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19 Old Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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(718) 858-4300


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 10:45 pm
  • Monday: 11:30 am - 10:45 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 10:45 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - 10:45 pm
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 10:45 pm
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 11:45 pm
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm - 11:45 pm

Cuisine: Pizza Places

4.2 of 5.0 from 270 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY
  • Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY

Grimaldi's Reviews

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  • Beth KDon't forget to bring your cash! Cash only.

    55555 by Beth K

  • Rachel PortGot ricotta and Italian sausage pizza. I wouldn't put it in my top 15.

    33333 by Rachel Port

  • Leanne DA classic! Put olives on it!

    55555 by Leanne D

  • Tim JA great classic pizza, charcoal oven fired and everything you want a NYC pizza to be

    55555 by Tim J

  • Paco M.Busy, busy, busy. But worth the wait

    55555 by Paco M.

  • Marja NPizzas are big and very tasty - will come again!

    55555 by Marja N

  • Jarel MPepperoni was excellent

    55555 by Jarel M

  • Sophie E스몰사이즈 여자 셋까지도 가능! 왜 유명한지 모를 일!

    55555 by Sophie E

  • Mauricio BPizza is good but not great; service and attitude of all the guys working here is horrible, so skip it and go next door to Juliana's Pizza instead!

    33333 by Mauricio B

  • Richard RI thought tourist price and I go to place on Manhattan, Then I remembered I spent $100 on beer last night and stayed for a small meatball. Excellent NY pizza & take off my bucket list. JUST DO IT!

    55555 by Richard R

  • Julian A."Oven baked peppers" aka canned. A basil leaf and sprinkled spices doesn't make up for bland sauce. A 2-topping small pizza for $23?

    33333 by Julian A.

  • Can JClassic. Go just before noon if you don't want to wait a long queue

    55555 by Can J

  • Tiago D#1 pizza ever

    55555 by Tiago D

  • Aditya A.Not worth waiting in line

    22222 by Aditya A.

  • Nevenka FThis is a lousy place. Avoid it at all cost. Pizza is bad, service is poor, food served on paper plates, drinks in plastic cups. Cash only, hand-written illegible bill, tip is enforced. Rude manager.

    11111 by Nevenka F

  • Stu G.Great pizza, friendly staff and reasonable prices 🍕

    55555 by Stu G.

  • Fai GLa pizza y la música bien, pero platos y cubiertos de plástico, no sirven cerveza y los refrescos están calientes, y además sólo aceptan efectivo! Antes no sé pero ahora es un sitio del montón...

    33333 by Fai G

  • Claudia DDebes hacer una fila de 20 min para tener mesa, luego esperar como 15 min que traigan la pizza, es rica, pero tampoco es la mejor, lugar muy italiano

    55555 by Claudia D

  • Ailie C.There are plenty of good pizza places in New York. In my opinion not worth the wait so you should come on a weekday off hours.

    55555 by Ailie C.

  • Elsa NTotally overrated not worth the wait.

    22222 by Elsa N

  • Kirill CУютно, аутентично и главное - вкусно. Можно собрать пиццу на свой вкус;)

    55555 by Kirill C

  • Conrad Hotels & Resorts THave a staple New York-style slice

    55555 by Conrad Hotels & Resorts T

  • Pinar BBest pizza place around.

    55555 by Pinar B

  • Cris L.Came on a whim to avoid the line at Juliana's-- great decision!! 👍🏽👍🏽 Calzone was huge and delicious and pizza was just right. Fast service too.

    55555 by Cris L.

  • Andrew MJoin the queue, pick your pizza and argue over the toppings. No alcohol here

    33333 by Andrew M

  • Melissa M.Didn't wanna believe the hype, but it's true - their pizza is amazing.

    55555 by Melissa M.

  • Juan Alberto NBuenas pizzas, te apuran un poco para que te vayas por que pasa lleno

    33333 by Juan Alberto N

  • Brian G.Classic Brooklyn pizza

    55555 by Brian G.

  • Kerem FThin and crusty, one of the best pizza I have tasted. Bad news: Long waiting list is unbearable on summer.

    55555 by Kerem F

  • Jetty BDelicious pizza, great authentic athmosphere, very friendly staff! Love!

    55555 by Jetty B

  • Ryan W.Lives up to the hype for sure.

    33333 by Ryan W.

  • Cameron M.Fresh jalapeños! (Not pickled.)

    55555 by Cameron M.

  • Josué TTry your pie with dry tomatoes, onions and ham. It's delicious!!

    55555 by Josué T

  • Charlotte ScarfGood but not great pizza in v average setting. Next time we'll get takeaway and see if eating in the park ups the appeal. Have a feeling it will.

    55555 by Charlotte Scarf

  • Levent AThey make you wait outside even though there are available places. 30 mins waiting time for the order to come. Pizza is fine but overall not worth it.

    33333 by Levent A

  • Elisa KNon hanno birra!

    55555 by Elisa K

  • FoodiesprGreat #Pizza #NY style everything you are looking in an excellent #pie

    55555 by Foodiespr

  • Vildan Tunc YilmazBurda pizza yemeden NY'dan donmek olmazzz

    55555 by Vildan Tunc Yilmaz

  • Alex SJ LGo early to avoid the lines. The white pizzas are great!

    55555 by Alex SJ L

  • Serguei OrozcoVale la pena la fila de espera para poder probar esta deliciosa pizza.

    55555 by Serguei Orozco

  • Selim VarolVery Good but not the best in NYC 🌟🌟🌟🌟

    55555 by Selim Varol

  • Daniel BarnettGreat go, sadly no longer a must-go.

    55555 by Daniel Barnett

  • Yalçın YaşinThere are much better pizzeria in NY. A little disappointment for me!

    33333 by Yalçın Yaşin

  • Nicolas BaltzerUne institution ! Pizzas fabuleuses, belle atmosphère et une tradition perpétuée : un indispensable.

    55555 by Nicolas Baltzer

  • Emilio VitoloCozy enough to bring the family...Not bad for a coal oven pie ..wait gets a little crazy

    55555 by Emilio Vitolo

  • Sam JAwesome as usual!

    55555 by Sam J

  • Matheus DMuitoooo bom. Senha da Internet eh 1grimaldis

    55555 by Matheus D

  • Monibru IPizza hiper finita y muy rica. Si tienen mucho hambre una grande sino con una chica esta muy bien para dos.

    55555 by Monibru I

  • Jose M.I loved the ambiance

    55555 by Jose M.

  • JR NIf you want small? It will be medium size at least! But don't worry. It's thin pizza. Must add toppings.

    55555 by JR N

  • Pablo G.recommended by ivana

    55555 by Pablo G.

  • Mark D.After standing in line for almost an hour (and the bouncer at the door letting 10+ people behind us in), we were surprised to find plenty of open tables inside. Tasty pizza, but ditch the attitude.

    22222 by Mark D.

  • Richard L.Pizza is good here

    55555 by Richard L.

  • Leandro J.Best pizza in NY

    55555 by Leandro J.

  • Carla SchoemanFirstly note this is a cash only place- there is an atm upstairs though. Best pizza of my life.

    55555 by Carla Schoeman

  • ShahIf you enjoy burnt crust with cheese that tastes like plastic, go here. Otherwise, Julianna's next door provides some of the best pizza in the city, sans the misguided tourist lines.

    55555 by Shah

  • Tevfik TurnaÇok övdüler ancak vasat

    22222 by Tevfik Turna

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Grimaldi's as seen on Food Wars

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Gabriela PradoA massa é incrível e o queijo delicioso. Deveriamos ter colocado mais topings.

    55555 by Gabriela Prado

  • Bebe LePizza, Brooklyn Eats

    55555 by Bebe Le

  • David ALa mejor pizza de Nueva York! Pizzas grandisimas, precios contenidos. Hay que hacer cola pero avanza rapido. Camareros super majos!

    55555 by David A

  • *Hank M.OMG. If there's a line keep on moving. Waiting outside is only half the battle. Service is just as slow inside. Pizza is indeed very good but not worth the frustration.

    33333 by *Hank M.

  • Spencer S.with the long wait in line

    22222 by Spencer S.

  • Kartik SathappanThe hype is real. Best NY style pizza on earth.

    55555 by Kartik Sathappan

  • Tu-Mekyo H.The pizza is delicious!

    55555 by Tu-Mekyo H.

  • Ariel EDelishhhh the best!!

    55555 by Ariel E

  • Tim McDonaldWe turned up at 5pm on a Saturday and only waited 10 minutes

    22222 by Tim McDonald

  • E M👌👌💕💕💕💕

    55555 by E M

  • Linda NguyenThe line moves quickly, so don't stress about the wait. Get the pepperoni with mushrooms and remember it's cash only!

    55555 by Linda Nguyen

  • Анна MМесто немного перехваленно, пицца - средняя, но цены и обстановка - приемлемые. Обслуживание специфичекое ;)

    55555 by Анна M

  • Catherine DWe found the staff quite rude and the pizza was average

    22222 by Catherine D

  • Brigitte BeltranBuena pizza, aunque no se sí la mejor de NYC. Una lata que no tenga alcohol, ni acepte tarjetas

    55555 by Brigitte Beltran

  • Avin N.Pizza was solid, to be sure. But while I wanted to check this off the NYC list, will certainly be the last time I wait +hour for pizza. Great pizza to be had all over the city, sans wait + attitude

    55555 by Avin N.

  • Bartek MYou may have to queue for a bit to get seated but it's definitely worth it - Italian atmosphere, delicious pizza and reasonable prices. P.S. Cash only

    55555 by Bartek M

  • SandrarellaSausage & Pepperoni Pizza

    55555 by Sandrarella

  • Miłosz TNajlepsza pizze w NY robia Polacy :) wiekszosc obslugi mowi po polsku mimo tego ze niektorzy sie nawet w Polsce nie urodzili. Pizza mega dobra!

    55555 by Miłosz T

  • Lauren WHORRIBLE service. Sat for over fifteen minutes & was never approached by waitstaff. After being fed up & leaving, told owner/manager (?) & he said, "Yeah. Sorry." His tone was that of "I don't care".

    11111 by Lauren W

  • 🌟SusanThey have the best pizza.. But the line is always too long!! Waited an hour to get in 😞

    33333 by 🌟Susan

  • Cristina CMuy mal servicio... Es la misma fila para comer en el restaurante que para take away y es demasiado lenta e ineficiente. Espere más de una hora para una pizza take away ...

    33333 by Cristina C

  • EaterGrimaldi's serves consistently tasty thin crust pizzas, which are baked in a coal oven. The original owner of the restaurant, Patsy Grimaldi.

    55555 by Eater

  • Miguel CUna de las mejores pizzas a probar si vas NY

    55555 by Miguel C

  • Ricardo Freitas JuniorO berço da pizza novaiorquina. Ótima pizzaria tradicional (mais de cem anos), preço baixo, farta pizza...

    55555 by Ricardo Freitas Junior

  • SueThis is my favorite pizza place! EXTREMELY disappointed in the service. I was here was a few yrs ago, a lot has changed. Host (elderly gentleman) was rude to everyone. Going elsewhere next time.

    33333 by Sue

  • Nikolay K.Меня счас порвет

    55555 by Nikolay K.

  • Nasser A.Hands down one of the best pizzas I ever had in my life.

    55555 by Nasser A.

  • PaddyFrom all I had heard about the original Grimaldi's I must say I was expecting better. Could have been the more loftier expectations ruined it but I found the pizza sauce and toppings to be tasteless.

    33333 by Paddy

  • Susanna S.If it's a nice day out, get it to go and eat it by Jane's Carousel. There are several tables & a nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Manhattan skyline.

    55555 by Susanna S.

  • Amina M.Definitely not the best pizza in NY. The desserts are kind of gross.

    55555 by Amina M.

  • David B.CASH ONLY Guys..... Best pizza in town - large with Italian sausage and ham.

    55555 by David B.

  • Timothy R.If the line is too long, Julianna's next door is just as good, has shorter lines, and is owned by the original Grimaldi's owners!

    33333 by Timothy R.

  • Ian M.Solid pizza but not the best.

    55555 by Ian M.

  • ElizabethDont forget its cash ONLY and its sooooo deliciosa 😋😍

    55555 by Elizabeth

  • Ryotaro N.The alcohol license seems to have expired so no alcohol is served be careful. It was October 17, 2013.

    22222 by Ryotaro N.

  • Maral A.Come here on a rainy day..you'll save yourself the lines! Either way, pizza is worth the wait!

    33333 by Maral A.

  • Sean W.I think they lost their liquor license. Pizza is nothing amazing.

    33333 by Sean W.

  • Krisanta F.Cash only! Expect a long line. They don't always pick the first people in line, they go with available seating. Pizza was good. I prefer Lombardi's though. The white sauce was kind of dry for me.

    33333 by Krisanta F.

  • maurice h.Bring cash and be prepared wait awhile...and worst service ever

    22222 by maurice h.

  • Kate V.Приходите парами - вероятность того, что вы пройдете вне очереди больше намного. Пицца отличная!

    55555 by Kate V.

  • Jennifer C.Love this place. Totally worth the wait. Amazing pies.

    55555 by Jennifer C.

  • Fernando M.Best pizza of New York, but terrible service. Waiters looks Luke they are constantly in a bad mood.

    33333 by Fernando M.

  • Cody H.We had to wait in line for a little while but man it was worth it. All the rave reviews were spot on. I would be willing to return if I make it back to New York.

    55555 by Cody H.

  • kristen c.half regular, half white pizza #FTW

    55555 by kristen c.

  • Adam H.awesome pizza! really good crust and cheese!

    55555 by Adam H.

  • Дана Б.Очень вкусно!!!

    55555 by Дана Б.

  • SarahThey let their liquor license lapse- so no Peroni- bummer!

    33333 by Sarah

  • Kate K.After three visits to NY, we found it. Best pizza ever. There is nothing that compares to this back home. Waited close to an hour for bar seating, but it was worth the wait.

    55555 by Kate K.

  • Yakumo F.No está mal la pizza pero nos habíamos generados más expectativas de lo que es en realidad

    55555 by Yakumo F.

  • Alan K.La meilleure pizza de ma vie!

    55555 by Alan K.

  • Rudolf S.Best pizza I ever had

    55555 by Rudolf S.

  • Gloria M.Deli deli y calidad precio buenísima

    55555 by Gloria M.

  • Dartagnan D.The aroma alone is worth the visit!!!

    55555 by Dartagnan D.

  • Tamarah S.Worst Pizza I've ever had... So bland and not worth the wait. Took cousins from Germany there and they said they had better pizza the day before at a random place that sold slices. :-(

    22222 by Tamarah S.

  • PamelaGet there early. We arrived 20 min before opening and the line was half a block long.

    22222 by Pamela

  • Doug W.Overrated never great

    33333 by Doug W.

  • Noah R.Line is 2 miles. Worth the wait.

    33333 by Noah R.

  • Allison P.White slices and a bottle of pino Grigio...enough said!

    33333 by Allison P.

  • Mengwen X.You can customize your pizza.

    55555 by Mengwen X.

  • Ibie I.Too much hype! Food is mediocre! A little too bland. Great place for tourists. Being a brooklynite I have higher standards for my pizza.

    33333 by Ibie I.

  • Kathleen V.Come before it opens for a small wait.

    55555 by Kathleen V.

  • Broke & ChicBe boring and get the traditional cheese with fresh mozzarella. It's the best!

    55555 by Broke & Chic

  • Cristina J.Good pizza long waiting

    33333 by Cristina J.

  • Iván A.Visita obligada en Nueva York

    55555 by Iván A.

  • Fer T.Not worth the wait

    22222 by Fer T.

  • Francisco O.Definitivamente una parada obligada, pizza clásica crujiente con ingredientes súper frescos y un precio que sorprendió para NY

    55555 by Francisco O.

  • Celine F.Best pizza I ever had! Ricotta, Italian sausage, olives & onions. HEAVEN. ♡

    55555 by Celine F.

  • The New York CosmosNew York Cosmos forward Peri Marosevic loves the original pepperoni pizza.

    55555 by The New York Cosmos

  • MDCCome in pairs they will call you in sooner.

    33333 by MDC

  • Sylvia H.Super friendly wait staff. True New York Style Pizza...delicious!

    55555 by Sylvia H.

  • Katy W.A bit disappointing. Long wait outside, long wait inside and the pizza wasn't that different from Lombardi's (32 Spring St). ..except at Lombardi's you don't have to wait.

    33333 by Katy W.

  • Stan B.Sometime between 5 and 6, the coals are changed. It's unlikely that you will be seated or get your pizza if you come at this time.

    33333 by Stan B.

  • Alex G.Do you like queuing 45 minutes for a take away pizza? You're at the right spot!

    33333 by Alex G.

  • Ben R.Service was regrettably bad but pizza was really good.

    33333 by Ben R.

  • Swati S.Best pizza... but waiting is there

    55555 by Swati S.

  • Gabi P.Great Pizza, however they are so slow and unorganized, don't accept CC and the experience is not great at all so all in all, don't go.

    33333 by Gabi P.

  • Halstead PropertyRanked New York City’s #1 Pizza, this is the best coal-oven pie with the freshest mozzarella and just the right amount of sauce. Come hungry and bring friends because they don’t sell by the slice!

    55555 by Halstead Property

  • StephanieIt was good but not amazing. Definitely not the best I've ever had

    55555 by Stephanie

  • Mark M.There is no line on a Monday afternoon. My taste buds are still highly stimulated.

    55555 by Mark M.

  • Rishi G.Holy shit. The best pizza I have had so far. The toppings are fresh, the cheese is amazing, the whole experience is something else.

    55555 by Rishi G.

  • Jon U.Warning: They do not serve slices. Just pies.

    33333 by Jon U.

  • Kara C.Amazing. White pizza is the best. I will never eat tomato sauce pizza again!!! So lucky to have one near me in TX.

    55555 by Kara C.

  • Mica A.Add olives they are great

    55555 by Mica A.

  • Luis S.I've had better...

    33333 by Luis S.

  • Edward C.Got here around 9:30pm on Tuesday night. There was NO wait!! 👍

    33333 by Edward C.

  • Martin D.They don't take credit cards just because they don't care.

    22222 by Martin D.

  • Kay BGood, but over rated compared to Imo's or Cecil Whittaker's in St. Louis. And, we wanted a second drink, bur the waiter never came back.

    22222 by Kay B

  • Lauren BDon't come in groups of 3. Parties of 1,2, and 4 will be seated before you.

    22222 by Lauren B

  • Amma MExcelentes pizzas, buena música. Recomiendo llegar temprano para no hacer mucha cola y pedir la cuenta 20 minutos antes. NO ACEPTAN TARJETAS.

    33333 by Amma M

  • Cate D.So delish. Get there early and order extra basil!

    55555 by Cate D.

  • Julie R.Don't believe the hype... I prefer Juliana's!

    22222 by Julie R.

  • Sam O.The best pizza I have tried. Luckily they opened one in Sugar Land, Texas

    55555 by Sam O.

  • Nick F.Yes, it's as good as they say it is.

    55555 by Nick F.

  • Alan T.If you have a healthy appetite, go with smaller crowds (2 or alone). That way, you can skip the line and get seated at the bar.

    55555 by Alan T.

  • Serious EatsBe forewarned—it's quite the tourist destination, so prepare for the possibility of crowds and a wait. Cash only.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • ZenFoodster EatsGot in line on Sun @ 5:45: less than a 10-min wait for our delish pepperoni & 'shroom pizza. ;9

    55555 by ZenFoodster Eats

  • Diego SOverrated!

    11111 by Diego S

  • CristinaBest pizza in NY. The end.

    55555 by Cristina

  • David B.Go to Juliana's next door. Original Pastsy Grimaldi, Original coal oven.

    55555 by David B.

  • Araruna RafaelExcelente pizza e ficou ainda mais gostosa quando a conta chegou. :)

    55555 by Araruna Rafael

  • Sergey CWiFi password is "1noslices"

    55555 by Sergey C

  • Jeannette V.another brooklyn bridge option

    55555 by Jeannette V.

  • Vivian D.#39 on Chowdown Countdown

    55555 by Vivian D.

  • Eric KBrilliant pizza, mediocre service.

    33333 by Eric K

  • Steven L.Great pizza - even better soundtrack :)

    55555 by Steven L.

  • Mandi C.Shiz got real... at one point I threw down the fork and rolled up the sleeves!!!! No joke... I'd pay a hundred bucks for this pizza!!!

    22222 by Mandi C.

  • olfat g.My favorite : the white pizza ! Very nice area too, right under the brooklyn bridge

    55555 by olfat g.

  • Nora L.Cheap wine, yummy pizza, cool staff but bring cash! No credit cards excepted.

    55555 by Nora L.

  • Little A G.Waste of time.

    11111 by Little A G.

  • Ryan W.Get two pizzas - 1 margarita and 1 of something else. They will both be delicious and it'll be a nice mix of traditional and creative.

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • chris b.best pizza, ever. large pie is perfect for two adults with a healthy appetite. the pepperoni pie was legit.

    55555 by chris b.

  • ginny h.Don't get the calzone. It's a large soggy bag of of ricotta and mozzarella

    33333 by ginny h.

  • SandroPizza fina e saborosa como as de São Paulo. Experimente a White pizza. Na foto, a white pizza com peperoni.

    55555 by Sandro

  • Lisa A.Mmmmm simply delicious

    55555 by Lisa A.

  • Joanne Y.ATM upstairs charges a whopping $4.50. Arrive with cash!

    22222 by Joanne Y.

  • Rob M.no reservations allowed but you can usually get seated quicker if you have a small party-listen closely for the calls on parties of 2

    33333 by Rob M.

  • Michelin Travel & LifestyleAlmost as famous as their astounding pizza is the long line, but the wait is well worth it. These whole pizzas (no slices) go for $12-16 & should be eaten in Brooklyn Bridge Park. - Green Guide Editor

    55555 by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

  • Jorge O.Overrated. No slices. Cash only.

    33333 by Jorge O.

  • Alessandro R.Nothing special. Not worth the huge line. If you really want to try, come around 11. Take out your pizza with your beloved and eat it at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Great view.

    55555 by Alessandro R.

  • Larissa R.Not the cleanest, or the best service, but still totally worth it. You won't want to waste money on regular pizza anymore, especially since its the same price!

    55555 by Larissa R.

  • Mixmaster DJ Mark AnthonyWhile you are waiting check me out on www.crack4djs.net/djmarkanthony and www.soundcloud.com/djmarkanthony

    33333 by Mixmaster DJ Mark Anthony

  • Elsa A.Awesome pizza! Great service! Worth the wait.

    55555 by Elsa A.

  • Sneha D.Incredibly inefficient line management.

    11111 by Sneha D.

  • MalloryDefinitely worth the wait! Small pizza is enough for 3 people to share, large works too depending on how hungry. Also, try the "Olde Brooklyn" root beer, very tasty! :)

    55555 by Mallory

  • Sadia B.Bring me with you-- I'm good luck. 5 minute wait tonight despite the perennially long line.

    33333 by Sadia B.

  • Sophia A.Really good pizza. Line is ridiculously long though.

    55555 by Sophia A.

  • Louis M.Long lines, long waits, but all worth it tenfold once you take that first bite into pizza-bliss!

    55555 by Louis M.

  • Irem U.We were kept outside for an hour when we went in there were 5 free tables.. The place is overrated..

    22222 by Irem U.

  • Kevin C.All pizza is good.

    55555 by Kevin C.

  • Diana C.Don't order root beer they lied and said they were out and 20 min later the table next to me got..... You guessed it..root beer

    11111 by Diana C.

  • Wirayusa D.what the hell

    11111 by Wirayusa D.

  • Julian B.Don't order the Chicken Kiev, you may be disappointed.

    33333 by Julian B.

  • Matthiew M.Rude service and cash only. This pizza better live up to the reputation *waits* :/

    33333 by Matthiew M.

  • Andrea M.I didn't mind the wait to get in, but the wait for the pizza was way to long. Nice prices though.

    33333 by Andrea M.

  • B H.Always a huge line!

    55555 by B H.

  • Sara P.It's worth the wait

    55555 by Sara P.

  • Greg P.Filling and Good, fresh ingredients. Mushroom pie was damn good. A bit hot upstairs but well worth the wait! Oh yeah, always a line but other location less crowded!

    55555 by Greg P.

  • Jeffrey C.Try anything and everything. Best pizza.

    55555 by Jeffrey C.

  • Gaby F.You are now in Brooklyn and probably very hungry. You’ll need nourishment for your next adventure, and where better than this famed pizzeria, in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge? tel. 718/858-4300.

    55555 by Gaby F.

  • Jean S.There is always a huge line. I hope it's worth it.

    55555 by Jean S.

  • Howard L.I thought the food and service would be a little better for the 1.5 hour wait!!! So not worth it!.

    33333 by Howard L.

  • SamNow take out and dine in are the same line. Go on off times or rainy days. Still, worth it!

    55555 by Sam

  • BinaWasn't the best I ever had but the pepperoni was great

    55555 by Bina

  • Florian D.good, but surely not the best ever. hyped. service nonexistent.

    33333 by Florian D.

  • ririe leo a.(:<)....yummmy

    55555 by ririe leo a.

  • Buford B.Some of the best coal oven New York style pizza ever made.

    55555 by Buford B.

  • Amber R.Get here early and be prepared to wait. Its part of the experience.

    55555 by Amber R.

  • Marlena K.The staff is terrible..they look like they hate their lives.

    22222 by Marlena K.

  • Stephenie G.Be patient in getting in. The pizza is quite different but good. Very fresh.

    55555 by Stephenie G.

  • NY WaterwayOne of the best Pizza places we have been to! Sauce is to die for!

    55555 by NY Waterway

  • GraceTake the scenic route: Ride the East River Ferry to Brooklyn Bridge Park / DUMBO to get to Grimaldi's, and head back into Manhattan by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

    55555 by Grace

  • Patrick H.It's just the line folks...

    33333 by Patrick H.

  • Amy S.be prepared to wait in line - be prepared for it to be worth it :)

    55555 by Amy S.

  • Eric H.Cash only so be prepared!!

    55555 by Eric H.

  • JeremyGood but not the best pizza in town. Be prepared to wait in line an hour or longer, especially during the Summer. The line is long because of the lack of seating. CASH ONLY. NO DELIVERIES.

    55555 by Jeremy

  • Kyle ATourist trap.

    11111 by Kyle A

  • Mely Cservice copy writer, pls email to hung@mely.vn, thank you, have a nice day my friends

    33333 by Mely C

  • Terrenceexpect a line

    33333 by Terrence

  • Albert ACall ahead for take out and eat at the park, much nicer view!

    55555 by Albert A

  • Farid AOoooh Great Pizza

    55555 by Farid A

  • Colița CLoveeee it!

    55555 by Colița C

  • Anuj Cyeah it was close also for me but i wannna try here

    55555 by Anuj C

  • Agusta Syummie yummie,,,

    55555 by Agusta S

  • Sandra M.Remember that it's cash only! But they have an ATM if you need it.

    55555 by Sandra M.

  • Areif Dthe good place for eat pizza in broklyyn

    55555 by Areif D

  • Simoun L.Grimaldi's .........one of the best!!!!

    55555 by Simoun L.

  • Theresa must add to bucket list

    55555 by Theresa

  • User N.Over-rated

    11111 by User N.

  • Nick T.Long wait. Small seating area. Tight squeeeeeeze.

    55555 by Nick T.

  • Michael S.Good but not worth the wait again

    22222 by Michael S.

  • Miguel G.it is worth the wait in line.

    33333 by Miguel G.

  • Juan YLa major pizza clásica de pepperoni que he probado nunca. Y un cannoli rico rico (un postre que nunca había probado, por cierto)

    55555 by Juan Y

  • Eva V.If you're gonna have one pizza in NYC, this is the place. The plain cheese with pepperoni is awesome.

    55555 by Eva V.

  • Darren E.The experience is worth the wait!

    55555 by Darren E.

  • Chaitanya J.Wait in line ... the pizza is worth every minute of your wait

    55555 by Chaitanya J.

  • astamiIf you're not terribly hungry, one small pie (6 slices) should be more than enough for two people.

    33333 by astami

  • RazorfishThe cheese is just amazing and the crust is a perfect blend of thin and crispy yet breadlike and flavorful. Survive the wait and you'll be rewarded.

    55555 by Razorfish

  • Contiki Holidays KThere'll be a line, deal with it and jump in - this is the best pizza you'll have in NYC.

    55555 by Contiki Holidays K

  • Gena K.Best pizza ever

    55555 by Gena K.

  • Gena K.Best Pizza ever

    55555 by Gena K.

  • Dmitriy S.Lots of tourists but well worth the wait. Sausage and roasted pepper toppings. Do it!

    55555 by Dmitriy S.

  • Brian ARoasted red peppers are delicious.

    55555 by Brian A

  • Cris F.This is a cash only est. Make sure you bring cash! The ATM in front charges you $4.50 to withdraw money.

    22222 by Cris F.

  • Clarice H.the wait is supper long, but so worth it. don't get discouraged!

    55555 by Clarice H.

  • Emilio KProbablemente la mejor pizza del Mundo!

    55555 by Emilio K

  • Jeff F.Best pizza in town.

    55555 by Jeff F.

  • BravoOne of my favorite places. -Jacqueline Laurita, Real Housewives of NJ

    55555 by Bravo

  • Yago MGood pizza but not the best i've ever tried. I think cueing is a NY national sport.

    55555 by Yago M

  • ALMA T.Order the antipasto first!

    33333 by ALMA T.

  • Philip A.The line is pretty long try to get here early

    55555 by Philip A.

  • B C.Simply the best pizza in NYC. Don't let anything like a small 2 hour wait keep you from agreeing.

    55555 by B C.

  • Diza B.Wear jacket. It's fucking cold!

    33333 by Diza B.

  • Amanda L.I'm a believer now. This pizza is legit

    55555 by Amanda L.

  • Crunch GymYou can’t skimp on their world-renowned slices, so enjoy! But burn off the calories after your meal by walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park. You’ll see some amazing views of Manhattan too.

    55555 by Crunch Gym

  • EpicuriousA classic New York pizzeria for a reason. There are no fancy toppings or lavish decor, but sharing a pie with friends on the red-and-white checkered tablecloths is all you'll need for a good time.

    55555 by Epicurious

  • Brian T.The key to a great...no, spectacular...pizza here is ordering DOUBLE sauce. Trust me.

    55555 by Brian T.

  • The Wall Street JournalThis famous Brooklyn eatery, a perennial atop the city's best pizza joints, has received eviction papers after falling behind on rent and city taxes.

    55555 by The Wall Street Journal

  • DoraTrek across the Brooklyn Bridge and reward yourself with some of the city’s best brick oven pizza. Go early for lunch to avoid lines that are just as legendary as the pizza.Powered by ParentsConnect.

    55555 by Dora

  • PurplelabnycBEAUTIFUL walk across the bridge, especially after a slice!

    33333 by Purplelabnyc

  • Esteban C.HORRIBLE service. Pizza tastd great BUT it was cold. No one told us it was ready. Then they took forever finding salt. Get takeout, ask for it hot, get a drink from the nearby coke machine and go to b

    22222 by Esteban C.

  • Jose the cheese pie is the best pizza. ever.

    55555 by Jose

  • christopher MI heard the oven is down.

    33333 by christopher M

  • Chad tBest pizza I have ever had in my life. 2 hour wait, but you can call in advance and skip the line for take out.

    55555 by Chad t

  • The Corcoran GroupCoal oven pizza at its best. Be prepared to wait on line and bring a few friends as the pizza is only sold by the pie.

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • Nicky George Tawesome pizza and luckily no line to get in on my Tuesday afternoon...

    55555 by Nicky George T

  • Axel ADon't do the queue though - call them up to place your order and you shouldn't have to wait more than 20 min. So worth it !

    33333 by Axel A

  • Andrew L.The q is mental but worth it-go for pepperoni, ricotta and black olives. Trust me its awesome!

    55555 by Andrew L.

  • Ana S.Great pizza, but this waiting line is crazy!! Try to go at least once, but be prepared to wait at least an hour!

    55555 by Ana S.

  • Nick M.Enjoy a pizza and a tasty Brooklyn lager here.

    55555 by Nick M.

  • Benton Y.order the white pie. sit close to the kitchen and enjoy some wine. cash only.

    55555 by Benton Y.

  • Scott S.Brooklyn Bridge Walk

    55555 by Scott S.

  • naveenas you know, grimaldis has a no slices policy. I dare you to order up and eat an entire pie by yourself. (you choice of toppings)

    55555 by naveen

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