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The Friendly Toast

1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

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(617) 621-1200

  • Sun - Tue 8:00am - 10:00pm
  • Wed - Thu 8:00am - 11:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 8:00am - 1:00am

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Breakfast and Brunch

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4.7 of 5.0 from 215 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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The Friendly Toast in Cambridge, MA
  • The Friendly Toast in Cambridge, MA
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  • The Friendly Toast in Cambridge, MA
  • The Friendly Toast in Cambridge, MA
  • The Friendly Toast in Cambridge, MA

The Friendly Toast Reviews

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  • Zellikk AMaybe I made a wrong choice but I did not like my toast : Egg, zucchini, salmon and sauce on two pieces of big slices of bread. Side home potatoes too salty and too spicy.

    33333 by Zellikk A

  • Ryan AKing cake pancakes were good 😋

    55555 by Ryan A

  • Kaitlin F.Huge portions, reasonably priced, and pretty good food. Especially loved the cayenne cheddar toast. My server was awesome!

    55555 by Kaitlin F.

  • Dan BartonPossibly my favorite Boston brunch spot.

    55555 by Dan Barton

  • Yousif D.Go for Greek scramble with a side of turkey bacons!! I loved it!! Waffle of the Caribbean was super sweet!! It was more like a dessert.

    55555 by Yousif D.

  • Kyle LDelicious. Fun spot with great food. American burrito is tasty and filling.

    55555 by Kyle L

  • Ted VGreat vegan options: pancakes are HUGE.

    55555 by Ted V

  • Isha GujaratiNot into food presentation, but they probably don't need to! Guy's scramble and chocolate chip pancake are so amazing! Their Bloody Mary, Hot Maria, is to die for! Love this place.

    55555 by Isha Gujarati

  • MichaelBreakfast food

    55555 by Michael

  • David TThe Chicken and Waffles are exceptionally good!

    55555 by David T

  • A DGiant pancakes

    55555 by A D

  • Ryan CChicken and waffles have a nice southwestern twist. Cool coffee cocktails

    55555 by Ryan C

  • DonnaWe have only had breakfast---good!

    55555 by Donna

  • Stephen KThe most American breakfast food, including pancakes, sandwiches and eggs

    55555 by Stephen K

  • ClaudiaCool vibe, friendly and quirky staff. Large menu.

    55555 by Claudia

  • Alex KThe range of creative options here is amazing. I'm a big fan of any of their Mexican themed meals. Get dat fresh loaf tho

    55555 by Alex K

  • JuanitaThe Taco After Party is new on the menu and it's AMAZING (and vegetarian)

    55555 by Juanita

  • Aleksander MI love the falafel wrap!

    55555 by Aleksander M

  • Magdalena NWaffles! Oh my good sooosoo good! And service wonderful! I love this place! You have to wait, but is worth it!

    55555 by Magdalena N

  • Priyam S.Guys scramble is on point.

    55555 by Priyam S.

  • Quinton M.Weekend wait was just over an hour for table for two. Don't see what all the hype is about. Ole Miss plate was way sweeter (and filling) than I had hoped. Decent pricing and service though!

    33333 by Quinton M.

  • kapil EOrlean fries.. Pumpkin pancakes.. Cheese sandwich

    55555 by kapil E


    55555 by Raul P.

  • Joyce KChicken and Waffles is really good. The pancakes were a lot bigger than I expected, they basically fill up the entire plate (but they're still good... kinda sweet for breakfast)

    55555 by Joyce K

  • Melissa jOle miss , cafe liquor drinks

    55555 by Melissa j

  • Emrecan D.Great food but be ready to wait in the line to be seated.

    55555 by Emrecan D.

  • Trevor H.Great breakfast! And then when you're finished, enjoy a nice morning beer. 🍻

    55555 by Trevor H.

  • Christine B.Georgia Reuben omg. Can't say I hated the BBQ wings either. Can't wait to go back

    55555 by Christine B.

  • Joseph JThe huevos rancheros are delicious, and the coffee is tasty.

    55555 by Joseph J

  • Naiara HThis is my favourite place for brunch in Boston. Everything you order is going to be great!! Now you don't have to wait anymore. Download the app and get a text when your table is ready!

    55555 by Naiara H

  • William HoffmanGreat tasting, creative and affordable breakfast items. Try the Huevos Rancheros, they practically put a whole avacado on it.

    55555 by William Hoffman

  • Kelly SFrappes, veggie scramble, great breads

    55555 by Kelly S

  • Jessica SDon't be afraid to venture into the more creative menu items! The New Orleans fries are crazy spicy and just as delicious.

    55555 by Jessica S

  • Sandra RubinchikWear your shin guards; the Bloody Mary has hella kick.

    33333 by Sandra Rubinchik

  • Mafer mVery disapointed. Dont come on weekend morning unless you are aiming to wait 2hr just to get your meal..my berries had fungus inside Overrated..the food greasy.

    33333 by Mafer m

  • Olga K.Not only great food but you can buy tickets to the movies directly here.

    55555 by Olga K.

  • Cristina RuizCoconut cakes. Get an order for the table as dessert!

    33333 by Cristina Ruiz

  • Taylor Jgo early on the weekends!

    55555 by Taylor J

  • Naiara HFavorite place for brunch.Guy scramble,costa rican are all great choices. The staff is the best! Get there early because the waiting time is long but totally worth it!!

    55555 by Naiara H

  • Nandi AndersonTry the homemade bread and the White Sangria.

    55555 by Nandi Anderson

  • Wylie F.Who doesn't love breakfast food?

    55555 by Wylie F.

  • Tim CummingsUnique selection of food and cocktails.

    55555 by Tim Cummings

  • Enrico SGood food, but extremely overrated. You can wait up to one hour for a weekend brunch...

    33333 by Enrico S

  • Pascal After waiting for 30 minutes to get a table, the waiter decided to give our table to a group of girls instead and put us back to the end of the list! Awful service.

    11111 by Pascal

  • Leah FTheir bread is amazing; fresh and homemade. Always a special bread too!

    55555 by Leah F

  • Maggie D.The pancakes here are huge and delicious.

    55555 by Maggie D.

  • Vambah SillahCaribbean waffles are incredible. Caramelized pecans encrusted into a homemade waffle. Also, try the cayenne cheese bread.

    55555 by Vambah Sillah

  • Minnie KimVery busy during brunch. You will probably have some amount of wait time. Great for a quick and casual bite!

    55555 by Minnie Kim

  • Mandy KidneyNice staff and great food at a decent price. Definitely trendy with weird decorations. Get the Orleans fries, they're amazing (especially cold the next day... trust me).

    55555 by Mandy Kidney

  • PatriciaThe best (all day!) brunch spot in the city. The Guy Scramble is my go-to, the Ole Miss is my current favorite, and the pancakes are always a good choice.

    55555 by Patricia

  • Amy D.Booze milkshakes and the cayenne cheddar toast! Be careful of the line on weekends- usually at least an hour long

    55555 by Amy D.

  • Ivan BurazinThe burger is average

    33333 by Ivan Burazin

  • Darrick C.breakfast served all day!

    55555 by Darrick C.

  • Trevor ArnebergBreakfast all day. Specials on toast and other items. Great shakes and soda pop. Outdoor and bar seating. Gets busy at lunch, especially during the week

    55555 by Trevor Arneberg

  • Adam D.Margarita & a breakfast burrito is the best way to start your Saturday or Sunday

    55555 by Adam D.

  • Jason B.The eggs were perfect, the home fries just spicy enough and the anadama toast was excellent.

    55555 by Jason B.

  • Danielle R.The earlier the better on weekends to minimize the wait!

    55555 by Danielle R.

  • Kate L.Google Maps gets the location completely wrong. It's located in the complex near Tommy Doyle's, not the one with the movie theater

    33333 by Kate L.

  • Paul S.big portions!

    55555 by Paul S.

  • Christi K.Mexican Mash!

    55555 by Christi K.

  • Mahee Ferlinihttp://4sq.com/4vQK8W You cannot miss it

    55555 by Mahee Ferlini

  • Bryan H.Yummy yummy yum

    55555 by Bryan H.

  • caroline l.Burrito was amazing!!!

    55555 by caroline l.

  • Jory P.You should get Owen's Home Fries. You will not be disappointed.

    55555 by Jory P.

  • Baraa M.Very nice theme 👌

    55555 by Baraa M.

  • Lisa W.Amazing cheese fries!!!

    55555 by Lisa W.

  • Praveen S.Totally avoidable, greasy breakfast with weirdo stewardess

    22222 by Praveen S.

  • Lillian C.Skarmageddon is a yummy meat lovers omelet. Pancakes are huge and delicious. I Love the tofu scramble and willmosa (mimosa with grapefruit juice instead). Portions ate generous.

    55555 by Lillian C.

  • M W.Get there EARLY for Sunday brunch. The wait can be tough. Hope it is worth it.

    55555 by M W.

  • Craig B.Excellent breakfast menu from healthy to drowned in sugar

    55555 by Craig B.

  • Jacqueline W.Get the French Toast!

    33333 by Jacqueline W.

  • Maya J.This is one of those diners where the food is amazing EVEN when you're NOT hungover.

    55555 by Maya J.

  • Vanessa Y.Egg sandwich on cayenne cheddar toast. I could eat that bread all day. Sunday brunch lines = my nightmare. Showed up at 930am, waited maybe ten minutes. Left at 1030am, the line was out the door.

    33333 by Vanessa Y.

  • Trevor L.Breakfast sandwich with bacon and avocado!

    55555 by Trevor L.

  • Lily M.Come here early (mad early) if you don't want to wait an hour

    33333 by Lily M.

  • Aaron B.servings are enormous; ask about the half portions

    55555 by Aaron B.

  • Todd K.Awesome place for a casual breakfast. The Sklarmaggedon was amazing. I was surprised how good chile pecans and maple sour cream could be. Totally worth it.

    55555 by Todd K.

  • Alice C.If you like mojitos, try the mojito milkshake. No, seriously. It's awesome!

    55555 by Alice C.

  • Nancy D.Pancakes are big.. one is great .. homefries crispy and yummy

    55555 by Nancy D.

  • David W.Long wait for a table, but it was fantastic once we got in. The cheese fries with strawberry habanero sauce were off the hook and the goat cheese grilled cheese was yummy. Highly recommend!

    55555 by David W.

  • Ethan I.Highly recommend. Get any thing. Just get get here. Nuff said.

    55555 by Ethan I.

  • Ilhwan C.독특한 인테리어 가진 맛있는 샌드위치집. 매우 캐쥬얼하고 펑키한 분위기로 문신 가득한 종업원들이 서빙하는 곳

    55555 by Ilhwan C.

  • marshall m.Get there before 11 or the wait is wild. I got the guy scramble which was delicious!

    55555 by marshall m.

  • Tyler B.Try the Mojito Frappe. Yum!

    55555 by Tyler B.

  • Dave L.Easy to get a table if you get here before 10AM.

    55555 by Dave L.

  • Pete K.Everything is amazing. Also huge. You probably don't need that app...

    55555 by Pete K.

  • SNOCRUOoh yea get in my belly!!!

    55555 by SNOCRU

  • Karin C.Good bacon!

    55555 by Karin C.

  • Erin B.Biscuits and Gravy.

    55555 by Erin B.

  • Philip L.Amazing everytime. Hipsters in service roles are sometimes surly but cool if you add it as part of the experince.

    55555 by Philip L.

  • Sarah D.Ann Marie's quesadilla is da bomb. Seriously.

    55555 by Sarah D.

  • Julian F.when you come here make sure you're hungry!!! portions are huge and the drinks are great, perfect post night shift at the hospital . Enjoy!

    55555 by Julian F.

  • Rob M.Try the King Cakes!

    55555 by Rob M.

  • Elizabeth W.Great atmosphere, delicious food and fun, colorful and tasty drinks! Hard not to have a good time.

    55555 by Elizabeth W.

  • Matt V.The bloody Mary was bloody fantastic!

    33333 by Matt V.

  • Jagesh S.It's awesome. But the wait ??? And seemingly random table queue. Not sure it's first come first serve.

    55555 by Jagesh S.

  • Liz B.Don't come here on the weekend if you want to eat before noon.

    55555 by Liz B.

  • Gunnar E.Seats at the bar are first come first serve - much faster than waiting for a table on a busy weekend morning!

    33333 by Gunnar E.

  • Jefke M.Excellent fries- like really good.

    55555 by Jefke M.

  • Saurabh K.Bloody mary + home fries + cayenne cheddar + strawberry habanero!!!

    55555 by Saurabh K.

  • Layla S.Coconut pancakes are delicious!!

    55555 by Layla S.

  • Eric A.The D.G.G.C. as advertised is damn good

    22222 by Eric A.

  • Felicity M.Breakfast is delicious but the oatmeal is not.

    55555 by Felicity M.

  • LynneVery vegetarian friendly. Love the Greek Scramble. Substitute tofu for eggs.

    55555 by Lynne

  • Connor F.Awesome breakfast place, but don't overlook the cocktails if you come later in the day—or in the morning, if that's your thing.

    55555 by Connor F.

  • Mike M.skip the heuvos rancheros, it's only that in name and is nothing like the real thing.

    55555 by Mike M.

  • Jesus R.Kings cakes and a Redbull Frappe. :)

    33333 by Jesus R.

  • Jeremy S.Definitely just ran out of hollandaise sauce and soup.... I thought it was homemade??

    33333 by Jeremy S.

  • Jake S.Sit at the bar (no wait!), order something with home fries (I suggest a breakfast sandwich), and enjoy the Garbage Pail Kids fake advertisements that decorate the bar (LIFESERVERS! Get it?).

    33333 by Jake S.

  • Lily B.Home to the only bloody Mary I've ever enjoyed and the best bigger-than-your-face pumpkin pancakes in Cambridge.

    55555 by Lily B.

  • KillaKamAnna & Emily are the best, most fun bartenders I've every encountered in all of the Boston area!

    55555 by KillaKam

  • Shawna K.Order the frenzy - pop rocks cocktail. It will make you happy.

    55555 by Shawna K.

  • William C.Vegan Valhalla all day

    55555 by William C.

  • Christine L.Slow service but good food. HUGE portions I'll order a half size next time. Salmon benedict good but not crazy about all the sauce. The bread here is great!

    55555 by Christine L.

  • Allison C.Fish burrito and mashed potatoes!!!!

    55555 by Allison C.

  • Carli V.The wait can be ridiculous on weekends but it is so worth it for the obscene amounts of original and delicious dishes.

    55555 by Carli V.

  • Jillsweet potato fries please..

    55555 by Jill

  • Dave R.The Orleans fries are the BEST!! For entrees I love the Peasant and the Vegan Valhalla. The Friendly Toast is so much more than just a breakfast joint!

    55555 by Dave R.

  • Kellie B.I love getting the king cakes and my husband loves the Mexican mash. many good items. Service could be better but who cares when you can get pancakes with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and bananas

    55555 by Kellie B.

  • Nick G.Tasty diner with tons of options (and Veg friendly).

    55555 by Nick G.

  • Barra Ó.Come down here on a full stomach because by the time you get a table you will be hungry again. Add an hour onto the time they say to wait for a table. Friendly toast? More like cold toast.

    33333 by Barra Ó.

  • AliTry the Pumpkin Pancakes (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Ali

  • AliTry the Coconut Cakes - Amazing! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Ali

  • Alex T.Get the King Cake!! You won't be disappointed! I'm not that big a pancake fan and I think it's awesome

    55555 by Alex T.

  • Katie R.BREAKFAST NACHOS? Are you kidding me? The bloody marys have a great kick too.

    33333 by Katie R.

  • Joan M.New Hampshire's Finest is fine indeed.

    55555 by Joan M.

  • Joan M.Super-fast, friendly, helpful service!

    55555 by Joan M.

  • Social N.Big fan of breakfast for dinner. The sklarmageddon is a whopper of an omelet but fun to say and eat. Quirky vibe + breakfast reminds me of Kerbey Lane in Austin, TX

    55555 by Social N.

  • Leenah D.brunch is crowded - so i never go then. have breakfast at dinnertime after work, knock back some drinks, have amiable chatter w/ the bartender. comfy, tasty, love it.

    55555 by Leenah D.

  • jin s.order huevos rancheros and king cakes between two people and share :)

    55555 by jin s.

  • AskMenTry the drunkard's french toast topped with Grand Marnier and raspberry sauce, or a Caribbean waffle, filled with pecans and topped with caramelized bananas.

    55555 by AskMen

  • JustinThe Mexican Mash is great and this place lives up to its name by having the most amazing and friendly toast. If you get the Mexican Mash, ask them to go easy on the scallions.

    55555 by Justin

  • Ashley J.Best pumpkin pancakes ever and huge!

    55555 by Ashley J.

  • Rachel M.There is a RedBull milkshake and a Pop-Rocks cocktail. Sugar fiends need search no more. Also one of the *musts* if you're visiting from out of town.

    55555 by Rachel M.

  • BULLDOG GinTonight's the night for a BULLDOG on the rocks. Go on, be bold. Hold the mixers, take the ice.

    55555 by BULLDOG Gin

  • Hadley K.Get the rigatoni, says the Italian!

    55555 by Hadley K.

  • Eric C.The apricot/peach tea is amazing.

    55555 by Eric C.

  • Shannon V.Best Cheese Fries EVER--especially with the strawberry dipping sauce, with a teenie tiny kick!

    55555 by Shannon V.

  • Marissa F.Worth the wait!

    55555 by Marissa F.

  • jin s.order huevos rancheros and king cakes between two people and share :)

    55555 by jin s.

  • Patrick H.The food is pretty fantastic, but avoid the Friendly Toast like the plague on Sundays for brunch. There's almost always an hour plus wait for a table.

    33333 by Patrick H.

  • Micah S.The "sides" of fries are delicious but HUGE. $5 gets you a heaping pile of fries on a dinner plate. Sharing is a must.

    55555 by Micah S.

  • BU TodaySome favorites from our review: Hansel and Gretel waffles, and the Mexican Mashed Meal. Whether you want salty or sweet, lunch or breakfast, The Friendly Toast is sure to hit the spot.

    55555 by BU Today

  • Keshav D.French toast (raisin bread), omelette, apple cider! Yum!

    55555 by Keshav D.

  • Eric A.Wow! Ole Miss is a tangy breakfast dish but you can get it for any meal…even includes sweet potatoes!

    55555 by Eric A.

  • EwizzleWatch out for the stage freight, it'll get you!

    33333 by Ewizzle

  • Erin C.Seriously good food! It was busy but we were seated within 25 minutes. Also, you gotta love any place that hands you a cocktail menu before 11am! We opted for smoothies, though ;-)

    55555 by Erin C.

  • Moriah R.amazing onion rings and the best mimosa in boston!

    55555 by Moriah R.

  • Tiffany N.Unbelievable! Fun and delicious I could eat the Mexican mashed meal everyday!

    55555 by Tiffany N.

  • Joseph B.Great service great brunch, I like brunch quite a bit!!

    55555 by Joseph B.

  • Vito G.The ole miss is where it's at. Do yourself a favor and wait for a seat. It's worth it.

    55555 by Vito G.

  • Omar A.come here during the week if you can to avoid waiting to get a table

    33333 by Omar A.

  • Eric A."Eggs-in-a-Hole" are a favorite for kids…they can even make it with scrambled eggs!

    55555 by Eric A.

  • Kevin LGreat pumpkin pancakes

    55555 by Kevin L

  • Yosra JLove this place! Great food, great music , awesome environment !

    55555 by Yosra J

  • Eric A.Seems they prefer cash here…

    33333 by Eric A.

  • Gary F.I wish there was a place like this near Philly.

    55555 by Gary F.

  • Jared S.Excellent Bloody Mary. Spicy!

    55555 by Jared S.

  • CBS LocalSunday “drunch”: Wash down the Drunkard’s French Toast (doused in Grand Marnier and raspberry) with a killer mimosa. - CBS Boston

    55555 by CBS Local

  • Michelle S.Not as great as the late-night original location in Portsmouth, but I still love their Guy Scramble more than words can say - this sentence is me trying and failing gloriously.

    55555 by Michelle S.

  • Thomas S.The pumpkin pancake is delicious!! One is plenty.

    55555 by Thomas S.

  • Rebecca S.Yummy eggs,salsa.avacado,poached eggs,cheese and home made bread.Also they did a man vs food at the one in portsmouth.

    55555 by Rebecca S.

  • AskMenTry the drunkard's french toast topped with Grand Marnier and raspberry sauce, or a Caribbean waffle, filled with pecans and topped with caramelized bananas.

    55555 by AskMen

  • Christine C.The D. G. G. C. is SO good!

    55555 by Christine C.

  • Shelby M.Yummy orange sangria!

    55555 by Shelby M.

  • Jaryn F.Best sweet potato fries. Ever. Not to be missed.

    55555 by Jaryn F.

  • Alyssa P.Homefries are so spicy, but great!

    55555 by Alyssa P.

  • Karen W. M.Orleans fries with provolone instead of sour cream. Wowza wheeeeee!

    55555 by Karen W. M.

  • Danielle L.Mojito milkshake!

    55555 by Danielle L.

  • The FeastGo for the breakfast dishes. The Ole Miss, featuring a piece of housemade cayenne cheddar bread topped with sausage and mashed sweet potatoes, is our favorite.

    55555 by The Feast

  • Nicole H.Try the gluten-free blueberry pancakes. Yum.

    55555 by Nicole H.

  • Michael IPotatoes that come with breakfast dishes are very spicy unless you specify otherwise

    55555 by Michael I

  • Kimberly G.Orange sangria is awesome on a warm summer day. :-)

    55555 by Kimberly G.

  • Patrick M.Some of the best home fries around. And the sheer kitschiness of the place is not to be outdone, with the counter being a personal favorite for its playful top.

    55555 by Patrick M.

  • David K.The Mexican Mash Meal is killer. Your mouth will love you even if your bathroom doesn't.

    55555 by David K.

  • Anthony L.French fries are soooooo good!!

    55555 by Anthony L.

  • AdamBring wet wipes for your table, they're always sticky, and sometimes covered in crumbs....

    22222 by Adam

  • Courtney C.Pumpkin pancakes with raisinettes and homemade whipped cream! Mmmmm!

    55555 by Courtney C.

  • Danielle C.I love that they do breakfast all the time!But you definitely have to get the Orleans Fries. SOOOOO Good!

    55555 by Danielle C.

  • Eric P.Came here from out of town and I must say this place is awesome. From the decor to the food, everything is unique. Try the sunrise scramble! Eggs with salsa on a bed of chips. Tasty! homemade bread 2!

    55555 by Eric P.


    55555 by Alexis S.

  • Sean MMost epic bloody Mary I have ever had. And I'm an alcoholic

    55555 by Sean M

  • NakkiGreat food! Definitely worth the walk from MIT campus even in terrible weather!

    55555 by Nakki

  • The Ad ClubBest breakfast in Greater Boston/Cambridge. Get the New Hampshire omelet. Toast is homemade and incredible. Lines can get long

    55555 by The Ad Club

  • Justin S.Decent food, but if hipsters annoy you, don't bother.

    33333 by Justin S.

  • Kevin B.Don't come here. So slow. Food not nearly good enough for the wait to order, to get your food, for everything.

    33333 by Kevin B.

  • CityRover M.Give the hula-hoop a rest and try the “Ol Miss Breakfast” – thick-cut toast topped with sausage (real or veg.), mashed chipotle sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, and mango sour cream.

    55555 by CityRover M.

  • FoodspottingTry the Chocolate Chip Pancakes

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Boston.comStick to breakfast, which is offered all day, at this retro-outfitted spot. There are a variety of egg dishes -- we recommend Ole Miss -- or you can make your own. But watch out for the weekend wait.

    55555 by Boston.com

  • red bird vintageThe spicy pecan pancake will change your life. I mean it.

    55555 by red bird vintage

  • Tushar JGet here eaely for sunday brunch or you're gonna be out in the cold for a while. Totally worth it though!

    55555 by Tushar J

  • Andrew A.The Orleans fries are awesome. Great place with interesting people and decor.

    55555 by Andrew A.

  • Chris M.I'd reccomend the Mexican Mashed Meal with Cayenne Cheddar toast and a fruit smoothie. Perfect!

    55555 by Chris M.

  • Julia L.Moxie frappe all the way!

    33333 by Julia L.

  • Julia P.Favorite breakfast place in the city and you gotta try the pinky milkshake

    55555 by Julia P.

  • Tom S.Try the ole miss

    55555 by Tom S.

  • Mathieu H.Friendly bar tender and excellent drinks

    55555 by Mathieu H.

  • Michael P2 words: cheese fries. Bleu and provologne with a strawberry habanero dipping sauce=tremendous.

    55555 by Michael P

  • Boston PhoenixThis quirky reader fave has yummy French toast and the best sweet potato fries we've had. Cheesy fries with strawberry habanero sauce are great too, especially paired with a pop-rock cocktail.

    55555 by Boston Phoenix

  • Grace T.Grab a seat at the bar to eat on a crowded day!

    55555 by Grace T.

  • Ashley T.Go to The Friendly Toast and try the Almond Joy Pancakes, Pumpkin Pancakes, Avacado Veggie Burger, and white chocolate hazelnut cocoa.

    55555 by Ashley T.

  • Delilah W.Order a Healthy Henry... it's like an Odwalla Green Monster with gin. A++

    55555 by Delilah W.

  • Ben B.Order a red/white sangria, not on menu, but the bartenders will make it.

    55555 by Ben B.

  • getmejeffPumpkin pancakes (with raisinettes inside) are adorable. Mashed sweet potatotes have too much chpiotle.

    55555 by getmejeff

  • Dan A.Le Petit Monstre and the Cuban are fantastic lunch fare.

    55555 by Dan A.

  • Ben O.Full of awesome and made of win. Try the mojito frappe. The King Cakes are a delicious challenge (pancakes, peanut butter, whipped cream, bacon) to finish an entire serving of.

    55555 by Ben O.

  • David I.definitly get the anadama bread as french toast

    55555 by David I.

  • JessicaGo to The Friendly Toast and get the mojito milkshake!

    55555 by Jessica

  • Nicolas W.Love the cheesy vintage décor here. Tom Swift/Hardy Boys book cover wallpaper!

    55555 by Nicolas W.

  • Stephanie S.The food is good but the service is incredibly slooooooooow!

    33333 by Stephanie S.

  • Peter James N.Don't come here if you are in a hurry

    33333 by Peter James N.

  • Christina X.There's a secret dessert menu! But be careful, the portions are enough for 4 easily.

    55555 by Christina X.

  • Christopher S.Come here for your dose of hipster wanna-be's, terrible service & mediocre food.

    22222 by Christopher S.

  • David Morder the Hellosilo

    11111 by David M

  • seth MSRSLY The Friendly Toast has been open for a day, and I can tell I am going to be there a LOT. Speaking of which, who's up for dinner there tonight?

    55555 by seth M

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