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747 N Wells
Chicago, IL 60654

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(312) 787-2277


  • Sunday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Monday: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Cuisine: Breakfast and Brunch

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4.5 of 5.0 from 136 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Yolk in Chicago, IL
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Yolk Reviews

Add your review for Yolk.

  • John F.Difference maker: The fruit and vegetables were noticeably fresh.

    55555 by John F.

  • Jamie JThe breakfast menu is superb and check out the wide selection of lunch items while you're at it! The atmosphere is very open, sunny and welcoming. The employees are just as sunny!!

    55555 by Jamie J

  • ISC C.Standard breakfast place, but very popular; be prepared to wait for a table

    55555 by ISC C.

  • Esthefany SalazarEverything here is delishhhh! I had the Very Berry French Toasts and Eggs Benedict and it was absolutely delicious! I also had the strawberry orange juice yummmms!

    55555 by Esthefany Salazar

  • Polina F.Excelente ambiente, Decoracion y el desayuno riquísimo....recomendado el yogurt casero con frutos silvestres y por supuesto los huevos como sea

    55555 by Polina F.

  • ISC C.Go with skillets

    55555 by ISC C.

  • Manuel KAmazing breakfast, huge amount of choices and options and a friendly staff. A great place to start your day. A must do in Chicago

    55555 by Manuel K

  • Daniel DBreakfast of Champions 👌🏼💪🏼

    55555 by Daniel D

  • Philip CAccording to breakfast, pork is the most delicious animal.

    55555 by Philip C

  • Jeff B.Sweet potato hash, eggs scrambled soft, pancakes and coffee - what do you think? Good 'er no?

    55555 by Jeff B.

  • Neel B.Surprisingly very good coffee

    55555 by Neel B.

  • Marwan EIf you are in Chicago, you must have your breakfast thier. Also, I would recommend you to set in the bar so you can enjoy how they prepare the orders 👍😀

    55555 by Marwan E

  • Rachael ChanceWorst decision of my life hungover, too many delicious options

    33333 by Rachael Chance

  • Elly Dnice American breakfasts if u wanna become fat! if not- share the plates

    55555 by Elly D

  • Ricky S.Perfect for an early breakfast if staying in the River North area.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Toon SGreat service, great choise, great quality

    55555 by Toon S

  • Dale CGreat breakfast skillets. Fast service.

    55555 by Dale C

  • Billy vGreat breakfast food!

    55555 by Billy v

  • Anik PIt was alright but there are much better places in the area. Service was quick though.

    33333 by Anik P

  • Catherine PunktThe egg benedict caprese is a good choice if you prefer an alternative without meat. On Sundays try to go there before 11 AM - otherwise it'll be really crowded.

    55555 by Catherine Punkt

  • troy deeringThere French toast is really good! But their Benedict caprese was outstanding, the fruit was fresh and succulent even in the winter time.

    55555 by troy deering

  • Austin W.Pro tip: go to this location instead of Streeterville! This location is much less crowded and just as good

    55555 by Austin W.

  • Andy TaoYou are going to get an omelette, preferably the iron man omelette, with banana bread french toast on the side. Also, a freshly squeezed strawberry orange juice to quench your thirst.

    55555 by Andy Tao

  • Joseph B.Try the Caprese Benny. It's amazing.

    55555 by Joseph B.

  • Daniel LMuy bueno! Los huevos benedictinos están de lujo

    55555 by Daniel L

  • Sarah B.Really yummy breakfast, large selection of choices too. Was packed so get there early.

    55555 by Sarah B.

  • Sarah B.Not the best eggs benny I have had to be honest. Hash potatoes were a little under done. Staff were slick and polite though.

    55555 by Sarah B.

  • Ashley H.Love this place!

    55555 by Ashley H.

  • Amanda J.Gotta get the Orange strawberry juice and bring your own champagne! :)

    55555 by Amanda J.

  • LisaStrawberry & orange juice, country skillet

    55555 by Lisa

  • Alex sNutella pancakes are amazing!

    55555 by Alex s

  • vakaminskiyTypical american breakfasts - large and quite tasty. Been there a couple of times and it was ok!

    55555 by vakaminskiy

  • Kate S.If you get stuck in the rain on the way here, just use the super powered dryer

    33333 by Kate S.

  • Emmanuel SPrompt service and nice staff

    55555 by Emmanuel S

  • Joshua K.The Tour De France is tastier than a whore de-pantsed.

    55555 by Joshua K.

  • Kelly P.Yummy skillets! Bottomless coffee refills

    55555 by Kelly P.

  • Andrew TПотрясающие завтраки!

    55555 by Andrew T

  • JD EPACKED around lunch time on a Saturday afternoon. But the food is delicious. Cinnamon roll French toast is out of control....

    55555 by JD E

  • Anton P.Good place, but never order coffee here. It was the shitiest latte in my life.

    33333 by Anton P.

  • Tashia N.For the love of God, have the Tour De France.

    55555 by Tashia N.

  • Tyriq I.It was amazing. For $8.45 I had as seen below. There was a wait about 5mins longer than I wanted, we were waiting for about 15mins. But it was good.

    33333 by Tyriq I.

  • Rosalie T.Great food. Great staff

    55555 by Rosalie T.

  • Andrew S.The Farm House is a mountain of biscuit and gravy goodness

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Mike D.Breakfast quesadilla wrap is a true treat. Make sure to add avocado.

    55555 by Mike D.

  • Brian C.The front tables near the window are quite cold. Ask for a seat in the back area.

    33333 by Brian C.

  • Catriona H.Boasts a huge menu and the best eggs Benedict in the city.

    55555 by Catriona H.

  • Bill M.I love going to Yolk. Good food, fast and friendly service.

    55555 by Bill M.

  • Amber G.This place is so good, and not expensive for its location! Build your own skillet and get the pancakes, you won't regret it! :)

    55555 by Amber G.

  • Roel®This breakfast place is awesome. Food is great. Mark our server is the coolest and sweetest person ever.

    55555 by Roel®

  • Kimberly W.The Tuscan Frittata is the best!

    55555 by Kimberly W.

  • Joseph B.Cinnamon role french toast. Cinnamon roll slices into thirds, battered and fried up.

    55555 by Joseph B.

  • Mike S.I love this place!

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Dane D.The Eggs Benedict rules.

    33333 by Dane D.

  • Kevin M.Battered meal with fruit topping is the only way to leave Yolk sunny side up!

    33333 by Kevin M.

  • Frank G.Can't really go wrong with anything on the menu. But if you want a little bit of everything try the combo with eggs, bacon, sausage & a waffle (try their specialty waffles with it).

    55555 by Frank G.

  • Jason D.If you get grossed out by a dirty kitchen don't look behind the line when you are paying. Clean as you go people!

    22222 by Jason D.

  • TheLizJake P.Open till 3pm! Come around 2, less of a wait

    33333 by TheLizJake P.

  • Shannon H.No miles on Saturday or Sunday

    55555 by Shannon H.

  • TheLizJake P.The iron man omelette is spectacular

    55555 by TheLizJake P.

  • Jason G.The banana bread French toast is amazing!

    55555 by Jason G.

  • Joe G.Tasty shrimp chowder

    55555 by Joe G.

  • MohammedAwesome food

    55555 by Mohammed

  • TheLizJake P.Iron man omelette for sure. Add ham!

    55555 by TheLizJake P.

  • Caroline D.The bacon waffles are deeeelish

    55555 by Caroline D.

  • Jan C.Get there before 10am to avoid a long wait, 9:30am seems to be the sweet spot.

    55555 by Jan C.

  • Beth D.Eggs florentine...delicious!

    33333 by Beth D.

  • Molly F.The waitress bullied me out of ordering corned beef hash.

    22222 by Molly F.

  • Matthew L.Yolk isn't much more than a cafeteria. Think twice if you don't have an iron stomach.

    22222 by Matthew L.

  • Crystal B.Pumpkin swirl French toast!

    55555 by Crystal B.

  • Jon R.Get the Meatloaf Tower special.

    33333 by Jon R.

  • Don MoukYCan't make up my mind what to order:)

    33333 by Don MoukY

  • Arshan P.Burgers are really good!

    55555 by Arshan P.

  • Christina S.Seriously awesome & easy place! Loved the staff! Loved the menu! Loved it all! Get yourself in there this season for the Gingerbread Pancakes. So mouthwateringly amazing!

    55555 by Christina S.

  • nope ..The food is great, but the girls that work at the front counter have the worst customer service ever! They are rude and unfriendly!

    22222 by nope ..

  • Josh E.Amazing food, relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff all make this a wry enjoyable experience that I will definitely recommend and revisit

    55555 by Josh E.

  • Philly G.Wait was long and in my opinion not worth it. Breakfast wasn't anything you couldn't get somewhere else

    33333 by Philly G.

  • ChristopherThe South of the Border Benny is great but beware...it's spicy! Service was great.

    55555 by Christopher

  • Nina N.By far my favorite breakfast spot in Chicago. They have incredible omelets that come with great sides. If you're feeling like something sweet, try the cinnamon roll French toast. It won't disappoint.

    55555 by Nina N.

  • Emily B.I liked the funky shaved ice cubes and the citrus salad was actually surprisingly good for a breakfast spot!

    55555 by Emily B.

  • Edward B.Coffee wasn't that good.

    33333 by Edward B.

  • Rebecca J.Avoid the coffee.

    22222 by Rebecca J.

  • Jon R.Get the Pot Roast Benedict.

    33333 by Jon R.

  • Brook H.Try the Hey Ricki - Delicious spanish omelette... Spicy! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Brook H.

  • Vila-Sheree W.Eggs Benedict is a must!

    55555 by Vila-Sheree W.

  • Craig S.Huge plates, so bring an appetite

    55555 by Craig S.

  • Greer C.Red Velvet French Toast. Done!

    55555 by Greer C.

  • Maddie E.Nutella crepes!!!!! And strawberry orange juice

    55555 by Maddie E.

  • Lisa Q.YOU COULD SLEEP IN!! What's wrong with you people?!??

    33333 by Lisa Q.

  • Amanda C.Huge portions that can easily be shared! There is a sharing fee so just order a side of fruit. Must try the pancakes and starwberry/orange juice. BYOB!

    55555 by Amanda C.

  • Lacy B.Healthy start waffle is hearty + delicious.

    55555 by Lacy B.

  • Brandon Z.No charge for egg whites. More places should do this.

    33333 by Brandon Z.

  • Philip C.According to breakfast, pork is the most delicious animal.

    55555 by Philip C.

  • Jennifer H.Such great food! Loved the Red Velvet French Toast and the Works omelet!!! Friendly servers as well!!!!

    55555 by Jennifer H.

  • MoshinSteak. Eggs. Taters. Nuff Said

    55555 by Moshin

  • David W.Great food!

    55555 by David W.

  • Jason G.EAT the Big Easy Skillet this season.

    55555 by Jason G.

  • crhGood basic breakfast.

    55555 by crh

  • Elyse H.We were seated right away when we presented a business card from Hotel Felix! I have to tip the doorman who recommended Yolk, bc it is DELICIOUS!

    33333 by Elyse H.

  • Chelsea C.Skillets are amaZING!

    55555 by Chelsea C.

  • Len K.The coffee is delicious. If you use the French vanilla creamer on the table don't use sugar too!

    55555 by Len K.

  • ChellzWhen ordering a wrap remember to ask them close the ends like a burrito or it'll be all over your plate

    33333 by Chellz

  • effiewhat??? red velvet French toast! :)

    55555 by effie

  • Elly D.Line goes quicker than you think on a Saturday or Sunday, and it's worth the wait!

    55555 by Elly D.

  • Bert A.Food was great... service was terrible....

    33333 by Bert A.

  • Kelly A.Like eggs benedict? Like pot roast? Get the pot roast benedict - it's amazing!

    55555 by Kelly A.

  • Jen A.Bad service all around!!

    33333 by Jen A.

  • Stephanie A.Just had the corned beef hash with eggs over easy on top- GET IT!!! Holy Crap that was yummy!

    55555 by Stephanie A.

  • Katie R.Red Velvet French Toast can be ordered as just a slice to share - perfect for just a few bites!

    55555 by Katie R.

  • jamie y.This place seems to not be able to hire a competent hostess. Most of them are rude, short, and generally unpleasant to speak to.

    11111 by jamie y.

  • Chris B.Best eggs benedict and variations in the city

    55555 by Chris B.

  • Pat PGotta have their coffee, most delicious beveage

    55555 by Pat P

  • Sergio AGood service and food

    55555 by Sergio A

  • Christina M.BYOB for mimosa brunch--closest liquor store is 2 blocks down on the corner of Clark & Chicago. How grand!

    55555 by Christina M.

  • Marco H.great food! Order French toast combo ( comes with 2 eggs, bacon AND sausage). OJ is really good too. My only knock on this place:bad coffee.

    55555 by Marco H.

  • Stephen eIf you stay at Affinia Chicago and ask for a business card when you're heading to Yolk...it acts like a reservation: No Wait!

    33333 by Stephen e

  • ShopTRACY B.best yolk location...best to go on a week day - no lines + no waiting

    55555 by ShopTRACY B.

  • Kristin MHighly recommend the Orange Bread French Toast!!

    55555 by Kristin M

  • Paul K.The garden veggie omelet. It's a must have

    55555 by Paul K.

  • P T.Excellent skillet!

    55555 by P T.

  • Anthony C.Best bfast I've ever had, must try the biscuits and gravy!!!

    55555 by Anthony C.

  • FoodspottingTry the Eggs Benedict

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Timothy EPossibly best biscuits and gravy I've ever had in my entire life!

    55555 by Timothy E

  • seth h.Killer breakfast spot, was taken here by fam when we were visiting Chicago. Omelettes are HUGE! Biscuits and gravy are a must have.

    55555 by seth h.

  • Nathan KBacon waffle and eggs! Nuff said!

    55555 by Nathan K

  • Myra R.Very average. Boring. Large menu. Just ok...

    33333 by Myra R.

  • BaratundeThey let you have eggs AND pancakes. NO LONGER MUST WE BE FORCED TO CHOOSE AMONG THOSE WE LOVE!

    55555 by Baratunde

  • Alyssa S.man, do I love this place! Right around the corner from work, great salad and friendly service.

    55555 by Alyssa S.

  • Eric D.Surf + Turf Benedict is great if you're hungry. Choc chip pancakes are decent

    55555 by Eric D.

  • Jeff J.Incredible food. I just went to the Wells location for the first time today and it was definitely good...but nowhere near as outstanding as the MI Ave location is every time.

    55555 by Jeff J.

  • Dye N W.Just had breakfast at Yolk on (chicago & Wells) very good

    55555 by Dye N W.

  • Marco M.The orange bread French Toast is amazing.

    55555 by Marco M.

  • Michael KSteak skillet, multiq:rain pancakes

    55555 by Michael K

  • Sidharth K.The farm house and the Benedict with chorizo are good, although chorizo is fake. Corned beef hash not so much. Coffee isn't bad, and the quality of fruit is ok.

    55555 by Sidharth K.

  • Chris V.I just had breafast at Yolk on Wells Street. Man, the Waffle & siade of Bacon was just what I needed to get my day off to a good start.

    33333 by Chris V.

  • Shawn W.Awesome brunch, but long waits.

    55555 by Shawn W.

  • Esteban G.tuna melt, ech...

    33333 by Esteban G.

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