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  • ChefMozIf you are in the mood for a great breakfast burrito, this is the spot. Otherwise, the food is just mediocre.


  •  These guys accept tips! Theyre just too dang humble to put a jar out! Show em love!!

    55555 by Lianuh

  •  Apparently, the secret to delicious breakfast burritos is scalloped potatoes :)

    55555 by Peter K.

  •  It's 10:30 on a Friday morning. There's a 40 min. wait. No wonder there's a help wanted sign.

    22222 by Peter K.

  •  The sausage breakfast burritos are awesome and the salsa's great (get it on the side since it's a bit inconsistent from day to day - hot some days, mild on others)! The steak burrito: not so great.

    55555 by Greg L.

  •  Complete sense of disorder.. people come in every door and the order taker seems to pick people at random regardless of where they fall in line. Tired of being bypassed by people walking in after me.

    22222 by Tim E.

  •  How could you go wrong with a breakfast burrito the size of your head? Always good, although I can't handle the hot sauce (but make sure you get salsa)! Be prepared to wait 20 minutes without a line.

    55555 by Maya P.

  •  Good, but more hype than taste

    33333 by JESSE R.

  •  Best breakfast burritos--long wait on Saturday, weekdays pretty short.

    55555 by Nate B.

  •  Bring cash. No credit or debit cards accepted.

    33333 by Freddy C.

  •  They now close at 11A on Saturday. Get here early and beat the breakfast burrito rush.

    55555 by Shannon H.

  •  Don't just come here for breakfast. They have a great double cheeseburger special for lunch.

    55555 by Sergio C.

  •  Looooong wait. When I got here they were calling number 2. I am number 33. They are at 22 thirty minutes later. Bring a book.

    22222 by Caroline

  •  This place has the best burritos ever, trust me, you can never go wrong with one!

    55555 by Ixtacoyotl P.

  •  Extra cheese, easy potatoes. Solid fix for wake and bakes ;)

    55555 by F C.

  •  Best. Breakfast burrito. Ever. Not open on Sundays tho.

    55555 by Brian S.

  •  Cash only! There's a 7-11 a block away with an ATM.

    33333 by deebs

  •  Just ordered. They called 82. We're 130. Breakfast burrito is worth the wait though. :)

    33333 by CJ H.

  •  Over rated! Store 2 Door has better breakfast burritos!

    33333 by Benjamin O.

  •  Sausage burrito. Extra cheese. Salsa on the side. It's all about the salsa!

    33333 by Shaunt B.

  •  They open at 7 am on Saturday. Yelp is wrong

    33333 by Raymond C.

  •  The hole in the wall suprises once again, with this famous staple of Burbank eats. Breakfast Burritos will leave you STUFFED.

    55555 by Curt S.

  •  Sausage burrito oh yea

    33333 by John H.

  •  These guys work HARD! And they make us kicka$$ food. Try saying please & thanks to them, ya know? Too often I sit waiting for my burrito & see this NOT happening. Be cool.

    55555 by Lyd A.

  •  A good affordable lunch option. If you're craving a breakfast burrito but can't get one cuz its Sunday, go to Norm's on Magnolia. This breakfast burrito sets the bar for others. Grade: A.

    55555 by Keith

  •  This place is fantastic. Breakfast burrito is a must try! Bring cash. No cards.

    55555 by Trey R.

  •  I built this body on their breakfast burritos... sausage & bacon w/ the amazing hot sauce on the side! ;)

    55555 by Lyd A.

  •  Breakfast burrito is pretty good. NOT THE BEST! But good nonetheless. FYI: cash only!

    55555 by Benjamin O.

  •  If you arrive before they open, stand by the door on Victory Blvd. They unlock that one before the door under the patio cover by the parking lot.

    33333 by Kevin C.

  •  Must get a breakfast burrito but call it in bc they get busy! On Saturday, forgetaboutit!

    55555 by Allison W.

  •  If you want THE BEST breakfast burrito, go to Lucky Boy in Pasadena

    55555 by Matt R.

  •  Get your breakfast burrito with salsa on the side. It's crazy hot! I like to dip my burrito in it to get a little bit of kick with every bite.

    55555 by Juliet V.

  •  Best breakfast burritos anywhere. Period!

    55555 by Mindie

  •  AWESOME! Totally Awesome!!!

    55555 by Tony B.

  •  Get the breakfast burrito.

    55555 by mikee

  •  Corner Cottage isn't much to look at, but they have THE best breakfast burrito. Allow for a 20 minute wait--more on the weekend.

    55555 by Daniel S.

  •  Best breakfast burrito this side of the Mississippi!

    55555 by Shaunt B.

  •  Very tasty burger combo for dirt-cheap price.

    55555 by Sean R.

  •  Burrito assembly line is amazing!

    55555 by STEFCON 1

  •  This is Burbank not LA.

    55555 by STEFCON 1

  •  yummy breakfast burrito topped with spicy salsa, serious yum.

    55555 by Lianuh

  •  Best breakfast burrito in LA

    55555 by Bob M.

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