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Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba

2024 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614

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(773) 935-5000

  • Sun - 9:00am - 10:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 4:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Fri 11:30am - 12:00am
  • Sat 9:00am - 12:00am

Cuisine: Bars, Cafes, Spanish Restaurants

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4.8 of 5.0 from 218 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL
  • Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago, IL

Blogger Reviews of Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba

  • Eating For Sanity on Jan 28, 2014

    My girlfriend recommended ordering the short ribs. And I was glad she did. The dish comes with a sizable short rib that has been braised for quite some time. The tenderness shows that. It is served with manchego mashed potatoes, grilled onions, brussel sprouts, and ripened red jalapeños. The entire dish was incredible.

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Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba Reviews

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  • og1corpchef reviewNow living in Houston, TX. one place I like to mention to anyone visiting Chicago is this excellent restaurant. My dining there was a unique experience. The menu has an excellent choice. The Paella is fantastic. Everything has a unique and excellent taste to it. I strongly recommend outdoor dining around summer/fall. I feel prices are reasonable for the quality of food and drink. Try some spanish wine. Visiting Chicago? You will really dig this place.

    44444 by og1corpchef

  • Jamil reviewHow many times have you ever thought about just eating a bunch of appetizers? Well, at this restaurant ... that would be the normal way to go!While the food is good, what makes this place most enjoyable its unique style of dining. My wife and I ordered & shared about 8 different dishes, filled ourselves up and at a very reasonable price.

    44444 by Jamil

  • RogerRabbit reviewThis place is bursting at the seams and theres good reason for it: Amazing tapas and an energetic atmosphere make for an exciting dining experience. Made-to-order paella and mouth-watering tapas are pleasing to the stomach and easy on the wallet. The patio is very popular. It was really cool sitting on the covered patio during a massive thunderstorm. We ordered nine dishes and while some dishes were better than others, they were all good. The food was excellent, the atmosphere was fun, and the service was great. Don't forget to try the Sangria!!! I have been to one other Tapas place in D.C. (Jaleo). It was not as good as Caf Ba Ba Reeba.

    44444 by RogerRabbit

  • William Q.Yummy tapas. Try them all.

    55555 by William Q.

  • Damon MVery young crowd but the tapas were good and fair priced

    55555 by Damon M

  • Cole K.I walked in here to use the bathroom so I ordered a beer. The beer was good. The food smelled good too.

    33333 by Cole K.

  • Julie REverything was delicious - paella was a lot of food!

    55555 by Julie R

  • Bitches Who B.The service was great throughout the meal, but there were some misses when it came to the dishes.

    33333 by Bitches Who B.

  • Adrian SBacon wrapped dates and the short rib were to die for!!

    55555 by Adrian S

  • Allison D.Absolutely love this place! Amazing food & drinks, everything was delicious. So fun & perfect for a girls night out. Plus, incredible value!

    55555 by Allison D.

  • Kaylee FLove brunch here! Lots of fun options to choose from and great place for a crowd.

    55555 by Kaylee F

  • Christopher FlossThe garlic shrimp, baked goat cheese and meatballs are great tapas dishes!

    55555 by Christopher Floss

  • Christina G.Many delicious sangria options! I enjoyed the peach and passion fruit!

    55555 by Christina G.

  • Thurgood C.Tapas, tapas, and more tapas! Literally everything was amazing and the Sangria was to die for.

    55555 by Thurgood C.

  • Paige K.The paella is delish!

    55555 by Paige K.

  • Elizabeth SPerfect for dates! Must try bacon-wrapped dates, beef empanadas, any paella and goat cheese

    55555 by Elizabeth S

  • Dr dru I.The brussel sprout salad was awesome!

    55555 by Dr dru I.

  • Bill TExcellent Tapas and Sangria!

    55555 by Bill T

  • Erica C.Loved everything! Especially the bacon wrapped dates.

    55555 by Erica C.

  • Diego ReynosoBest place for tapas in Chicago

    55555 by Diego Reynoso

  • Carolina ManterolaBlood orange sangria is delicious! Also loved the Patatas Bravas

    55555 by Carolina Manterola

  • Kyle DLamb was good , had a bowl of rice can't quite remember the name of it . Wine was exceptional quality place to take a date ,or night out with the fellas .

    55555 by Kyle D

  • Irays MunozOmg Pork paella! Tapas! Sangria! Everything was delicious!

    55555 by Irays Munoz

  • Gibran TGreat tapas!

    55555 by Gibran T

  • Erika MPaella is delicious! Fun place to hangout with a group of friends. 

    55555 by Erika M

  • Audrey KrassnitzerLoved the bacon wrapped dates!

    55555 by Audrey Krassnitzer

  • Marjorie GThe food is exquisite. Mallows you to try a multitude of things and in the end, it's usually cheaper than if you went out and bought your own meal. I love this place for brunch!

    55555 by Marjorie G

  • Emily M.So many great tapas! If you are there for lunch/brunch you can still ask to see a dinner menu and they'll make you anything from it

    55555 by Emily M.

  • Max MossExpensive! But really good. You'll want to try everything. And just when you think you're done, the desserts are awesome too.

    55555 by Max Moss

  • Justin FDo try the desserts!

    55555 by Justin F

  • Ninah RandolphSangria and goat cheese in tomato sauce

    55555 by Ninah Randolph

  • Jenn W.Amazing black raspberry sangria! And the tapas are perfect to split so you can try several. I think we split like 6 of them.

    55555 by Jenn W.

  • Lana SSpicy potatoes and garlic potatoes!!!!

    55555 by Lana S

  • Dustin M.Best paella and sangria in Chicago. Always a fun time.

    55555 by Dustin M.

  • Vera BI absolutely love you Café Ba-Ba-Reeba!! Check out Freebie today!

    55555 by Vera B

  • Debora JI absolutely love you Café Ba-Ba-Reeba!! Check out Freebie today!

    55555 by Debora J

  • Michelle R.I'm partial to Iberico, but the paella here is better... Ask for garlic aoli if they don't bring it.

    55555 by Michelle R.

  • Eating It All ESausage fried paella with a poached egg and warm potato onion omelette are a must!

    55555 by Eating It All E

  • Sergey LFood, Sangria

    55555 by Sergey L

  • Jennifer J.This place is amazing! The paella is wonderful. Everything we tried was so delicious. You can't go wrong! You can ask the servers to make suggestions on how many tapas to share based on your group.

    55555 by Jennifer J.

  • Molly MBacon. Wrapped. Dates. Yum.

    55555 by Molly M

  • Shirley HTapas and Sangria!! Yum!

    55555 by Shirley H

  • Todd BernierLove this place, especially the red sangria. Busy on weekend nights but worth the wait.

    55555 by Todd Bernier

  • Zach S.You literally cannot go wrong. So delightful :)

    55555 by Zach S.

  • Madeline CGoat cheese baked in tomato sauce...heavenly

    55555 by Madeline C

  • Ronald VieiraDelicious tapas. The paella was very Americanized, but still with good flavor. Definitely a should-try!

    55555 by Ronald Vieira

  • nati KPeach sangria and the chorizo plate

    55555 by nati K

  • Tatiana BuenaventuraLove this place, amazing for special occasions

    55555 by Tatiana Buenaventura

  • Margaret E.This resturant was wonderful! Not only was the food epic ( potatoes with tomato aioli and BACON wrapped dates) but the wait staff and manager were GREAT! Great service all around!

    55555 by Margaret E.

  • Sophia R.Super impressed with everything we ate. Loved the calamari and beef empanada. The flan was amazing for dessert. Can't wait to go back!

    55555 by Sophia R.

  • Clarence MTapas are awesome

    55555 by Clarence M

  • Victoria CSangria is the best

    55555 by Victoria C

  • Louis KliegerThe olives are a great started. Also recommend the goat cheese in tomato sauce and the octopus.

    55555 by Louis Klieger

  • Andra MThe chicken empanadas and white sangria!

    55555 by Andra M

  • Francesca LFood drinks

    55555 by Francesca L

  • Andrea KinkelaThe goat cheese in marinara is delicious! But everything we had was good!

    55555 by Andrea Kinkela

  • Emily SullivanDelicious blackberry and peach sangria. The potatoes are also a must for your table

    55555 by Emily Sullivan

  • Mike McDonoughReally fun, really good.

    55555 by Mike McDonough

  • maggie CSangria 👌👌

    55555 by maggie C

  • Cary BlackSangria by the pitcher. Go for the red, you won't be disappointed.

    55555 by Cary Black

  • Madhu VulimiriFast service, filling tapas.

    55555 by Madhu Vulimiri

  • Kim D.Tapas everything

    55555 by Kim D.

  • Stefanie KThe sangria is perfection. Lots of tapas from which to choose. I liked the spicy potatoes, the goat cheese, and the shrimp with garlic.

    55555 by Stefanie K

  • lauren w.One of the best dining experiences of my life! Tons of different sangria flavors, amazing tapas, and great atmosphere. Start with a chorizo wrapped date.

    55555 by lauren w.

  • Kayleigh H.Sangria, bacon wrapped dates, goat cheese baked in tomato sauce, meatballs - all amazing. Would love to try the paella next.

    55555 by Kayleigh H.

  • Kim OSangria and the stuffed mushrooms are amazing!

    55555 by Kim O

  • Mohammed Hassan-AliFun atmosphere, friendly staff and the tapas are delish!

    55555 by Mohammed Hassan-Ali

  • Jason G.Great sangria selection!

    55555 by Jason G.

  • Erin M.Passion. Fruit. Sangria. You know I'm right.

    55555 by Erin M.

  • Vik K.Must try the Patatas bravas and the beef with horse radish and red onion!

    55555 by Vik K.

  • Ashleigh KThe spicy potatoes & the deviled eggs are AMAZING!

    55555 by Ashleigh K

  • Stefanie PBacon wrapped dates👍👍

    55555 by Stefanie P

  • Marty RChorizo wrapped dates and flight of red wine. Perfect pairing

    55555 by Marty R

  • M-L TThe cod with an onion marmalade. And the sausage with Lima beans.

    55555 by M-L T

  • Stephanie Eamazing food & sangria but not worth waiting hours for a table, definitely sit at the bar!

    55555 by Stephanie E

  • Satish M.Amazing Tapas! Killer Sangrias. So far the best I have come across in Chicago. Lively ambience, great place for groups, .

    55555 by Satish M.

  • Linda AlexanderAlways an interesting meal. Be careful with the fried peppers as the red one will get you. Get the Pintxos Platter to try an assortment. Very good.

    55555 by Linda Alexander

  • Hailey F.Everything is great here!

    55555 by Hailey F.

  • Alanna DThe shrimp with garlic is amazing. The buttery sauce has just perfect amount of kick from the chopped garlic and pepper flakes, and it's the gift that keeps on giving-dip your bread in till it's gone

    55555 by Alanna D

  • Linda F.Great Date Spot for Bacon Wrapped Dates on any Date of the year. (See what I did there?) Oh, and have some Sangria while you're at it. Makes the bad jokes a little more fun.

    55555 by Linda F.

  • NinaOverrated food! Too greasy!

    22222 by Nina

  • Rashawn SimsYoureally cant go wrong with anything you order here. Best tapas ive ever had. Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere.

    55555 by Rashawn Sims

  • Tres Chic C.Queso de Cabra was the best I've had. Share the Brussels Sprout Salad and get the Granny Smith Empanadas for dessert!

    55555 by Tres Chic C.

  • Mark MSangria? MAMMA MIA

    55555 by Mark M

  • Kelli M.You must try the caramel bar dessert. Fantastic!!

    55555 by Kelli M.

  • Guru Dharmateja MedasaniTry the fried green peppers

    55555 by Guru Dharmateja Medasani

  • Jason HSpicy Potatoes are a must and the Moorish Chicken was excellent

    55555 by Jason H

  • Dana CSpicy potatoes!!!! They are like crack

    55555 by Dana C

  • Lettuce Entertain YouDon't miss the bliss. We're giving away a $250 gift card to Café Ba-Ba-Reeba. Click here for your chance to win!

    55555 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Claire G.Not a ton of vegetarian/vegan options, but the sangria is on point!

    55555 by Claire G.

  • J.r. H.Expensive prices for serving sizes that wouldn't feed a womp rat. Poor service if you order just water to drink, which tastes worse than well water, & no blue milk. Obviously, Sith run establishment.

    22222 by J.r. H.

  • Cristina N.Loved the bacon wrapped shrimp and chorizo wrapped dates!

    55555 by Cristina N.

  • Sofía B.White peach sangria is divine. Try the bacon wrapped chorizo stuffed dates!

    55555 by Sofía B.

  • Mike M.Try the grilled squid

    55555 by Mike M.

  • Kelly D.Get the butterscotch!

    55555 by Kelly D.

  • Dena F.You can never go wrong with bacon wrapped dates. I really enjoyed the pintxos platter, specifically the goat cheese croqueta with lemon gastrique and the roasted beet crostini! Yum!

    55555 by Dena F.

  • Anamaria H.The bacon wrapped dates are heavenly. The sangria is also perfection.

    55555 by Anamaria H.

  • Georgie W.Free dranks bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33333 by Georgie W.

  • Veronica H.Pleasantly surprised it wasnt overly salty. loved the Spinach mushrooms, brussel sprouts and the meatballs. loved the fresh sangria

    55555 by Veronica H.

  • NancyCaramelized bananas for dessert were to die for! Perfect size! And the bacon wrapped shrimp was amazing!

    55555 by Nancy

  • Trevor C.Everyone is going to recommend the bacon-wrapped dates or the spinach-artichoke mushrooms, but I say make sure to get the Blue Cheese Beef and save room for the Butterscotch after. WHOA!

    55555 by Trevor C.

  • Brian C.Get the tenderloin topped with bleu cheese!

    55555 by Brian C.

  • Sundar A.Great Spanish tapas, the food and the service was amazing.

    55555 by Sundar A.

  • Manuel S.If you've been, you know it's awesome. If you've never been, it is a loss you are experiencing.

    55555 by Manuel S.

  • Social N.A great selection of tapas with a nicely organized menu. The endive salad, short rib and empanadas are especially worth ordering. The service is very helpful and accommodating.

    55555 by Social N.

  • Billy C.Great tapas popular restaurant so it gets crowded.

    55555 by Billy C.

  • Brian K.The bacon wrapped shrimp and white peach sangria is amazing!!

    55555 by Brian K.

  • Adam S.Most killer Bloody Mary bar in the universe. The spot for a boozy brunch to kickstart round II.

    55555 by Adam S.

  • Andriana A.Pinxtos platter was amazing and perfectly portioned and priced! White peach sangria is a must try!

    55555 by Andriana A.

  • Mike M.Spicy potatoes and filet with blue cheese are both great!

    55555 by Mike M.

  • Claire M.Loved the bacon-wrapped dates. The Paella Valenciana was very well done and that peach sangria is just dazzling. Do not leave without trying it! One can never have too much sangria.

    55555 by Claire M.

  • Lettuce Entertain YouSpice up your summer with dollars off your next meal at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba. Join the conversation using #LettuceScratchOff

    55555 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Jake S.Try a little bit of everything, save room for the paella, and avoid sitting at the bar at all costs.

    33333 by Jake S.

  • Theresa M.Definitely go for some paella! It's worth it.

    55555 by Theresa M.

  • M & M.Sangria and spicy potatoes are a must!

    55555 by M & M.

  • Frank B.Try sitting in the Bar, have a drink and great appetizers.

    55555 by Frank B.

  • Elaine L.This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Chicago, especially for tapas. Try the roast dates wrapped in bacon and the spicy potatoes w/ tomato alioli, so delicious! The sangria's great too! =)

    55555 by Elaine L.

  • Anna S.Always order a pitcher of Sangria! It's a great deal and delicious! Try things you may not normally eat and obviously share it all!

    55555 by Anna S.

  • George W.They should make their items order-able from my smart phone by adding them to the app "appay biz". That way, I can order ahead using "appay"!!!!!!!!!!!

    33333 by George W.

  • jonasObviously, Dates wrapped in bacon is a must. Goat cheese and sauce - another one to order before you even look at the menu. Try the new Blood Orange Sangria that should go nicely with summer!

    55555 by jonas

  • PaulValet Parking @$11 available... it's pretty hard to find a parking space in this neighborhoods.

    55555 by Paul

  • Oddie G.Bacon wrapped dates and spicy potatoes. Nuff said.

    55555 by Oddie G.

  • Bill D.Awesome food...the potatos bravos was excellent. Service is outstanding.

    55555 by Bill D.

  • Jazmin M.They have gluten free bread :)

    55555 by Jazmin M.

  • Taylor K.Spinach & manchego stuffed mushrooms. Yum. Blue cheese tenderloin & seared scallops. Double yum. But the butterscotch dessert? MUST HAVE. Fun atmosphere & delicious food!

    55555 by Taylor K.

  • Bathilda H.Great service, never disappointed.. Always packed so if you don't mind waiting atleast an hour during busy hours. Glass of sangria! Figure out what you want before server arrives to make it go faster!

    55555 by Bathilda H.

  • Luke V.Delicious... And a definite place to go for a casual, romantic or business occasion... Love the atmosphere and the the way things work there... Tapas is the best at this location so is the staff

    55555 by Luke V.

  • Allie M.Get a pitcher of sangria-- it comes out to more than 6 drinks, by far the best value. Also, I'd argue that the plain red sangria is the better than the (more expensive) flavored ones.

    55555 by Allie M.

  • Lettuce Entertain YouAttention Frequent Diners! Come into Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba now through June 30, 2013 & get DOUBLE Frequent Diner Club points on all gift card purchases. http://www.leye.com/gift-cards

    33333 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Chloe C.As someone that lived in Spain for 4 months, this place is legit. Get a sangria. Use Foursquare for a free appetizer for the table worth $9 and Yelp for a free dessert tapa per customer! DELICIOUS.

    55555 by Chloe C.

  • Thomas A.Sirlon was AMAZING

    55555 by Thomas A.

  • dennosNot for the hungry

    33333 by dennos

  • Philly G.Peach sangria is great and pinxto platter

    55555 by Philly G.

  • Lettuce Entertain YouGive the gift of Spanish indulgence! FREE $25 holiday bonus certificate for every $100 in gift cards you buy. Now until 12/30.

    33333 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Matt W.Tasty stuff. The beef tenderloin with bleu cheese was fantastic.

    55555 by Matt W.

  • ChristyClassic red sangria all the way. Don't get bacon wrapped dates - it's just bacon & there are much better things. A+ to goat cheese croqueta and spicy potatoes (although they're not spicy, at all)

    55555 by Christy

  • Darrell B.Great restaurant

    55555 by Darrell B.

  • Allison D.The dates wrapped in bacon are a surprising favorite and the Sangria is awesome!

    55555 by Allison D.

  • Andrea G.Chicken and ham croquettes, baked goat cheese are a must!!

    55555 by Andrea G.

  • Ashley T.Mm tapas! If you’re looking to visit Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba and also want to meet interesting new people, they’ve partnered with Grubwithus.com to host a social dinner on the first Thursday of every month.

    55555 by Ashley T.

  • Allie M.Plain red sangria is way better than any of the (more expensive) flavors

    55555 by Allie M.

  • Monty M.Get the sangria of the day and a platter of the tapas bites. The paella is awesome.

    55555 by Monty M.

  • Lin H.Try the Cava (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Lin H.

  • Lettuce Entertain YouEnjoy half-price cocktails & delicious weekly specials, every Monday, the whole month of August, compliments of Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!

    55555 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Kendra S.The bloody Mary bar is genius! You simply must try it.

    55555 by Kendra S.

  • Sergio N.You have to go with as many people as possible so you can try everything!

    55555 by Sergio N.

  • Ed D.Great Tapas: try the bacon wrapped dates

    55555 by Ed D.

  • Karen H.The Goat cheese tapas are amazing. the dessert is fantastic too.

    55555 by Karen H.

  • Jim K.Scallops are unbelievable

    55555 by Jim K.

  • Lettuce Entertain YouGo to lettucescratchoff.com and save up to $25 on each visit to the Chicagoland Lettuce restaurants this summer! Your certificates might reveal $1,000 in gift cards.

    33333 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • JaniceIt's so swt they give u a free pintxos platter on your 1st check in!

    33333 by Janice

  • Lettuce Entertain YouJoin the Lettuce Wine Club and Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba on Tuesday, 7/10 for a special wine tasting! Think Spain and France all in one night! http://ow.ly/c05iW

    55555 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Michelle Z.Way better environment than Cafe Iberico. :)

    55555 by Michelle Z.

  • Amanda S.Try the Deviled Eggs (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Amanda S.

  • Michael G.Beef empanadas all the way

    33333 by Michael G.


    55555 by Amanda R.

  • Baird Warner ConciergeSuch an amazing atmosphere, and you can't beat the menu! Get the goat cheese marinara.

    55555 by Baird Warner Concierge


    55555 by Brandon T.

  • Chicago magazinePaella comes three ways (we liked the Valenciana, with chicken, pork, green beans, and artichokes) and is available in individual portions.

    55555 by Chicago magazine

  • Darrick C.Great price for really great food. Try the Sangria!

    55555 by Darrick C.

  • CandersThe brunch pintxos are genius and delicious.

    55555 by Canders

  • Dorri M.The wood-roasted sweet potato with pomegranate aioli are amazing!

    55555 by Dorri M.

  • Bathilda H.Everything is so freakin good. Nom nom nom!!

    55555 by Bathilda H.

  • Lettuce Entertain YouSangria and a pintxo platter anyone?

    55555 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Rudy M.The bacon-wrapped dates are the bomba!

    55555 by Rudy M.

  • Roosevelt CollectionBeef short ribs with mashed potatoes - meat falls apart it's so tender.

    55555 by Roosevelt Collection

  • Motorola M.We'd love to go everywhere during Restaurant Week but can't. Show us what you think we should eat the next time we're at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba w/a pic of your dish. Tweet it to us @motorola. Happy eating!

    55555 by Motorola M.

  • Josh A.I always order octopus, but expect the worst...Here it was the best!... well best in the US.

    55555 by Josh A.

  • Kyle L.Passion fruit sangria outstanding - crowd favorite

    55555 by Kyle L.

  • Dana T.FREE Pintxos Platter (one of each bite size tapas) for first-time check-in. Then get the Dessert Pintxos too!

    55555 by Dana T.

  • Veronica G.Not impressed w pixta platter as there free offer was not good at all

    22222 by Veronica G.

  • Leslie H.Order the spicy potatoes!

    55555 by Leslie H.

  • Rebekah P.They have an amazing brunch on weekends. It's quiet, with no wait.

    55555 by Rebekah P.

  • Samantha CGet the spicy potatoes and the black raspberry sangria! There to die for

    55555 by Samantha C

  • Leslie W.The foursquare special on your first check in is worth $9! Great deal.

    55555 by Leslie W.

  • Jennifer S.If you go for brunch, you cannot pass up the Make-Your-Own-Bloody-Mary bar. If you're there for dinner, the bacon-wrapped dates are awesome.

    55555 by Jennifer S.

  • Alex J.Check in for your first time and get a free sampler appetizer!

    55555 by Alex J.

  • Connie M.Amazing patio in the summer!

    55555 by Connie M.

  • Masayo ZGreat tapas, but they also have awesome brunch!

    55555 by Masayo Z

  • Kerri G.Sangria. Food is great.

    55555 by Kerri G.

  • Diana M.Join the rewards club! txt some number and get free food coupons txt to your phone! Paella, tapas, free pinxto platers... it rocks

    55555 by Diana M.

  • Jon R.Short Ribs and sausage.

    55555 by Jon R.

  • Ashley M.I promise, the bacon wrapped dates are THE best thing since...bacon

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • Erik James A.Bacon covered dates. That is all.

    55555 by Erik James A.

  • L P.Meatballs, braised short rib, manchego stuffed mushrooms, and sangria all so TASTY!

    55555 by L P.

  • Jennifer C.The spicy potatoes and the goat chz baked in tomatoe sauce is to die for! You must get it!

    55555 by Jennifer C.

  • Thompson HotelsOur concierge Catherine at Sax Chicago recommends Café Ba Ba Reeba for their happy hour- $1 pintxos and delicious short rib-stuffed piquillo peppers.

    55555 by Thompson Hotels

  • Laura O.Free pintxos platter with check in!

    33333 by Laura O.

  • MafiaHairdresser J.I love it here but breakfasts in the patio with Pintxos platter is bestest.

    55555 by MafiaHairdresser J.

  • Ramon c.The place is packed for a Monday dinner. Mushroom empanadas, gazpacho yummy.Sirloin steak parochial .... Yes pedestrian et. al. Salud para fuersa la Canut.

    55555 by Ramon c.

  • Caryn B.MUST have the beef tenderloin with blue cheese. It is AMAZING!

    55555 by Caryn B.

  • Kaitlyn W.Cava sangria! Always!

    55555 by Kaitlyn W.

  • Jenny C.The white sangria = heaven

    55555 by Jenny C.

  • Brian B.Free pinto platter on first Checkin is great perk - $8.95 value

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Carrie B.Don't order the Paella if you want to eat dinner with everyone else who ordered tapas.

    33333 by Carrie B.

  • Cate C.Solid gluten free menu and they even brought gluten free bread to the table. Love it. Sangrias not too shabby either.

    55555 by Cate C.

  • Shannon B.Bacon Wrapped Dates & Spicy Potatoes with Tomato Aioli. Yum!

    55555 by Shannon B.

  • Clayton S.Smaller portions, and no more churros?! Poor form, Ba-Ba-Reeba.

    22222 by Clayton S.

  • Dianna TReservation - the written record or promise of an arrangement by whichaccommodations are secured in advance. False

    22222 by Dianna T

  • Bryan CTry # 56 it's amazing!!!

    55555 by Bryan C

  • chris p.spicy potatoes are the bomb

    55555 by chris p.

  • Candyce P.Whatever you order, you must always include patatas bravas and pitcher of peach sangria. #ftw

    55555 by Candyce P.

  • Joshua H.Make a reservation if you can. Laid back atmosphere. Very loud inside. Get the passion fruit sangria.

    55555 by Joshua H.

  • Jenna Lee T.Great wine list, and tantalizing sangria, plus a wide variety of tasty TAPAS plates...it's a good idea to brush up on your Spanish before you go too...Ba-Ba-Reeba, ei ei ei!

    55555 by Jenna Lee T.

  • Boris Z.What a $hithole!

    11111 by Boris Z.

  • JeffersonThe passion fruit sangria rawks!

    55555 by Jefferson

  • Dan G.Everyone else has already mentioned the potatas bravas and bacon wrapped dates. I'll join the chorus too. Delicious.

    55555 by Dan G.

  • Jeremy W.You have to try the bacon wrapped dates and the spicy potatoes with tomato alioli!

    55555 by Jeremy W.

  • Kori G.Three words: Bacon wrapped dates. Don't leave without trying them!!!

    55555 by Kori G.

  • Sean SDef red sangria over white.

    55555 by Sean S

  • Heather C.spinach & manchego stuffed mushrooms. fantastic!

    55555 by Heather C.

  • phil m.The Short Ribs and Patatas Bravas with the special aoli are absolutely incredible! The Sangria is also delish- but be careful, they'll sneak up on you!

    55555 by phil m.

  • Lala G.dates wrapped in bacon. Enough said.

    55555 by Lala G.

  • ZAGATEnjoy $3 tapas at the bar from 4–6 PM daily, as well as 10-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

    55555 by ZAGAT

  • Dave T.get a toro brocheta

    55555 by Dave T.

  • Anu SGo here and order the patatas bravas. The sauce is out of this world.

    55555 by Anu S

  • Sean S.bacon wrapped dates. 'nuff said.

    55555 by Sean S.

  • Katie MOrder spicy potatoes

    55555 by Katie M

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