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134 Hampshire St
Cambridge, MA 02139

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(617) 661-0505


  • Sunday: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Family Restaurants, Mediterranean Restaurants, Turkish Restaurants

4.9 of 5.0 from 112 reviews

price range:$26 to $50



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Oleana in Cambridge, MA
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  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA
  • Oleana in Cambridge, MA

Blogger Reviews of Oleana

  • alone with a cupcake. on Sep 12, 2013

    The Lamb meatballs, served with yogurt broth, corn, pine nuts, apricot and tomatoes, were amazing. The falafel with cucumber and lime was everything I had hoped for. Chef Ana Sortun definitely has Mediterranean magic up her sleeve.

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Oleana Reviews

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  • Kathryn I.Go with a group and order all the small plates to share. Good Turkish wine, too.

    55555 by Kathryn I.

  • Aaron W.If you can, sit on the patio and ask for their recommendations. Great for vegetarians and sharing a lot of tastes!

    55555 by Aaron W.

  • Sofia P.Perfection! Get a spot on the outdoor patio in the warmer months. Really enjoyed splitting a bunch of mezzes. Loved sultans delight, spinach falafel, and nougat sundae.

    55555 by Sofia P.

  • Christopher VVeggie tasting menu is the one! Great value - make sure you reserve a spot to avoid disappointment

    55555 by Christopher V

  • Olivier DellacherieOne of my best experience ever. In a warm atmosphere, the meals based on Mediterranean cuisine are assembled as pieces of art for your mouth. From staters to deserts, every meal is so tasty.

    55555 by Olivier Dellacherie

  • Najla GOne of the best restaurants in the Boston area. I loved the sister restaurant Sarma more, but nonetheless Oleana is great

    55555 by Najla G

  • Philip KTasty, innovative food. So loved that you have to book weeks in advance.

    55555 by Philip K

  • Stephanie H.Baked Alaska is a must. Passion fruit, coconut, caramel goodness. Easily make a dinner out of meze plates

    55555 by Stephanie H.

  • Aaron HeSpinach falafel, baked alaska

    55555 by Aaron He

  • CNTraveler“Bonus points for the setting: a gorgeous old Victorian house near Kendall Square with a backyard patio and garden.” - Peter Jon Lindberg

    55555 by CNTraveler

  • planet5 NThe best falafel ever

    55555 by planet5 N

  • Leemor CWhipped feta, baked alaska = yas.

    55555 by Leemor C

  • Dan AThe vegetarian tasting menu during the harvest season is delicious and an excellent deal. Go with a friend to try twice as many things ...

    55555 by Dan A

  • Andrew L.Lovely back patio. Everything well executed on menu.

    55555 by Andrew L.

  • Andrew L.Everything delicious.

    55555 by Andrew L.

  • DAR AbdulEverything is good, We ordered 7 different dishes and they all were good. The portion is small which is great. The desserts are just beyond great.

    55555 by DAR Abdul

  • EaterThe kitchen’s unequaled savvy with intricate spicing makes it a national standard-bearer. Come here to savor differences in regional spice blends and how they interact with foods.

    55555 by Eater

  • SamThe vegetarian tasting menu is phenomenal (and makes this my favorite place in Cambridge to take vegetarian friends).

    55555 by Sam

  • Reserve AThe Turkish-Style Profiteroles are next-level cream puffs to munch once the candy’s run out: brown butter crème, sesame caramel, cashew and Halva.

    55555 by Reserve A

  • Reserve AThe octopus dish reflects the restaurant’s cuisine: the octopus saganaki meze comes with feta polenta, sweet pepper and olive salad.

    55555 by Reserve A

  • Hannah NThe lamb and grape leaf tart is incredible! Also I highly recommend the Moussaka

    55555 by Hannah N

  • Martin Msimply delicious, great to have unique flavors without being Asian as is so often the case...

    55555 by Martin M

  • Jeremy K.That whipped feta is outstanding. Do it.

    55555 by Jeremy K.

  • Jeremy BurnsSultan's delight, always amazing!

    55555 by Jeremy Burns

  • Martin S.It's a little underwhelming. Their remixes of traditional dishes don't quite stand up.

    55555 by Martin S.

  • Bhavin CFalafel probably the best in Boston

    55555 by Bhavin C

  • Dave H.The stuffed cauliflower and quail kebab were both fantastic.

    55555 by Dave H.

  • Maria ReynaBeautiful patio! All the food we tried was amazing. A bit pricey but worth it!

    55555 by Maria Reyna

  • Meena K.Falafel and veg mezzes

    55555 by Meena K.

  • Keri G.Grilled octopus. Always a winner.

    55555 by Keri G.

  • Jessica SAbsolutely highly recommend the moussaka and sultans delight. Absolutely amazing.

    55555 by Jessica S

  • Sethu NOrder a wide selection of Mezes: lamb chops, quail, chickpeas with vermicelli, etc.

    55555 by Sethu N

  • Yasemin K.Definitely the best Ana Sortun restaurant, besides great dishes staff is not as pretentious as that of Sarma. Spinach falafel is a vegetarian delight and meze plates are pretty filling.

    55555 by Yasemin K.

  • Niji J.The nettle pie on the menu right now is unreal. It's like a light fancy reimagined spanakopita

    55555 by Niji J.

  • Supriya JEverything on their tasting menu is to die for.

    55555 by Supriya J

  • Raquel R.This restaurant is sent from the heavens. Best food I've ever had. I would follow Chef Sortun to the ends of the earth. Sarma, her tapas restaurant, is also to die for.

    55555 by Raquel R.

  • Cristina RuizFantastic cocktails

    55555 by Cristina Ruiz

  • Cristina RuizSpinach falafel

    55555 by Cristina Ruiz

  • Cristina RuizBite out of a birthday Baked Alaska

    33333 by Cristina Ruiz

  • Margaret WangLove the seasonal foods, great especially in the fall.

    55555 by Margaret Wang

  • Nathan L.Great place for groups and sharing!

    55555 by Nathan L.

  • Vladimir NExcellent Mediterranean food, great service

    55555 by Vladimir N

  • Melis BGreat food in an awesome atmosphere

    55555 by Melis B

  • Derrick GreenThe Vegetarian tasting menu is excellent. You can't go wrong with so many wonderful flavors! Perfect!

    55555 by Derrick Green

  • MikeDifferent dining experience. 'European mezze'. Small plates - some excellent, some not so good. You need to be an adventurous diner

    55555 by Mike

  • AntonioGreat restaurant for dates and special occasions. Food is delicious and the service very attentive. Get the sultan's delight and moussaka, they are amazing!

    55555 by Antonio

  • Ossy AlawwamSultan's delight, Chakchouka, and Falafel were all amazing.

    55555 by Ossy Alawwam

  • lauren s.Gorgeous patio setting outside. Had a wonderful wedding celebration there!

    55555 by lauren s.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Oleana as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Onur Ö.Sultan's Delight, fried mussels were really good. Imambayıldı, cigar börek were not traditional style but taste good. They also have Turkish beer Efes Pilsen :)

    55555 by Onur Ö.

  • EaterBill Addison: "If the choices at Oleana seem overwhelming, just look for yogurt and all will be right."

    33333 by Eater

  • Anusuya MDinner with friends

    55555 by Anusuya M

  • Monica S.The lamb and grape leaf tart, the sultans delight, the spinach falafel... Can't get enough! The chef does truly creative and amazing things with spices you won't get anywhere else.

    55555 by Monica S.

  • Jennifer V.My first visit to Oleana was great: food, people, ambient. Second time was ok (2yrs after), the waitress was pushy, the food wasn't that good, the table we got was very bad located....

    33333 by Jennifer V.

  • Boston.comDescribing it feels akin to explaining that the MFA’s “Dance at Bougival” is a romantic painting by Renoir, or that Kenmore Square’s Citgo sign is highly visible: If you’ve been, you already know.

    55555 by Boston.com

  • Pedram KExquisite Quail Kebob & Duck Shish! The Spinach Falafel & Devil Egg were also wonderful! For a drink, try the delicious Siena cocktail. The outdoor terrace also provides a romantic environment.

    55555 by Pedram K

  • Fran Martin MartinezExpensive, BUT really high quality, exquisite, awesome service. Perfect for special occasions...

    55555 by Fran Martin Martinez

  • Warren B.Relax. Breathe and enjoy perhaps he best approachable food in the region.

    55555 by Warren B.

  • Vanessa FThey don't have wifi for customers.

    55555 by Vanessa F

  • Elica YoneyamaBest falafels!

    55555 by Elica Yoneyama

  • Oliver HoEverything is delicious. Quail kebabs are tasty if small.

    55555 by Oliver Ho

  • Bre M.Oleana is amazine! For a more casual amazing experience, Oleana has a sister restaurant called Sofra

    55555 by Bre M.

  • Alicia K.Excellent Middle Eastwrn cuisine! Craft your meal based on mezze selections - you can hardly go wrong with anything. It's okay to skip entreés but not dessert. One of my favorite spots in Cambridge!

    55555 by Alicia K.

  • Vanessa G.(Best of Boston 2013-MIDDLE EASTERN) Improper says,"Ana Sortun's Inman Square flagship, long adored as a romantic dining spot, serves some of the most nuanced cuisine in town."

    55555 by Vanessa G.

  • Nouf M.My favorite restaurant in Boston 😍

    55555 by Nouf M.

  • Saurabh P.Food is just amazing. Get the Sultans's delight from the Meze, the meat is so tender.

    55555 by Saurabh P.

  • Bruno Z.Who said moghrabié octopus and olive oil soufflé can't melt like a lamb tagine? Close your eyes and order 12 mezzés and 5 desserts.

    55555 by Bruno Z.

  • Alex S.Omg the quail thing. Is so good. This is the best restaurant ever.

    55555 by Alex S.

  • Sukanya S.Love love love this place! Be sure to reserve a table early on in the week or else you won't find a seat!

    55555 by Sukanya S.

  • Jessica H.Vegans make sure to ask about the ingredients in all dishes because even obviously things like falafel and hummus may not be vegan here

    55555 by Jessica H.

  • Jessica H.The almond ice cream on the dessert menu is vegan

    55555 by Jessica H.

  • Ed R.Sit outside! They don't take reservations, so get there at least 10 min before opening.

    33333 by Ed R.

  • Sédat F.Skip the entrees, order mezes. That way to cab try a lot of things in smaller portions. Sultan's delight and the whipped feta are amazing. For dessert, baked Alaska is just amazing!!

    55555 by Sédat F.

  • Sarah E.Not to be missed mezze dishes are the warm olives with zaa'tar and the quail kebab--so delicious! Pass on the pork belly special unless you're partial to an unusually tangy aftertaste.

    55555 by Sarah E.

  • skyleLovely spot in summer in the garden or in fall/winter in the lounge area which is cozy. The food is delightful but save room for the fabulous baked Alaska with perfectly burnished peaks of meringue.

    55555 by skyle

  • Kristina B.They have my favorite beer...Night Shift Rose!!

    55555 by Kristina B.

  • MarielAn all around spectacular Restauraunt! My parents just asked me to "like" Oleana on their behalf. That's quite the compliment!

    33333 by Mariel

  • MoniQueIf you have any food allergies, sensitivities, or restrictions, you will be well taken care of here.

    55555 by MoniQue

  • QStart your meal off with this amazing warm buttered hummus and basturma. You can tweet me later to thank me.

    55555 by Q

  • Joshua B.Fentiman's Rose Lemonade.

    55555 by Joshua B.

  • T ..The octopus mezo is amazing!

    55555 by T ..

  • Jason J.Try the fiddleheads (usually worked into a larger dish). Get them while they're here, though, since they only tend to be around in spring.

    55555 by Jason J.

  • Saveur M.Chef Ana Sortun's Levant-inspired cuisine is as surprising as ever.

    55555 by Saveur M.

  • Mike C.Grilled Octopus and Brussel sprouts. Spectacular.

    55555 by Mike C.

  • ElenaI adore this cozy spot! Go with a special and without question save room for the baked alaska.

    55555 by Elena

  • EaterOne of the city's few restaurants with a vegetarian tasting menu, let alone one that diners regularly rave about. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Justin Z.Get the Misty Knoll Flattened Lemon Chicken as featured on Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"

    55555 by Justin Z.

  • Jared P.Sultan's Delight- doesn't sound or look special, but it rolled me. Everything about this joint is fantastic.

    55555 by Jared P.

  • Boston MagazineIf it were up to us, we’d craft our entire meal here out of the first courses; they’re just that satisfying.

    55555 by Boston Magazine

  • Erin G.Make sure you come in thurs-sat for dessert specials! Different every week!!!

    55555 by Erin G.

  • Justin O.Fav restaurant in Boston area, get the Lamb Chops, it is the signature dish

    55555 by Justin O.

  • Jason J.For dessert try the Cocchi, Vermouth di Torino; neat.

    55555 by Jason J.

  • Winnie T.One of the best places for outdoor dining in boston/cambridge.

    55555 by Winnie T.

  • The FeastThe sultan's delight and falafel are must-orders, as is the signature Baked Alaska with coconut ice cream.

    55555 by The Feast

  • Man M.Can not go wrong with this restaurant! One of my faves here in the Boston area (it's in Cambridge! Actually )

    55555 by Man M.

  • Tom P.Baked Alaska is absolutley fantastic, great couples desert, enjoy with a glass of Port Wine

    55555 by Tom P.

  • BravoAna Sortun's passion for middle eastern cuisine offred in a lovely atmosphere, summertime patio seating is fabulous. -Tania Peterson, Top Chef Just Desserts

    55555 by Bravo

  • Becky A.Whipped feta!

    55555 by Becky A.

  • Sean I.Such amazing cuisine! I normally would not experience the flavors I experienced tonight in an entire year!

    55555 by Sean I.

  • Justin H.Grilled Octopus a must, whipped feta great for sharing. Salmon and halibut both fantastic

    55555 by Justin H.

  • Josh G.Whipped Feta. All I have to say!

    55555 by Josh G.

  • Tom B.fantastic food and great outdoor seating

    55555 by Tom B.

  • Jodi T.My #1 favorite Best Food restaurant in Boston/Cambridge. Love the patio. Bar is always great. You'll want a reservation.

    55555 by Jodi T.

  • Senator John B.Eat: whipped feta, falafel, grilled octopus; literally everything is delicious, just choose a creature you feel like eating and believe in everything else from there. Rosé Rioja doesn't suck either.

    55555 by Senator John B.

  • JaimeI ordered three apps instead of a main: spinach falafel, grilled octopus, braised beef. They were all great, with the octopus a standout.

    55555 by Jaime

  • Joe M.Amazing food. I'm a meat and potatos guy, but the scallops here are excellent. Try the Lebanese wine as well.

    55555 by Joe M.

  • susan z.Sultan's delight. Sultan's delight. Sultan's delight. Sultan's delight. It is the alpha and the omega. As close to chocolate as meat gets.

    55555 by susan z.

  • John M.Like the Saint George Greek wine

    55555 by John M.

  • ZAGATSave room for the baked Alaska.

    55555 by ZAGAT

  • Aaron P.Yum. Falafel is the jam.

    55555 by Aaron P.

  • Steve S.The falafel is transcendent.

    55555 by Steve S.

  • Eric P.Fresh Mediterranean/Turkish cuisine. Try something you haven't had before.

    55555 by Eric P.

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