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Sweet Cheeks Q

1381 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215

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(617) 266-1300


  • Monday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
  • Sunday: 11:30 am - Midnight

Cuisine: Barbecue Restaurants, Bars

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4.6 of 5.0 from 202 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, MA
  • Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, MA
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  • Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, MA
  • Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, MA
  • Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, MA
  • Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, MA

Blogger Reviews of Sweet Cheeks Q

  • Boston Food and Love on Aug 02, 2013

    Last Monday we both had the day off. So we decided to celebrate with some BBQ. We have heard wonderful things about Sweet Cheeks Q and so we decided to give it a try...

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Sweet Cheeks Q Reviews

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  • Rob AGreat brisket and ribs, pork belly a little tough but sides were really good. Biscuits were fantastic!

    55555 by Rob A

  • Tom M.Try the seltzer flight! Tito's vodka + limited edition seltzers

    55555 by Tom M.

  • Shalin JGot their lunch tray with pulled chicken, pulled pork, rib and a side. It was delicious. The portions are huge. Loved it.

    55555 by Shalin J

  • Alina LTry anything. I bet you it will be amazing. I had the brisket and biscuits (the honey butter omg 😍). The pork belly is also really good. Drinks are great and STRONG. Definitely worth a visit.

    55555 by Alina L

  • Terence C.Pretty pricey for small portions. Got the brisket, chop brisket, sausage and half rack of ribs. Biscuits were excellent. Ribs and meats are smoky but a little dry. 4/5

    55555 by Terence C.

  • Andrew R.The sampler plates are big enough to split and get lots of variety.

    55555 by Andrew R.

  • Ally P.Cocktails are a fantastic way to start your visit here and you can't leave without trying a bisket, they are the best I have ever had!!!

    55555 by Ally P.

  • Liam N.Best of Boston 2016: BBQ 🍖 :: Metal trays of tender ribs, buckets of now-iconic honey-butter biscuits, and Mason-jar cocktails, best imbibed by the outdoor beer shed. Sweet mercy.

    55555 by Liam N.

  • Mike NGet the Biscuits

    33333 by Mike N

  • TakreemFried okra

    55555 by Takreem

  • Eric ENot real BBQ ! Came with a group and service was terrible. If you've never had good BBQ from down south then this place is fine for you. The sauces were subpar and to modernized. Do better.

    33333 by Eric E

  • Tiffany BI like the pork ribs tray with potato salad and mac-n-cheese!

    55555 by Tiffany B

  • Veronica YLas alitas son las mejores

    55555 by Veronica Y

  • William F. A.Best Ribs I tried in Boston. Also amazing sour and hot home made sauces

    55555 by William F. A.

  • Natalie TThe ribs and fried chicken are amazing!

    55555 by Natalie T

  • Allison K.Biscuits and honey butter were the clear highlight

    55555 by Allison K.

  • Lauren MPulled pork, biscuits, broc cheddar casserole. Beware those with nut allergies - the farm salad has hazelnuts.

    55555 by Lauren M

  • Ashley G.The food was just ok.

    22222 by Ashley G.

  • Jon BackhausPig and booze

    55555 by Jon Backhaus

  • Niki BlakerAll of our food and drinks were great. The biscuits are so big, you only need to order one to split with 2 people.

    55555 by Niki Blaker

  • Neal MFried chicken is fantastic here

    55555 by Neal M

  • Brianna CadalzoBeing from Georgia, I've got high standards for southern food. That being said, I was very disappointed by the cheese grits, but the biscuits were pretty good. Best I've found in New England so far

    55555 by Brianna Cadalzo

  • Tom KGotta get the brisket and pulled pork tray.

    55555 by Tom K

  • Amanda MBiscuits and strawberry jam! Can't go wrong here with whatever you choose.

    55555 by Amanda M

  • Jonathan DSweet cheeks 2 scoops of meat, mac n cheese with Cole slaw.... Heaven

    55555 by Jonathan D

  • Wangeci JAmazing bbq brisket sandwich. I would highly recommend!

    55555 by Wangeci J

  • Noah W.Pulled pork, biscuit with honey butter, and the crunchy Mac n cheese were highlights. Meat platter w/ 3 meats can easily fill two people for $26. Great beer and cocktail selection, too.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • Tyson Gach👍 Pulled pork👍 Farm salad👍 Biscuit👍 Mac n’ Cheese

    55555 by Tyson Gach

  • Erica T.Best thing I've had here: BBQ brisket, worst: Mac and cheese (super salty). Overall good food and the $24-26 trays are enough for two.

    33333 by Erica T.

  • Henry JThe food is good but overpriced. Hostesses are inefficient and rude to single diners.

    22222 by Henry J

  • Ben VLunchtime trays are great, especially pulled pork and collard greens.

    55555 by Ben V

  • Shawn EAlways a good idea to start with the biscuits!

    55555 by Shawn E

  • Kyle P.You'll go in excited for ribs, but the biscuits (with honey butter) are gonna steal the show. Make sure not to miss them.

    55555 by Kyle P.

  • Vivian MHoney butter biscuits!

    55555 by Vivian M

  • Margaret WangHoney butter for the biscuits is FANTASTIC. A must taste!

    55555 by Margaret Wang

  • Brendan O.Best BBQ in the Fenway area - the biscuits are HUGE

    55555 by Brendan O.

  • Marguerite A.Biscuits are worth the carb guilt.

    55555 by Marguerite A.

  • Georgia 7Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits

    55555 by Georgia 7

  • Ansel W.I love the rolls

    55555 by Ansel W.

  • Wendy L.Probably best bbq... In Boston. Biscuits were a highlight

    55555 by Wendy L.

  • Kimberly AginFantastic biscuits (try with the honey butter). Also loved the pulled pork and cheesy broccoli. Stay away from coleslaw- it's more salad-like. Good beer selection too.

    55555 by Kimberly Agin

  • Christine B.Dat pulled pork plate. Mac & cheese and farm salad sides

    55555 by Christine B.

  • Seung-Jin H.i know it's a bbq joint, but the biscuits... oh, the biscuits. fried chicken 👍🏼

    55555 by Seung-Jin H.

  • Colby R.The biscuits omg...

    33333 by Colby R.

  • Fred Y.Sweet tea and bucket o biscuits.

    55555 by Fred Y.

  • James B.Brisket. Don't order anything else. Melt in your mouth good with Texas toast. Oh and do yourselves another favor and start with the biscuits.

    55555 by James B.

  • Preston JBiscuits, fried chicken, mac n cheese. Cant go wrong with any of it!

    55555 by Preston J

  • Vaughn A.This is legit BBQ. Short rib almost too rich. Which is exactly what you want. A unique and crazy meatsperience

    55555 by Vaughn A.

  • Carol H.Biscuits are fantastic

    55555 by Carol H.

  • John Melas-KyriaziPulled chicken sandwich. Yum.

    55555 by John Melas-Kyriazi

  • Sahil K.Brisket was top-notch 👌

    55555 by Sahil K.

  • Claire JBISCUITS!!!!

    55555 by Claire J

  • Shannon K.Carla was great! Awesome food and selection of beer😀

    55555 by Shannon K.

  • Nati SYou MUST have the biscuits. Pulled pork with Mac and cheese and coleslaw is my usual. All amazing.

    55555 by Nati S

  • richard LBest Boston BBQ great sides and the best bartenders

    55555 by richard L

  • Gianna N.I've had better pulled pork and sausage in my life, and my side salad was very salty.

    33333 by Gianna N.

  • Denis B.BBQ, lunch on Friday

    55555 by Denis B.

  • Will NBrisket, pulled pork, cole slaw, Mac & cheese

    55555 by Will N

  • Breana JPulled pork, mac and cheese, biscuits are to die for

    55555 by Breana J

  • Alicia JI always get the pulled pork tray with Mac n cheese and potato salad. It's always amazing and you have to get the rolls with the maple butter too.

    55555 by Alicia J

  • Ron OppenheimThe biscuits are amazing. By themselves or as the bread in a pulled meat sandwich. For sides, go with the salt and pepper potatoes. Also, the fried chicken is great (it takes a while though).

    55555 by Ron Oppenheim

  • Landon H.But yours meats by the quarter pound in order to try more. Start with the brisket, pork belly, and pulled pork.

    55555 by Landon H.

  • Daniel T.Bucket. O. Biscuits.

    55555 by Daniel T.

  • Shuvani BurtPulled pork was amazing

    55555 by Shuvani Burt

  • Nikole F.Tasty! Huge portions. The biscuits are must try!

    55555 by Nikole F.

  • David AitkenPretty delicious brisket and pulled pork, but the biscuit was unbelievable.

    55555 by David Aitken

  • John JRamen Monday's at 9pm. Get there early, bowls are limited

    55555 by John J

  • bennYou come here for the biscuits and honey butter. The brisket is good, but pretty fatty...

    55555 by benn

  • Lynne B.The giant nutterbutter cookie is amazing!!!

    55555 by Lynne B.

  • Tim CummingsBiscuits are delicious.

    55555 by Tim Cummings

  • icelleBrisket, Mac and cheese and potato salad!

    55555 by icelle

  • Madalena CPulled pork!! Biscuits!!

    55555 by Madalena C

  • Kaitlynn A.The biscuits. Get them. You won't regret it. Or you can just get a plate of meat.

    55555 by Kaitlynn A.

  • Sofia P.Get the biscuits. Do it.

    33333 by Sofia P.

  • Vanessa G.(Best of Boston 2014-BBQ) Improper Bostonian says, "Skeptics wondered why Tiffani Faison, first famed as aTop Chef contestant, would choose to feature notoriously difficult American slow-smoke BBQ."

    55555 by Vanessa G.

  • BU TodayFormer 'Top Chef' finalist Tiffani Faison brings quality ingredients to Fenway, serving up some of the best barbecue in Boston. Don't miss the biscuits slathered with sweet honey butter!

    55555 by BU Today

  • Jake WalshBurnt ends sandwich. Do it!

    33333 by Jake Walsh

  • Janet IsabellaHoney buttered biscuits. Omg. Get a basket and take the leftovers home for breakfast. The ribs are the worst I've ever had and the mac n cheese has poor flavor.

    33333 by Janet Isabella

  • Joshua EddyThe fried-chicken tray with sides of farm salad and broccoli casserole.

    33333 by Joshua Eddy

  • Yera H.The biscuits with honey butter... oooooof. Get everything here and have no regrets!

    55555 by Yera H.

  • Brendan C.The big cheeks tray is perfect for two.

    55555 by Brendan C.

  • Jason S.Brisket was so tender, and the carrot raisin salad the right balance of sweet, crunchy, and tangy.

    55555 by Jason S.

  • Carisa GSweet cheeks sides dinner

    55555 by Carisa G

  • Jeremy K.Great craft beer selection however they also sling up some great cocktails including seasonal - just keep that in mind.

    55555 by Jeremy K.

  • Gary TPork Spare Ribs

    55555 by Gary T

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Sweet Cheeks as seen on Top Chef

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Raphael ArmandVery good the cakes!

    55555 by Raphael Armand

  • Thas S.Pulled pork. brisket!

    55555 by Thas S.

  • Rav I.everything is bombbb

    55555 by Rav I.

  • Ted R.Wow..... Soooooo good

    55555 by Ted R.

  • Jeffrey C.Great Texas style bbq; Well seasoned Beef Brisket on Texas Toast. get a tray so you can take some home

    55555 by Jeffrey C.

  • Sarah S.Our hit list = Brisket, Fried Chicken, Collards, Black Eye Peas, Just one Rib, Fried Okra, Hushpuppies, & a Bucket O’ Biscuits. Do not miss the Nutter Butter!

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Jeremy K.You can now order their famous biscuits individually instead of by buckets of 4. Watch out though, they are huge and filling but delicious and were even voted #1 in the country by Forbes Magazine.

    55555 by Jeremy K.

  • Jade A.I got the pulled chicken, farm salad, collard greens, and of course a biscuit. The biscuit was BOMB, and everything else was tasty too. A little expensive, but a lot of food. I'll be sure to be back!

    55555 by Jade A.

  • Kyle HardyTake them seriously when they say how spicy their sauces are. It can hurt

    55555 by Kyle Hardy

  • John JBest biscuits you'll ever have

    55555 by John J

  • Andrew MeggisonRated best BBQ in Boston

    55555 by Andrew Meggison

  • EpicuriousThe Monster Wings at this BBQ joint co-owned by Top Chef chef-testant Tiffani Faison are brined with salt, sugar, star anise, & fennel seeds for two days and slowly smoked over white oak and red oak.

    55555 by Epicurious

  • Noah R.Shiner Bock and Ruby Redbird have landed.

    55555 by Noah R.

  • Jill M.Sooo good! Make sure you try a biscuit with honey butter.. delicious!

    55555 by Jill M.

  • Vanessa G.Multi-winner of Improper Bostonian's "Best of" for BBQ. So there's that...

    33333 by Vanessa G.

  • Anastasia B.Biscuits. Biscuits. Biscuits. Yes, they're huge, but they're also the best I've ever had (take some to go if you don't finish). Mac & Cheese wasn't worth it, surprisingly. Get the meat and farm salad.

    55555 by Anastasia B.

  • Alan FletcherTry the brisket ends! Biscuits are insanely large! Watch out fried green tomatoes come out piping hot!!!!

    55555 by Alan Fletcher

  • kirsten Byummy, amazing bbq. Great service and amzingly yummy food.

    55555 by kirsten B

  • TiffanyRamen served between 9 and 10 p.m., lines tend to form around 8 p.m.

    33333 by Tiffany

  • Gloria C.they serve ramen on monday's from 9-10 for $15!! the broth is made from boiling pork & chicken bones for 36 hours. it's served w/ smoked pork belly & a Chinese black vinegar soy sauce egg

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Julia M.Try the pulled pork sandwich, & be sure to order a bucket of biscuits with honey butter.

    55555 by Julia M.

  • Vanessa G.(Best of Boston 2013-BBQ) Improper Bostonian says, "Start with the warm Bucket o' Biscuits with honey butter, toss in some fried green tomatoes and then turn your attention to the main event...BBQ."

    55555 by Vanessa G.

  • DigBostonThis southern-style joint could very well be the best in the world. We gave them the #DigThis13 award for BBQ! Give their brisket and biscuits a try w/ some moonshine and a PBR and you’ll see why!

    55555 by DigBoston

  • Christopher H.The biscuits are divine.

    55555 by Christopher H.

  • Hanya L.Oh good lord, NEVER have I tasted brisket so good. If this is a taste if the south, take me there now!

    33333 by Hanya L.

  • S J.Good music!! Nice vibe.

    55555 by S J.

  • Maddie S.Pulled pork is hands down the best item on the menu. Other highlights include the baked beans and biscuits with honey butter.

    55555 by Maddie S.

  • Shane R.The pulled pork, biscuits and collards are spot on the money. Trust me, I'm from NC ;)

    55555 by Shane R.

  • BU TodaySweet Cheeks offers authentic southern BBQ with locally-sourced, smoked meats alongside a variety of their homemade sauces. The real draw? The fluffy biscuits with creamy honey butter.

    55555 by BU Today

  • Mark R.Fried chicken sandwich is the best I've ever eaten

    55555 by Mark R.

  • Donna B.Fried green tomatoes

    55555 by Donna B.

  • Jenny M.Try the Damn Yankee: bourbon, sapling maple liqueur, and black walnut bitters. And it comes in this cute squat mason jar.

    55555 by Jenny M.

  • Ed S.Must try the house bill 819

    55555 by Ed S.

  • Josh G.Great food, TERRIBLE service. Have waited a combined 35 minutes for our first then second drink.

    22222 by Josh G.

  • Laura MarieGet the Bucket o' Biscuits with Honey Butter to start! So good! You can also buy them to go if you want some for breakfast.

    55555 by Laura Marie

  • Kraft M.Go here hungry!

    55555 by Kraft M.

  • Igor M.burnt ends brisket sandwich is very good

    55555 by Igor M.

  • Luofei D.I swear the mystic is straight off my iPod. U2, Journey, Bon Jovi, Guns 'n Roses, Bryan Adams...

    55555 by Luofei D.

  • Tina F.The black eye peas. One of the few places that get them right!

    55555 by Tina F.

  • Melissa V.This place is to die for. Me and the bf split a pork belly and brisket tray with Mac and cheese and the farm salad, which was amazinnnnggg. The smell, the atmosphere, the drink list >>>>

    55555 by Melissa V.

  • Jennifer J.These biscuits are to die for! Oh and try the pineapple kush and the beer-rita! So good!

    55555 by Jennifer J.

  • Jeannie A.Absolutely delicious! The best macaroni and cheese and biscuits! Loved the pulled pork!!!

    55555 by Jeannie A.

  • Jully C.Honey butter biscuits are amazing

    55555 by Jully C.

  • Darian Symone H.I got the fried chx-Cooked perfectly cooked, collars greens-some of the best I've ever had...only thing I'd say to stay away from is the Mac n chz. It just want good.

    55555 by Darian Symone H.

  • Lauren B.Corny music but great food. Mixed greens with Brussel sprouts salad is so good. Mac and cheese the best.

    55555 by Lauren B.

  • Kiki.kikFarm salad is to die for.

    55555 by Kiki.kik

  • Sydney T.Pretty disappointed for the price point. Mac and cheese specifically sucks.

    33333 by Sydney T.

  • John M.No biscuits???

    22222 by John M.

  • EdMake sure you get the brisket.

    55555 by Ed

  • Brian S.Bone thugz and biscuits

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Samia S.Best biscuits with to due for honey butter. I would go just for the biscuits 4 for $10

    55555 by Samia S.

  • Anthony D PaulIf you're a pepper maniac, the habanero sauce is not nearly as spicy as you might hope. It is basically simple syrup, very sweet and minimally invasive. Stick with the vinegary Carolina sauce.

    55555 by Anthony D Paul

  • Anthony D PaulIn the platters, get the farm salad as your side. It is pretty much amazing.

    55555 by Anthony D Paul

  • Siobhan M.The food here is incredible, try the pulled pork, the pulled chicken, the fried green tomatoes, the hush puppies and the black eyes peas! For a little drink to go with? The Indian summer.

    55555 by Siobhan M.

  • Becka D.Chef Dan is amazing. A triple brisket tray is the way to go!

    55555 by Becka D.

  • Bobby O.literally, whiskey in a jar..

    33333 by Bobby O.

  • Agatha Y.Their honey butter biscuits are heavenly. Come here with boys to prevent meat-coma

    55555 by Agatha Y.

  • Roderic M.Avoid the cobb salad.

    33333 by Roderic M.

  • Kirk P.Try the burnt ends

    33333 by Kirk P.

  • Samantha B.Taylor is a super-waiter. Way friendly and knows the menu up, down and backwards. There isn't enough space to express how incredible the food is here... Biscuits and honey butter and fried chx, oh my!

    55555 by Samantha B.

  • Blauer serious Pro! B.Portions are ridic- split a plate with someone and save money!

    33333 by Blauer serious Pro! B.

  • Siobhan M.Don't bother with the fried chicken - batter doesn't stay on - so either you get a big bite of naked chicken or batter - go pulled pork or chicken instead.

    33333 by Siobhan M.

  • Mike D.Hot biscuits are a must. Don't forget to order them way ahead of your BBQ otherwise you'll be stuffed before you know it!

    55555 by Mike D.

  • Jenny M.Don't want to miss out on the BBQ but afraid you'll burst if you order a tray? Get their salad, which comes with seasonal ingredients, and top it with the meat of your choice.

    55555 by Jenny M.

  • Cory O.Good beer selection, GREAT meat selection, and the decor is fun too. A great spot to get some delicious BBQ.

    55555 by Cory O.

  • jane s.One tray can easily serve two people.

    55555 by jane s.

  • Geoffrey B.Eat up! So much FOOD!

    55555 by Geoffrey B.

  • Tanya P.The meat is excellent, sweet ice tea is perfect Texas style! I loved the sweet pickles too! Neg 1 - the napkins are so thin they stick to your fingers and bits come off. 2 - Texas toast is thicker.

    55555 by Tanya P.

  • Dave T.Try the Short Rib..amazing!

    55555 by Dave T.

  • EaterOpening in November 2011, Top Chef star Tiffani Faison's barbecue ode has been nothing short of a smash hit. The biscuits are legendary, and there's now an outdoor beer garden. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • EaterSince opening in November 2011, Top Chef star Tiffani Faison's barbecue ode has been nothing short of a smash hit. The biscuits are legendary, and there's now an outdoor beer garden to boot

    55555 by Eater

  • Allison S.Biscuits. Unreal.

    55555 by Allison S.

  • Shawn P.Wow. The food and service were outstanding. Yummy. Yummy.

    55555 by Shawn P.

  • Elliot D.I had a brisket sandwich... It was ALL FAT. Made me sick. Danger will Robertson, DANGER!

    22222 by Elliot D.

  • Chris D.Eat everything!!!

    55555 by Chris D.

  • SupahFans S.Retractable Roof for our neighbor Sweet Cheek's Beer Garden being built. Take that Toronto's Rogers Center!

    55555 by SupahFans S.

  • SupahFans S.So ya ever wonder what else men might be doing? Well, at Fenway's Sweet Cheeks they've got eggs filled with toys for us to buy- woo hoo!

    33333 by SupahFans S.

  • Christine M.Biscuits and honey butter are amazing!

    55555 by Christine M.

  • SupahFans S.Kitchen closes at 11 so get here early enough for Boston's best BBQ

    55555 by SupahFans S.

  • Ryan T.Must get the biscuits. Must.

    55555 by Ryan T.

  • Siena F.Ewwy. Over priced pork

    22222 by Siena F.

  • Joseph M.The best items are the pork belly and the broccoli & cheese casserole. Everything else is ok.

    55555 by Joseph M.

  • MegThe biscuits are huge and amazing!! A definite must!

    55555 by Meg

  • Joshua B.Give it a chance -- you'll be surprised. I was.

    55555 by Joshua B.

  • FluxPMThe beans are Texas BBQ not Boston Baked ;)

    55555 by FluxPM

  • Renz P.service took a little while... the food was presented in a.. unique fashion = on the tray just like that... but the sauces and food were good. mac and cheese was super yummy

    55555 by Renz P.

  • Jake R.Excellent BBQ. Really enjoyed the broccoli and cheese casserole and the biscuits. Home Brew was tasty too!

    55555 by Jake R.

  • @BostonAttitudeBest F'n BBQ in Boston! Add the Mac& Cheese

    55555 by @BostonAttitude

  • Becka D.Best brisket ever

    55555 by Becka D.

  • Tracy S.I was disappointed. Not great flavor w/ chicken, cole slaw & macaroni & cheese. It was meh at the restaurant & leftovers the next day made me sick! My friend had the ribs which were fantastic though!

    33333 by Tracy S.

  • Sara S.Great outdoor space. A little pricey but you get a ton of food. Go biscuits or go home!

    55555 by Sara S.

  • Jenny M.Don't skip the biscuits.

    33333 by Jenny M.

  • jonathan m.that was the worst bbq i've ever had. also, everything was painfully salty and the service was very slow.

    22222 by jonathan m.

  • Jessica D.Pulled pork with BBQ sauce and Mac&cheese. BEST COMBINATION EVER!

    55555 by Jessica D.

  • Erik A.Come hungry, big portions! Be careful though, all the food has strong flavours... The potato salad was too vinegary...

    55555 by Erik A.

  • @BostonAttitudeAdd the Mac & Cheese to anything!

    33333 by @BostonAttitude

  • Gianpaolo E.Where do I begin? The food here is phenomenal. Order anything. The salt and pepper potatoes are phenomenal and the pork bellies are worth the extra hour or two on the treadmill.

    55555 by Gianpaolo E.

  • David G.Over cooked dried out tired food . Slim Pickens in the Fenway . Go to La Verdad , Citizens publicly house or toscano . This is just not a good place to go !

    33333 by David G.

  • Ahmed A.Stick with the mothafuckin trays. Side of broccoli and cheese, and carrots and raisins. Beer: Draft

    33333 by Ahmed A.

  • Jake S.Try mixing the house and Carolina vinegar sauces together on your pulled pork for a flavor explosion.

    55555 by Jake S.

  • Sumiko SFantastic whiskey menu!!

    55555 by Sumiko S

  • J. H.Keep in mind, they don't use sauces on the meat directly. They're in those bottles on the table. The gold star one indicates FIYAH.

    33333 by J. H.

  • Patrick BDon't expect to be blown away. Beer and booze list is pretty comprehensive though. $5 for a pabst or highlife makes you feel dirty though.

    55555 by Patrick B

  • Kimeeë H.Make your own sandwich with some yummy broccoli casserole shmushed in the middle of a warm delicious homemade biscuit. Frickin delicious!!!

    55555 by Kimeeë H.

  • Boston.comTiffani Faison’s new Boston project serves barbecue on metal trays and beverages in Mason jars. Top Chef alum offers up pulled pork, brisket, beans, coleslaw, and more with the music blasting.

    55555 by Boston.com

  • bryan b.Everything great best beer list in area

    55555 by bryan b.

  • Gilt CityThe team is committed not only to what tastes good, but to doing what’s right, serving sustainably raised “super natural” premium Black Angus beef, free of hormones, and additives.

    55555 by Gilt City

  • Boston PhoenixThe fried green tomatoes, hush puppies, and biscuits are to die for, if the belly pork doesn’t get you first. All-American whiskey list is impressive!

    55555 by Boston Phoenix

  • PBR BostonDrink a union made, american owned PBR. The official beer of BBQ. We love Sweet Cheeks.

    55555 by PBR Boston

  • Jason C.Get a Butternuts Porkslap Pale Ale. You know you want to.

    55555 by Jason C.

  • Calvin C.Those soft, fluffy weapons of coronary destruction (aka biscuits) are a must!

    55555 by Calvin C.

  • Diana TLoved this place, and I'm a little snobby about my TX bbq, as a TX transplant. The brisket is soooo moist and delicious -- a must-have.

    55555 by Diana T

  • Joe S.Definitely get a 24oz Michelada to wash down the 'Q

    55555 by Joe S.

  • ThrillistSC's nine types of falling-off-the-bone meats are smoked with oak/maple. We recommend the pulled chicken plated as a griddled Texas sammie with broccoli cheese casserole.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Andrew T.Great craft beer list. Almost 50 different beers to choose from and pair with your BBQ.

    55555 by Andrew T.

  • AskMenFormerly of the Rocca in the South End, Faison is taking over the Cambridge 1 space in the Fenway for her Southern-style outpost of everything smokey, saucy and meaty.

    55555 by AskMen

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