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17 West Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60603

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(312) 427-3170


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars, German Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 141 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
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  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL
  • Berghoff in Chicago, IL

Blogger Reviews of Berghoff

  • Mastication Monologues on Aug 09, 2013

    I visited a restaurant in Chicago that is an institution and a symbol of German-American pride in the city. It is called The Berghoff Restaurant...

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  • Mastication Monologues on Oct 20, 2012

    When my ox joints came out, it was tastefully displaced like a mighty meat monarch who sported a crown of sautéed julienned onions and was surrounded by his pumpkin gnocchi minions who were kowtowing to their ruler. I didnt waste time tucking into the ox joint, and it was an interesting experience.

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Berghoff Reviews

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  • jeffschlesinger reviewIf one was restricted to taking all meals in only one restaurant in the world, my choice would be The Berghoff, hands down!. Most restaurants have one or two good things on the menu. I've tried almost every item and each is hearty, delectible and a delight to eat. It would be impossible to get tired of the cuisine.Berghoff's my choice for most consistently wonderful meals! (The dark beer isn't bad either!)

    44444 by jeffschlesinger

  • theJ reviewIt's closed.

    44444 by theJ

  • escoiffer611 reviewMy father-in-law, LeRoy Dawson just passed in Feb of this year at 96 years old. He worked at the Federal Reserve for 37 years and ate very often at the Berghoff. He always raved how wonderful it was. Our family made a trip to Chicago this past month and visited the Berghoff - absolutely amazing - everything was exactly as it was many years ago - hope to return and would definitely say this is a must for ANYONE visiting Chicago. Rated by our family (and father-in-law) *****************. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

    55555 by escoiffer611

  • rudy3 reviewfood was excellent,plenty of it and service was excellent. my first time there I would eat there again when in Chicago.

    44444 by rudy3

  • barbqbill reviewA wonderful old line restaurant. Trendy? Nope. Great food, great service, great time? Yes! Smack dab in the heart of The Loop.

    44444 by barbqbill

  • djsmiley_euro_st reviewThis is the best

    44444 by djsmiley_euro_st

  • djsmiley_euro_st review(b)This is the (big)best

    44444 by djsmiley_euro_st

  • JimBaymiller reviewThis very large downtown restaurant is simply great! Wonderful German food- try the schnitzel stuffed with Swiss cheese, red cabbage, and dark rye bread. However, my wife once ordered a seafood platter, and it was superb! They can cook everything well. Waiters are somewhat 'no-nonsense', but serve without a glich. Wash it down with a great German beer, catch the El for a 3:05 start at Wrigley Field, and you will have a super day.

    44444 by JimBaymiller


    44444 by rudy7

  • Tim C.The Berghoff Hefeweisen is so smooth and amazing!

    55555 by Tim C.

  • Jessica PlacenciaBeer! Try the pierogies and plank salmon.

    55555 by Jessica Placencia

  • PureWowGive visiting execs a taste of old Chicago with a reservation at this iconic establishment. Since 1898, it’s served steins of German beer and corned beef sandwiches.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Peter ALovely interior and tasty sausages

    55555 by Peter A

  • Jillian BurnickasThere's a reason they're a Chicago classic. Really good German food.

    55555 by Jillian Burnickas

  • max l.Classic German fare. The schnitzel combo platter a must

    55555 by max l.

  • MichelleThe pretzel is very good, but it is a meal on its own. Be careful and don't order it if you're planning on having much else!

    55555 by Michelle

  • Elvy MierLa comida muy buena y los meseros súper atentos

    55555 by Elvy Mier

  • Tana B.The creamed spinach is a pretty awesome side as well as the spaetzle! Delicious.

    55555 by Tana B.

  • Tim C.Sauerbraten!!!!

    55555 by Tim C.

  • Colin R.Traditional German cuisine with all your schnitzel needs. Be sure to get one of their Berghoff brews to wash it all down.

    55555 by Colin R.

  • Rebekah A.Anything German. The Pretzels!!

    55555 by Rebekah A.

  • Jersey SThe Rahm Schnitzel was perfect for lunch. Very tasty, not over cooked and a good portion.

    55555 by Jersey S

  • Nohra CMolasses crusted pork chop!!

    55555 by Nohra C

  • AmandaBest Downtown Activities according to radicalpossibility.com

    55555 by Amanda

  • Rick MThe lower level sandwich bar serves awesome bratwursts! Don't forget the sauerkraut!!!

    55555 by Rick M

  • Karleigh CThey have so much good food; the waitress was very helpful in finding me vegetarian dishes. The pretzel is enormous and so fun! Potato pancakes and mashed potatoes were really good.

    55555 by Karleigh C

  • Greg RI love this restaurant whenever I'm in Chicago. Whether it's pierogies and fish in the main restaurant or Corned beef from the carvery downstairs. It's always been good!

    55555 by Greg R

  • Louis KliegerGet the giant pretzel and a root beer!

    55555 by Louis Klieger

  • Neil K.The food was good. Not authentic but good. The beer was okay. The history and restaurant itself are pretty amazing. Our waitress was borderline rude when I asked about the foursquare special.

    33333 by Neil K.

  • Chris R.Beer flights available. Recommend one with the pretzel if you're just in to grab a quick bite and a brew.

    55555 by Chris R.

  • ISC C.Make sure you make reservations for Saturday lunch or you may have a long wait.

    55555 by ISC C.

  • Anamaria H.Dark beer + sausage trio = amazing dinner. And the sauerkraut was delicious!

    55555 by Anamaria H.

  • Spork T.Schnitzel and spatzel are great. Lots of old German Americans here!

    55555 by Spork T.

  • Marin HoagWasn't pleased with the weinersnitzel

    33333 by Marin Hoag

  • Dawn BAwesome Wiener schnitzel and great gluten free choices.

    55555 by Dawn B

  • Alison DSchnitzel!

    55555 by Alison D

  • Food NetworkFounded in 1898, this Chicago institution offers an irresistible Apple Strudel, made with tart Granny Smith apples and topped with a warm caramel sauce.

    55555 by Food Network

  • Leo PThe food and the service were fantastic. Always a pleasure to eat here...

    55555 by Leo P

  • Nayeli JiménezEl sampler es la mejor opción

    55555 by Nayeli Jiménez

  • Chance M.My mom used to tell stories about when she would go here with her father and grandfather so I took her here for lunch recently. She said it made her sad to see what it has become and that it's ruined.

    33333 by Chance M.

  • Anna B.Phenomenal. If you're a History aficionado=boner alert.100+ year old restaurant that's seen Chicago from Al Capone days (sorry) to today's eclecticism. Bacon wrapped shrimp + sausage trio 👌

    55555 by Anna B.

  • Daniel M.Food was great. The beer was just ok though the atmosphere makes up for it.

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Kara HTry the Berghoff cafe in the basement open weekdays for lunch. Cheap and quick options.

    55555 by Kara H

  • Ryan ASchnitzel and full liters of bier - Prost!

    55555 by Ryan A

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Berghoff's Restaurant as seen on Sugar High

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Joseph BlewittGood food, but the homemade beer is where this place stands out. Plus, Berghoff has immense historical value.

    55555 by Joseph Blewitt

  • Carol M.Unique atmosphere, everything on the menu is good! Looking for a salad with flavor? Cajun chicken salad is great!

    55555 by Carol M.

  • Pocket SunGreat for lunch. They have a huge pretzel dish, and quality sandwich items with German sausages. I like the variety of bread served before the meal. Free root beer with check in!

    55555 by Pocket Sun

  • Dawson ZThe Berghoff salad is really good and so is the root beer!

    55555 by Dawson Z

  • Jonathan J.Amazing Gluten-free options here. Everything that is available is clearly marked

    55555 by Jonathan J.

  • NurSteak sandavic👍

    33333 by Nur

  • Time Out ChicagoThe legendary, century-old German haunt has added a few modern dishes to the menu over recent years (bacon-wrapped shrimp, molasses-crusted salmon), but we stick with the way things were.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Vivian S.Ask for the off the menu Berghoff dark ale. It's 10% alcohol, the strongest beer they have on tap.

    55555 by Vivian S.

  • Giuseppe JWe ordered a berhoff burger and a wiener schnitzel. While the burger was ok, the schnitzle was probably fried in the same oil they use to fry fish: It had a taste of fried squid.

    33333 by Giuseppe J

  • Angelica DongalloI have a hard time making decisions, so the beer sampler was just my style

    33333 by Angelica Dongallo

  • Derek Q.The chips, buy them.

    22222 by Derek Q.

  • Doc LNever leave without trying their root beer -- one of the best in the planet.

    55555 by Doc L

  • Derek P.Can't go wrong with the rueben and house chips

    55555 by Derek P.

  • Pocket SunGreat root beer, great value, nice but a little slow service. Will come back again!

    55555 by Pocket Sun

  • Josh K.Try the Corned Beef Sandwich On Rye

    55555 by Josh K.

  • Dana D.Tiffany is a great bartender. Great personality and really good at her job.

    55555 by Dana D.

  • Laura AIf you can't fit dessert, order coffee. It smells like heaven and isn't bitter. Definitely not your average cup of joe.

    55555 by Laura A

  • Ted C.First visited in early 60"s when had all male wait staff. Great German pub and Restaurant with traditional German dishes.

    55555 by Ted C.

  • Courtney P.The beer flight was awesome. A great way to taste them all

    55555 by Courtney P.

  • sellputsclassic spot. plate lunch during week. fire.

    55555 by sellputs

  • Chicago Sam S.The roast need is awesome

    55555 by Chicago Sam S.

  • Pablo MThe sausage trio is pretty good

    55555 by Pablo M

  • Krista W.The Wiener schnitzel was good but the Sausage Trio was the best!

    55555 by Krista W.

  • Marc AUnfortunately, this place is deceiving (food & service). If you are looking for a "biergarten"-style restaurant, this is not the place.

    33333 by Marc A

  • Anisha M.Love their dark german beer!

    55555 by Anisha M.

  • Christopher T.A great piece of Chicago, worth a visit.

    55555 by Christopher T.

  • Christopher T.Good pretzel buns.

    55555 by Christopher T.

  • Angela KBest root beer and chips!

    55555 by Angela K

  • Jeff N.Great food! Wonderful service! Fantastic brews!!

    55555 by Jeff N.

  • Justin D.Wow turkey meatballs and potato dumplings were top shelf!

    55555 by Justin D.

  • Shawn TAwesome service!

    55555 by Shawn T

  • Lisa W.Make sure to get a mug of Berghoff brand root beer while here!

    55555 by Lisa W.

  • Keilon L.The bratwust could use quite a bit more flavor, but luckily there was spicy brown mustard to save it. Chips are good though

    33333 by Keilon L.

  • Mike R.Great Staff!! Awesome food!!

    55555 by Mike R.

  • Aaron K.Excellent atmosphere and food. Full of charm. Beautiful murals of the World's Fair. Came here St. Patrick's Day weekend & had the best Reuben I've ever had. Highly recommend!

    55555 by Aaron K.

  • Anthony BDelicious!

    55555 by Anthony B

  • Anthony H.Great ambiance. Mediocre service.

    55555 by Anthony H.

  • Mike T.Go to the restaurant side if you want better service.

    33333 by Mike T.

  • Amanda A.The meeting of Gotham's mob bosses in The Dark Knight.

    33333 by Amanda A.

  • Mark B.Thanks for the FREE root beer! The lamb burger was delicious.

    55555 by Mark B.

  • Chris NThe lamb chops were delicious. The beer flight was good as well. The dark beer was my favorite.

    55555 by Chris N

  • Josh K.Try the Bratwurst Sandwich On Pretzel Roll

    55555 by Josh K.

  • Josh K.Try the House Made Root Beer

    55555 by Josh K.

  • Josh K.Try the Onion And Apple Soup

    55555 by Josh K.

  • The Culinary Institute of AmericaChef Carlyn comes from four generations of gourmet chefs--so she knows the importance of a top-notch culinary education. Find out more about where Chef Berghoff learned her skills.

    55555 by The Culinary Institute of America

  • BeckyI'm sure you've heard this before, but you HAVE to get the pot roast. Best ever. And wash it down with their root beer. Mmmmmm.

    55555 by Becky

  • Olexandr I.Try the Apple Strudel - #sweet (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Olexandr I.

  • Olexandr I.Try the Schnitzel Ala Holstein (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Olexandr I.

  • EvelynBest root beer I ever had! :)

    55555 by Evelyn

  • Eliane v.[Charles M. Palmer, 1872] See what Chicago looked like before the Great Fire, including an 1872 cast-iron façade. Visit this famous restaurant's bakery.

    55555 by Eliane v.

  • Drew F.This is a Chicago landmark. The Berghoff is housed in one of the first buildings built in the Loop after the Chicago Fire.

    55555 by Drew F.

  • Jake S.The perogie appetizer is excellent and goes well with the free root beer you get for checking in.

    55555 by Jake S.

  • Zach H.Try the hefeweisen. Delicious!

    55555 by Zach H.

  • The Culinary Institute of AmericaChef Carlyn comes from four generations of gourmet chefs - so she knows the importance of a top-notch culinary education. Find out more about where Chef Berghoff learned her skills.

    55555 by The Culinary Institute of America

  • Karri K.Root beer is amazing

    55555 by Karri K.

  • ISC C.Great way to unwind; try the beer flight

    55555 by ISC C.

  • tblanxBest Rubin & Root Beer in recent memory.

    55555 by tblanx

  • Graham D.The dark beer is great here.

    55555 by Graham D.

  • Motorola M.We'd love to go everywhere during Restaurant Week but can't. Show us what you think we should eat the next time we're at The Berghoff w/a picture of your dish. Tweet it to us @motorola. Happy eating!

    55555 by Motorola M.

  • Todor K.dont forget to check in for a free glass of root beer.

    55555 by Todor K.

  • Melissa R.The turkey BLT on rye was awesome! Make sure to try the amber beer.

    55555 by Melissa R.

  • Amanda C.A Chicago classic! Try the seasonal Berghoff beer. Great place to grab dinner/drinks before a show at the Bank of America Theatre.

    55555 by Amanda C.

  • EventAdviser.comBuy your tickets on EventAdviser.com. Try discount code "foursquare"

    55555 by EventAdviser.com

  • Leah W.The root beer is fantastic!

    55555 by Leah W.

  • Becky D.Amazing beer! Warm and friendly atmosphere at the bar, look for Matais, amazing service!!!

    55555 by Becky D.

  • Mona C.Cantidad y encanto a precios asequibles!

    55555 by Mona C.

  • Dave N.Be sure to chew your food...

    33333 by Dave N.

  • Amanda Y.Must have desserts!

    55555 by Amanda Y.

  • Madhav S.Burger was under cooked and overall pricey for the taste

    22222 by Madhav S.

  • Bruce P.An authentic German restaurant and Chicago landmark...

    55555 by Bruce P.

  • David W.First establishment in Chicago to obtain a liquor license following prohibition.

    55555 by David W.

  • Dave N.You need to get the corned beef hash as a meal or a side.

    33333 by Dave N.

  • Beth Lynn E.The onion and apple soup is not to be ignored

    33333 by Beth Lynn E.

  • Jeffrey J.Closes at 9.

    22222 by Jeffrey J.

  • Tayla T.Old German place. Very cool. beautiful woodwork and great food!

    55555 by Tayla T.

  • Zoe T.Chad makes the best bloody mary and margaritas in chicago.

    55555 by Zoe T.

  • Michelin Travel & LifestyleFor a quick lunch, try a sandwich or a wurst from the Berghoff Café on the lower level of this elegant tea room. -- Green Guide Editor

    55555 by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

  • REALCLUB43Penny Johnson's Favorite Restaurant in Chicago

    55555 by REALCLUB43

  • Amy J.Best root beer ever!!

    55555 by Amy J.

  • Ira S.Unlock the root beer special by checking in - photo of real beer, though looks the same

    33333 by Ira S.

  • Ira S.Great chipsand dark beer, and a great place to return to

    55555 by Ira S.

  • Graham R.best bar in chicago, still despite all attempts to remodel.

    55555 by Graham R.

  • Nikki A.The best Pot Roast I have ever had. Period.

    55555 by Nikki A.

  • Ricardo T.Try the Jagerschnitzel. Delicious! Fast service on one of Chicago's oldest restaurants.

    55555 by Ricardo T.

  • Art C.chipotle chicken sandwich is the best and probably the cheapest sandwich they have. Also the only sandwich that comes with a side of chips!

    55555 by Art C.

  • Brittany G.The Spagetti Squash Ravioli is amazing!

    55555 by Brittany G.

  • Berghoff JThe Berghoff Cafe is in the lower level of the Berghoff Restaurant! Quick, casual, cafeteria-style dining.

    55555 by Berghoff J

  • Eric S.Their dark beer is great. Very authentic German flavor.

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Andrew O.Mac and Cheese is the absolute best I've ever had.

    55555 by Andrew O.

  • Crain's Chicago BusinessFor a spot-on favorite, try the juicy, not fatty, corned beef served on hot house-made rye bread.

    55555 by Crain's Chicago Business

  • MegThe sauerbraten is excellent--lots of flavor! Get some red cabbage on the side.

    55555 by Meg

  • Deb JIf you're waiting for your drink, you may want to pack a lunch. These bartenders don't really care.

    33333 by Deb J

  • Amber FCheck out liquor license no. 1 in the Bar!

    22222 by Amber F

  • Explore ChicagoThe Berghoff is currently open during weekday lunch hours, or for private events.

    55555 by Explore Chicago

  • Explore ChicagoIn "The Dark Knight" (2008), Lt Gordon (Gary Oldman) arrests the gangster Sal Maroni while he is enjoying dinner, in scenes shot at The Berghoff restaurant.

    33333 by Explore Chicago

  • Explore ChicagoOpened in 1898, The Berghoff serves German American fare, and is one of the oldest restaurants in the city.

    55555 by Explore Chicago

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