberry mint lemonade and calamari..you're welcome

    55555 by Wynter

  • Roaddog T.Chef earnt his pay tonight. Server not so much.

    33333 by Roaddog T.

  • James L.Good brunch selection... Get the Greek Skillet!

    55555 by James L.

  • John M.Great bartenders! Get the lobster rolls and sweet potato fries. Awesome.

    55555 by John M.

  • Najd a.Tried the original and the cheese burger, big fail! Dry and overpriced. The sweet potato fries was alright though.

    33333 by Najd a.

  • thehme t.Fat food. Good salads though.

    55555 by thehme t.

  • Tarif F T.You should try the lmonaed

    55555 by Tarif F T.

  • Matt D.Barbecue burger is just ok.

    55555 by Matt D.

  • Christina C.Even though it's named for it- the burger left much to be desired. What a disappointment! The Caesar Salad & Onion rings were very tasty though.

    33333 by Christina C.

  • Gerald R.It was good but by no means the best burger I have ever had. My wife said the fried pickles with pastrami were outstanding.

    55555 by Gerald R.

  • Cicilia M.Comida de boa qualidade! Pedi o milanese chicken tenders ;) é enorme!

    55555 by Cicilia M.

  • Nick L.$2 happy hour sliders in the bar/cocktail area (4-7, 9-11/12) ARE THE BOMB

    55555 by Nick L.

  • Kevin C.Nice atmosphere, good service, good sized portions. Burgers are good, not great. The chocolate shake was average.

    55555 by Kevin C.

  • Kat C.Taquitos are small but huge burgers! Love the avocado ranch... Has all the favorites and best fries in town

    55555 by Kat C.

  • Candida D.Juicy burgers , but had to wait forever to be served. We actually finished our apps before the drinks arrived.

    22222 by Candida D.

  • Spencer S.Great veggie burgers.

    55555 by Spencer S.

  • Sam H.Try the frozen strawberry mojito!

    55555 by Sam H.

  • Boston University Panhellenic CouncilOur VP Programming, Brittany, can't get enough of this place! Her favorites are the original 5 napkin burger and the chicken noodle matzo ball soup - who would have thought?

    55555 by Boston University Panhellenic Council

  • Lisa D.Original 5N burger is amazing and we ordered a multi grain bun instead of a a white roll. Excellent service!!

    55555 by Lisa D.

  • Nikki K.Taquitos=literally a little taco

    55555 by Nikki K.

  • MattNot good. Service was average, food was dry and cold. Disappointed.

    22222 by Matt

  • ronn t.Great burger & service by Bruno P. Mos def would recommend.

    55555 by ronn t.

  • Craig A.Get your food from Roberta! She is excellent.

    55555 by Craig A.

  • Quin L.get anything with the 5N sauce. can't figure out what it is.. but it makes any burger better.

    33333 by Quin L.

  • Meaghan G.Leah is a great bartender. And splurge for the Tuscan fries. Hands down best burger ever!

    55555 by Meaghan G.

  • Rodrigo C.Excelent Burguers, highly recomended!

    55555 by Rodrigo C.

  • Eileen C.huge portions - share dish with someone! waitresses were graciously nice when we told her that we were sharing

    33333 by Eileen C.

  • James K.Huuuuge burgers. Huge.

    55555 by James K.

  • LaBruce Q.Good food but extremely slow service

    33333 by LaBruce Q.

  • Liz M.Half decent burgers for outrageous prices. If you're spending this kind of money you should probably go somewhere else and get better food :/

    22222 by Liz M.

  • Cristiane A.Best vanilla milkshake in town

    55555 by Cristiane A.

  • Mister B.the restrooms are the other way.

    33333 by Mister B.

  • Iris T.Oh my. I'm a PITA to feed with all my food allergies, but 5 napkin gave me the red carpet treatment. Don't be afraid to talk to waitstaff about your needs.

    33333 by Iris T.

  • Dan R.First-timers should check out the 5 Napkin Burger; second time around go with something more creative. Milkshakes for adventurous types.

    55555 by Dan R.

  • BULLDOG GinSometimes, classic is best. Go bold and call for a BULLDOG and soda.

    55555 by BULLDOG Gin

  • Rachel C.Literally the worst service ever. After 30 minutes waiting for a drink, we cancelled our order. The waiter responded, "Thank you, my bartender is really stressed out right now."

    11111 by Rachel C.

  • Patricia G.Onion rings and 5 napking burger the best !

    55555 by Patricia G.

  • Allyssa E.Substitute turkey or veggie for any burger. They are very flexible with their menu items.

    55555 by Allyssa E.

  • Matthew C.pricey for what you get. My burger came w/ some house sauce, plus the burger was pretty well done for med. Tasty Burger is down the st and 1/2 the price

    33333 by Matthew C.

  • Douglas M.The bacon and cheddar burger was really good. Get the Tuscan fries! Definitely a good spin on the normal French fries.

    55555 by Douglas M.

  • Tom H.Fried pickle, pastrami and kraut appetizer is great!

    55555 by Tom H.

  • Travis W.Great burgers!

    55555 by Travis W.

  • Bill K.Eh. Very underwhelming.

    22222 by Bill K.


    22222 by Dan P.

  • Christina R.Burger was decent. Tuscan fries were ok, but not as amazing as the reviews indicate. I wouldn't go out of my way to get a burger here. The Met is way better when it comes to variety.

    33333 by Christina R.

  • Kevin M.This place is overrated

    33333 by Kevin M.

  • Comedy S.False Advertising! I needed ten napkins!

    11111 by Comedy S.

  • Boston.comIt may look like an old-fashioned butcher shop, but this upscale Back Bay spot offers every modern variation on the burger you could dream up – and all between great buns.

    55555 by Boston.com

  • Jonathan C.Their namesake burger is good, but not mind blowing. I recommend their lamb kofta burger.

    55555 by Jonathan C.

  • Ronda B.Salted caramel milkshake is incredible.

    55555 by Ronda B.

  • Jessica Y.Uhhhhhh three words: SALTED CARAMEL MILKSHAKE

    55555 by Jessica Y.

  • Nicholas M.Hottest male staff ever.

    33333 by Nicholas M.

  • Jay M.Very accommodating for special orders.

    55555 by Jay M.

  • Lisa A.Sliders are $2 after 4

    33333 by Lisa A.

  • Zoe LSecond time here, and the last. Both times waited over 45 minutes for food. Had to send back because it was cold and missing key ingredients. Service always friendly though.

    22222 by Zoe L

  • Mark TSidewalk seating on Columbus day 85 degrees. Nice!

    55555 by Mark T

  • Jeffrey MKebel is here

    55555 by Jeffrey M

  • ThrillistTry the 10oz fresh ground chuck Inside Out w/ b&b pickles & 5N sauce.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • caroline l.Not that good! Tuna burger and cheeseburger were mediocre. Four burgers is 100x better!!!!!

    33333 by caroline l.

  • Jack C.Best sweet potato fries, pretty good burgers.

    55555 by Jack C.

  • Zachary B.These aren't your public school tater tots

    55555 by Zachary B.

  • betsy f.Milkshakes aren't on the menu... The Salted Carmel milkshake is unreal.

    55555 by betsy f.

  • Alessandro P.Avg burger, nothing comparable with hell's kitchen in NY!

    55555 by Alessandro P.

  • Paul S.Ask for the Taylor, a delicious tequila drink.

    55555 by Paul S.

  • Kevin I.Boring, not that great.

    33333 by Kevin I.

  • BostonTweet5 Napkin Burger has 50c gourmet wings and $2 sliders every day from 3-6pm - Allagash White too!!!

    55555 by BostonTweet

  • Tanveer MThat sounds delicious

    55555 by Tanveer M

  • Matthew G.The sweet potato fries are the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Matthew G.

  • Curtis V.Service was the best I've received in some time. I couldn't have asked for a better waitress or service

    33333 by Curtis V.

  • Lawrence RBetter than Mc Donald. Not extraordinary!

    33333 by Lawrence R

  • Brent ATerrible service.

    11111 by Brent A

  • Brian J.I napkin per person. The other 4 where non-existent. Haha. But juicy burgers for sure.

    33333 by Brian J.

  • Emmanuel P.Good burgers. Shame about the service. Surly and rude. Don't think we'll be coming back here.

    22222 by Emmanuel P.

  • Tyler B.Ran out of the BLT salad. How do you run out of salad? Place was half empty, but we still had to wait 5 minutes for a table.

    22222 by Tyler B.

  • Erica R.Great original burger but Tuscan fries were a bit limp.

    55555 by Erica R.

  • Zac M.We thought it was great. Veggie burger was a win per my wife

    55555 by Zac M.

  • Eric L.Don't be fooled by the name. They only give you one napkin here.

    22222 by Eric L.

  • Michelle J.veggie burger was great...yet the service left something to be desired

    33333 by Michelle J.

  • Brian C.5NB rocks! Can't go wrong with sushi + burger + shake. I'll vouch for the southwestern roll, original burger, lamb burger, smores shake and cookies & cream shake. Enjoy!

    55555 by Brian C.

  • Spencer S.The apple pie is amazing.

    55555 by Spencer S.

  • BenNYCMilk Shakes are really good! Big enough to share too!

    55555 by BenNYC

  • Farida W.Waitress was TERRIBLE! Major cleavage hanging out of her shirt and major attitude to match. The only time she was attentive during the meal was when taking our check. No one helped us get the manager

    22222 by Farida W.

  • James W.Not a fan of the original 5 napkin burger but the ahi tuna burger is quite tasty. Pair it with a side of tuscan fries and enjoy.

    55555 by James W.

  • Joyce E.Onion rings gritty. Burger took too long, overcooked. Misdelivered appetizer. Must be too busy for skill set.

    22222 by Joyce E.

  • Eugene K.5 napkin burger doesn't need any condiments. And if you really feel like splurging, get the fried pickle & pastrami app. Do it. Seriously.

    33333 by Eugene K.

  • Stephen ZWas not impressed - I thought the burger at Charley's or the Met Bar was better and less money after adding the small sides.

    22222 by Stephen Z

  • Jason C.the Tennessee Tea is a great cocktail - Jack Daniels, sweet vermouth, mint and housemade ginger ale

    55555 by Jason C.

  • Jay P.The 5Napkin Burger is AMAZING! You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Jay P.

  • Lindsay BThis place is amazing!!

    55555 by Lindsay B

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