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2539 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

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(773) 227-8180

  • Sun - 11:00am - 2:00pm
  • Mon Closed;
  • Tue - Thu 5:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Fri 5:00pm - 10:30pm
  • Sat 11:00am - 2:00pm

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Cuisine: Japanese Restaurants, Sushi Restaurants

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4.7 of 5.0 from 125 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Wasabi in Chicago, IL
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  • Wasabi in Chicago, IL

Wasabi Reviews

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  • Abdulkareem jVery nice food

    55555 by Abdulkareem j

  • Tom DThe RAMEN!!!!!! And the pork belly buns!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Tom D

  • Andrew A.The food was really good. Kind of lame that it is BYOB but there's a store across the street that has an okay selection of beer.

    55555 by Andrew A.

  • Özge DVery good help from the staff. BYOB. We tried sushi roll but overall menu was also satisfactory.

    55555 by Özge D

  • Bee MBest bowl of vegan ramen I've had in the USA!!!!! So good, second only to T's tan tan in Tokyo!

    55555 by Bee M

  • Damon MTonkatsu ramen, takoyaki, and Brussel sprouts - incredible

    55555 by Damon M

  • Rita L.Yummy tonkatsu ramen! Great when it's cold outside.

    55555 by Rita L.

  • Joseph BlewittGood sushi.

    55555 by Joseph Blewitt

  • Ansell T.The pork belly buns and tonkatsu ramen are both spot on. Good reason this place is #1 in Chicago!

    55555 by Ansell T.

  • Winson WongDecent Japanese food in Chicago! Really tasty sushi, gyoza and skewers. Ramen broth, pork belly is good but noodles was a bit soft. Overall still really good!

    55555 by Winson Wong

  • Jen MarquezGreat sushi. Amazing ramen. Awesome dumplings. Super tasty mochi ice cream. Definitely a favorite spot.

    55555 by Jen Marquez

  • Eric DThe Waiter Leo. He was very attentive and knowledgable about the menu. I basically ordered what he recommended 🍷

    55555 by Eric D

  • Genie SBest ramen in Chicago. Tonkatsu is my favorite

    55555 by Genie S

  • Uma RPotstickers, pork belly spring rolls

    55555 by Uma R

  • Sarah FHome made pot stickers, Pork belly spring rolls

    55555 by Sarah F

  • Amie Abest ramen ever

    55555 by Amie A

  • Laura P.Wow. Fantastic meal. The pork belly buns and the pork belly & kimchi spring rolls are both amazing small plates. And the ramen? Omg. Best ramen I've had in Chicago.

    55555 by Laura P.

  • Chicago TribuneWasabi just made eating fried chicken better! Their fried chicken lollipops are marinated, deep fried and paired with a roasted garlic dip.

    55555 by Chicago Tribune

  • Michael PFried brussel sprouts were really good....

    55555 by Michael P

  • Brian AExcellent tonkotsu ramen, and a surprising number of vegan options

    55555 by Brian A

  • Caya JBest ramen I ever had

    55555 by Caya J

  • Jeffery W.Good Ramen, not the best. Food is good here, well worth the wait, but the Ramen is just good, not great

    55555 by Jeffery W.

  • Shams SHands down the best ramen in Chicago. The spicy miso garlic ramen is really the only way to go. It's actually spicy. Perfect for a cold winter night. Great place to eat solo

    55555 by Shams S

  • Michelle M.Get the Hotate Aburi (lightly torched scallop) sushi. Next to the ramen, it's my favorite thing in this place.

    55555 by Michelle M.

  • Rigo BSpicy garlic Ramen.

    55555 by Rigo B

  • Chefs Feed"This might be my favorite ramen in the city. The broth is great, the noodles are great and the garnish is right on... I love this ramen." Chef Sean Sanders

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Kevin SBest Tonkotsu in town no doubt. But be sure to try other fantastic things as well.

    55555 by Kevin S

  • Jes N.Unless you get there right it 5:00 you'll be waiting at least half an hour, but the ramen is worth every minute of it!

    33333 by Jes N.

  • Ricardo TSurf and turf roll is a must

    55555 by Ricardo T

  • Fletcher RhoadsFantastic ramen and the sushi is fresh and delicious. They don't take reservations and is BYOB. Only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table on a Thursday night.

    55555 by Fletcher Rhoads

  • Cassandra CheongThe tonkotsu ramen is awesome.

    55555 by Cassandra Cheong

  • Alison DTonkotsu Ramen was the best I've ever had. Didn't know it was BYOB until I got there so make sure you're prepared!

    55555 by Alison D

  • Samantha O.This place is so much better than Yusho, slurping turtle and Furious Spoon.

    55555 by Samantha O.

  • Sarah JWaiting for ramen!

    33333 by Sarah J

  • Alicia J.Most likely you will be waiting in line about 15min. Don't move. It's worth it. Truly has been the best place for Ramen since my spot in LA. Always go tonkatsu if you're new. It never will disappoint

    55555 by Alicia J.

  • David CrespoSpicy Roasted Garlic Miso Ramen

    55555 by David Crespo

  • Marcellus MEat all the food brah. The only possible done side to this place is the wait time...but if there wasn't a line I would question society and their knowledge of quality.

    33333 by Marcellus M

  • George S.Hey Wasabi, you should join Freebie! The benefits are amazing for both you and me.

    55555 by George S.

  • Kirsten KThe perfect meal: Go with a friend & each order a ramen bowl, split a small plate (tempura recommended), and share mango mochi for dessert!

    55555 by Kirsten K

  • Faith LeShoyu ramen with pork belly 😍😍😍

    55555 by Faith Le

  • Sarah W.I will reiterate everyone else: Spicy garlic miso & pork belly buns! The ArtMex Maki is not bad either. :)

    55555 by Sarah W.

  • ChicagoistThis BYOB spot on a sparse stretch of reality is a ramen haven. The beauty is in the rich, creamy pork broth, which takes 45 hours to make.

    55555 by Chicagoist

  • Lawrence Flack IITonkotsu Ramen

    55555 by Lawrence Flack II

  • Rishik PillaiBest ramen in chicagoTry the spicy miso

    55555 by Rishik Pillai

  • Dana JensenGood tonkotsu broth, tasty noodles, and mostly nice toppings. Unfortunately the pork topping wasn't very enjoyable and the space had terrible acoustics/a nasty draft. I'll try again in spring.

    33333 by Dana Jensen

  • Cristina D.Pork belly buns and the tonkatsu ramen were to die for! We also had special valentines day oysters that were amazing too! + It is BYOB. What else can you ask for?

    55555 by Cristina D.

  • Gabrielle R.Ramen sushi pork belly fried chicken BYOB kimchi ropls

    55555 by Gabrielle R.

  • Sabrina R.The spicy garlic ramen is the bomb diggity! BYOB and no corking fee (limit 1 bottle per 2 people)

    55555 by Sabrina R.

  • Jenny LuiPork belly spring rolls.

    55555 by Jenny Lui

  • Melissa A.Get the tonkotsu ramen and pork buns. You will love them.

    55555 by Melissa A.

  • Charlie F.This place is legit. The ramen was out of this world. The surf & turf roll was perfect. A++ would come back.

    55555 by Charlie F.

  • Danielle ChutinthranondTonkatsu ramen is my favorite. I can only seem to get in without a wait on the weekend for brunch. I won't wait outside at night in the winter--I don't care how good the food is.

    55555 by Danielle Chutinthranond

  • Angie Evansaddicted to this place. pork belly buns are to die for. ramen is the best I've had in chicago. roasted brussel sprouts too.

    55555 by Angie Evans

  • Nicole ZhuPork belly buns and tonkatsu ramen are amazing!

    55555 by Nicole Zhu

  • Miguel CastroOmg the ramen

    55555 by Miguel Castro

  • Huang Abest best best ramen in town

    55555 by Huang A

  • Brianna FWill definitely be back for more ramen. So yummy and that menu is extensive.

    55555 by Brianna F

  • Adriana SDelicious sushi, ramen, and moochi green tea ice cream. Outside seating and excellent service.

    55555 by Adriana S

  • Davin L.No naruto???

    55555 by Davin L.

  • Christi B.Love the Brussels sprouts and ArtMex roll!

    55555 by Christi B.

  • LinaExcellent ramen!

    55555 by Lina

  • Jough D.Try the ramen.

    55555 by Jough D.

  • Marissa R.BYOB...but there's a $5 cork fee after your first bottle. Strange.

    33333 by Marissa R.

  • Jeffrey TPork belly spring rolls to start...goodness and decadence wrapped into one! Then follow it up with a big bowl of ramen. Mmmm

    55555 by Jeffrey T

  • craig m.Pork buns will make you question everything that came before and everything that comes after.

    33333 by craig m.

  • Shinji K.Tried the shoyu ramen tonight. This is really just a watered down version of their tonkotsu broth (tells you how crazy thick *that* is). Egg was perfectly cooked but cold inside. Pork very salty.

    33333 by Shinji K.

  • Douglas B.The spicy Ramen with kanuki! Is you like some heat, this is what you want.

    55555 by Douglas B.

  • Jennifer C.The pork belly buns are awesome.

    55555 by Jennifer C.

  • Edward E.The tonkatsu ramen is delicious! Also, the sashimi ceviche was great!

    55555 by Edward E.

  • Maggie T.Better than oiiramen down the street. The broth here is amazing!

    55555 by Maggie T.

  • Eva H.Spicy roasted garlic ramen

    55555 by Eva H.

  • Christine FGet the tonkotsu ramen! Creamy and flavorful.

    55555 by Christine F

  • Maggie T.Arguably the best ramen in Chicagoland. Super filling - get the tonkotsu ramen!

    55555 by Maggie T.

  • Christopher N.New, bigger place and now you have to wait? And outside due to "fire code"??

    33333 by Christopher N.

  • Zak J.Get here before 6:30 if you don't want to wait an hour.

    33333 by Zak J.

  • Hugo P.I gotta say, the broth in the ramen is just delicious, but it's the broiled Brussel sprouts that keep me coming back. Just amazing!

    55555 by Hugo P.

  • Matt B.The ramen takes 45 hours to prepare and only 45 seconds to finish. Complete the experience with a 45 minute nap.

    33333 by Matt B.

  • Marlon H.Everything we had was good! Surf and turf!!

    55555 by Marlon H.

  • Evelyn P.Sadly, not impressed. Service and food were less than average. I had higher expectations and was seriously disappointed. Sad about it.

    22222 by Evelyn P.

  • Laurie E.Long wait times for food that is just so-so

    33333 by Laurie E.

  • Alexis H.There's a long wait on weekends! It's worth it, though.

    55555 by Alexis H.

  • Elyse H.Ramen is really good- you can probably find a seat at the bar if it's crowded!

    55555 by Elyse H.

  • Alex F.Its kinda dark in there, but the food is really good.

    55555 by Alex F.

  • Derek S.Once again happy to have this in my hood.

    55555 by Derek S.

  • Derek S.Delish ramen! I am super happy to have this on my block!

    55555 by Derek S.

  • Emily B.Get everything! You can't go wrong. I always order the spicy garlic miso ramen, art mex roll, and seaweed salad. BYOB.

    55555 by Emily B.

  • Susie C.Today Sept 1 is their last day in this location. They are moving close to the Congress Theater which is few blocks away.

    33333 by Susie C.

  • Panda B.It's not on the menu but order a Japanese style breakfast. Steamed rice, ramen egg, nori, 2 skewers, pickles, and miso soup. It's the best breakfast you've never had!

    55555 by Panda B.

  • Katie Z.Best ramen in Chicago.

    55555 by Katie Z.

  • BetsyMAsk to sit in Chris' section! He's the best. ;-)

    55555 by BetsyM

  • Cynthia P.You can skip the sushi..just get the delicious ramen!

    55555 by Cynthia P.

  • Elspeth J.Yum! Unagi and Brie nigiri!

    55555 by Elspeth J.

  • Rizzo F.The waitstaff is terrible, not even worth a 10% tip.

    11111 by Rizzo F.

  • Serious EatsTonkotsu Ramen: The pork cheek served in the ramen is tender and flavorful in a broth that is comforting.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Amy M.Sushi is overpriced, small and unexceptional. Ramen was also so-so.

    22222 by Amy M.

  • Memo L.Really nice place. Good food and excellent service, and the best thing is close to my house

    55555 by Memo L.

  • Nicole G.New tip -- order the pork belly spring rolls they are to die for -- watch out you may order food and never receive it

    55555 by Nicole G.

  • Melanie V.Best Ramen ever!

    55555 by Melanie V.

  • Vithida S.Pork belly bun!!!!

    55555 by Vithida S.

  • Jenna L.The ramen is the star at wasabi.

    33333 by Jenna L.

  • Gloria C.can't go wrong with the tonkotsu ramen!

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Leah J.They don't take reservations and you have to wait outside when your waiting for a table. It's worth the wait, but I suggest you don't go on a rainy, cold or snowing night.

    33333 by Leah J.

  • Elliott B.Try the Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Elliott B.

  • JeffSpicy Miso Roasted Garlic Ramen + Pork Buns = HAPPINESS

    55555 by Jeff

  • Kelli S.What kind of maki did the pirate order from Wasabi? The Surf-n-Turf roll so he could try the delicious BEEF TARRR TARRR

    55555 by Kelli S.

  • Gina O.Dumplings + sesame sauce =delicious.

    55555 by Gina O.

  • Steve ‘Pudgy’ D.I had the spicy garlic miso ramen. Eat more ramen! !=)

    55555 by Steve ‘Pudgy’ D.

  • Jenny C.Loved the pork belly buns! Ramen broth is super yummy! BYOB!!!

    55555 by Jenny C.

  • Jennifer R.The ramen is amazing!!!

    55555 by Jennifer R.

  • Kevin T.Best ramen in Chicago

    55555 by Kevin T.

  • Lisa W.Get the spicy garlic miso ramen. It's addictive. Split it with someone, and share some sushi.

    55555 by Lisa W.

  • Lisa W.Some of my favorite sushi in the city, and the best spot in the neighborhood for it. The spicy scallop roll is great. And their uni is super fresh and awesome. BYOB too!

    55555 by Lisa W.

  • Jared G.Everything is great! The Le Japan is the best roll. Also try the Spicy Roasted Garlic Ramen!

    55555 by Jared G.

  • Michelle M.Ask for Chris. He's the best.

    55555 by Michelle M.

  • Nicole G.The kimchee and unagi avo are wonderful choices

    55555 by Nicole G.

  • Vivienne T.BYOB. Get the tonkatsu ramen on a cold winter day. It'll make you warm & woozy.

    55555 by Vivienne T.

  • Time Out ChicagoThe sushi is hit-or-miss. Try the fried chicken skin yakitori, soft Japanese sweet potato coated in crunchy panko and a genius fried spring roll that pairs luscious Berkshire belly with tart kimchi.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Morgan S.Get anything with pork face in it, especially the ramen.

    55555 by Morgan S.

  • Josh R.Easy on the wallet and good atmosphere. Try the Hot Yogi and start with the mushrooms. And remember, it's BYOB.

    55555 by Josh R.

  • Christopher T.Come here for their small plates and their skewers. Order the wyagu beef skewers and the chicken skin skewers. Their ramen is also good!

    55555 by Christopher T.

  • Alan H.The octopus puffs are Awesome! (honestly, I never thought I would type those words...)

    55555 by Alan H.

  • Katie R.Try the tonkotsu ramen. it's some of the best I've had outside of Tokyo.

    55555 by Katie R.

  • ManbqueAtmosphere is cool, location is great, sushi is so so.

    55555 by Manbque

  • John S.It's okay.

    33333 by John S.

  • tankboyAwesome staff and reasonably priced food have made me a fan!

    55555 by tankboy

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