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Owen and Engine

2700 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

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(773) 235-2930

  • Sun - 11:00am - 12:00am
  • Mon - Thu 5:00pm - 1:00am
  • Fri 5:00pm - 2:00am
  • Sat 11:00am - 2:00am

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4.8 of 5.0 from 145 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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Owen and Engine in Chicago, IL
  • Owen and Engine in Chicago, IL
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  • Owen and Engine in Chicago, IL
  • Owen and Engine in Chicago, IL

Blogger Reviews of Owen and Engine

  • Mastication Monologues on Aug 06, 2013

    To those who actually got the Willy Wonka reference in my title, bravi, for I was figuratively transported to a restaurant that was a veritable horn o plenty of delicious food and exquisite beers...

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  • Mastication Monologues on Jul 08, 2011

    As for the nightcap, I tried the Hoss beer which was a pale ale that was the complete opposite of how I started since it was a light translucent yellow with a taste of grass and a hint of lemon that gave the beverage a light and clean finish.

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Owen and Engine Reviews

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  • Heather W.Great drink selection and the bubble and squeak is fantastic! Also, look at this heirloom tomato-fruit tartlette! #stacked

    55555 by Heather W.

  • nic AGet the triple chocolate cookies and milk

    55555 by nic A

  • Shinji K.Excellent burger, terrible stools

    55555 by Shinji K.

  • Michael T.Burger was awesome!!

    55555 by Michael T.

  • Florence HI asked for a French Martini, they couldn't make that then I ask for Cosmo they told me that they don't carry cranberry juice so vodka cran was out of the question. WTF, everyone was so uptight.

    22222 by Florence H

  • EaterGood day, governor. The second-floor of Bo Fowler's English gastropub has a great British feel that guests won't mind colonizing during every winter visit.

    55555 by Eater

  • Nick W.Everything is great, but definitely do the Scotch Egg and the cheese plate

    55555 by Nick W.

  • Zach SteinerGreat beer list. Try the house made bread board.

    55555 by Zach Steiner

  • Matt NBest burger in Chicago, simple but the flavor of the beef is incredible. The burger, beer, and bourbon deal on Tuesdays can't be beat.

    55555 by Matt N

  • EaterThis cult favorite British-inspired gastropub has a much better beer selection and the fish and chips are nearly as good as across the pond, and the burger is easily one of the best in Chicago.

    55555 by Eater

  • Chefs Feed"Owen & Engine doesn't like a lot of nonsense on their burger, and neither do I. Freshly ground Meyer Ranch beef, caramelized onions, and a housemade roll—awesome!"- Justin Large

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Michelle R.Everything was so good!!! Scotch egg, bread board, squeak, and burger. Yummy!

    55555 by Michelle R.

  • J S.Amazing food, service and atmosphere! Try the scotch egg, bubble and squeak, or Cornish pasty.

    55555 by J S.

  • eddie DFantastic place to have a gourmet burger and unique drinks

    55555 by eddie D

  • Erik S.Great burgers and decent beer selection! Get the Cheese plate app, it's Bomb.com

    55555 by Erik S.

  • Jackson JMan, this burger

    33333 by Jackson J

  • Ashley K.Everyone here is so knowledgeable about the food & drinks. It's very unique and hits the spot every time. My suggestion for appetizer = hot chocolate & cinnamon toast

    55555 by Ashley K.

  • Michael D.Surprisingly awesome brunch. You can't go wrong with the biscuits and gravy.

    55555 by Michael D.

  • Roger TGet your life with a cheese plate

    55555 by Roger T

  • Roger TSuper meats and cheeses

    55555 by Roger T

  • Michael S.Beef Burger

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Nick C.Burger, brussel sprouts and egg app and toffee dessert were all WOW foods.

    55555 by Nick C.

  • Amy R.The burger (with cheese and egg) is delicious...but the bread board is the surprise winner here

    55555 by Amy R.

  • Angeline WTuesday burger specials are a fantastic deal! Definitely get all the extra toppings to go w your burger

    55555 by Angeline W

  • Angeline WThe curried cauliflower appetizer was fantastic

    55555 by Angeline W

  • Brian NBurgers, cask ale, beer, fritters, everything

    55555 by Brian N

  • Daniel CBurger special

    55555 by Daniel C

  • Eli RScotch eggs

    55555 by Eli R

  • Dan M.best burger in Chicago

    55555 by Dan M.

  • Eduardo GonzalezPossibly the best burger in Chicago.

    55555 by Eduardo Gonzalez

  • Claire PistekThe scotch egg was great.

    55555 by Claire Pistek

  • Brittany NicoleI loved everything about this place. Beer, food, atmosphere

    55555 by Brittany Nicole

  • Dan C.So tasty. Try the whatever/everything.

    55555 by Dan C.

  • Tana B.The Shepherd's pie is AMAZING. Perfect portion, comes with a side salad and is a must when it's single digits in Chicago. If you like Bloody Mary's, try the Red Snapper. It's salty, savory, delicious

    55555 by Tana B.

  • Tim O'BryanOne of the best gourmet burgers I've ever had in the city. Amazing combo of flavors, perfectly juicy.

    55555 by Tim O'Bryan

  • Davin L.The burger here is so amazing. Quite possibly the best I've had in this city.

    55555 by Davin L.

  • Laura P.Get the bangers and mash. A classic English favorite taken to the next level.

    55555 by Laura P.

  • Alicia JayThe Tuesday night beer, burger and bourbon special for $15 is awesome. The jar of pickled stuff is great too.

    55555 by Alicia Jay

  • Pam PietrowskyThe beer and the food. It's all great.

    55555 by Pam Pietrowsky

  • Sabina K.pickle snack (variety of veggies with hints of curry), tea and biscuits (home made marmalade), olives with white anchovies. did i mention true British ales? will be back!

    55555 by Sabina K.

  • Stefanie KJust get the burger.

    33333 by Stefanie K

  • Kenney M.The burger is one of the best in the city. No cheese or bacon needed.

    55555 by Kenney M.

  • Emily JurlinaOne of the best Pimm's Cups in Chicago.

    55555 by Emily Jurlina

  • Kenney M.You can add cheese, bacon or a fried egg to the burger, but it's excellent just by itself.

    55555 by Kenney M.

  • Sean CBeer and drinks

    55555 by Sean C

  • Kenny U.Tuesday special: amazing burger, draft beer, and a shot. You can't go wrong! The burger doesn't need any cheese or ketchup, the flavor stands on its own!

    55555 by Kenny U.

  • Lee A.Delicious food and great beer

    55555 by Lee A.

  • Jared H.One of the best restaurant experiences I've ever had. Way to go Owen & Engine!

    55555 by Jared H.

  • Hillman PhilistiaSautéed onion burger, home made gyro, great fries, solid French press coffee

    55555 by Hillman Philistia

  • Chefs FeedJustin Large, chef of One Off Hospitality Group (Director of Culinary Operations), eats here on his nights off. He loves the House-ground Meyer Ranch beef burger.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Redeye ChicagoHousemade bangers and mash with onion gravy ($15) are made with Illinois-raised pork, while the rotating draft ales hail from both coasts, and of course, Great Britain.

    55555 by Redeye Chicago

  • Chicago TribuneBeer is a huge part of the experience, no surprise there, and thankfully the servers can discuss the subject intelligently, or defer to O&E's in-house cicerone

    33333 by Chicago Tribune

  • Chicago TribuneBangers and mash feature house-made sausages and mashed Yukon golds with a sturdy onion gravy.

    55555 by Chicago Tribune

  • Chicago TribuneThe charcuterie platter is one of O&E's absolute must-order dishes.

    55555 by Chicago Tribune

  • ChicagoistThe roasted half chicken preparation is always great, the steaks are top notch and the burger is one of the best in town

    55555 by Chicagoist

  • Cristina GGood beer selection. Chips are great for late night snacking.

    55555 by Cristina G

  • Mo C.My New 'Favorite' Spot! Because they serve em', Pot of Perfectly Pickled Pickles+prime beef cheddar burger+S.S. Nut Brown Ale=PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Mo C.

  • Phillip E.Get the burger with bacon on it. You will not be disappointed

    55555 by Phillip E.

  • Jake G.This place has a lot going for it: food, atmosphere, drinks, etc. However, I was disappointed by the service. Not attentive, abrupt and, at times, unhelpful.

    33333 by Jake G.

  • Patrick K.wow. amazing beer selection (seasonal!). delectable scotch eggs (as an appetizer for two). phenomenal burgers (with fresh ground beef). and excellent "pot of tea" (served with scones).

    55555 by Patrick K.

  • Whitney C.Burger, Bourbon, and Beer!

    55555 by Whitney C.

  • Kelli S.If not fish n chips, the Kale Salad with brussel sprouts and beets and buttermilk dressing is shockingly delicious. Wash it down with whatever is on cask!

    55555 by Kelli S.

  • CarlosBest burger you never had.

    55555 by Carlos

  • Matthew R.You have to try the burger at this place... Unreal. If it's your first time, just order it as is, medium, I promise you won't be disappointed.

    55555 by Matthew R.

  • Grace C.The burger there is delicious! And btw... If you're sitting at the bar, they give out free whiskey shots at 10:22 pm (celebrating their broken clock tradition)!

    55555 by Grace C.

  • Josue M.Come for the Monday Burger Special. A burger with a shot and a beer for just 15 bucks. Ask for Shawn at the bar, he'll make you feel very welcomed. Oh, and ask what 10:22 means.

    55555 by Josue M.

  • Emily E.Slowest service ever. Waited 80 minutes for a burger that came out cold. Never again.

    11111 by Emily E.

  • Andrew K.$15 for a burger, beer, and shot of bourbon on Tuesdays is a hard deal to beat.

    55555 by Andrew K.


    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Darius B.This was a very good restaurant, you might a nice wait. Best to reserve a table in advance. Staff is very knowledge on the menu. Tuesday is beer, bourbon, and burger for $15. Well worth it

    55555 by Darius B.

  • Silvia D.Must try the tall glass Victorian Cocktail. Thumbs up!!

    55555 by Silvia D.

  • Serious EatsThough oddly located, everything else about this British-style pub is top notch.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Stacy T.The short rib hot dog is amazing but gets taken off the summer menu Monday.

    55555 by Stacy T.

  • Shannon H.No miles on Tuesdays and Saturdays

    55555 by Shannon H.

  • Colleen R.Awesome food! Great service. Definitely get the Scotch Egg. Burgers are pretty rare, I would get it cooked one step more than you normally do.

    55555 by Colleen R.

  • Michael H.The bangers and mash are not authentic, but they are delicious.

    55555 by Michael H.

  • Molly C.Not authentic. Still good,

    55555 by Molly C.

  • ISC C.Grab a table upstairs after 10 pm for beer, grub, and conversation. True pub feel, no music, no TV.

    55555 by ISC C.

  • Jen B.Don't ask for ranch dressing, according to the bartender "this is a different kind of place" and it isn't available. Based on the service I won't be returning and I suggest you don't attempt trying.

    33333 by Jen B.

  • Patricia P.Bubble and squeak!

    55555 by Patricia P.

  • Elliott B.Try the Ice Cream Sandwich (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Elliott B.

  • Lauren M.Might be the best burger in Chicago.

    55555 by Lauren M.

  • Elliott B.Try the Soft Shell Crab - #beerpaired w @solemnoathbeer Whisper Kisses (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Elliott B.

  • Chirag P.The best navratan Korma I've ever had. Light on the cream and nice touch of peanuts and tofu.

    55555 by Chirag P.

  • Elle E.Pre-movie drink :)

    55555 by Elle E.

  • George W.They should make their items order-able from a smart phone by adding them to the app "appay biz". That way, I can order ahead using "appay"!!!!!!!!

    33333 by George W.

  • Heather S.Def one of my top 3 fav places for a burger.The pretzel app & cheddar mash are both amazing. For dessert, skip the pudding cake... the goat milk panna cotta was much better. Service was spectacular!

    55555 by Heather S.

  • Justin H.Drink like your grandma with some old timey cocktails. Thanks, grandma!

    55555 by Justin H.

  • Andrew V.Hot out-of-the-frier glazed donut holes filled with a date filling. No verb is needed.

    55555 by Andrew V.

  • Time Out ChicagoWhen the behemoth Slagel Farm burger on an onion-studded potato bun hits your table, you’ll vow to bring half home. Then you’ll take one bite and realize no one has that kind of willpower.

    33333 by Time Out Chicago

  • mark a.The ploughman's dinner is amazing.

    55555 by mark a.

  • Gillie K.Pot of hot chocolate with a side of cinnamon toast for $6. Love it!

    55555 by Gillie K.

  • Becca H.Cheesecake dessert!!!

    55555 by Becca H.

  • Elliott B.Try the Pot de Creme - Parsnip pot de creme, with blood orange sorbet pistachio financier, and fried chips. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Elliott B.

  • Elliott B.Try the Beef Tartare (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Elliott B.

  • Justin M.Order the food, it's fantastic!

    55555 by Justin M.

  • Karin G.Duck meatballs are amazing. The duck entree was phenomenal!

    55555 by Karin G.

  • Joe S.The scotch egg is awesome! Possibly the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Joe S.

  • John S.Staff here is so enthusiastic. Great spot for a nightcap.

    55555 by John S.

  • Max M.The hand pumped cask beers are unusual and tasty. Some local, some over seas. Do it.

    55555 by Max M.

  • ChrisThe best burger in Chicago. Great atmosphere and amazing servers and bartenders. My favorite gastropub this side of The Spotted Pig.

    55555 by Chris

  • Jake S.Grab a Goose Island Orange Cream soda. It's a Creamsicle in a glass bottle!

    55555 by Jake S.

  • Jonathan S.Always great craft beer selection! I'd go as far as saying they have the best pretzel in town, and they serve it with rare bits. Absolutely phenomenal! Plus their desserts are fantastic!

    55555 by Jonathan S.

  • Elliott B.Try the Bone Marrow with Escargot - Phenomenal! Dusted with garlic bread crumbs and fin herbs with a roasted lemon. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Elliott B.

  • Elliott B.Try the Pan Roasted Miller Amish Chicken - With roasted white beets, heirloom carrots, brussels sprouts and an orange demi-glacé. Heck yeah! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Elliott B.

  • Chico L.Free shot of bourbon if you are sitting at the bar at 10:22. The clock is stuck at that time so a shot is poured. Don't know it will be fixed.

    33333 by Chico L.

  • Elliott B.Try the Sweet Potatoe Pie - With Barber Cheddar thyme crust, housemade lemon marshmallow, and buttermilk anglaise. Heck yeah! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Elliott B.

  • Brad C.Try a beer from the beer engine.

    33333 by Brad C.

  • Brad C.One of the best burgers in Chicago! Order it!!

    55555 by Brad C.

  • Chris L.Tuesdays: burger, bourbon, and beer for $15. Best burger yet in Chicago. Don't use any ketchup.

    55555 by Chris L.

  • Jason M.Bangers & mash: get it.

    55555 by Jason M.

  • Steve ‘Pudgy’ D.This is a venue which _should_ be classified as "gastropub". I know no other venue in the entire metropolitan area with *4* craftbeer handpumps. Food is astounding as well. ☞ Free wi-fi.

    55555 by Steve ‘Pudgy’ D.

  • Steven D.Get the Stilton!

    55555 by Steven D.

  • Mike L.1) pickles 2) homemade bread 3) bitter beer 4) everything else on the menu

    55555 by Mike L.

  • Lisa W.Best fish and chips in the city, the fresh fish is well worth the price. Wonderful cocktail menu as well, and I hear the full service breakfast is awesome.

    55555 by Lisa W.

  • Yevgeniy Z.This place is OK. Guys need to add some original british dishes

    33333 by Yevgeniy Z.

  • Daria M.Amazingly charismatic place :) They brought me a good tea in beautiful china cup. Even just for that reason, they deserve a good review!

    55555 by Daria M.

  • Scot W.Cask conditioned beer on tap and pimms drinks. What could be better. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Scot W.

  • Jennifer S.Bubble & squeak is delicious

    55555 by Jennifer S.

  • Jen P.The Red Dragon cocktail is perfect on a cold night. Love it!

    55555 by Jen P.

  • gene s.excellent and wide selection of beers. try 'em all!!

    55555 by gene s.

  • Joy S.You must try the fish and chips! The tuna melt is a winner too. And loved the saison dupont beer.

    55555 by Joy S.

  • Chicago magazineMust-try cocktail: Victorian Pimm's Cup. The best of three Pimm’s Cup variations at this bar, with pink peppercorn tincture and rose water.

    55555 by Chicago magazine

  • Heidi B.You can't go wrong here. Tea and scones, scotch egg, chowder, and just about everything else is fantastic

    55555 by Heidi B.

  • Mohd M M.Time Out Chicago 100 Best Badge recommended venue

    55555 by Mohd M M.

  • Time Out ChicagoTry the Full English fry up from our 100 Best list: Hands down, this British pub is putting out one of the best brunches in the city, from the ornate coffee service to made-in-house seasonal scones.

    55555 by Time Out Chicago

  • Alexis F.One bourbon, one burger, one beer? $15 Tuesdays!!! (say hi to Elliot...)

    55555 by Alexis F.

  • DiPickled veg in little mason jars and the cheese plate are the way to go here. We fight over the piece of honeycomb that comes with the cheese plate. Menu doesn't change often enough.

    55555 by Di

  • Taylor C.Gently stroked the velvet in the bathrooms in as obscure a place I could muster-- becausI saw 16 people had already done so.

    33333 by Taylor C.

  • Chicago Tribune"...what makes Owen & Engine worth a trip to its uncharming, edge-of-Logan-Square location is the craft that Burkhardt applies to everything..." --Phil Vettel, food critic, July 28, 2011

    55555 by Chicago Tribune

  • Lillie F.The Outside deck (upstairs) is really charming!

    55555 by Lillie F.

  • Lillie F.The Outside deck (upstairs) is really charming!

    55555 by Lillie F.

  • Chad M.Worth. Every. Penny.

    55555 by Chad M.

  • Arm C.Great bartender upstairs and he makes killer drinks. A little pricey but definitely worth it...

    55555 by Arm C.

  • Dawn M.Awesome beer list. Fish & Chips are best I've ever had. Flown in daily, lightly breaded & not greasy at all. Tasty.

    55555 by Dawn M.

  • Dave S.Order a Scazerac. From the bartender with the handlebar mustache.

    33333 by Dave S.

  • Kevin D.The Scones here with the pot of tea are excellent!

    55555 by Kevin D.

  • Mark L.The fish and chips are fantastic. Give Eliot, the bartender, good tips. He is a wealth of knowledge.

    55555 by Mark L.

  • Dominic K.Burgers are amazing, pudding is awesome and the beer on tap is great!!!

    55555 by Dominic K.

  • Rob D.Burgers and draft beer selection are excellent

    55555 by Rob D.

  • Andrew S.Try the goat cheese cheese cake! Om nom nom nom!

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Brad C.Order the Bubble & Squeak

    55555 by Brad C.

  • sarah b.Cozy winter English pub. Fish shipped from new England daily. Great fireplace too

    55555 by sarah b.

  • Cesar CRich on Sunday nights takes care of his customers good.

    55555 by Cesar C

  • AskMenOn the menu is pub fare such as house-cut chips and meat pie with braised short ribs. The folks behind Fat Willy’s Rib Shack are running the show, so you know the grub will be a solid bet.

    55555 by AskMen

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