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Hub 51

51 W Hubbard St
Chicago, IL 60610

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(312) 828-0051

  • Sun - 10:00am - 10:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 11:00am - 11:00pm
  • Fri 11:00am - 2:00am
  • Sat 10:00am - 3:00am

Cuisine: American Restaurants

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4.8 of 5.0 from 227 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Hub 51 in Chicago, IL
  • Hub 51 in Chicago, IL
  • Hub 51 in Chicago, IL
  • Hub 51 in Chicago, IL
  • Hub 51 in Chicago, IL
  • Hub 51 in Chicago, IL
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  • Hub 51 in Chicago, IL
  • Hub 51 in Chicago, IL
  • Hub 51 in Chicago, IL

Hub 51 Reviews

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  • Zoe MThey recently changed the menu so goodbye sea bass, turkey club, and perfectly seasoned French fries. Shaki shaki, chicken nachos, and Asian chopped are still on point...as well as their soundtrack.

    55555 by Zoe M

  • Seth MThe food was fantastic!! The filet mignon tacos were incredible!

    55555 by Seth M

  • Ninah RandolphNice atmosphere. Went after work so there wasn't really a wait. The greek fries are really good and they have a decent beer list.

    55555 by Ninah Randolph

  • Jeff B.burgers hit the spot

    55555 by Jeff B.

  • Ryan mPancakes are always great.

    55555 by Ryan m

  • Natalie V.Love the nachos and tuna poke. The smores dessert and carrot cake were also good, but very heavy!

    55555 by Natalie V.

  • CLAUDIA BThe Ahi Tuna Poke is wonderful!

    55555 by CLAUDIA B

  • Elizabeth Try the Brussel sprout salad - amazing!

    55555 by Elizabeth

  • Adam BHad happy hour sushi, a lovely beer special and a fantastic chicken! A sort of cauliflower cous cous or something was also very good!

    55555 by Adam B

  • John EBreakfast nachos are incredible! Also a nice selection of brunch cocktails.

    55555 by John E

  • Fatima JGood for dinner. There is also an "okay" club downstairs.

    55555 by Fatima J

  • Zach S.Obsessed with their chips and guacamole (has corn at the bottom)! I did not like the salmon sushi roll. The punch will treat you well - totally recommend.

    55555 by Zach S.

  • Julija MNachos so delicious!!!

    55555 by Julija M

  • Tana B.The crispy fish sandwich is tangy, tasty and with just a hit of heat. So good!

    55555 by Tana B.

  • Laural C.The carrot cake is the best I have ever had!!!!!

    55555 by Laural C.

  • Navit KThe shrimp ceviche is delicious!!!

    55555 by Navit K

  • Jeff mTight space good burgers for Evanston. Slaw is savory heaven. Bloody Mary bar, I will forgo my Sazarac for that. Go off peak and eat well.

    55555 by Jeff m

  • Mark WongOne of my favourite late night eat spots. Half price sushi after 11pm. Great atmosphere (lively w/ good music), quick service with a club in the basement. Never disappoints. Try the jugs of mojito.

    55555 by Mark Wong

  • Ron M.Love the atmosphere and food portions

    55555 by Ron M.

  • Marcel E.Food here was delicious. We made a reservation and got seated within 5 minutes. Food came out really fast and just as we ordered it. We were in and out in under an hour.

    33333 by Marcel E.

  • Jillian BurnickasThe food here is awesome. I had the prime rib tacos and they were delicious. I really want to try the club downstairs.

    55555 by Jillian Burnickas

  • Jevin AEat the carrot cake. Seriously.

    55555 by Jevin A

  • Michael DorseyTrendy restaurant with lively atmosphere. Full bar with top notch bartenders.

    55555 by Michael Dorsey

  • Tony W.Good place for happy hour. Wasn't too crazy about the food though.

    55555 by Tony W.

  • Alex FlisThe chicken nachos are to die for...

    55555 by Alex Flis

  • Danny Z.Filet mignon

    55555 by Danny Z.

  • Macs VinsonBurgers are good

    55555 by Macs Vinson

  • Nae RThe CornBread! Get the CORNBREAD! , You're Welcome

    33333 by Nae R

  • Nae RThe CORNBREAD! Get it. I live in the South so I know good cornbread &the HUBs is incredible! Oh and So is the sushi

    55555 by Nae R

  • Sophia JacksonHub punch taste great

    55555 by Sophia Jackson

  • ColleenLovin brunch's

    55555 by Colleen

  • michelle jimenezCocktails are good. Great place in the summer time.

    55555 by michelle jimenez

  • Allison K.Wide range of options from tacos to sushi and burgers! All are good!

    55555 by Allison K.

  • Patrick F.One of my favorite spots in Chicago. Great sushi and saké. Great service and an excellent atmosphere. A must visit in Chicago.

    55555 by Patrick F.

  • Kevin A.One of the best burgers I've had in recent memory. Friendly, professional service. Good drink menu.

    55555 by Kevin A.

  • Narda M.Bout to eat

    55555 by Narda M.

  • Narda M.Bout to eat!!

    55555 by Narda M.

  • Jean M.Amazing food!!

    55555 by Jean M.

  • Allison👏👏chicken nachos👏👏

    55555 by Allison

  • Val ZutejaThe mr wanted a drink

    22222 by Val Zuteja

  • Lee A.The tacos are build your own.

    55555 by Lee A.

  • Brooke F.This is quickly becoming our go to restaurant. They have everything. The nachos are awesome! They are HUGE! A half order will feed 2. Tacos (fish or braised short rib) are great!

    55555 by Brooke F.

  • Philip S.Hummus and nacho appetizers are very good; lots of great selections on the menu from sushi to steak!

    55555 by Philip S.

  • Mark WongGreat service, food came quickly, nice decor, and half price sushi from 3-6pm on weekdays!

    55555 by Mark Wong

  • Daniel KemperDelicious Burgers and fries!

    55555 by Daniel Kemper

  • Jim J.Great food and service with great family!

    55555 by Jim J.

  • Mohammed Hassan-AliIt's definitely busy, but the scene is nice and a great place to eat with friends.

    55555 by Mohammed Hassan-Ali

  • Madeline GullettThey have something for everyone! Burgers, sushi, salads, drinks, everything! I can go with my friends or dad and everyone's happy. I personally love the sushi and salads!

    55555 by Madeline Gullett

  • Adam SBloody Mary

    55555 by Adam S

  • Chefs FeedChef Ryan Poli eats here on his nights off. He loves the Carrot cake.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Rob W.Pulled pork tacos is the way to go

    55555 by Rob W.

  • Julie F.My go-to spot for lunch in river north. For vegetarians: chips and guac app (delic),Brussels sprout salad, sweet potato roll and veggie burger. All solid choices.

    55555 by Julie F.

  • Kate J.The chicken nachos are fabulous!

    55555 by Kate J.

  • Michael B.Ask for server Rachel, she's the bomb!!

    55555 by Michael B.

  • Tiff MOne of the best late night kitchens in the city!

    55555 by Tiff M

  • Sana H.You haven't lived until you've eaten the carrot cake.

    55555 by Sana H.

  • Gary MBlackberry French Toast is A-MAZ-ING!

    55555 by Gary M

  • Sean R.Fish tacos and shrimp ceviche are really good.

    55555 by Sean R.

  • Jaime M.Don't miss the carrot cake

    55555 by Jaime M.

  • Lettuce Entertain YouIt pays to belong at Hub 51! Earn points on every purchase toward meals, trips & wine. Ask your server about the Lettuce Entertain You Frequent Diner Club.

    55555 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • RickCarrot cake is absolutely delicious

    55555 by Rick

  • Alex S.The tuna burger is intensely awesome! Great balance of flavors parties with the most addictive fries ever!

    55555 by Alex S.

  • Jenn G.I love the chill vibe for late night food & drinks! Music playing but I can still hear my friends without yelling at each other...hub punch and miso-glazed sushi are on point. 😍

    55555 by Jenn G.

  • Pauline G.Filet Mignon Tacos #TaDie!!!!

    55555 by Pauline G.

  • Jacobo G.Platillo promedio del Brunch como 13-15 dolares, pero se ve buenazo!

    55555 by Jacobo G.

  • Lindsey M.Get the Hub punch!

    33333 by Lindsey M.

  • GlebПриятное место

    55555 by Gleb

  • Steven R.Save room for their famous carrot cake!

    55555 by Steven R.

  • Nastas I.Half off sushi 3-6 pm daily

    55555 by Nastas I.

  • Jason K.Breakfast nachos are a crowd pleaser. Get 'em!

    55555 by Jason K.

  • Mery Lù M.I love Hub

    55555 by Mery Lù M.

  • NickMake a reservation or expect a long wait. Ask for the zin-ginger and crunchy tuna roll. Carrot cake.

    55555 by Nick

  • Dominik S.Der Thunfisch Burger ist der Hammer !

    55555 by Dominik S.

  • Cat C.Love the Lemon Skinny pancakes and the River North Mimosa!

    55555 by Cat C.

  • Benjamin B.Everything is amazing and so is Nicolett! She's the bomb!

    55555 by Benjamin B.

  • Buffy H.Great service

    55555 by Buffy H.

  • Jamie C.Loaded potato app is heavenly!!!

    55555 by Jamie C.

  • arbkvGreat brunch cocktails

    55555 by arbkv

  • Bora C.The pork shoulder I just ate was amazing. It melts in your mouth...

    55555 by Bora C.

  • Marcy H.The chicken nachos will serve 4 people! Delish.

    55555 by Marcy H.

  • DeJeanett G.The carrot cake was great! Very moist!!

    55555 by DeJeanett G.

  • Adam S.Get. The. Carrot cake.

    55555 by Adam S.

  • Sara S.Great music and beer, the ahi tuna burger was delicious, and since we were first timers we had to try the carrot cake. The service was amazing!

    55555 by Sara S.

  • Tracy T.Love the Brussel Sprout salad!

    55555 by Tracy T.

  • Deb F.Food was delish skip the open face blt 2-slices of bacon does not a sandwich make disappointed

    55555 by Deb F.

  • GOM _.Dont miss the Ahi Tuna Poke

    55555 by GOM _.

  • Prasanth J.Awesome food in large quantities..

    55555 by Prasanth J.

  • Stephen S.Guacamole and Fish Tacos. Fantastic.

    55555 by Stephen S.

  • Emmanuel C.The lemon "skinny" pancake is great, lightly sour, lightly sweet. It's a huge pancake, so order them If you have a super appetite.

    55555 by Emmanuel C.

  • ShananOne of the best all-around restaurants in Chicago. The staff was friendly and welcomed folks in street clothes or all dressed up. If it's your first visit, they may offer you a free dessert!

    55555 by Shanan

  • Lettuce Entertain YouSpice up your summer with dollars off your next meal at Hub 51. Join the conversation using #LettuceScratchOff

    55555 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Lexi W.My favorites: pulled chicken nachos & raspberry sorbet! So yummy!

    55555 by Lexi W.

  • Cheeky C.Free carrot cake!

    55555 by Cheeky C.

  • Danielle N.I'll go back again and again for the amazing food and great service. Oh, and the carrot cake is to die for.

    55555 by Danielle N.

  • Ellie P.Get the chicken nachos and the ahi tuna burger and the brownie!! SO GOOD. And check out their shoes

    55555 by Ellie P.

  • Nicole B.Hub Punch. Period

    55555 by Nicole B.

  • NicoleTry the short Ribs. And grab a craft of hub punch

    55555 by Nicole

  • Pauline G.1/2 price sushi rolls EVERY DAY 3-6pm and 11pm-close!!! Yum!

    55555 by Pauline G.

  • Nicole U.Breakfast Nachos are amazing! Note: must share with friends! Do not take them on alone.

    55555 by Nicole U.

  • Parama B.Nachos are to die for. Great hangout plane

    55555 by Parama B.

  • Behrad B.The Green Chili Cheeseburger here is just exceptional! Grated sharp cheddar, fire-roasted poblano chilies & chipotle aioli. They also have a decent beer list.

    55555 by Behrad B.

  • Inés L.Amazing food! Good looking people, and cheaper than you'd imagine! Valet service!!

    55555 by Inés L.

  • George W.They should make their items order-able from my smart phone by adding them to the app "appay biz". That way, I can order ahead using "appay"!!!!!

    33333 by George W.

  • Bunny L.Skinny burgers are the best.

    55555 by Bunny L.

  • Gordon W.Sushi is surprisingly good.

    55555 by Gordon W.

  • @AngelaWoodyThey understand if you need to leave your sunglasses on during Brunch;) 

    33333 by @AngelaWoody

  • Akshar P.Try the hub punch, it's delish!

    55555 by Akshar P.

  • Alyssa M.Such interesting cuisine! Sushi and tacos are both great and delish!

    55555 by Alyssa M.

  • Magz P.Love the food and the scene. Must have a slice of carrot cake each time you go, it's to die for :P

    55555 by Magz P.

  • Lauren W.Pulled chicken nachos are incredible! As are the drinks-- I recommend the mojito pitchers.

    55555 by Lauren W.

  • Gary W.Great place great food

    55555 by Gary W.

  • Lyndsey W.Save room for dessert. Carrot Cake would make you give up any diet your on; and don't be deterred "foam", after Peanut Butter Foam you may never be satisfied by peanut butter cups again.

    55555 by Lyndsey W.

  • Frank L.Hairs (plural) in the fries.

    11111 by Frank L.

  • Cynthia S.Awesome homemade ice cream bars!

    55555 by Cynthia S.

  • KickTicketsHub 51 New Years Eve 2013 at Monday, Dec 31, 2012

    55555 by KickTickets

  • Michelin Travel & LifestyleSpecial Offer: Fill your culinary bucket list with fine dining selections from the MICHELIN Chicago Red Guide mobile app! It’s only $0.99 cents for a limited time. http://bit.ly/CHIapp

    55555 by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

  • Mark S.nachos and nachos

    55555 by Mark S.

  • Lettuce Entertain YouIt's a Hub Life! FREE $25 holiday bonus certificate for every $100 in gift cards you buy. Now through 12/30.

    33333 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Jessica T.Make your own River north mimosas~ order a bottle of champagne & a carafe of hub punch ~ plus wear your pj's & get 10% off ~ wear your sunglasses for bonus points

    55555 by Jessica T.

  • Jessica T.For brunch, order the nachos, but be sure to add chorizo & bacon

    55555 by Jessica T.

  • Nicole Z.Great food, great atmosphere. The bouncer was cute too which never hurts! :)

    55555 by Nicole Z.

  • John C.This is my favorite go-to place in Chicago. Lots of options to choose from, good quality and great service.

    55555 by John C.

  • Ben V.Mediocre food (salmon and the shrimp tacos) but the service and the carrot cake were good.

    33333 by Ben V.

  • ArielOh my god. The carrot cake would be on the list of best last meals. Heaven.

    55555 by Ariel

  • Lettuce Entertain YouThere's one more reason to order your food at HUB 51: 10% off all to-go orders placed online all August long. Visit www.hub51chicago.com to start saving now!

    33333 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Lettuce Entertain YouVisit lettucescratchoff.com & save up to $25 on each visit to the Chicagoland Lettuce restaurants this summer. Your certificates might reveal $1,000 in gift cards!

    33333 by Lettuce Entertain You

  • Tina T.Ask for RJ. He's the man!

    33333 by Tina T.

  • mariscia t.Try the shrimp ceviche!!!!

    55555 by mariscia t.

  • Mike F.If you have a large party service is shit. They're getting a tip any way.

    33333 by Mike F.

  • Jessica R.The Hub Punch is the most delicious cocktail I've ever consumed. Indulge!

    55555 by Jessica R.

  • s p.better food than i thought it would be. nachos, steak, tacos.

    55555 by s p.

  • Brian S.Two words: carrot cake

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Molly F.Pulled chicken nachos are amazing!

    55555 by Molly F.

  • Miranda D.The best carrot cake-yum!!

    55555 by Miranda D.

  • Jennifer S.Pomegranate mojitos? Don't mind if I do. Also, if you're feeling like setting your diet aside, the nachos are insanely delicious. They're also enough to feed a small family.

    55555 by Jennifer S.

  • Courtney M.1/2 off sushi 3-6pm!

    55555 by Courtney M.

  • Lance H.The sushi is actually quite yummy. If you're feeling extra fat try the cornbread or carrot cake. Yowzah!

    55555 by Lance H.

  • Time Out ChicagoThe crowd is as varied as the eats—tourists, lunching ladies and local working stiffs rub elbows—and everyone seems content with the large portions. Braised pork tacos and plump maki are both hits.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Blogs with BallsStop down in Sub 51 on 2/28 and join BwB, Bloomberg Sports, CSN Chicago and Cubs Asst. GM Shiraz Rehman for a little digital chalk talk to celebrate spring training!

    55555 by Blogs with Balls

  • Réjane P.One of my favorite Chicago establishments. Nachos, tacos, cornbread, ahi, turkey chili, guacamole...all good!! Weekend nights at the bar can get craaazay...

    55555 by Réjane P.

  • Jason W.Im at Hub 51

    55555 by Jason W.

  • Motorola M.We'd love to go everywhere during Restaurant Week but can't. Show us what you think we should eat the next time we're at Hub 51 with a picture of your dish. Tweet it to us @motorola. Happy eating!

    55555 by Motorola M.

  • Cassaundra H.Best chocolate martini ever. No syrup, no cream, no B.S.

    55555 by Cassaundra H.

  • Dave N.Try the Shaki Shaki tuna appetizer - it's amaze-balls.

    55555 by Dave N.

  • Glenn M.The fish tacos are great!

    55555 by Glenn M.

  • Jeff L.Best service, best nachos

    55555 by Jeff L.

  • SpotDashWhat celebs hang out at Hub51? Play SpotDash, and if you're lucky, you may have a celeb sighting.

    55555 by SpotDash

  • Nora K.One of my most favorite places - not a single bad item on the menu! Pulled chicken nachos = bliss. Try the hub punch!

    55555 by Nora K.

  • Francine C.Want to go dancing... go downstairs to SUB!

    55555 by Francine C.

  • Joseph M.Gluten Free Menu!! Enough said

    55555 by Joseph M.

  • Morgan M.Gorgeous cocktails, gorgeous people...easy staff. Go to hot spot for an engaged and fun night out.

    55555 by Morgan M.

  • Kay L.The carrot cake is as good a they say. Started with the tempura battered shrimp tacos. Ended with a slice of heaven. With extra frosting.

    55555 by Kay L.

  • Michelle K.Half off sushi 3-6pm everyday!

    55555 by Michelle K.

  • Michael J.Dear hub, you should invest a little in training your door/bouncersp

    33333 by Michael J.

  • Michael J.Dear sub 51, when you approach the same group of guys 5+ times and tell them where.

    33333 by Michael J.

  • Gabriel G.sushi, nachos and carrot cake!

    55555 by Gabriel G.

  • Rock SakéThe perfect venue for a great nightlife experience and fresh Rock Saké cocktails.

    55555 by Rock Saké

  • Cristina Falbocan't leave w/ out a piece of carrot cake + extra frosting #trust

    33333 by Cristina Falbo

  • Anthony V.Try the seabass, I am not a seafood person but yuummmmm! Customer service is wonderful!

    55555 by Anthony V.

  • Lavinia Niculathe best carrot cake in the world!!!

    55555 by Lavinia Nicula

  • Hailey T.Party downstairs in Sub 51! :)

    33333 by Hailey T.

  • James W.Pork tacos and a half bottle of Veuve. That's all you need.

    55555 by James W.

  • Jay W.I'm a bigger fan of Sub than Hub, but w/e

    55555 by Jay W.

  • OkimakChicken nachos kick @$$

    55555 by Okimak

  • Kristie B.I might be a might snob (ok I am) but Rock City's DJ set sucks. (just sayin)

    33333 by Kristie B.

  • Alyx H.Try the chicken anchors and have a glass of their Rose. Best music too-- mix of indie/alt. Great service and hip interior.

    55555 by Alyx H.

  • Yana K.Bottles, models. Always good on Thursday nights :)

    55555 by Yana K.

  • Christine J.Tuna poke is pretty good. Waitress needs lessons in patience. Too busy to wait on one person with full attention.

    33333 by Christine J.

  • KatrinaThe Ahi Tuna Poke is absolutely delicious. The perfect lunch.

    55555 by Katrina

  • Joshua H.Bacon. Holy shit, bacon.

    55555 by Joshua H.

  • Nicholas JYou must order the Chicken Nachos. Also they have the best sweet potato roll in Chicago!

    55555 by Nicholas J

  • Angela L.Get the tacos here. By far best thing on the menu. Sushi is just average here.

    55555 by Angela L.

  • Roberto L.get the chocolate cake!

    55555 by Roberto L.

  • TammyGreat food, lively crowd, high energy. Make sure to check the specials.

    55555 by Tammy

  • Aaron LOh my god, get me out of here!

    33333 by Aaron L

  • Michael S.Awesome atmosphere and really good pork tacos.

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Frank L.Try the food.

    55555 by Frank L.

  • Kirstjen L.This is a great place for brunch on Sundays. Try the root vegetable hash, and if you are a carnivore, get a side of bacon.

    55555 by Kirstjen L.

  • Madeline U.Burger is delish! Substitute regular fries for sweet potato fries nom nom

    55555 by Madeline U.

  • GOM _.Ahi Tuna Poke a must.!

    55555 by GOM _.

  • Kirstjen L.If you can't find something to eat on this menu, you are in trouble. Good food, good service.

    55555 by Kirstjen L.

  • ToddSweeeet potato sushi roll ; hub punch; jerky platter. All quite stellar

    55555 by Todd

  • Renee T.Love the atmosphere! Food is always consistent, and especially order dessert! Homemade and delicious :-)

    55555 by Renee T.

  • Rochelle L.Free brownie/ice cream dessert if ur there for a bday (tell the waitress). Get miso glazed salmon roll.

    55555 by Rochelle L.

  • Cheeky JTry the day breaker omelet and a river north mimosa! The best for any hang over...! Mmm!!!

    55555 by Cheeky J

  • CoCo S.You HAVE to try the cornbread. Probably the best I've ever had. (sorry mom)

    55555 by CoCo S.

  • Joe M.Steak tacos. Get 'em. Live 'em. Love 'em.

    55555 by Joe M.

  • David A.Take a pass on the tuna burger. It's tasteless

    33333 by David A.

  • JamieStart with a can (yes, can) of champagne and brussels sprout salad!

    55555 by Jamie

  • Candyce P.Carrot Cake. Always get the Carrot Cake.

    55555 by Candyce P.

  • A B.Great brunch on the weekend try the root vegetable hash

    55555 by A B.

  • Christina M.The guacamole is as good as the tips say!

    55555 by Christina M.

  • Dave K.Try Three Floyds or a Matilda. Both beers are top notch.

    55555 by Dave K.

  • Crain's Chicago BusinessHub 51 serves up hearty, thick, brick-red chili that's loaded with ground turkey, black beans and kidney beans. Pasilla chilies add heat and smoky depth without overdoing the spice.

    55555 by Crain's Chicago Business

  • Time Out ChicagoThought you’d want to know: RJ & Jerrod Melman have been nominated for Restaurateurs of the Year in Time Out Chicago’s 2011 Eat Out Awards. Vote now!

    33333 by Time Out Chicago

  • Marvin R.Sushi aint bad

    55555 by Marvin R.

  • Marvin R.What should i eat?

    33333 by Marvin R.

  • Michelle T.Awesome sushi! Get the sweet potato and the spicy shrimp & king crab. Order a pink moscato to sip on. Finish with a decadent slice of carrot cake! Great music too.

    55555 by Michelle T.

  • The Daily SipTry wines from the 80 Sips Challenge special list through 1/31/11 and leave tasting notes on Bottlenotes.com to win prizes!

    55555 by The Daily Sip

  • Dallas J.The Hub Soda is awesome!

    55555 by Dallas J.

  • Es K.Loved the Nachos and the Hub soda

    55555 by Es K.

  • Melanie KNo wait for Sunday brunch! Delish apple baked French toast, breakfast tacos and more. Heck, show up in PJs and get 10% off. Hurry, before the secret gets out & the line forms out the door.

    55555 by Melanie K

  • TaraChicken nachos will give you a newfound reason to live.

    55555 by Tara

  • Lauren C.Get the cornbread as an App. You won't regret it!

    55555 by Lauren C.

  • PeopleStars like Josh Duhamel and the Glee cast load up on their crunchy tuna rolls and famous carrot cake–only to dance off the calories downstairs at Sub51. Tip: Make a reservation or expect a big wait.

    55555 by People

  • AskMenAnti-Halloween Party - Drop by this Saturday to chill out upstairs or party in the downstairs lounge while enjoying half price bottle service.

    55555 by AskMen

  • Katie W.Get the chicken nachos and die of happiness.

    55555 by Katie W.

  • Katja H.On a cold day get the Black Bean Turkey Chili with the corn bread. Note the corn bread could serve 4 people!!

    33333 by Katja H.

  • Joe C.Great food and atmosphere! Tuna burger is amazing!!

    55555 by Joe C.

  • OmayahThey're supposed to have the best-ever carrot cake here. It's super tasty, but I personally found it too sweet. Try for yourself!

    55555 by Omayah

  • ShopTRACY B.excellent vibe & service

    55555 by ShopTRACY B.

  • Bloomingdale'sWhile definitely a scene for near North Side singles, this edgy-looking environs also boasts an eclectic menu. Come for the company, stay for the sushi. And of course the usual cache of cool cocktails

    55555 by Bloomingdale's

  • Leyla A.Great menu...lots to order. Love that they serve Tacos & Spicy Tuna all on the same menu! @FIJIhunt

    55555 by Leyla A.

  • Lauren CBrussel Sprout salad is really good! Try it!

    55555 by Lauren C

  • Dana BDon't pass up the amazing Hummus and the Shakishaki tuna.

    55555 by Dana B

  • Kelly cYummy food. Good music.

    55555 by Kelly c

  • Jan E.Don't miss the guacamole - unbelievably good! Carrot cake is also great.

    55555 by Jan E.

  • Paula LGo to Hub 51 - great atmosphere & drinks. Don't leave w/out trying their guacamole, love the hidden corn :)

    55555 by Paula L

  • Marti G.Amazing sushi!! 1/2 off before 6pm! Greg Olson is here from da bears!

    55555 by Marti G.

  • Mallory U.Order the Thai Tuna Basil, Cornbread, and Nachos (skip the chicken, add the crab). Randomness aside, its the meal dreams are made of.

    55555 by Mallory U.

  • elizabeth G.If you want a fun dance place - go downstairs at Sub51!

    55555 by elizabeth G.

  • jessicathrow a party there and order the mini tacos to pass around. yum! and the pulled chicken nachos are delish. hub punch will get you.

    55555 by jessica

  • Crystal P.Hub punch is awesome

    55555 by Crystal P.

  • Geo S.Sweet potato roll. Don't ask, just get it.

    55555 by Geo S.

  • ZAGATEnjoy half-off sushi from 3–6 PM daily.

    55555 by ZAGAT

  • Allison S.half-price sushi 3-6 pm most days. small sushi menu but what's there is delicious!

    55555 by Allison S.

  • Josh C.Save room for the Carrot Cake. It comes with an extra scoop of cream cheese frosting on the side...

    55555 by Josh C.

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