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2.2 of 5.0 from 9 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Wendy's in Brunswick, GA
  • Wendy's in Brunswick, GA
  • Wendy's in Brunswick, GA
  • Wendy's in Brunswick, GA
  • Wendy's in Brunswick, GA
  • Wendy's in Brunswick, GA
  • Wendy's in Brunswick, GA
  • Wendy's in Brunswick, GA

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Wendy's Reviews

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  • Dave S.Don't stop here. Our burger wasn't wrapped, iced tea had no ice, fries were cold and half empty. It took about 15 minutes and we were the only people there.

    22222 by Dave S.

  • Matthew P.All the problems mentioned in earlier tips still exist months later. Slow (even for Wendy's), ants infested the first table we picked, order was wrong, tables and bathrooms were dirty.

    11111 by Matthew P.

  • Margie RThis is the Wendy's that time forgot. Slow service! Not the cleanest place either. Walking past the kitchen toward the restrooms has a funky smell. Might want to keep driving instead.

    33333 by Margie R

  • Landon P.Read the other tips and take their advice. Slow service and understaffed. One person ringing orders; same lady was making drinks while another stood there and smiled.... (What?!)

    22222 by Landon P.

  • Elaine W.Very slow. No clue how a grilled chicken flatbread sandwich can take ten minutes to make.

    22222 by Elaine W.

  • Elizabeth W.Dirty. Hot. No changing table. I won't be stopping here again.

    22222 by Elizabeth W.

  • Steve B.No issues with service. Friendly people, dining room just needs updating. Town is hangin on by a thread I'm surprised its still here.

    55555 by Steve B.

  • Kathleen J.It's a Wendy's. Bathroom was passable. Not much more to say.

    22222 by Kathleen J.

  • Jan M.Incredibly slow and completely messed up our order, twice. No trashcan outside either.

    11111 by Jan M.

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