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449 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654

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(312) 661-1434


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

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Cuisine: American Restaurants, Mexican Restaurants

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4.8 of 5.0 from 120 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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XOCO Reviews

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  • Raul CarmonaLa torta de cochinita y el caldo de carnitas rifan!

    55555 by Raul Carmona

  • Brian ParkRick Bayless' restaurant offers better to-go food than every fast food chain combined. Action Bronson-approved; The Sopa de Carnitas is reminiscent of Phó, and the Cochinita Pibil is to die for

    55555 by Brian Park

  • Leilei GThe sandwiches are great! Had the ahogada which was great! Medium spicy, just the right level :)

    55555 by Leilei G

  • Daisy Z.Food was excellent. However the ordering and seating system is weird. We ordered the churros like everyone suggested and was disappointed with it. I think our churros were over fried.

    33333 by Daisy Z.

  • Ed L.It's all fantastic tasting

    55555 by Ed L.

  • Damon MThe sulking pig torta and soup were incredible. Great fresh chips and salsa

    55555 by Damon M

  • Luke SteinChilaquiles with pork belly (breakfast menu). Unreal.

    55555 by Luke Stein

  • Brian NFantastic sandwiches. Baja chicken was awesome. Ahogada is a pork sandwich with pickled onions in a red soup. Very good.

    55555 by Brian N

  • Edith RTorta ahogada is the best 😋

    55555 by Edith R

  • Mike W.Celebrity chef Rick Bayless really knows his way around authentic Mexican ingredients. The tortas are incredible – especially the goat-based Barbacoa one, if they're offering it. WinstonWanders.com

    55555 by Mike W.

  • Matt S.Ahogada Torta is the bomb

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Zoe MXoco salad is amazing, any additional protein is great too.

    55555 by Zoe M

  • Ivonne jLas tortas son deliciosas. Mi favorita Es cochinita Pibil!!!

    55555 by Ivonne j

  • Richard MThe Cubano is delicious! The meat is juicy and tender and it comes with a tasty sauce.

    55555 by Richard M

  • Cristina D.The pepito sandwich is awesome! Yummy!

    55555 by Cristina D.

  • Jessica T.The hot chocolate is Delish!

    55555 by Jessica T.

  • Ed DOutstanding sandwiches (tortas), soup, churros and hot chocolate!

    55555 by Ed D

  • Lori LorenzoThought it was only ok.

    22222 by Lori Lorenzo

  • Gabe EChips and dips!

    55555 by Gabe E

  • Jono APork belly Wednesdays, churros and hot chocolate

    55555 by Jono A

  • Roland T.Favorite place for Mexican food in the city, along with Frontera Grill and Topolobombo. Bayless.

    55555 by Roland T.

  • Carolyn SEVERYTHING is amazing. Love the Pepito & the Abogahda Torta. Do yourself a favor and get the glazed churro. Pistachio & Hazelnut are phenomenal

    55555 by Carolyn S

  • Goodstuff H.Amazing place

    55555 by Goodstuff H.

  • Zach D.Be sure to get the chocolate sauce with your churros 😃

    55555 by Zach D.

  • Clare TGuacamole bar!!

    55555 by Clare T

  • Emmanuel LMexican taste, is not at all but its ok

    33333 by Emmanuel L

  • Emmanuel LGood Mexican taste in Sandwiches, if you need more spicy (like real mexican), ask to waitress for "habanero sauce", Really good...

    55555 by Emmanuel L

  • Saif D.Menu changes seasonally

    55555 by Saif D.

  • Ken S.Churros and Hot Chocolate for a decadent and divine dessert treat!!

    55555 by Ken S.

  • Rachel W.Quick and casual with amazing Mexican fare. Don't miss their "bean-to-cup" chocolate. I did, and I regret it. 😁

    55555 by Rachel W.

  • Nathan L.Can never go wrong with Xoco. Don't miss the churro with chocolate dipping sauce. The guacamole is the best in the world!

    55555 by Nathan L.

  • Sharon CHey Xoco, you should join Freebie! It’s pretty rad and the benefits are great for both you and me. Check it out! http://taps.io/freebie

    55555 by Sharon C

  • Chris RThe guacamole is great!

    55555 by Chris R

  • Anamaria H.The guac is so-so. It's not nothing special so you can live without it.

    55555 by Anamaria H.

  • Pam PietrowskyThe guacamole is really interesting. It is topped with items one typically wouldn't expect.

    55555 by Pam Pietrowsky

  • Ilya LAwesome Place!

    55555 by Ilya L

  • Ryan K.Takeout ordering is at the front, so don't wait in a long line. That said, the waiting for your takeout could not be more uncomfortable since there is almost nowhere to stand.

    33333 by Ryan K.

  • QC Industries ConveyorsA more casual dinner that's great after a long day walking a trade show. Their tortas and soups are all wonderful!

    55555 by QC Industries Conveyors

  • Paresh M.Pretty darn good Mushroom soup (vegetarian / vegan) - lots of flavor.

    55555 by Paresh M.

  • BelemCochinita is delicious!! .. Pozole can't say is edible

    55555 by Belem

  • LuizChicharrones + Short rib red chile soup + bottle of Pacifico

    55555 by Luiz

  • Paulo S.The best churros con leche ever. Lawd.

    55555 by Paulo S.

  • Mark WongThe churros with chocolate sauce were delicious! Definitely don't miss out on these!

    55555 by Mark Wong

  • Gregory BThe Mexican breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options are all very good. My favorites are the churros and the bean-to-cup hot chocolate.

    55555 by Gregory B

  • Rick I.Saturday chilaquiles, pork belly, Serrano sauce!

    55555 by Rick I.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Xoco as seen on Unique Eats

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Paty Castro de ZavalaGreat torta ahogada!

    55555 by Paty Castro de Zavala

  • Pocket SunTortas were good, chips were alright. There's almost always a waiting line.

    55555 by Pocket Sun

  • Man_Used👽👾👽I give 5 stars to you.

    55555 by Man_Used👽👾👽

  • Kelly P.Hot chocolate will make you feel like Quetzalcoatl

    55555 by Kelly P.

  • Chicago TribuneOpen-face breakfast torta: A slice of bolillo from Labriola is wood-fired until its crust develops black ends. This is slathered in roasted tomato and a bit of black bean, then topped with poached egg

    55555 by Chicago Tribune

  • Eunice M.Churros with hot choco and custard are mindblowingly delicious.

    55555 by Eunice M.

  • ThrillistXOCO churros are always fried to order, so they're still really warm by the time they reach your hands. The intense rich flavor of cinnamon and fried dough make them one of the city's best snacks.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Gursimran FGoat barbbacoa is amazing. A must eat.

    55555 by Gursimran F

  • Jennie CahootsBeing your own server has it's benefits. Get the churros with chocolate dipping sauce

    55555 by Jennie Cahoots

  • Ayman Al-AbdullahThe best Mexican restaurant this side of Mazatlan. The chicken tinga torta is what heaven is made of.

    55555 by Ayman Al-Abdullah

  • Todd L.The chips and guac are outstanding. A hint of lime make the chips some of the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Todd L.

  • Veronica C.If its your first time here you must get the Torta Ahogada - dont worry you can choose your temp - mild med hot...

    55555 by Veronica C.

  • Juan P.Try la torta de milanesa, is the best.

    55555 by Juan P.

  • Michelle CThe vegetable caldo and aztec hot chocolate was fabulous and filling.

    55555 by Michelle C

  • RadioShackNothing’s better than a sweet warm-up on a cold day. If you’re in Chi-town, don’t skip XOCO. Not only will you get great food, their hot cocoa is always So Right.

    55555 by RadioShack

  • Adam S.Ahogada Wood Oven Torta @XoCo 'Spicy, add Avocado' is in a league w/ The Ralph @ Mother's in NOLA & Boulud's Burger

    55555 by Adam S.

  • Cameron RJust eat everything!

    55555 by Cameron R

  • JillianRick Bayless never disappoints! Can't go wrong with Cochinita Pibil, Chicken Tinga, or Cubana torta. The caldos totally hit the spot too. Don't forget to order a churro or a hot chocolate - delicious!

    55555 by Jillian

  • Hyojae Jackie C.Triple c's! Cubana, churros & chocolate!

    55555 by Hyojae Jackie C.

  • Michael C.Everyone says it, but it's worth repeating one more time. make sure you try the churros and dipping chocolate. It's amazeballs

    55555 by Michael C.

  • John ABest sandwiches ever.

    55555 by John A

  • Chris JTry the special pork shoulder torta if it's available!

    55555 by Chris J

  • Kate S.Summer = Ceviche

    55555 by Kate S.

  • Ryan V.Bacon and Pecan French Toast cooked in a wood burning oven was outstanding.

    55555 by Ryan V.

  • Teri G.Delicious. Go with friends, order a bunch of different things and share so you can try more stuff.

    55555 by Teri G.

  • Michael L.Great carnitas sandwich dipped in a chile juajillo sauce.

    55555 by Michael L.

  • Foresight Design Initiative GLove this spot. Get the churros! If you love Rick Bayless as much as we do, join us on Facebook to bring him to a speaking event!

    55555 by Foresight Design Initiative G

  • Pamela V.My favorite is the Milanesa.

    55555 by Pamela V.

  • Chris B.Digging everything here, but even their simple jicama salad is refreshing

    55555 by Chris B.

  • Oddie G.The ahagado is the best sandwich

    55555 by Oddie G.

  • Paula JTry the limonada, it's one of the best things I've ever drank!

    55555 by Paula J

  • Isa T.Weird concept. Food is ok but slow and lines are endless. I will go back when its empty.

    33333 by Isa T.

  • MasqueradeNggak ada nasi goreng...

    55555 by Masquerade

  • jonathan d.Good avocados, but ask for extra dressing on the side for the xoco salad

    33333 by jonathan d.

  • Todd C.The lines are way shorter at night.

    33333 by Todd C.

  • Christina M.Churros for the win! Ask for a sample of the bacon ice cream. It's hardly smaller than the small and is amazing for dipping your churro in!

    55555 by Christina M.

  • Pinch R.this place is always packed

    55555 by Pinch R.

  • ChadAlmendrado is unreal. Vegetarian caldo is outstanding

    55555 by Chad

  • Travel ChannelRick Bayless is a world-renowned authority on authentic Mexican cuisine. He's also a genius in the kitchen. XOCO is Rick's love letter to Mexican street food. -- Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods

    55555 by Travel Channel

  • Wesley AThe lamb adobodo (special) is amazing!

    55555 by Wesley A

  • Dan M.Order the Pozole caldo with an Aztec. Wonderful.

    55555 by Dan M.

  • Jim M.Pepito. Hot Chocolate. Unreal.

    55555 by Jim M.

  • Anthony G.I frequent here for my morning cup. Americano or Cortado, please

    55555 by Anthony G.

  • EaterRick Bayless introduced Mexican street food to the masses, who line up daily for huevos rancheros for breakfast and return for pork belly tortas and seafood caldos at lunch. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Robbie S.Great cafe Au lait with almond milk.

    55555 by Robbie S.

  • MazdaAward-winning chef-restaurateur, cookbook author, and television personality Rick Bayless has done more than any other culinary star to introduce Americans to authentic Mexican cuisine.

    55555 by Mazda

  • Crystal H.go for the goat torta on saturdays. hard to beat.

    55555 by Crystal H.

  • Jessica C.waaahhh! salsa costs a buck a pop at this joint, so just bring your own unless you want to spend $20 on it. but the food is worth the wait, fo' sho.

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • Christine T.They have sparkling water on tap!

    55555 by Christine T.

  • Steve eThe Barcelona tastes like melted chocolate. Amazing.

    33333 by Steve e

  • Michelle C.Pepito w/pickled jalepeños on the side was delicious!!!

    55555 by Michelle C.

  • Steve S.Milanesa is amazing.

    55555 by Steve S.

  • Adam G.Those fruffy drinks are great on a hot day

    55555 by Adam G.

  • Marco M.Get the churros with the vanilla soft serve ice cream.

    55555 by Marco M.

  • Jennifer M.Saturday at 11-11:15am - no line - plenty of seating

    55555 by Jennifer M.

  • Andy M.Awesome - simply awesome!

    55555 by Andy M.

  • AbbasThe mushroom tortas are great, as are the churros with ice cream.

    55555 by Abbas

  • Joel B.More than worth the trip! This place is AMAZING!!! If you like espresso, theirs freaking rock. The tortas are especially yummy too.

    55555 by Joel B.

  • chris r.Imagine if Subway made excellent mexican sandwiches and charged twice the price, you'd have Xoco, instead of the Jared diet, I'm going on the Rick Bayless diet

    33333 by chris r.

  • Nate L.Rick Bayless doesn't disappoint. Don't overlook the churros at this place. Good stuff.

    55555 by Nate L.

  • Crain's Chicago BusinessBayless' hot chocolate is a can't miss. The Mexican cocoa beans are ground tantalizingly close to the food line, and they're so rich you won't miss the milk in this water-based brew.

    55555 by Crain's Chicago Business

  • Dane K.Cochinita pibil washed down with bacon caramel studel ice cream = winner

    55555 by Dane K.

  • Mike Q.The Churros are worth the wait.

    55555 by Mike Q.

  • Phil K.Come Saturdays for the goat. Wow. Rick is a genius.

    55555 by Phil K.

  • Michael PConchita Pebil = yum

    55555 by Michael P

  • Rene Aconcepting coffee

    55555 by Rene A

  • Spencer S.They apparently started this week with daily torta specials. Tuesday is Carnitas

    55555 by Spencer S.

  • Eric TGo after 3pm to get the soup. Carnitas and posole is ridiculous. Brings me back to childhood in Mexico.

    55555 by Eric T

  • Jonathan L.Try the hot chocolate...its literally like liquid chocolate...AMAZING!!!!

    33333 by Jonathan L.

  • Mike Q.Tortas, sopas, hot chocolate & churros. Oh my!

    55555 by Mike Q.

  • Steve B.cochinita pibil torta is amazing!

    55555 by Steve B.

  • Cathi TI shouldn't have to tell you to try the churros & hot chocolate. But for some added decadence, use a churro to scoop up the Negra Modelo Chocolate ice cream. YUM

    55555 by Cathi T

  • Merly p.Not even gonna lie: I'm obsessed and will not rest 'til I've had everything on the menu. I'm not a must-eat-at-hot-new-restaurant type, but it's all so delicious, and Bayless is one of the good guys.

    55555 by Merly p.

  • Dave C.try the Cubana or Pepito. awesome food.

    55555 by Dave C.

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