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222 Dekalb Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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(718) 222-1999


  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Monday: 11:00 am - Midnight
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - Midnight
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - Midnight
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - Midnight
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 1:00 am

Cuisine: Italian Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 89 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Dino Reviews

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  • Aleah SPatio was loud with air conditioning unit and no music. Inside service was better, food was okay. Eggplant special, Tasted good but too much sauce!

    33333 by Aleah S

  • Michael OObviously better than graziella's but still pretty basic italian

    55555 by Michael O

  • Rachel S.Love it here. The black linguine, the wine, the amazing owners. It's perfect and cozy. Nice garden and upstairs private room for events!

    55555 by Rachel S.

  • Tara GThe rigatoni ragu was awesome. Especially the sausage. Cute atmosphere with outside seating. They also have a separate room upstairs for private parties.

    55555 by Tara G

  • Stina P.for dinner, order the kale salad and riccia. sit outside during summer or inside for a cozy night. you can get pick up orders to go also!

    55555 by Stina P.

  • Lee SimpsonProbably the best Italian in Brooklyn. The lemon pasta with anchovies is insanely good.

    55555 by Lee Simpson

  • NatalyaGreat food, cozy place, excellent service

    55555 by Natalya

  • Kristina RudicRagu is incredible. Don't miss out on it.

    55555 by Kristina Rudic

  • Samantha HendersonRigatoni with meatballs and sausage is all you'll ever need in terms of comfort food. Great in person and via delivery.

    55555 by Samantha Henderson

  • Matthew G.Best Carbonara I've Ever Had

    55555 by Matthew G.

  • Callan Peggplant parmesan

    55555 by Callan P

  • Joanne NTwo words: Spaghetti Limone.

    55555 by Joanne N

  • Steve DGreat pastas and portions. Love this place.

    55555 by Steve D

  • Chris M.All of the pastas are great - my favorite is the Rigatoni Ragu but the Spaghetti Limone & Fedellini are close seconds.

    55555 by Chris M.

  • Shiv SBlack Linguine is good, so is the fried calamari. Order both and your in for a calamari overload, no complaints. Cocktails are boring and expensive, I'd stick with wine.

    55555 by Shiv S

  • Daniel PPastas are all delicious but seem a bit overpriced.

    55555 by Daniel P

  • Daniel PMy favs are the orecchiette and the rigatoni. A bit pricey but super yummy.

    55555 by Daniel P

  • Louis MattaThe food is good but doesn't justify its insane pricing.

    33333 by Louis Matta

  • Fernando E.You'd think that not getting pasta, and instead ordering a burger, is a mistake at an Italian restaurant that seems to specialize in pastas, right? Not at Dino. The burger was amazing!

    33333 by Fernando E.

  • Error404 Hack2learnThe food is delicious but i have to say this was the worst Bloody Mary i ever had.

    33333 by Error404 Hack2learn

  • Christopher Mroman's was crowded, huh?

    33333 by Christopher M

  • ChrisFrittatas minus cheese and sautéed calamari were outstanding

    55555 by Chris

  • Archana ManiLove their special, butternut squash lasagne (surprisingly crispy) and pear gorgonzola salad (refreshingly tangy)

    55555 by Archana Mani

  • LukeThe fresh, perfectly cooked pasta stands above the other more rustic Italian spots in the neighborhood

    55555 by Luke

  • Jordan M.Can't really go wrong with this darling Fort Greene spot. Be sure to ask which of the pastas are made fresh on-site.

    55555 by Jordan M.

  • Ashley A.Fresh pappardelle with lamb ragu and a kickass chianti when it's 7degrees out can't be beat. Walked in at 830pm with no issues for a party of 4.

    55555 by Ashley A.

  • Juliana GlassmanBruschetta, squid ink pasta, beet salad, squid

    55555 by Juliana Glassman

  • Katie FrickAbsolutely obsessed with their Spaghetti Lemone. The zest of the lemon and the richness of the creamy Parmesan - it's perfection.

    55555 by Katie Frick

  • Mia Camazing food especially burger. to recommend for! go there hungry and try at least 2 items from menu specials

    55555 by Mia C

  • Lindsey Y.I'm going to say it: I don't like Italian food. Somehow, I absolutely loved this place! Go for simple & get the rigatoni with sausage ragu or Dino's beloved lemon spaghetti! Great for a date night.

    55555 by Lindsey Y.

  • Abigail A.Don't underestimate how much spaghetti you get. Good value. Great pasta.

    55555 by Abigail A.

  • Steff HindWe just popped in for some cocktails which were great. The menu looked good too

    55555 by Steff Hind

  • Amanda D.Favorite restaurant in Fort Greene! Get any of the pasta dishes, you can't go wrong!

    55555 by Amanda D.

  • Phil K.Eggs ragu!

    22222 by Phil K.

  • GothamistSkip out on the fancy stuff. The simple spaghetti lemone—al dente spaghetti seeped in a light, tangy butter, garlic, olive oil and lemon sauce—is a revelation.

    55555 by Gothamist

  • Alessandro M.Pretty much everything is good. For brunch, try the savory farro porridge, the eggs Benedict (amazing!), or the steak and eggs. Dinner menu is also great. Pretty decent wine selection as well.

    55555 by Alessandro M.

  • Rodrigo C.Absolutely unremarkable. Skip it.

    33333 by Rodrigo C.

  • Lauren BertoliniQuick and simple. Pasta was solid, veggie sides were great.

    55555 by Lauren Bertolini

  • Stina P.try the savory farro porridge, dino french toast, crispy bacon, and a latte. all were savory & sweet, while hidden flavors unraveled from each. easily one of the best cups of coffee in brooklyn 👍

    55555 by Stina P.

  • Anya S.Authentically Ft Greene and Italian-- pasta in big bowls, burratta, chicken liver crostini, home-made gelato. Antique, dim-lit background w/ multi culti crowd and reggae on the stereo. Just right

    55555 by Anya S.

  • Sandra R.Steak and Eggs mmmm

    55555 by Sandra R.

  • Tina G.It was ok. But not spectacular. And the waitress was a bit bitchy.

    33333 by Tina G.

  • Holly M.I often have massive cravings for the BLT on focaccia w/garlic aoli. It's a little messy because they roast the tomatoes, but don't be precious about it. Just enjoy!

    55555 by Holly M.

  • Sandi S.Best rigatoni for dinner and eggs Benny for brunch you can find!

    55555 by Sandi S.

  • SpencerI love the spinach gnocci, damn that's good. We also love the black linguine

    55555 by Spencer

  • Patrick W.I was not impressed. It was a hot Friday evening and my expectations were too high. Quaint space, bar service was great, server was kinda rude (typical NYC service). Frozen pork patty was not cute.

    33333 by Patrick W.

  • ReneeDelicious pasta...sit at the bar on Friday night and Sunday brunch with Anthony for a good time

    55555 by Renee

  • Abdul M.Try the Spaghetti with garlic and oil.

    55555 by Abdul M.

  • Jessica T.The salmon is amazing and pair with a glass of the verdicchio (white)!

    55555 by Jessica T.

  • Caity T.Wow. Bitches servers ever

    33333 by Caity T.

  • Justin W.Dino has the biggest pours of wine in BK. An amazing place to sit at the bar and get a wine buzz after work.

    55555 by Justin W.

  • Kaitlin L.Good food, but incredible slow service at brunch. Our waitress was so slow we thought she wasn't sober.

    33333 by Kaitlin L.

  • Jay F.Excellent cocktails during brunch. Come to think of it, excellent EVERYTHING during brunch. Ha!

    55555 by Jay F.

  • Sarah F.The rigatoni with meatball and sausage ragu are to die for!

    55555 by Sarah F.

  • DorieGreat pastas, best eggs Benedict for brunch.

    55555 by Dorie

  • Jisun K.nice salad!

    55555 by Jisun K.

  • Gabe B.Good solo meal = sit at the bar, order whatever red wine they have featured and eat a kale Caeser and sautéed calamari.

    55555 by Gabe B.

  • Katie B.The french toast is like an enormous, delicious, pillow of love.

    55555 by Katie B.

  • Kate G.Try the Grilled Peaches (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Kate G.

  • ericofthedead h.I heard mixed things about this place, but the food blew me away. Very tasty, hearty and authentic Italian treats.

    55555 by ericofthedead h.

  • Elizabeth Y.The sautéed calamari is a Must. Can't go wrong with their specials altho their main menu is pretty awesome too. Had the Saffron Risotto w/asparagus+ scallops tonight. PS Chris is the BeSt bartender!!

    55555 by Elizabeth Y.

  • Juan C.grilled salmon is damn good

    55555 by Juan C.

  • Eve S.Eggs pomodoro w/a side if sauteed sale. Delicious!!

    55555 by Eve S.

  • Brandon S.Swiss chard ravioli is pretty dang good.

    55555 by Brandon S.

  • Jonathan K.Poached eggs are too good. Looking forward to next saturday already.

    55555 by Jonathan K.

  • Amy D.salmon was good, brussell sprouts rocked, calamari was ok

    55555 by Amy D.

  • TravelgoatVery good #pasta and a beautiful outdoor garden. Worth checking out on a nice spring evening. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Travelgoat

  • 7th.ListTaste - rigatoni (slow-cooked ragú of meatballs and sausage topped with fresh ricotta cheese), bucatini (amatriciana. pancetta, tomato and onion gravy, fresh mint, and pecorino romano)

    55555 by 7th.List

  • AndreaIts warm and the bartenders are hilarious!

    55555 by Andrea

  • carmel c.try the butternut squash ravioli! the sauce is amazeballs.

    55555 by carmel c.

  • Nate P.Basil shredded on the Brussel sprouts = stroke of genius

    55555 by Nate P.

  • SavoirVinAsk for kale-only Caesar salad. Delicious & hearty!

    55555 by SavoirVin

  • Yianns L.Fantastic take on the BLT, if you're here for brunch. Sadly, the side salad is astoundingly boring, though.

    55555 by Yianns L.

  • Guy K.Mmmmmm yummy

    55555 by Guy K.

  • Terence M.If you are really hungry, get the Rosemary Organic Chicken. It's a lot of good food.

    55555 by Terence M.

  • Kela W.The bartender / mixologist Chris is amazing

    55555 by Kela W.

  • Josh H.Bleh. Great ambience but didn't like the food.

    33333 by Josh H.

  • Design*SpongeThe Dino Caesar made with black kale is amazing. Fantastic pastas.

    55555 by Design*Sponge

  • ScottThe Barrata app is insane!!!

    55555 by Scott

  • Sam J.Love this place. My go-to in the neighborhood for brunch and dinner!

    55555 by Sam J.

  • C !.Hit the spot!! Rigatoni was $$ and a the salad was very tasty & hearty..

    55555 by C !.

  • Natalie W.Beer salad with pistachios- best ever. Also, the crostinis, DELISH. Brunch was very tasty.

    55555 by Natalie W.

  • Chad S.Great lunch. Perfectly cooked omelet and delicious rigatoni. Excellent service.

    55555 by Chad S.

  • John B.Fantastic Italian food. Great atmosphere. Excellent service. Fair price.

    55555 by John B.

  • Zane L.Great menu of northern italian inspired dishes and a small but tasty wine selection. Nice owner, cool bartender.

    55555 by Zane L.

  • Mark T.I meant "crostini" not "crusting"

    55555 by Mark T.

  • Mark T.Great crusting selection, especially the one with pate

    55555 by Mark T.

  • Noreen O.Cute bartender!

    55555 by Noreen O.

  • KayDeeNew Italian restaurant where LuLu's used to be. Service & food were outstanding.

    55555 by KayDee

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