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Girl and the Goat

809 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607

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(312) 492-6262


  • Sunday: 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm
  • Monday: 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm
  • Thursday: 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm
  • Friday: 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm
  • Saturday: 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Cuisine: American Restaurants

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4.8 of 5.0 from 267 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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Girl and the Goat in Chicago, IL
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  • Girl and the Goat in Chicago, IL
  • Girl and the Goat in Chicago, IL
  • Girl and the Goat in Chicago, IL

Girl and the Goat Reviews

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  • David BFood was fantastic! My favorites were the goat empanadas and the halibut.

    55555 by David B

  • Sinaida IThe menu here looks scary: pork face, duck tongues and so on. Tastes amazing. Just try not to think that you are eating a pork face 😄

    55555 by Sinaida I

  • Connie ChiuOne of the best spots ever. The lamb ribs and pig face were my favs. Also love the seafood and veggie.

    55555 by Connie Chiu

  • Khaled A.Don't order the Lamb ribs. You will get fat and bone only, no meat!

    33333 by Khaled A.

  • PureWowThere’s just no substitute for fresh-baked bread. Girl & the Goat, known for its exceptional baking, makes gluten-free loaves that are as good as the real thing—seriously.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Phil T.The duck tongues may sound intimidating, but they're delicious! Also, don't miss the goat belly. Be warned, it's a super rich & decadent dish 😍

    55555 by Phil T.

  • Damon MBeef rib and escargot ravioli were amazing to start. The goat belly with lump crab was decadent

    55555 by Damon M

  • Richard AGoat belly, is phenomenal.

    55555 by Richard A

  • Jake CohenOctopus. 👾

    55555 by Jake Cohen

  • Jake CohenEven better then I remember. Get the goat belly, octopus, duck tongue, and pig face.

    55555 by Jake Cohen

  • Patrick LStephanie Izard and her team are amazing, its great for dates. Lively environment and close seating will have you chatting with your neighbor about their dishes in no time. Stop in today!

    55555 by Patrick L

  • Thurgood C.Just get the cauliflower and thank me later. Also every cocktail is amazing.

    55555 by Thurgood C.

  • AmandaBest Higher End Dining according to radicalpossibility.com

    55555 by Amanda

  • Justin MarksPork shank, cauliflower, halibut, duck tongues, all amazing

    55555 by Justin Marks

  • Jackie U.Sharing all the different dishes! Nice energetic atmosphere.

    55555 by Jackie U.

  • CassyStephanie Izard is phenomenal - this is probably some of the most delicious food I've ever had in my life. Get the pig face, scallops, goat liver mousse and goat cheesecake. You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Cassy

  • Richard PinapatiCocktails, oysters, goat empanadas

    55555 by Richard Pinapati

  • Fatima JGoat Carpaccio, duck tongue and tuna, green beans, blood orange tea and THIS for dessert! 👌

    55555 by Fatima J

  • MarkPhenomenal. Go. Now.

    55555 by Mark

  • Zerbrina EGreat goat, lively, good for dates, cozy, seafood

    55555 by Zerbrina E

  • Allison K.Pig face all the way!!

    33333 by Allison K.

  • Bryan J.Try all the dishes or order at least 2-3 per person

    55555 by Bryan J.

  • Ebrahim B.Reservations are hard, catch a spot at the bar. The snail dumplings and goat liver mousse awesome! Would like more goat on menu! Sweetbreads? roasted Goat face ? Soup dumplings from hoove extract ?

    55555 by Ebrahim B.

  • Miguel O.Wood grilled broccoli, grilled baby octopus, wood oven roasted pig face

    55555 by Miguel O.

  • Kinshasa @Everything tastes amazing! Confit Pork Belly and Pork Shank never disappoint .

    55555 by Kinshasa @

  • Nirnaya L.A lot of meat! Goat empanadas were alright, pork shank was amazing, pork face was mm alright wouldn't try again. The best of all was octopus salad. Really good.

    55555 by Nirnaya L.

  • Kylie vBest meal of my life thus far- hamachi crudo, roasted cauliflower, crispy pork shank. Gluten free bread was amazing. Service excellent.

    55555 by Kylie v

  • Thaís AÓtimo restaurante, adoramos! Ingredientes frescos feitos na hora direto para a mesa. Eles têm um forno a lenha fantástico. Drinques ótimos e ambiente agitado. Peça de 4 a 5 pratos por casal e ENJOY!!

    55555 by Thaís A

  • Nathan L.Best restaurant in Chicago! Reservations are tough to get but walk ins before 6 aren't bad and the bar serves the full menu.

    55555 by Nathan L.

  • Charlie S.Goat liver mousse is out of this world!

    55555 by Charlie S.

  • Katherine M.I was worried that this Chicago mainstay would be tired after so many years, but it's still so, so good. It was easy for me to get a seat at the bar as a party of 1.

    55555 by Katherine M.

  • Xian DChickpeas, bread, halibut

    55555 by Xian D

  • Daniel KDon't overlook the cocktails. Or the deserts.

    55555 by Daniel K

  • Adolfo HTodo!!! Recomiendo la panza de cabra con langosta y jaiba

    55555 by Adolfo H

  • Dave W.Bring a girl. Get the goat. Or get the goat. And meet a girl.

    55555 by Dave W.

  • inspector AЧто-то очень вкусно (краб, треска, перчики). Что-то не очень. Без брони не прорваться. Уже который год это хот-спот Чикаго.

    55555 by inspector A

  • Sarah S.No idea what's good

    33333 by Sarah S.

  • stephanie brassinneFestive atmosphere, good good and Nice staff

    55555 by stephanie brassinne

  • Claire PistekPig face, duh.

    55555 by Claire Pistek

  • Caroline RubinWould recommend 1-2 dishes per person and sharing. Favorite dishes were the cauliflower, duck breast, and Irish car bomb bread!

    55555 by Caroline Rubin

  • Linda F.Don't underestimate the simple things here. The bread. The veggies. Don't get me wrong try goat, pig face, etc but the basics are delicious as well!

    55555 by Linda F.

  • Paul JHorrible food

    11111 by Paul J

  • Kristen CAsk waiter about happy juice ( it's a Mocktail that is not on the menu) it will make you happy!

    33333 by Kristen C

  • EricWe shared 6 dishes 5 were great. I don't think you can go wrong with the food.

    55555 by Eric

  • Algonquin Square JIf you are going to The Girl and the Goat don't leave without the grilled baby octopus, it will change your life!

    55555 by Algonquin Square J

  • John Michael CassettaThe cauliflower is pretty fucking amazing. So is the short rib. Pairs well with a lot of drinks.

    55555 by John Michael Cassetta

  • Matt N.Get half order veggie dishes to a)not overeat and b)not break the bank. Half orders are still more than enough and you can try more!

    55555 by Matt N.

  • Stephanie H.Everything here is perfect. Pig face is my fave.

    55555 by Stephanie H.

  • Jenna KowalczykLuep de Mer & Pig Face is where it's at. Start with the feta bread & then order 5 more dishes. You'll be pleasantly stuffed and in heaven.

    55555 by Jenna Kowalczyk

  • Andy TaoDessert is mediocre

    33333 by Andy Tao

  • Andy TaoGet the pig face and grilled cauliflower or broccoli

    55555 by Andy Tao

  • Paula Kuningo with a lot of people so you can order many plates to share

    55555 by Paula Kunin

  • Djordje CThe hamachi crudo and sugo are must haves. Oh, and maybe the best green beens I have ever eaten; don't miss out...

    55555 by Djordje C

  • Bo Y.Pig Face- so delicious!

    55555 by Bo Y.

  • Lu H.Pig face. Pig face. Pig face.

    55555 by Lu H.

  • Melon L.Get. Everything. Especially pig face and desserts.

    55555 by Melon L.

  • Dora TungEverything here is great. I loved the Pig's Face. Must call early to make reservations

    55555 by Dora Tung

  • Olivia S.make reservations!

    55555 by Olivia S.

  • Riley L.Try the escargot ravioli.

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Sam S.Put our name on the list at 7:30 and told we could probably get a table at around 9:30. It's 10:30 now. Pass.

    22222 by Sam S.

  • Viktoria K.OMG! This place is amazing! Absolutely everything is delicious but cauliflower and goat empanadas are a must have!

    55555 by Viktoria K.

  • DianaPig face + sautéed green beans = match made in heaven. And save room for dessert! Peaches n buttermilk cream honey-graham cake with almonds hit the spot.

    55555 by Diana

  • Leigh Anna ThomureBroccoli is what stands out

    55555 by Leigh Anna Thomure

  • Ellis S.Get the green beans and pig face your first time. Reservations are impossible but a walk is only a 45 min wait on a busy night and you can order while you wait

    33333 by Ellis S.

  • ChrisIt's great but a little overrated.

    55555 by Chris

  • Chefs FeedGilbert Langlois, chef of Homegrown Cafe, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Sautéed green beans.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • AFAR MediaStephanie Izard first drew crowds cooking dishes like roasted pig face at Girl & the Goat.

    55555 by AFAR Media

  • Chicago TribuneParmesan-laced shishito peppers are a delight, and the thin-sliced, still-crunchy cauliflower bits with pickled peppers are a revelation.

    55555 by Chicago Tribune

  • Valerie ZThe beet salad was fabulous! We also enjoyed the pork shank and the green beans. The plantain cake was kind of weird, I'd pass on that dessert next time.

    55555 by Valerie Z

  • Sarah W.It was good but I was actually underwhelmed. I'm not sure if it was because its was so hyped up and I expected too much or what. It was nice but I have had better.

    33333 by Sarah W.

  • Jasmine D.The pig face is a must-eat.

    55555 by Jasmine D.

  • Bryan LufkinGoat belly and lobster all day.

    55555 by Bryan Lufkin

  • Juliana PGreen beans and goat ribs -- to die for

    55555 by Juliana P

  • Sharon4 to 5 dishes for 2 pp is way too much food. Don't trust what they said and start w 2/3 and add on as needed. Friendly service tho.

    33333 by Sharon

  • SharonTasty and salty. Be prepare to drink lots lots water

    55555 by Sharon

  • Rosie LVeggies are to die for: never thought cauliflower or green beans could change my life, but here anything is possible.

    55555 by Rosie L

  • Daniel S.The Pig Face, Goat Carpaccio, and Pork Shank are all to die for!!!

    55555 by Daniel S.

  • TookkataBarbie DFantastic goat leg!!

    55555 by TookkataBarbie D

  • Shannon B.It's a crime to go to Girl & the Goat and NOT get the Pig Face!

    33333 by Shannon B.

  • Angus R.Full menu available at the bar and in the lounge area without a reservation.

    55555 by Angus R.

  • Albert L.Roasted cauliflowers are amazing! Note that fish, seafood, and meat items are smaller and more tasteful, while the veggies are larger and more filling.

    55555 by Albert L.

  • Natalie R.The Miso Butterscotch Budino was unreal. Definitely worth saving room for.

    55555 by Natalie R.

  • Ally F.This NYC chick has to admit that this was one of the best meals of my life! The roasted pig's face was to die for. Must be open to being adventurous with food when coming here!

    55555 by Ally F.

  • Angel C.Awesome!!!

    55555 by Angel C.

  • Katherine M.Save room for the apple buckle. Trust me on this one.

    55555 by Katherine M.

  • BrianAmazing Pork nachos at night and Chicken French toast for breakfast.

    55555 by Brian

  • Nikolay T.Love the smokiness of the charcoal wall.

    55555 by Nikolay T.

  • James D.Positives: Different types of foods hard to find elsewhere. Pig face. Snail.. Negatives: Portions are very small, prices are high, atmosphere lacking.

    55555 by James D.

  • Gina S.AMAZING!! Ordered two items from each food category. Each bite was brought a new flavor!!

    55555 by Gina S.

  • AbiI died. Was resurrected again and then died again. Fabulous food and great cocktails. Better to share

    55555 by Abi

  • Jessica E.Campeche and pork belly was amazing. Skip the bread.

    55555 by Jessica E.

  • ChanelThe Goat Empanadas will melt on your tongue.

    55555 by Chanel

  • Christopher B.Lived up to the hype. Miso bread, green beans, pig face, and the beef tongue were great. Even the dessert was delicious. Can't wait to go back.

    55555 by Christopher B.

  • Jacobo G.Se ve rico...pedir platos al centro para probar de todo.

    55555 by Jacobo G.

  • Jacobo G.Recomendado por Gera..se ve rico.

    55555 by Jacobo G.

  • Kenneth M.Absolutely fantastic food

    55555 by Kenneth M.

  • Егор Г.Необычная современная американская кухня. Стол лучше занять заранее. Рекомендую

    55555 by Егор Г.

  • Claudia N.Do the scallops and pig face.

    55555 by Claudia N.

  • Christopher A.Octopus was incredible

    55555 by Christopher A.

  • Julio C.The Kona Kampachi Crudo was my favorite dish I tried!

    55555 by Julio C.

  • Vijay M.Solid. But avoid the Walden.

    33333 by Vijay M.

  • Emmett M.Wood roasted broccoli gives one a new appreciation of the flowered green.

    55555 by Emmett M.

  • Margot B.The goat belly with bourbon butter? Don't think twice.

    55555 by Margot B.

  • Marcelo L.Vale a visita. Comida muito boa e diferente. Tente o green beans, ótimo . Faca reserva.

    55555 by Marcelo L.

  • Andrew S.so amazing

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • melissa r.Get as much as you can! Goat empanadas, scallops, shrimp, octopus and pig face. All are a must!

    55555 by melissa r.

  • Alejandra V.Get the pig face and the falafel dishes, great options!!!

    55555 by Alejandra V.

  • Avi S.Good Jesus, order the goat leg. It's enough food for 8 people (with a few veg added in) but an amazingly prep'ed piece of meat. Smoked, braised, then crisped in the pizza oven. 👍👍

    55555 by Avi S.

  • Jack W.The pig face is slap your momma in the face good!!! Nom nom nom!!!

    55555 by Jack W.

  • Gautam B.Favorite restaurant in Chicago hands down. Three Floyd's seasonal draft is always solid - must get the pig face, chick peas, and green beans doe

    55555 by Gautam B.

  • isaacThey wont let you use their wifi. True story. #cheap

    33333 by isaac

  • Veronica H.Duck tongues. Exactly how you think it'll taste.

    55555 by Veronica H.

  • Spencer B.Awesome! Pig Face, Goat Neck, and sweet corn semi-fredo! Perfect!

    55555 by Spencer B.

  • Ekaterina RFood was inventive and tasty but the place does tend to take itself a tad too seriously. I got bored and left before getting desert. Spoiler alert - apple pie at next door Haymarket is to-die-for.

    55555 by Ekaterina R

  • Bojan R.Great goat with lobster dish asking with the beans with cashews and to seal it done duck tongues... all washed down with some good ol Munster Gumballhead

    55555 by Bojan R.

  • Martin G.People, the broccoli people, the broccoli! Everything would be good as heaven!

    55555 by Martin G.

  • Karen M.Roasted cauliflower y kalbi beef ribs son un must. 👌

    55555 by Karen M.

  • James B.Pig face, goat cheese, beer, bread. All good.

    55555 by James B.

  • Myra R.Pig Face!!! Still as delicious as the 1st time I ordered. If there's ever a shank on the menu, lamb or pork must order! Crispy skin, juicy meat.

    55555 by Myra R.

  • Dmitri G.Goat liver mousse - a must try

    55555 by Dmitri G.

  • Lisa W.Roasted cauliflower is PHENOMENAL and everything else I tried (octopus, beet salad, bread, pig face, scallops)

    55555 by Lisa W.

  • Edward E.If you can get past the long wait and rude hostesses, you'll love the food and service.pig face ftw!

    33333 by Edward E.

  • BariKohlrabi salad, scallops, tempura soft shell crap and shrimp cheviche are must haves!

    55555 by Bari

  • Guido D.The sweet corn potatoes dumplings are unbelievable

    55555 by Guido D.

  • Margarita L.The best gastronomy in chicago

    55555 by Margarita L.

  • Margarita L.Shrimp ceviche with plums and cherries great, yummmi oysters, excellent food my favorite restaurant in Chicago.

    55555 by Margarita L.

  • Gabriel B.Don't miss the roasted cauliflower with peppers and pine nuts. Less is definitely more in this gem of a dish.

    55555 by Gabriel B.

  • Ana D.The fried pickles are to die for! Yummmmo

    55555 by Ana D.

  • LAB ConsignmentEat everything. Cauliflower, sugo, fried pickles, mmmmm

    55555 by LAB Consignment

  • Emily M.If you're going to be experimental with your culinary offerings, fine, but do it right. Overrated and not worth the month-long wait to get in at 9:30 on a Sunday night. Really?

    33333 by Emily M.

  • MichaelTry the Goat Cheese Bavaroise: Blueberry, brown sugar cake (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael

  • MichaelTry the Confit Goat Belly With Lobster And Fennel (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael

  • MichaelTry the Sunny side up egg over Wood Oven Roasted Pig face... Idk what part of the face that was, but it was DRLICIOUS. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael

  • MichaelTry the Squash Blossom Rangoon (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael

  • MichaelTry the Chickpea Fritters (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael

  • MichaelTry the Amaizing Bread (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael

  • Dawn B.Amazing food , tapas style, good price but small portions. You have to order a lot of food.

    55555 by Dawn B.

  • Kat M.We were seated outside right away. Server Aaron rocket. Recommendations were fabulous.

    55555 by Kat M.

  • J L.Pig face, Sugo, and Pork Belly. One can't go wrong with any of the three. The Kohlrabi Salad is amazing, Octo is awesome, and the Goat loin is delicious. Shishito peppers is just a meh.

    55555 by J L.

  • Benny W.The budino is 💣

    55555 by Benny W.

  • Bethany O.Come a little before they open and you can get a table right away!

    55555 by Bethany O.

  • Joyce B.Had a Stiegl (beer with grapefruit soda) while relaxing on the rooftop... Loved it!

    55555 by Joyce B.

  • David K.Worth every penny. If you can't get a seat, you can sit with others in the lounge and still access the full menu. The goat dishes are fabulous... But so is everything else.

    55555 by David K.

  • Andrew C.The pig face was tasty.

    33333 by Andrew C.

  • SandyThe Roasted Cauliflower is unreal

    55555 by Sandy

  • Kathleen C.Scallops and lamb shank are incredible.

    55555 by Kathleen C.

  • James SThe green beans in a fish sauce vinaigrette are absolutely delicious- not to be missed

    55555 by James S

  • Annie A.Wow seven dishes... Way too much for two people but so yummy!

    55555 by Annie A.

  • Jacques A.If you can get here on the early side (open daily at 4:30) you can get a table sans reservation--we got a great window table arriving at 4:50 on a Friday evening. Also, don't miss the green beans!

    55555 by Jacques A.

  • Tres M.Dear lord!!! Amazing!

    55555 by Tres M.

  • Haydee TJust go! It's so worth it!

    55555 by Haydee T

  • Sarah R.The beef cheeks were absolutely amazing!

    55555 by Sarah R.

  • Jenny ANo reservations? Get there by 4:30 and sit by the bar for dinner and drinks. You won't regret it! Food is amazing.

    55555 by Jenny A

  • Sergio ADate cake! Date cake! Date cake!

    55555 by Sergio A

  • Dan LatonaPork shank-do it.

    55555 by Dan Latona

  • flavvio13 f.Bourbon Apples Cranberry Miso Marcona Almond Maple Fat Gelato. TV SHOW - BEST THING I EVER ATE.

    55555 by flavvio13 f.

  • flavvio13 f.Try cauliflower

    55555 by flavvio13 f.

  • Liliana DBeef tips and naked cowboys are awesome

    55555 by Liliana D

  • Rebecca N.Get the mussels and khloribi salad!

    33333 by Rebecca N.

  • Amy P.Sugo, crudo, chickpea fritters, escargot ravioli and pig face. All are excellent!

    55555 by Amy P.

  • Andrea J.The menu changes often so if they're still around the cauliflower and green beans are a MUST!!

    55555 by Andrea J.

  • Sofia SEverything is amazing!!!! I recommend Shrimp zucchini pasta for appetizer, Goat belly for main course and pumpkin pie gelato for desert.

    55555 by Sofia S

  • Christina C.Stand by bar/lounge to stalk customers to get a seat without reservations. It's every man for themselves. Fries, pig cheeks, scallop & shishito peppers are good but on the salty side. Goat was ok.

    33333 by Christina C.

  • AP O.Gotta get dem peppers! Super delicious on their own, but they cover them in cheese which makes them all the more delicious!

    55555 by AP O.

  • Jenna Y.Ham frites and duck leg = heaven

    55555 by Jenna Y.

  • Justin I.Do not leave this place without having the duck leg!

    33333 by Justin I.

  • karenUnusual but delicious pairings: pickled peppers + roasted cauliflower / brown butter + goat belly / pumpkin brandade + scallops. Wish I could've tried more!

    55555 by karen

  • Jane K.Re: getting a seat in the lounge area. It's a delicate Thunderdome of a dance to stalk out your seat and then a Gladiator free-for-all to stake ur table. Our waiter is adorable!

    55555 by Jane K.

  • Sophia A.Make reservations well in advance.

    33333 by Sophia A.

  • Megan O.Going with a group of 6 or more is the way to go! We had 8 people, tasted nearly every menu item, had cocktails/beer and only spent $50 each including tip. Delicious and so worth it!

    55555 by Megan O.

  • Jimmy Z.No reservations, no problem. The walk-in list moves much faster than quoted.

    33333 by Jimmy Z.

  • Nimitt D.Pig face, bittersweet choc, oysters, chkn, and I can go on and on

    55555 by Nimitt D.

  • Sarah P.Wow! The scallops are amazing and so is the white fish! Actually...everything is good, you can't go wrong!

    55555 by Sarah P.

  • Mabinty K.The food is AMAZING! A must!! I had the Kalbi ribs and the chickpea fritters!!

    55555 by Mabinty K.

  • Robert N.Pig face!!

    55555 by Robert N.

  • MeredithGoat empanadas!!!!!

    55555 by Meredith

  • Korie E.If you don't get the pig face, you're doing it wrong. Absolutely amazing food. And they make lemon cello in house and it's great.

    55555 by Korie E.

  • Anthony F.Try the Wagyu Tartare - Unbelievable. Mouth-gasmic. Smoked Uni, Summer Apples, Shitake. Can't say love enough. A must have. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Anthony F.

  • Kathryn F.Order the confit goat belly to die for as are the green beans.

    55555 by Kathryn F.

  • Linda D.The place lives up to culinary hype. The cauliflower, quinoa ravioli, scallops and wagyu tartare were amazing.

    55555 by Linda D.

  • Lauren B.The zucchini cake with tomato caramel and eggplant is divine. Sounds weird, but have faith.

    55555 by Lauren B.

  • Dougie F.Try the Cauliflower (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dougie F.

  • Dougie F.Try the Goat Liver Paté (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dougie F.

  • Dougie F.Try the Spicy Shrimp (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dougie F.

  • Dougie F.Try the Braised Beef Tongue (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dougie F.

  • Dougie F.Try the Wagyu Tartare Smoked Uni Summer Apples (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dougie F.

  • Dougie F.Try the hiramasa crudo. crisp pork belly. aji aioli. caperberries (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dougie F.

  • Melissa B.Ask for Natalie. Hands down cutest server I've ever had in Chicago. Oh and she's a great server too.

    55555 by Melissa B.

  • Kenneth T.... zucchini cake 4.25/5, goat cheese bavarois 4.25/5

    55555 by Kenneth T.

  • Kenneth T.diver scallops 4.5/5, pan roasted trout 4.5/5, pig face 4.75/5, beef tongue 4.5/5, raw shigoku oyster 5/5, goat ribs 4.75/5, chocolate magic shell 4.75/5, sweet corn and peaches 5/5 ...

    55555 by Kenneth T.

  • Garrick L.Who needs a reservation. Walked in at 8pm on a Sunday night and got seated at the communal table immediately!

    33333 by Garrick L.

  • Christine P.Try the Ham Frites With Chedder Cheese Beer Sauce And Red Pepper Aioli Sauce - On the house!!! Woot!!! :) (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Christine P.

  • Andrew M.Scallops are stupid good.

    55555 by Andrew M.

  • Modern MagnatePart of a beautiful Chicago evening....

    55555 by Modern Magnate

  • Aaron R.Waiting for a table? Go with the Double Standard cocktail. Its super crispy and lemony. Perfect for a sweaty summer night!

    55555 by Aaron R.

  • 2Plus2NYCReviewGreat drinks, you have to go for it and try the frog legs!!

    55555 by 2Plus2NYCReview

  • Bryan F.Amazing... Got 6 plates and everyone was simply amazing! Did I mention this place is amazing!

    55555 by Bryan F.

  • ChatChowTV G.Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face is a must. Worth the wait.

    55555 by ChatChowTV G.

  • Chicago TribuneTry the ham frites: Hot skinny fries tossed with rendered pork fat and seasoned with an appealingly salty dehydrated ham powder. The smoked tomato aioli pairs better than the cheddar beer sauce.

    55555 by Chicago Tribune

  • Rachel B.Go with a small group and order almost everything on the menu. Great dishes to sustain the concept. Worth the reservation, wait, & money.

    55555 by Rachel B.

  • TopshopNot only is this a great place for people watching but their goat's milk cheesecake has to be one of the best cheesecakes ever! Trust us...

    55555 by Topshop

  • Felipe R.Stephanie Goat it!

    55555 by Felipe R.

  • Katerina T.Treat yo self to the cheesecake...you won't regret it!

    55555 by Katerina T.

  • ChadTry the Pig Face (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Chad

  • ChadTry the Chickpea Fritters (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Chad

  • Danielle M.Skip wine and go for the hand-crafted cocktails - I loved the Double Standard and Agave Fleur. The menu is like a taste-bud playground.

    55555 by Danielle M.

  • SharonWood Grilled Broccoli

    55555 by Sharon

  • Omar P.Try the Grilled Octopus With Edamame (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Omar P.

  • Barb-o-joyHoly crap Have the Meantime beer, green beans and pretzel beer. So good!!

    33333 by Barb-o-joy

  • Time Out ChicagoThere are a few here for a Top Chef sighting, but most seek the chef’s flavors. Don’t leave without taking risks: roast goat neck? Foie gras for dessert? Izard is evolving how ingredients are seen.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Lauren B.Great interior and beer selection. Skip the food, does not live up to the hype or the price! I spent the next day vomitting at work.

    33333 by Lauren B.

  • Eric T.Try the quatro leches (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Eric T.Try the Red Tea Brulee (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Eric T.Try the Pig Face (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Eric T.Try the Shrimp Ceviche (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Eric T.Try the Shishito Peppers (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Eric T.Try the Goat Carpaccio (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Eric T.Try the Pork Shank (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Lorenzo M.The pork ribs and the sugo are amazing. Definitely a great place to enjoy culinary art.

    55555 by Lorenzo M.

  • Scot O.Green beans

    55555 by Scot O.

  • Scot O.Get the red shrimp ceviche.

    55555 by Scot O.

  • Lizzy WFinally came with someone who would try the wood oven roasted pig face...fifth times a charm!!!

    33333 by Lizzy W

  • Brian M.Everything was awesome. Service was fantastic

    55555 by Brian M.

  • Cristyam D.Otimo atendimento e otima comida tambem

    55555 by Cristyam D.

  • minusmanhattanItems on the menu shift often (pizza changes every few weeks). Sugo was incredible, Brussel Sprouts were great too.

    55555 by minusmanhattan

  • Oddie G.Things you have to get chickpea fritters, green beans, pig face...

    55555 by Oddie G.

  • Ernesto AYou have to order the pig face.

    55555 by Ernesto A

  • Rachel R.Pretty amazing, especially when you come with the person who is dating the executive producer of Top Chef. A very memorable experience, not to mention exceptional food!

    55555 by Rachel R.

  • Staci S.One of the best and most interesting meals I've had. The Ham Frites & Green Beans were amazing! If you're feeling adventurous, try the Pig Face.

    55555 by Staci S.

  • Marie CGreat portions sizes and I loved the green beans. Pigs face and skate were also very tasty.

    55555 by Marie C

  • Dan M.Ask to be seated at table #4 for a front row view of the chefs working their magic.

    33333 by Dan M.

  • Danielle @.Steph Izard is incredible, my friend and I have eaten her winning dishes at "Quickfires". We were blown away we tried shishito peppers, steamed mussels, beef ribs, pear wonton- and more. Amazing!!!

    55555 by Danielle @.

  • Amanda N.Roasted Cauliflower. It tastes like the winning appetizer from an episode of "Chopped." Smoky, tangy, hearty and great texture.

    55555 by Amanda N.

  • Jessie S.As everyone says, expect a wait. Ours was 90 minutes.

    22222 by Jessie S.

  • KarimHere's a tip- sure it's tough getting a table but the lounge suits just fine and it offers the full menu!

    55555 by Karim

  • Danielle Sjust when I thought I couldn't fit any more in-the pork fried donuts were amazing-and a surprisingly light end with the yogurt sauce.

    55555 by Danielle S

  • Tom F.Sit at the bar and chat with the bartenders for their recommendations. But expect both a wait and an aggressive crowd also waiting for bar seats. It's worth the wait though!

    55555 by Tom F.

  • Kirill Bлучший ужин в жизни. кальмары + бейби октопус... что дальше? рекомендую.

    55555 by Kirill B

  • Jeff F.Go with at least four people, order a couple of things each and show. Everything is unbelievable. Don't get scared off by unusual cuts and such.

    55555 by Jeff F.

  • Chicago magazineDining critic @dropkickjeffy says the soft-shell crab over an elote-inspired mix of lime-spritzed sweet corn kernels in a chili aïoli is a small-plate stunner.

    55555 by Chicago magazine

  • Michelin Travel & LifestyleBe sure to check out the list of specials; and don’t miss the day’s bread offering. - Inspector

    55555 by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

  • Janice L.For entertainment during your meal, ask to sit in the back by the kitchen (only seats 2) and watch the bustling preparation. Green beans, scallops and pig face were delicious!!

    55555 by Janice L.

  • Tammy G.Loved the squash blossom rangoon, soft shell crab and goat belly!

    55555 by Tammy G.

  • Rachel G.We didn't know how many plates to get, so we asked the waitress who said 4/person. You really only need 3/person - everything is so rich! Our favs were the green beans & the cauliflower

    33333 by Rachel G.


    33333 by Annie T.

  • Thompson Hotels"Two words: Pig Face," says our concierge Samantha at Sax Chicago.

    55555 by Thompson Hotels

  • Brad F.Sous Chef David Ochs is the best. Anything on this menu is amazing!

    55555 by Brad F.

  • Matt D.Sit down, give yourself a good two hours because you're in for a ride. Get some breads and oysters to start. Then the green beans. My god the green beans are like crack! Then plow trough the menu

    55555 by Matt D.

  • David J.Oven Roasted Pig Face, don't fear it! It's nirvana!

    55555 by David J.

  • Amiee M.Wasn't pig face a band??

    55555 by Amiee M.

  • Shanon P.Delicious, fall off the bone tender pork shank. Green beans unique in a superior way with some sort of nutty/citrus brown sauce. Pistachio cake/three sisters cornmeal crust for dessert="party

    55555 by Shanon P.

  • Jennifer D.Have the roast lamb shank with curry aioli - amazing when layer with the hardboiled egg, pocked grapes and crispy onions.

    55555 by Jennifer D.

  • Vickie W.V: chickpea fritters and squash ravioli were outstanding - S: scallops, mmm - M: ham frites (fried in duck fat with beer and cheese dipping sauce)

    55555 by Vickie W.

  • Melanie P.Ask for Brennan for a server. He is the best!!!

    55555 by Melanie P.

  • Meaghan F.definitely try a bread to start things off. the chickpea fritters and squash ravioli were to die. green beans very good. ham fries with beer cheese and tomato aioli a good pairing with meat, but bewar

    55555 by Meaghan F.

  • Penny JWho would have thought pig face tasted Sooooo good? One of the many surprisingly delicious ingredients dished up. Amazing ribs too- earn your free wet wipes by eating them with your fingers!

    55555 by Penny J

  • Josh C.Try the Ham Frites With Chedder Cheese Beer Sauce And Red Pepper Aioli Sauce

    55555 by Josh C.

  • Adam G.Get table 5 (2 top) if you have a fun date. It's hot, smokey, but definitely a blast. The cooks are obviously having a good time working there.

    55555 by Adam G.

  • Scott R.Get the fatback, pork mousseline, and pig face. Bring 4 or more people so you can share more.

    55555 by Scott R.

  • Andres AThe Goat Pizza rules and also the scallops..

    55555 by Andres A

  • Crain's Chicago BusinessThink you'll never get a reservation at Girl and the Goat before, say, the state balances its budget? Take the after-work bar and lounge route instead for a chance to try “Top Chef” winner Stephanie I

    55555 by Crain's Chicago Business

  • Rachelle L.Shaved kohlrabi salad is good. Grilled lamb ribs melt in your mouth. Roasted cauliflower and soft shell crab are MUSTS! All fantastic.

    55555 by Rachelle L.

  • AlisonTry the bread to start. The Cauliflower was a great savory veggie option! The crisp with pork belly, and the scallops, were great seafood selections. And the goat pizza was good too..

    55555 by Alison

  • AdrienneThis was all amazing.

    55555 by Adrienne

  • Chad A.Octopus was amazing!

    55555 by Chad A.

  • Elizabeth MLamb ribs best thing on menu! Although everything we had was bomb.

    55555 by Elizabeth M

  • John T.Be sure to order at least one of the breads on the menu to start your meal. You can't go wrong.

    55555 by John T.

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