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CBD Provisions

1530 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75201

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(214) 261-4500

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Cuisine: American Restaurants

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4.9 of 5.0 from 63 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX
  • CBD Provisions in Dallas, TX

CBD Provisions Reviews

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  • Alberto P.The meat is cooked perfectly but a bit too much salty...

    55555 by Alberto P.

  • Brandon W.Amazingly light, fluffy and crisp pork rinds. Best I've ever had.

    55555 by Brandon W.

  • Harvey S.Chateaubriand

    55555 by Harvey S.

  • Kathryn AYou have the get the pig head tacos. Best thing ever.

    55555 by Kathryn A

  • ZubinHigh brow pub food/New American. It was pretty good, but not 9.0 good. No one loved their cocktails either, but a decent option if you're downtown

    55555 by Zubin

  • Ian JHalf Pig Head was delicious, perhaps a touch overdone, but from having had it before, the fact they pre-cut it is awesome. Ask for Andrew, amazing server!

    55555 by Ian J

  • Irma Z.FABULOUS- great ambiance and delicious food

    55555 by Irma Z.


    55555 by Brandon G.

  • Narendra Singh TGreat place connected to The Joule hotel. I've had the pigs head carnitas several times. First time I had it I thought it was excellent.

    55555 by Narendra Singh T

  • Teresa L.Berkshire Pig Head Carnitas, oysters

    55555 by Teresa L.

  • Mike H.Get the Old Fashioned.

    55555 by Mike H.

  • Mike H.Pig's head carnitas.

    55555 by Mike H.

  • Tanisha"Porker House" Rolls! Shut the front door.

    33333 by Tanisha

  • Christine DSolid fare. Had the lunch menu. Fries 👍🏼

    55555 by Christine D

  • Ty CGet the pigs head.

    33333 by Ty C

  • Brian W.One of the most interesting meals I had while in Texas. I'd recommend it.

    55555 by Brian W.

  • Pame TFantastic.

    55555 by Pame T

  • Pame T44 farms ribs

    55555 by Pame T

  • Ana CSúper rico todo ‼️‼️‼️❤️

    55555 by Ana C

  • Michelle L.Incompetent hostesses, but very good at accommodating post-eff ups. Got a free app due to waiting 45mins WITH reservations. Must say it was deeee lish. (Mussels and frites, do it!)

    55555 by Michelle L.

  • Timothy M.Waiter is good enough to eat

    55555 by Timothy M.

  • Cecy Villanueva De MtanousWe didn't receive a good service from Casey, the wait was long and they denied splitting the check. Other than that the food is delicious, the cornbread is amazingand they have very good beer.

    33333 by Cecy Villanueva De Mtanous

  • Doris H.The pigs head was worth a try but it is really heavy. Definitely get sides or have it as a side with a big party.

    55555 by Doris H.

  • Chris V.Fabulous lunch - grouper with ratatouille. Very fresh and tasty. Service is awesome.

    55555 by Chris V.

  • Beckie N.Cornbread is really tasty. Chili was good

    55555 by Beckie N.

  • Beckie N.The pigs head is really good and unique. Great for a group

    55555 by Beckie N.

  • PureWowThe ideal spot for entertaining out-of-town guests. Order up the veggie-friendly egg-white frittata with delicate local goat cheese, shiitake mushrooms and fresh arugula and greens.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Yanna IIt's a bit pricey but I loved it. I had the migas & I see recommend it. I sat at the bar & was greeted quickly. Great environment and location.

    55555 by Yanna I

  • Tanya CThe pimento toast, is a must try here!

    55555 by Tanya C

  • Xavier SnowmanThe service and atmosphere is great - only one veggie option really (the pasta), but it was very good

    55555 by Xavier Snowman

  • Jonathan RoseBest burger EVER. Besides WhataBurger

    55555 by Jonathan Rose

  • Kim HDinner fish last year was perfectly prepared (loved it!). Recent brunch was not as impressive. Enjoyed the cucumber juice & French toast. Tripe/chorizo dish was not to my liking. Great restaurant!

    55555 by Kim H

  • Tracy S.Great atmosphere, great people, cute bartenders and delicious food. Total win.

    55555 by Tracy S.

  • CNNFor anyone who loves a proper pig pickin', this is the tableside porcine dream. Wrap the smoky meat in fresh tortillas, pile on crunchy bits of skin, and top with radishes and roasted tomatillo salsa.

    55555 by CNN

  • mo b.The burger was hands down the best I've had in Dallas.

    55555 by mo b.

  • ObserverStreetChef Michael Sindoni has created one of the most robust sausage offerings in town. Standouts are the breakfast sausages, specifically the chicken breakfast sausage.

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • ObserverStreetThis sandwich is heaped with house-roasted pork onto a roll slathered with a jalapeño mustard and topped with country ham. The bread-and-butter pickles are house made, too.

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • ObserverStreetJust look at that bowl of oatmeal, drizzled with sorghum and topped with a dollop of crème frîache.

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • Dustin S.Pig head carnitas are fantastic. Easily shareable with 4 people.

    55555 by Dustin S.

  • ObserverStreetThere's a science that goes into making the perfect french fry, and the cooks at CBD have got it down.

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • Charles W.Feeling adventurous? Give the pig head a try. Its crispy, flaky deliciousness will rock your socks.

    55555 by Charles W.

  • Susan B.The Dill Maguey is delish! Food is very good and unique. Service is spectacular!

    55555 by Susan B.

  • Jessica S.Bon Appetit says: Look for us hunkered down over CBD's Berkshire pork-head carnitas & get Nduja pimento cheese toast; black-eyed pea hummus; butcher's steak with mole poblano

    55555 by Jessica S.

  • Betty L.Great energy & food!

    55555 by Betty L.

  • Crystal R.Fantastic food and service. The pig's head is wonderful!

    55555 by Crystal R.

  • Phil JHave to get the pig head carnitas. Eat from the jowl/neck upwards. Make sure you reserve one as it appeared a solid percentage of diners were ordering them when we arrived.

    33333 by Phil J

  • Linda TFabulous food and drinks! Try the Slow Sole Gin Sizzle. Awesome!

    55555 by Linda T

  • Nicolas NDefinitely get the 18hr. Pork Shoulder!

    55555 by Nicolas N

  • ThePlasticDiaries.comThe staff were welcoming and offered great service. The chef whipped me up a delightful vegan dish without a blink of an eye.

    55555 by ThePlasticDiaries.com

  • Lauren T.Be adventurous and try something new. The menu might be intimidating but servers are well-informed.

    55555 by Lauren T.

  • Andrews C.The pasta is a great vegetarian option. Pig tails are actually big, juicy ribs. Great Old Fashioned.

    55555 by Andrews C.

  • Patrick G.Pamela D is fantastic. Get the pig head it's great.

    55555 by Patrick G.

  • EaterThe stunning restaurant has uniquely rustic dishes like the whole pig's head carnitas served with tortillas and radish salad and arguably one of the finest burgers in town, fantastic cocktails too.

    55555 by Eater

  • Mike L.So this place is insanely delicious.

    55555 by Mike L.

  • ObserverStreetCBD Provisions has taken its place, with chef Michael Sindoni at the helm and with pig tails, kale salad and some killer Cuban sandwiches on the menu.

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • Bo K.very cool place ... rufflux design ... great vibe for downtown

    55555 by Bo K.

  • Jerod D.Fantastic! Ask for Amber. She is amazing! Delicious and so now.

    55555 by Jerod D.

  • Robbie W.Fresh fruit smoothie is tasty.

    55555 by Robbie W.

  • Andrew d.Get the Berkshire Pig Head Carnitas and split it 3 ways, total bargain IMHO and utterly dericious ^_^

    55555 by Andrew d.

  • Scott E.Great experience, high end comfort food.

    55555 by Scott E.

  • Nicole S.Wonderful service. Loved the grilled cheese and banana trifle. Great beer on tap too.

    55555 by Nicole S.

  • Kurt von Schleicher w.At this CBD (stands for Central Business District) restaurant in the Joule Htl, the big plate entrées start at $15 up to $25 (it’s Texas Cuisine). "The First on Main" replaces Charlie Palmer's soon.

    55555 by Kurt von Schleicher w.

  • Kurt von Schleicher w.At this CBD (which stands for Central Business District) restaurant in the Joule Htl, the big plate entrées start at ($15-$25 Texas Cuisine).

    55555 by Kurt von Schleicher w.

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