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Itto Sushi

2616 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60607

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(773) 871-1800

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4.7 of 5.0 from 30 reviews


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Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL
  • Itto Sushi in Chicago, IL

Itto Sushi Reviews

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  • MelindaWhite reviewMy family has eaten at many Chicago-land sushi restaurants, Itto Sushi is by far the best. We are picky and we like the best so it can be expensive, but if the money is available then Itto Sushi is the place because it is the best. The food is great and the care is Top-Notch, extremely attentive. Sometimes it's not even all that pricey; A great tasting, filling lunch for five can be enjoyed for 120 dollars inclding drinks! We LOVE Itto Sushi.

    55555 by MelindaWhite

  • robertmattei reviewThere are several Japanese restaurant in United States, however few of them are acceptable for Japanese. Itto Sushi is one of them which can satisfy the tongue of Japanese. They provide fresh fish even in this plane area. It deserve to visit!!

    44444 by robertmattei

  • bwood8589 review...with good specials

    22222 by bwood8589

  • Tony WalzThey are real Japanese.

    55555 by Tony Walz

  • Derek Q.An authentic menu backed by polite service. Fall roll is my favorite!

    55555 by Derek Q.

  • Andrew SabeneHigh-quality, fresh sushi. Brings back memories of visiting Japan.

    55555 by Andrew Sabene

  • Y ZGreen tea pudding, just try it! It won't disappoint!

    55555 by Y Z

  • Arthur W.Call ahead to reserve omakase (chef's choice). You will not regret it!

    55555 by Arthur W.

  • Jez B.Awesome sushi place. Quality stuff.

    55555 by Jez B.

  • Arte y Vida ChicagoAlways order the Chef's special

    55555 by Arte y Vida Chicago

  • Shannon H.No miles on Sundays

    55555 by Shannon H.

  • Joseph P.Excellent value for the money, great service and wonderful atmosphere. A true gem in Lincoln Park

    55555 by Joseph P.

  • Lina ChoiGood donburi and maki!

    55555 by Lina Choi

  • Arte y Vida ChicagoCongratulations! 30+ th Anniversary. Oldest Japanese Restaurant in Chicago

    55555 by Arte y Vida Chicago

  • Jake S.Watch some sumo on the TVs. If it's not on, ask your server when the next match will be aired.

    33333 by Jake S.

  • Jessica KimSmall low key but yummy for a great date night with r bff to catch up and talk. Get the chefs choice if ur adventurous and let them take u on a sushi journey

    55555 by Jessica Kim

  • SandruhhThe tendon is to die for! Soo good!

    55555 by Sandruhh

  • Tomohiro S.Try their curry rice with pork cutlet if you like to try an authentic Japanese meal. Ask Sachi!

    55555 by Tomohiro S.

  • Arte y Vida ChicagoFree valet parking

    55555 by Arte y Vida Chicago

  • Graeme D.Hot towels!!

    55555 by Graeme D.

  • J H.Best agedashi tofu in town. And the sushi is simply the best. Definitely no nonsense. If you want Americanised sushi, it's best you go somewhere else.

    55555 by J H.

  • Royal Flesh Tattoo and Body PiercingIf you want to taste something out of this world try the Kani Motoyaki. Heavenly!

    55555 by Royal Flesh Tattoo and Body Piercing

  • Dj N.They have sushi so try eating it I guess

    55555 by Dj N.

  • KennyThe most authentic part is the waiter. They talk like they just flew over from Japan.

    33333 by Kenny

  • Benji G.Free Valet is a must

    55555 by Benji G.

  • Eric S.Great udon, fresh sushi, very authentic.

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Vithida S.Decent japanese food, fresh fish. Love Sapporo draft beer

    55555 by Vithida S.

  • Myra R.Itto has been around for almost 27 years! A no-nonsense true Japanese spot.

    55555 by Myra R.

  • Jordan M.I thought this place was just so-so. Service was lackluster and the food wasn't outstanding for the price.

    33333 by Jordan M.

  • Amy G.Go to Itto Sushi, dig the free valet (especially in that neighborhood where parking is a joke) and try to spicy asparagus maki followed by red bean ice cream.

    55555 by Amy G.

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