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615 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60606

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(312) 377-2002


  • Sunday: 3:30 pm - Midnight
  • Monday: 3:30 pm - Midnight
  • Tuesday: 3:30 pm - Midnight
  • Wednesday: 3:30 pm - Midnight
  • Thursday: 3:30 pm - Midnight
  • Friday: 3:30 pm - 1:00 am
  • Saturday: 3:30 pm - 1:00 am

Cuisine: Bars, French Restaurants, Mediterranean Restaurants

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4.8 of 5.0 from 184 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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Avec in Chicago, IL
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  • Avec in Chicago, IL
  • Avec in Chicago, IL

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Avec Reviews

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  • Chris IHigher-End Lunch Spot

    55555 by Chris I

  • Noah TGreat spot for sharing - tight small space but cozy and intimate with a cool vibe, good music, great food!

    55555 by Noah T

  • Ja_Moi_INo matter what you choose, you'll love it! Dates are a must!

    55555 by Ja_Moi_I

  • Brian AChorizo stuffed dates are a must. Looking back I would suggest just going for a few drinks and a couple dishes, as apposed to going all out. Kind but inconsistent service.

    55555 by Brian A

  • Samuel JEverything we had was delicious. The wine the waitress suggested was incredible.

    55555 by Samuel J

  • Aditi KPORK SHOULDER!! I wish I could swim in that broth. Meat is so tender.

    55555 by Aditi K

  • Natalie SGet the chorizo stuffed dates, Avec burger, and salmon tartine!

    55555 by Natalie S

  • Genie SChorizo stuffed bacon wrapped dates and whatever pork shoulder dish they have. Everything is good. Been eating here for over a decade

    55555 by Genie S

  • Patrick LThis was my first time trying dates! You've got to try them. Simply amazing!

    55555 by Patrick L

  • Bon Appetit MagazineThe hits land one after the next: lush brandade with garlic bread, bacon-wrapped dates (you have to), and the always perfectly cooked whole-roasted fish.

    55555 by Bon Appetit Magazine

  • Rodrigo N.Paella at lunch! So good!

    55555 by Rodrigo N.

  • Tasting TableThis lively new American restaurant mixes up their menu seasonally - often interspersed with Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean influences - but always offers an extensive list of choice wines.

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • EaterEven though chef Koren Grieveson left and Erling Wu-Bower moved to Nico Osteria, avec and chef Perry Hendrix remains one of the most consistent—and packed—spots in town.

    55555 by Eater

  • Steven Y.You must order the chorizo-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates - it's a really interesting taste of spicy, salty and sweet all in sequence; the braised pork shoulder is also really good

    55555 by Steven Y.

  • Fan Loretta JBrunch is cozy and trendy

    55555 by Fan Loretta J

  • Shinji K.Very easy to get lunch here--the burger is excellent

    55555 by Shinji K.

  • Jean-CharlesTout est excellent ! Le poisson entier a l'air délicieux !

    55555 by Jean-Charles

  • Filippa JPerfect place for an outstanding lunch or meal.

    55555 by Filippa J

  • Christine DUnique euro-Mediterranean menu. Fave was the unassuming mackerel. This was the first time I loved port.

    55555 by Christine D

  • John DBrandade is bomb.com

    55555 by John D

  • Ed DChorizo-Stuffed Medjool Dates are to die for!

    55555 by Ed D

  • Laura PThe chorizo stuffed dates and chicken liver were absolutely delicious. Sweet, spicy, tangy, and salty...this meal hit on all notes. Coupled with a French pinot noir? Perfection.

    55555 by Laura P

  • Toland H.The bacon wrapped dates were a bit spicy, but super delicious!

    55555 by Toland H.

  • Philip CNo reservations, no kidding. Potent in a way that suggests the menu was conceived by people who love to eat, not mad scientists, making Avec the Fubu of Chicago dining. It's For Us, By Us.

    33333 by Philip C

  • Tim C.This place is absolutely amazing.

    55555 by Tim C.

  • Rem KoningI am ultra biased but this is the best spot in Chicago for some wine and great food. Started a revolution. And changed my life!

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • Jennifer CGreat food. Get the chicken liver pate.

    55555 by Jennifer C

  • Ken S.The popular choice is the bacon wrapped dates. The better choice is anything on the menu that is seasonal. It won't be there long.

    55555 by Ken S.

  • Marla MullowneyMake sure to get the chorizo stuffed dates. They are ridiculously amazing

    55555 by Marla Mullowney

  • Eli RChorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon

    55555 by Eli R

  • JGet the focaccia. It's like nothing you've ever had before.

    55555 by J

  • Alyssa M.Superb service. The simple decor topped off by the unique ambiance was the highlight of our trip!

    55555 by Alyssa M.

  • Brendan L.Chorizo stuffed, bacon wrapped medjool dates? Chorizo stuffed, bacon wrapped medjool dates. Do it.

    55555 by Brendan L.

  • Redeye ChicagoFor a lighter lunch, opt for the roasted salmon tartine with a sauce made from walnuts, roasted beets, and pomegranate molasses.

    55555 by Redeye Chicago

  • Aprile SDidn't have to wait for Sunday brunch. Chorizo stuffed dates & ricotta flatbread were perfect 👌🏻

    55555 by Aprile S

  • Joseph BlewittI highly recommend going at an off-peak time so you can enjoy your wine at your leisure. I guarantee the place will still be lively.

    55555 by Joseph Blewitt

  • Rick H.The pork shoulder is a fantastic standby. Food has never disappointed. Great place to go when you want to spend some money and feel trendy without being obscene about it.

    55555 by Rick H.

  • Andreas KleinerGreat atmosphere and food. Tasty sausage Shakshuka dish. The only neg. was the watery coffee .

    55555 by Andreas Kleiner

  • Jackie NThe pizza with kale and burrata was the best. And definitely order the meatballs!!!

    55555 by Jackie N

  • Ashley CLove the minimal design. Must have bacon-wrapped dates! Open late - great date spot.

    55555 by Ashley C

  • Grace A.No matter what, get the cauliflower tabbouleh if it's on the menu. I wish I had it right now.

    55555 by Grace A.

  • EpicuriousThe long, sleek dining room wrapped up in glowing cedar looks like the world's chicest cabin. The buttery and feathery focaccia roused by Taleggio cheese, ricotta, and truffle oil—remains on the menu.

    55555 by Epicurious

  • Victor PDates stuffed with chorizo, pork shoulder

    55555 by Victor P

  • Marin HoagOne of the best tapas places. Bacon wrapped dates to die for

    55555 by Marin Hoag

  • David Z.Brandade, bacon wrapped stuffed dates, duck tagine

    55555 by David Z.

  • TeresaSO DELICIOUS. The dates & chicken liver mousse are my must-haves every time.

    55555 by Teresa

  • Katie P.Even more amazing than I expected. Went for brunch and had the bacon wrapped dates (of course) and the pork shoulder. Oh and the chocolate mousse.

    55555 by Katie P.

  • IsameowFor something healthy: the salmon was a fine, succulent piece of fish. Also must try enjoyed the kale Bleu cheese panzanella salad!

    55555 by Isameow

  • Mike D.Dates. Brandade. Mussels. Paella. Tagine. Sleep.

    55555 by Mike D.

  • Emily JurlinaThe dates, pork shoulder and especially those sausages on top of the paella are fantastic. The sangria is a great deal for a group-- $19 for a carafe.

    55555 by Emily Jurlina

  • Tracy T.Everything here is amazing. Eggs, avec coffee, bloody mary's, pancakes w/chicken wings, poached eggs, baked french toast, and the list goes on :)

    55555 by Tracy T.

  • ben m.Believe the hype on the bacon wrapped, chorizo stuffed dates. The focaccia and the shawarma sausage were also standouts. I prefer the seats at the bar to the tables but that is your call.

    55555 by ben m.

  • Lindsey S.Weeps farm greens tuna salad and the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice!!! The salad melts in your mouth yum!!!

    55555 by Lindsey S.

  • Jes C.My favorite place in earth

    55555 by Jes C.

  • Linds EllisSo much flavour at this spot! The pasta was so tasty. Pork shoulder, incredible. And those bacon wrapped dates are a MUST eat! The menu is full of great dishes.

    55555 by Linds Ellis

  • Fernando CovasYou just can't find a bad dish on the menu. Great service, particularly Giulietta. This is one of the most consistently delicious places in the city.

    55555 by Fernando Covas

  • Fernando CovasTheir whole roasted fish is so well-seasoned and delicious, that most other fish will seem bland to you after this.

    55555 by Fernando Covas

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Avec as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate , No Reservations

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Ashley P.Truffled pizza

    55555 by Ashley P.

  • Pocket SunBacon wrapped dates at its best - multiple layers of flavors, sweet with a kick, perfection. Doesn't take reservation, and there's always a waiting line. Crowded seating and loud.

    55555 by Pocket Sun

  • Iouri KGreat food for lunch or dinner.

    55555 by Iouri K

  • Lala L.Try the shaved Brussels sprout salad.

    55555 by Lala L.

  • Ju Hae L.Best shared food place I've ever been to

    55555 by Ju Hae L.

  • AFAR MediaPlease get the bacon wrapped dates stuffed with chorizo. They are incredible and it's hard not to sop your bread up with that sauce.

    55555 by AFAR Media

  • Cheryl M.Perhaps the best sugar snap peas I've had in my life. Also a succulent steak and amazing Pinot noir. A Chicago must!

    55555 by Cheryl M.

  • Paul V.Pork shoulder is so tender!

    55555 by Paul V.

  • Time Out ChicagoThe bacon-wrapped, chorizo-stuffed dates are, of course, a rule of avec.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Diddo SThe salmon is amazing

    55555 by Diddo S

  • Vinny SAmazing dinner and wine. The dates are a must and ask the waiter to pick out the best wine.

    55555 by Vinny S

  • Vasanti W.Chorizo and dates are amazing. As is the pork shoulder. The squid and tripe was too heavy on the squid ink.

    55555 by Vasanti W.

  • Edward E.Focaccia and the chorizo dates are a must!

    55555 by Edward E.

  • Maggie T.The chorizo stuffed dates were great but the focaccia was a bit heavy. Too cheesy! Not sure if I'd come back.

    55555 by Maggie T.

  • CliftonGet the baby squid and tripe braised in a spicy tomato sauce with a squid ink aioli!

    55555 by Clifton

  • Jennifer Erfft-BrownGreat brunch spot!! Get the nutter butter's!

    55555 by Jennifer Erfft-Brown

  • Lee K.Quite possibly the best food I have ever had. The dates are simply amazing!

    55555 by Lee K.

  • Alex R.Simple wood panelling throughout the interior of Avec gives it a clean, modern, and warm feel. Yes, the chorizo-stuffed dates are at least as good as everyone says they are.

    55555 by Alex R.

  • CHE Tours & ChartersGreat small plates

    55555 by CHE Tours & Charters

  • Brian N.I really wish you guys were on the Freebie app. Check it out at www.freebieapp.com :DD:D

    55555 by Brian N.

  • Shannon S.Hands down favorite restaurant ... GET HERE EARLY! No reservations and it gets packed. Amazing wine selection

    55555 by Shannon S.

  • Jacobo G.Comida: Se ve rico...pedir platos al centro para probar de todo.

    55555 by Jacobo G.

  • Rockwell H.Get the dates.

    33333 by Rockwell H.

  • Kristin L.Amazing Sunday brunch eats. Make sure to try the chorizo-stuffed dates and butcher's steak. Great coffee, too.

    55555 by Kristin L.

  • EaterNow open for Sunday brunch so you can get all of your favorites without the long wait. All of the favorites are here, including the chorizo-stuffed dates, “deluxe” focaccia, and roasted pork shoulder.

    55555 by Eater

  • Vangelis S.Crowdy but good food

    55555 by Vangelis S.

  • Jessica B.Tried both items that are always on the menu. Stuffed dates were phenomenal. Would've skipped the focaccia.

    55555 by Jessica B.

  • Alex S.Get a table if you can, the bar stools are uncomfortable.

    33333 by Alex S.

  • L H.French Toast is fab and the molasses sauce it comes with is super unique. Have this come out second and share it. GOOD STUFF.

    55555 by L H.

  • Jacquie R.Bacon wrapped chorizo stuffed dates, obvi. Oh and the nutter butters are inexplicably good.

    55555 by Jacquie R.

  • Aaron R.Crispy fries are awesome!

    55555 by Aaron R.

  • Chirag P.If you go for sunday brunch - no wait for us at 1pm. Get the bacon wrapped dates!!

    55555 by Chirag P.

  • Anthony M.The chorizo dates are the item you will never regret ordering

    55555 by Anthony M.

  • Brad B.Definitely go for the dates. The focaccia was excellent too: light, flavorful, yet filling. Loved the Ballade red wine. I got 1 large and 2 small plates was stuffed (with leftovers)!

    55555 by Brad B.

  • Roberta W.Spectacular! Order the chorizo stuffed dates, and I dare you not to lick the plate!!

    55555 by Roberta W.

  • MichaelTry the wood-oven roasted pork shoulder (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael

  • MichaelTry the Bacon-wrapped, Chorizo-stuffed Medjool Dates (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Michael

  • Alfonso O.Get the Pork Shoulder!!

    33333 by Alfonso O.

  • the.Salonbest value dinner wise i've encountered in the past few months. try to not miss the chicken liver, squid, mushrooms, squid ink pasta and really pretty much everything.

    55555 by the.Salon

  • Andrew M.Great food, great wine, great atmosphere. Get the dates.

    55555 by Andrew M.

  • Patrick L.Pork shoulder is pretty yummy!

    55555 by Patrick L.

  • Bobby C.A phenomenal meal!!!

    55555 by Bobby C.

  • Daniel P.Continues to live up to its reputation. Go for brunch-- it's delicious!

    55555 by Daniel P.

  • Kenneth T.Wood-fired squid amatriciana is delicious. Crispy fish is done especially well by the crew, and seafood a specialty. Dessert highlights: spring spumoni (mixed ice cream), chocolate bergamot sorbet.

    55555 by Kenneth T.

  • Tayson H.Great place for drinks and snacks like the dates, the oyster mushrooms, and the cheese plate. Surprised they didn't have oysters though. Good wine selection too!

    55555 by Tayson H.

  • George W.They should make their items order-able from a smart phone by adding them to the app "appay biz". That way, I can order ahead using "appay"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33333 by George W.

  • Terrencedates. dates. dates. dates. do it now

    55555 by Terrence

  • Agnes G.Seasonal menu; the pea crostini is a seasonal hit ... Cafe Avec (espresso + cognac) for $8 is a bargain

    55555 by Agnes G.

  • Kaoru K.Get the whipped brandade, marinated chicken thighs, and roasted swordfish. The flavors are so unique and delicious. Didn't love the dates (gasp!) nor the lamb pasta. Not bad, just not my favorites.

    55555 by Kaoru K.

  • Annette M.Try the bacon wrapped dates! They are a must!

    55555 by Annette M.

  • Syed A.focaccia, octopus and lamb bolognese were great! cool refreshing lemonade and my friend had their cafe with brandy. the nutter butter....can be done differently. overall a great experience!

    55555 by Syed A.

  • Katy P.Order the dates. Trust me.

    33333 by Katy P.

  • KrissyStart w/ the Dates, Brandade and Taleggio Focaccia. Pair those app's with a bottle of AŃ/2. The rest is history...Enjoy!

    55555 by Krissy

  • Lisa NMy favorite!! Been too long.

    55555 by Lisa N

  • Philip C.No reservations, no kidding. Potent in a way that suggests the menu was conceived by people who love to eat, not mad scientists, making Avec the Fubu of Chicago dining. It’s For Us, By Us.

    33333 by Philip C.

  • ISC C.Still can't find anything wrong with Avec! Except maybe there is always a line?

    55555 by ISC C.

  • Monica H.Dates stuffed with chorizo are amazing! Another good choice is the roasted pork shoulder, but it took an hour for ours to come out.

    55555 by Monica H.

  • Cindy K.Try the Harissa Sardine Flatbread - New to menu and absolutely fabulous. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Cindy K.

  • Jack S.Dates, focaccia and squid ink pasta = meal complete

    55555 by Jack S.

  • Kenneth T.Pork shoulder: 4.5/5. Rainbow trout 4.75/5 nutella crisps 4.25/5

    55555 by Kenneth T.

  • Genie B.Sit at the bar, let your server select a nice wine, the dates are a signature dish not to be missed.

    55555 by Genie B.

  • Theresa W.Sit at the bar! Order the dates and the olives. Don't miss their beer selection.

    55555 by Theresa W.

  • Theresa G.Go for the chorizo stuffed dates with wrapped bacon, and the squid. nuff said.

    55555 by Theresa G.

  • Lynn A.Try the Bacon-wrapped, Chorizo-stuffed Medjool Dates - Delightful, paired with Mas fi #Brut Rose Cava (spotted by the husband) #food #medjooldates (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Lynn A.

  • Samuel P.Not actually a sauna! Order from their "food" or "wine menu" and you'll be extremely satisfied and happier for the rest of the evening.

    55555 by Samuel P.

  • Time Out ChicagoKoren Grieveson puts out now-famous dishes such as her fiery chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates and taleggio-filled foccacia, both of which are best washed down with a carafe from the wine list.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Time Out ChicagoKoren Grieveson puts out now-famous dishes such as her fiery chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates and taleggio-filled foccacia, both of which are best washed down with a carafe from the wine list. -BC

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Time Out ChicagoIt’s the seasonal menu items—braised pork shoulder with garlic sausage, summer squash and pesto-tossed pasta—that make the place what it is.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Chicago magazineThe only drawbacks are the claustrophobic communal seating and an annoying no-reservation policy.

    55555 by Chicago magazine

  • Chicago magazineNo one channels bold, potent ingredients into subtle broths and sauces better than Koren Grieveson, whether it’s chorizo-stuffed medjool dates or basil-mustard hanger steak w/escarole and grapefruit.

    55555 by Chicago magazine

  • Time Out Chicago KidsOrder the bucatini carbonara, where thick, slurpable bucatini is tossed with a perfect mix of egg, Parmesan and guanciale (just a fancy word for unsmoked, delicious bacon bits, if your kids ask).

    55555 by Time Out Chicago Kids

  • Time Out Chicago KidsThe staff is very accommodating to foodies with kids in tow. Our suggestion: Go early and order the "deluxe" focaccia with taleggio cheese. That'll keep just about anyone's mouth full (and quiet).

    55555 by Time Out Chicago Kids

  • Mary Kay H.There is nothing here short of scrumptious.

    55555 by Mary Kay H.

  • Time Out ChicagoTry the fava-bean crostini from our 100 Best list: You realize why everyone wants to imitate Avec. And just how inimitable Avec is.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Nick G.Bacon wrapped dates. duh.

    55555 by Nick G.

  • Brian H.Roast pork and anything with chorizo. Flatbread also is amazing.

    55555 by Brian H.

  • Jesse S.Overrated.

    11111 by Jesse S.

  • Adam B.Omg, chorizo stuffed dated wrapped in bacon

    55555 by Adam B.

  • Jocelyn M.chorizo stuffed dates are to die for!!!

    55555 by Jocelyn M.

  • Ashish R.Tempranillo was great.

    55555 by Ashish R.

  • Alex's LemonadeChef Paul Kahan of Avec will be cooking at our L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade Event on 11/6! Join us: http://bit.ly/LALovesAlexsLem

    55555 by Alex's Lemonade

  • Serena L.pork shoulder was amazing!

    55555 by Serena L.

  • Johann C.Today must be west coast gangsta rap night. So awesome!

    55555 by Johann C.

  • Mary Kay H.The roasted quails are divine. Best I've ever eaten.

    55555 by Mary Kay H.

  • Aimee D.get the dates. and the focaccia. and many glasses of wine.

    55555 by Aimee D.

  • GourmetLiveChef Koren Grieveson’s focaccia with Taleggio cheese, ricotta, and truffle oil is locally legendary.

    55555 by GourmetLive

  • Nicholas F.Try the chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates. They're delicious.

    55555 by Nicholas F.

  • The FeastThe cool laid back sister to Blackbird, Avec made is learn to deal with (and ultimately love) communal dining.

    55555 by The Feast

  • Phil K.Next time i go, I'm not eve messing around with big plates. I'm just gonna order every small plate they have. (via Scoville)

    33333 by Phil K.

  • Diego R.There's communal seating here, so be ready to be shoved in with strangers, but it's worth it - especially the focaccia with Taleggio cheese, truffle oil and fresh herbs!

    55555 by Diego R.

  • Ilir B.meat balls were bangin and the pappardelle was sikkk!!! great wine selection. real bargains if you know how to pick em.

    55555 by Ilir B.

  • Scott SilversteinChorizo stuffed bacon wrapped dates are the ish. Never tasted anything like it. Only go if you're prepared to wait for a table, but I'd jump at a bar seat since they have communal tables.

    55555 by Scott Silverstein

  • Lesley H.Chorizo stuffed dates are AMAZING. Do not miss this spot! I dined solo and it was cool. Great staff and the manager grabbed me a cab.

    55555 by Lesley H.

  • GourmetLiveIf your not there for the wine, try one of their “small plates.” They may be simple, but they’re focused and about as filling as an entrée.

    55555 by GourmetLive

  • Timothy POutstanding restaurant and wine bar. The bacon-wrapped dates are well enough to be a frequent diner and the wine selection is incredible.

    55555 by Timothy P

  • Doug C.Bacon wrapped figs. Do it!

    55555 by Doug C.

  • Mazdaavec, a wine bar from the award-winning team behind Blackbird restaurant, opened in October 2003.

    55555 by Mazda

  • BravoAnything Chef Paul Kahan does is incredible. He has such a knack for taking such simple ingredients and making something absolutely incredible. -Graham Elliot, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • Lindzow GThe head chef's a girl! Rock on!

    55555 by Lindzow G

  • Jessica C.ahhhmazing food. the pisaladiere is the best!! and their heavy wine pours make the wait totally worth it!

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • AskMenAvec reopened and is once again crafting simple meals that boast famously mind-blowing flavor. Drop by to check it out & taste what the accomplished staff has been up to for the past three months.

    55555 by AskMen

  • AubreChorizo-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates. Enough said.

    55555 by Aubre

  • JessicaBest place to eat in Chicago. Try the focaccia made with truffle oil!!

    55555 by Jessica

  • EpicuriousThis venue has surrendered happily to the small plate movement; only 6 items on the menu are full-size. Roasted artichoke crostini and whipped brandade with garlic bread & fresh herbs are winners.

    55555 by Epicurious

  • zarcq AM U S T . Great cheese selection. And they have Estrella Damm

    55555 by zarcq A

  • Matt A.Don't take a chance -- sit at the bar. You could end up sharing a table with a bunch of loud and obnoxious drunks.

    33333 by Matt A.

  • Janet J.this place is amazing. the salads are big enough for two - the greens/grapefruit had wood-oven smoked fennel, for heavens sake! the whitefish with peas, artichoke and potatoes was fabulous...

    55555 by Janet J.

  • Janet J.blueberry tart with f'n *sour cream* ice cream!!

    55555 by Janet J.

  • Nathan G.holy f'n shit!

    55555 by Nathan G.

  • Delane H.The spinich flat bread is awesome and slightly healthier than the foccacia. The dates are alway great.

    55555 by Delane H.

  • Crain's Chicago BusinessAlways a crowd-pleaser, the bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with chorizo hit the spot every time.

    55555 by Crain's Chicago Business

  • Melinda W.Tri tips were horrible.

    22222 by Melinda W.

  • Marco M.Chorizo-stuffed Medjool dates with smoked bacon and piquillo pepper-tomato sauce and Whipped brandade with garlic bread and fresh herbs are both amazing

    55555 by Marco M.

  • Tan T.Chorizo stuffed dates, focaccia and a bottle of wine are all you need to order here!

    55555 by Tan T.

  • EvanSimply amazing..

    55555 by Evan

  • Katie N.Bacon-wrapped dates and small plates galore, not to mention a great selection of micro=brews.

    55555 by Katie N.

  • Peter250ml pours!

    55555 by Peter

  • Greer G.Interesting design but I can't help feeling like I'm in the sauna/steam room at the gym...Take your hipster friends for dinner

    33333 by Greer G.

  • Kristin R.GET. THE. FOCACCIA.

    55555 by Kristin R.

  • ZAGATThe chorizo-stuffed dates and wood-oven pork shoulder are worth the wait.

    55555 by ZAGAT

  • Leah R.Yum, yum, and then: yum. Avec is a Paul Kahan restaurant. Get the chorizo-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. I hope they still have them. This place gets very, very busy--but the food and prices are fant

    55555 by Leah R.

  • BravoSmall plates, done right. Try the bacon wrapped figs!-Rick Bayless, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • Andrew W.Foccacia Bread is fantastic

    55555 by Andrew W.

  • Briana KennedyOrder the bacon wrapped dates

    55555 by Briana Kennedy

  • benjamin r.Wine glasses are a third of a bottle and a number of boutique meditteranean wines are featured

    33333 by benjamin r.

  • Katie W.Eat at the bar; order the salumi plate.

    55555 by Katie W.

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