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378 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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(718) 387-4777

  • Sun - 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Mon Closed;
  • Tue - Sat 10:00am - 6:00pm

Cuisine: Bakeries, Delis

4.7 of 5.0 from 146 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Saltie in Brooklyn, NY
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  • Saltie in Brooklyn, NY
  • Saltie in Brooklyn, NY

Saltie Reviews

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  • david KI'm hard pressed to day which is best: the Ship's Biscuit, the muffin, the cock-a-leekie soup, or the quasi-grouchy sense of family.

    55555 by david K

  • EaterServed on two pieces of homemade focaccia, the "Ship's Biscuit" comes with soft scrambled eggs and ricotta. The eggs are fluffy, the riccota creamy, and the bread is salty.

    55555 by Eater

  • EaterEvery imaginable bread and baked good makes Saltie a step above the average sandwich shop and cafe.

    55555 by Eater

  • Michael S.Scuttlebutt

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Ross BThe Balmy is one of the best sandwiches I've had.

    55555 by Ross B

  • Zak A.Scuttlebutt is the G.O.A.T.

    55555 by Zak A.

  • Harlan ErskineEvery sandwich is 👌🏻

    55555 by Harlan Erskine

  • Rubén SI had "the big Italian" sandwich and it was really tasty, and the focaccia was to die for

    55555 by Rubén S

  • NatalieGinger Molasses

    55555 by Natalie

  • GothamistThe Stumptown Shorty really thrills my senses. The shortbread's incredibly rich and buttery, with caramelized burnt sugar and ground espresso beans adding multiple layers of flavor and crunch.

    55555 by Gothamist

  • GothamistThey offer up four cookies, which you can order individually or as a full Cookie Quad sampler. They're all great, even the weird lavender one, but the most excellent is the Ginger Molasses.

    55555 by Gothamist

  • Susanna A.The balmy is delicious. Looking forward to trying others!

    55555 by Susanna A.

  • Yawen Abalmy is the best🤤

    55555 by Yawen A

  • Eric LanehartThe revamped Big Italian is some next level sandwich. Whoever decided to drop that squash on it and add chili to the cornichon butter is a GENIUS! 🇮🇹

    55555 by Eric Lanehart

  • Rachel W.Focaccia Bread = Heaven. I'm partial to the Ship's Biscuit, but always consider the daily specials.

    55555 by Rachel W.

  • Emily KaneFollow their Twitter account @saltiebk to keep up with daily specials. (Or, you can just follow everyone's advice that's already here and get the scuttlebutt)

    55555 by Emily Kane

  • Masha A.You know what's better than a bagel? Everything. Especially Scuttlebutt 💕

    55555 by Masha A.

  • Emily SThe ships biscuit (soft scrambled eggs and ricotta on Saltie's stellar focaccia) is one of the best breakfast sandwiches I've ever had. If you love Greek salad, the scuttlebutt is your calling.

    55555 by Emily S

  • Saarim Nrecommend trying the scuttlebutt if it's your first time here

    55555 by Saarim N

  • Zak A.The Scuttlebutt will change your life, all other sandwiches are inferior

    55555 by Zak A.

  • Laurea d.I eat here at least once a week. They have stepped up their specials game so that has kept me coming back and trying new things weekly like okonomiyaki, cold noodles and lentil soup

    55555 by Laurea d.

  • Phil BucklerDelicious healthy sandwiches

    55555 by Phil Buckler

  • Adam MayGoddamn these sandwiches. A little in the salty side but they make me ok with eating a meatless sandwich. Huge compliment.

    55555 by Adam May

  • Elysia M.Split 2 with someone and kill the game

    33333 by Elysia M.

  • Chet M.The Scuttlebutt is really tasty.

    55555 by Chet M.

  • Lindsay KirkScuttlebut and Spanish Armada

    55555 by Lindsay Kirk

  • Johnnie H.BLT Special is insane. Serious sandwich.

    55555 by Johnnie H.

  • Marcella VEgg Bowl is heaven

    55555 by Marcella V

  • Leo N.Someone said the Scuttlebutt is the best sandwich they've ever had and I kinda have to agree. It doesn't go well together with their ice tea though, so get something else to drink.

    55555 by Leo N.

  • Aprile SThe Clean Slate and hibiscus iced tea. Really delicious and creative sandwiches.

    55555 by Aprile S

  • Shane SIf you're a fan of tortilla espanyola the Spanish Armada is pretty dreamy.

    55555 by Shane S

  • Theres AAmazing sandwiches!!

    55555 by Theres A

  • timoni w.If you've ever been like "why the hell can't i just get a sandwich that is literally just soft-scrambled egg and cheese with a delicious bread wrapping" my friend, welcome to Saltie

    33333 by timoni w.

  • CassidyThe Captain's Daughter is my ride or die sandwich.

    55555 by Cassidy

  • Ali MaselliThis place is delish! Clean Slate is my fav❤️❤️❤️

    55555 by Ali Maselli

  • Alex R.Some of the most interesting sandwiches I've seen in a while, all made with fresh tasty ingredients. This whitefish salad on fresh focaccia leapt into my Sando Hall of Fame.

    55555 by Alex R.

  • Mike M.Clean Slate. Vegetarian, but so filling and delicious. Amazing buttery naan filled with spread and pickled veggies.

    55555 by Mike M.

  • Stephanie TCan't go wrong with anything on the menu

    55555 by Stephanie T

  • ZubinGreat vegetarian options, but Saltie now has a few meat and fish offerings and specials scattered in. Nothing beats the messy Scuttlebutt, though

    55555 by Zubin

  • Juliano CPA - Brunch in brooklyn.

    55555 by Juliano C

  • Michael P.Amazing sandwiches but they use the dumbest bags for to-go orders. They explode.

    33333 by Michael P.

  • Sable W.Ship's Biscuit is the best egg sandwich in the neighborhood, hands down.

    55555 by Sable W.

  • Harry Davisships biscuit - scrambled eggs with ricotta on herb focaccia

    55555 by Harry Davis

  • Peter W.The scuttlebutt is so much more than the sum of its parts. Get it!

    33333 by Peter W.

  • Harper JThe Sardine Sandwich

    22222 by Harper J

  • Pablo G.amaIng sandwitches

    55555 by Pablo G.

  • Nick P.Captain's Daughter (sardines, pickled eggs, capers on foccacia) is delicious, beautiful, and unlike any other sandwich I've ever eaten.

    55555 by Nick P.

  • Claudia F.Best sandwich in NYC. Scuttlebutt. It will end you.

    55555 by Claudia F.

  • Annie BullerThursday-Saturday 6:30-10:30 it becomes Mr Curry and man is it excellent. Veggie curry is satisfying with a little kick & the meatballs are nice and spicy.

    55555 by Annie Buller

  • Katie MadgesThe scuttlebutt is my everything

    55555 by Katie Madges

  • 💣Michael E.Homemade sea salt focaccia is perfectly chewy/crispy. Try and hunt down the BLT in Summer, Balmy or Captain's Daughter all other times.

    55555 by 💣Michael E.

  • GothamistThis spot has been serving up Scuttlebutts over by the BQE in Williamsburg for some time now, and we've got to admit that this slightly sloppy sandwich has still got it.

    55555 by Gothamist

  • Le LoBest sandwich in town. But make sure you have an appetite. Personal favorite: the Scuttlebutt

    55555 by Le Lo

  • James AviazOrder any sandwich. Shove it in your cakehole. Rejoice.

    33333 by James Aviaz

  • emily c.The most satisfying, unique sandwiches on fluffy foccacia bread. Can't go wrong with Captain's Daughter, Scuttlebutt or the Balmy. Try them all.

    55555 by emily c.

  • Ryan JorgensonThe sandwiches are fantastic, especially the veggie options.

    55555 by Ryan Jorgenson

  • Staff PicksSaltie stays open late and morphs into Mr. Curry after 6:30pm Thursdays - Saturdays. Rebecca Collerton is an Indian-food fiend, and has been cooking pop-up dinners under this alter ego.

    55555 by Staff Picks

  • Marie P.Scuttlebutt and Turmeric drink!

    33333 by Marie P.

  • Margaret S.The Spanish Armada is pretty damn close to the real thing. Soft, smooth and filling.

    55555 by Margaret S.

  • Kimie BAwesome pastries and sandwiches

    55555 by Kimie B

  • Dina F.The Scuttlebutt was delicious but almost broke me. You'll need extra napkins.

    33333 by Dina F.

  • Justin DeanScuttlebutt is default perfect sandwich. Turmeric tonic and pastries are refreshing. $ 4 $ best food in Williamsburg if you like well seasoned, considered sandwiches.

    55555 by Justin Dean

  • Alyssa M.Scuttlebutt every single time

    55555 by Alyssa M.

  • Ian G.Awesome sandwiches!!

    55555 by Ian G.

  • EaterThe Scuttlebutt: it's a messy mound of herbs, pickled vegetables, capers, olives, hard boiled eggs, & feta piled in between slices of the shop's foccacia, along with a smear of pimenton aioli.

    55555 by Eater

  • Nicole FormicaIf you are feeling super hungry, get the Scuttlebutt!

    55555 by Nicole Formica

  • Jeffrey L.There’s the pickle-palooza Scuttlebutt, the Clean Slate, an open-faced Middle Eastern kitchen sink, all housebaked focaccia and chewy naan; bright, piquant dressings; and flurries of fresh herbs.

    55555 by Jeffrey L.

  • VoiceStreetTry the Clean Slate - a dish that takes warm naan, loads it with garlicky hummus, heaps it with fluffy bulghur wheat and tart pickled veggies, & drizzles it with a refreshing yogurt sauce.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • John X.The balmy is like the quaint New England-seaside-town version of a bahn mi. I could eat this everyday and not get tired of it

    55555 by John X.

  • Victor C.Perfection

    55555 by Victor C.

  • Laura D.who knew ricotta cheese & scrambled eggs made for such a great sandwich?

    55555 by Laura D.

  • Nick K.Come here for the most awesome sandwiches with the most uncomfortable seats.

    55555 by Nick K.

  • Doug LThey upped their prices... And I'm saltie about it. 😡 Those $2 are the difference between twice a month, and twice a year.

    55555 by Doug L

  • Serious EatsCute sandwich shop that always makes a good, interesting lunch.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Sambath S.Tumeric tonic is refreshingly tasty. And any sandwich is delicious, healthy and filling.

    55555 by Sambath S.

  • Ellis H.The scuttlebutt is surely one of the best sandwiches i've ever eaten

    55555 by Ellis H.

  • P. S.Get here before or after the lunch rush. People tend to forget it's a small place and there's limited seating, so they continue to occupy space when they've finished eating.

    55555 by P. S.

  • Danith Y.A tiny restaurant but the sandwiches there are definetely a must-try. Very yummy and all the ingredients are fresh/organic. ~10$ for a sandwich

    55555 by Danith Y.

  • Jeffrey L.Captain’s Daughter

    33333 by Jeffrey L.

  • Erin K.Scuttlebutt for life

    55555 by Erin K.

  • The Corcoran GroupCome here for breakfast and get the Ship's Biscuit - it'll change the way you think about cheese in your breakfast sandwich!

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • T K.Fact. Salty. Delicious and filling.

    55555 by T K.

  • Saba D.Clean slate is amazing!

    55555 by Saba D.

  • Michelle C.I can't get enough of the Captain's Daughter. The focaccia that they use in their sandwiches is addictive.

    55555 by Michelle C.

  • jessica m. h.The Clean Slate - Warm housemade naan is warmed and smothered with hummus, quinoa, and matchstick-cut pickled beets. To finish, yogurt, a handful of shaved fennel, parsley and toasted sesame seeds.

    55555 by jessica m. h.

  • Spike M.Scuttlebutt is amazing, but apparently it takes 4 hours to craft a sandwich here. Not good in a rush.

    33333 by Spike M.

  • Kev S.I shoulda know when I saw an excess of pale white women in here that Saltie is vegan..damn..

    11111 by Kev S.

  • Natalie G.The Scuttlebutt is delicious & messy.

    55555 by Natalie G.

  • Charles F.This place is amazing.

    55555 by Charles F.


    55555 by Nate S.

  • Nate S.Try the Vanilla Maple Bean Lassi (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Nate S.

  • Nate S.Try the Ribolita - #vegetarian (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Nate S.

  • Nakisha 💋The "Scuttlebutt" sandwhich is good but if they have the Kedgeree bowl special (salt cod, saffron rice, hb egg, yogurt sauce, chutney) going on DO IT! Yum!

    55555 by Nakisha 💋

  • Nate S.Try the kedgeree (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Nate S.

  • Doug P.Captain's Daughter!

    33333 by Doug P.

  • Nate S.Try the Chocolate Mousse With Sea Salt And Olive Oil (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Nate S.

  • Nate S.The cookbook is here!!

    55555 by Nate S.

  • Amanda K.Captain's Daughter is incredible! Pretty big sandwich so come hungry :)

    55555 by Amanda K.

  • Benjamin B.Chocolate mousse/moose/mouse warms my soul! Yum!!!

    55555 by Benjamin B.

  • Kris C.I find myself saying over and over... "we should really go back again."

    33333 by Kris C.

  • David P.Clean Slate is delicious. Thought if you're not that into mint, ask them to go light.

    55555 by David P.

  • Jessica K.Unbelievable sandwiches on slamming focaccia.

    55555 by Jessica K.

  • CarlThis weeks sandwich is the "beach coma" — fried lemon zucchini + thick cut bacon + tartar sauce on the focaccia. Bonkers amazing.

    55555 by Carl

  • Tani Y.Holy crap scuttlebutt

    33333 by Tani Y.

  • Diana S.Homemade ice cream sandwiches...hell yea!! So freaking good.

    55555 by Diana S.

  • A G.Til I open my gay bar called Catty B!tch, Saltie wins the award for staff whose attitude best reflects its name. You're a sandwich cashier, hon, not a genocide survivor; don't hate everything so hard.

    33333 by A G.

  • L S.Scuttlebutt sandwich (hard boiled egg, feta, capers, black olive, pickled carrots & beets, pimenton aioli on amazing focaccia)

    55555 by L S.

  • Scott S.Saltie’s made-with-love sandwiches are all beguilingly delicious. The Ship’s Biscuit, piled with soft scrambled eggs and rich, creamy ricotta cheese, is no exception.

    55555 by Scott S.

  • Buzz A.The Spanish Armada (basically a Spanish tortilla sandwich on focaccia) is one of my favorite sandwiches ever.

    55555 by Buzz A.

  • Brennan M.Don't try the 'scuttlebutt'! It is so tasty you will never want to eat anything else.

    55555 by Brennan M.

  • Abe B.Currently addicted to the Clean Slate, but you can't go wrong really. Or see if you can get them to make you a One Slice

    55555 by Abe B.

  • Brad P.Apparently, the Ship's Biscuit is amazing

    55555 by Brad P.

  • Matt M.It's smaller in real life, but everything else is true

    55555 by Matt M.

  • Elspeth V.The Balmy is sooooo good!

    55555 by Elspeth V.

  • 7th.ListTry: The Captain's Daughter - a foccacia sandwich of sliced pickled eggs, sardines, capers, and salsa verde.

    55555 by 7th.List

  • Real Cheap Eats"With just three vegetarian ingredients—ultra-creamy ricotta, loosely scrambled eggs, and salt-studded, homemade foccacia—the Ships Biscuit ($9) will satisfy even avowed carnivores."

    55555 by Real Cheap Eats

  • rahul d.Scuttlebutt

    55555 by rahul d.

  • Bill P.Only open during the day... all their sandwiches are amazing. Especially the Captain's Daughter, Scuttlebutt and Ship's Biscuit.

    55555 by Bill P.

  • Richard B.Ship's Biscuit is my favorite sandwich of all time. The ingredients may sound strange, but that's only because Saltie is operating on a higher plane of sandwich consciousness.

    55555 by Richard B.

  • The Corcoran GroupSome of the best and most decadent sandwiches around – Definitely get the Scuttlebutt or the Romaine Dinghy – the salad sandwich, when it’s being available.

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • Jen B.Yes it's next to Milk Bar, but the baked goods here are as good as the sandwiches.

    55555 by Jen B.

  • Leslie H.You can order any sandwich on the menu and you won't be disappointed

    55555 by Leslie H.

  • Kat K.Sometimes I dream about Scutteted butt sandwich from Saltie. Yes, I do.

    55555 by Kat K.

  • Vivie B.the Scuttlebutt. That's all you need to know.

    33333 by Vivie B.

  • Ashley S.Scuttlebutt sando is amazing

    55555 by Ashley S.

  • MichelHave to try the captains daughter... Amazing!

    55555 by Michel

  • Enzo® .The coffee is great smooth and great aroma! It's not that burned coffee you get elsewhere! Greatly recommended!

    55555 by Enzo® .

  • InGodWeTrustNYCThe most amazing sandwiches in Brooklyn! Get the clean slate.... you wont be sorry.

    55555 by InGodWeTrustNYC

  • SkeeterNYCDon't make a decision until you've read the "specials" card on the counter...

    33333 by SkeeterNYC

  • Robert M.The scuttlebutt is the best breakfast sandwich I've ever eaten. What's in that sauce? Manna from heaven. That's what.

    55555 by Robert M.

  • Robert M.The scuttlebutt is the best breakfast sandwich I've ever eaten. What's in that sauce? Manna from heaven. That's what.

    55555 by Robert M.

  • FoodspottingTry the Lavender Mint Ice Cream

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Jasmine Wilsontry the scuttlebutt! it's delish!

    55555 by Jasmine Wilson

  • tanya b.Split a scuttlebutt and a clean slate with a good friend

    55555 by tanya b.

  • Zoe F.Excellent food, not all choices always available.

    55555 by Zoe F.

  • VoiceStreetCaptain's Daughter: first and foremost a sardine sandwich. It uses an entire tin of the little fish, burying them underneath a pile of scallions, pickled eggs, capers, and the aforementioned herb

    33333 by VoiceStreet

  • AlisonThe little chef is amazing!

    55555 by Alison

  • Punky DI like This Sandwich..

    55555 by Punky D

  • nymagThe Underground Gourmet loves the Caesar-esque Romaine Dinghy, calling it “a BLT without the B or the T, but damn if it didn’t win us over.”

    33333 by nymag

  • AskMenTry the ocean-themed sandwiches, a sampling of which includes: The Captain’s Daughter, Little Chef & Ships Biscuit with soft scrambled egg & ricotta. Don't miss the pastries & homemade ice creams.

    55555 by AskMen

  • The New York TimesThe vegetarian Clean Slate is as vibrant as it is hefty — it’s fearless, if a sandwich can be such a thing. The ice cream sandwiches are equally rich and delicious; order both and share with a friend.

    55555 by The New York Times

  • lily m.sandwiches are delicious and big enough to split. I recommend "the little chef".

    55555 by lily m.

  • SkeeterNYCMake sure to order a "Clean Slate" or a "Captains Daughter". And save room for olive oil bread or chocolate bread pudding both musts.

    55555 by SkeeterNYC

  • jill n.The clean slate is delicious.

    55555 by jill n.

  • Dara H.Captain's Daughter... sardine and pickled egg sandwich. Must try.

    55555 by Dara H.

  • Jessica NWant to try the Lavender Cake!

    55555 by Jessica N

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