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Angry Dog

2726 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75226

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(214) 741-4406

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Burger Restaurants

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4.5 of 5.0 from 128 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Angry Dog in Dallas, TX
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  • Angry Dog in Dallas, TX

Angry Dog Reviews

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  • L M.Inside of restaurant

    33333 by L M.

  • Gabriel G.Good burger but not spectacular.

    55555 by Gabriel G.

  • Jared FBeers, burgers, and TVs. You come here for the food and good service, not the scenery.

    55555 by Jared F

  • Adam NBurgers and wings are amazing, best burger in dallas

    55555 by Adam N

  • Reed AvalonBest hot dog in Dallas. Period. No, no, make that Exclamation Point!

    55555 by Reed Avalon

  • Zeb P.Chili dogs are terrific, as advertised

    55555 by Zeb P.

  • Scott TaylorWings are fantastic and cheapest around!

    55555 by Scott Taylor

  • Deni Dickson BAnother great Deep Ellum locals spot. Late night drinks and hot food.

    55555 by Deni Dickson B

  • Narendra Singh TOne of the best burgers in Deep Ellum, if not all of Dallas. Nice waiters and great lunch spot with a Texan atmosphere. bill bixby bill bixby

    55555 by Narendra Singh T

  • Grant B.Burgers are fantastic.

    55555 by Grant B.

  • Kaminsky E.The best place for casual encounters.

    55555 by Kaminsky E.

  • Joe eBoar Burger

    55555 by Joe e

  • athena Sthe food is amazing

    55555 by athena S

  • Brittney RHusband had a burger that was fabulous and I had the Angry Tuna which was great! Ask for Vincent he was wonderful!

    55555 by Brittney R

  • Ashley GrossettThe service was horrible! The nachos lacked flavor. I will not return to this establishment.

    11111 by Ashley Grossett

  • Dashea KGreat burgers

    55555 by Dashea K

  • Matthew HBest burger and dog. Get the super hot wings.

    55555 by Matthew H

  • David Hepburn IIIGet the hot dog.

    33333 by David Hepburn III

  • Maya J.Great burgers and beers on tap.

    55555 by Maya J.

  • Sean TBeer, wings, nachos

    55555 by Sean T

  • Christina B.Best chili dog in Dallas!

    55555 by Christina B.

  • Gerardo C.Get yourself a cold beer and order your food, everything is good here, these guys really know how American taste buds work. #Genius My picks would be hot dogs, burgers, and comfort food.

    55555 by Gerardo C.

  • Shelby ThayerGreat food and great service

    55555 by Shelby Thayer

  • John H.Hotdogs, burgers, and wings are what they are known for. I would do the hotdog again in a heart beat. Very good love the different types of beers too. Everything we had was very good hotdog and burger

    55555 by John H.

  • Cheryl B.Delicious burgers

    55555 by Cheryl B.

  • Ashley H.Delicious sandwich options for when you aren't feeling a burger.

    55555 by Ashley H.

  • Gavin DThe Speidies are a lie, absolutely nothing like what they are supposed to be. It was like a blackend chicken sandwitch, only thing it had in common with Speidies was that it was cubed chicken.

    22222 by Gavin D

  • Carrie M.Angry Dog was delish!!! A must try 😊

    55555 by Carrie M.

  • Wednesday T.Burger with american cheese - yum.

    55555 by Wednesday T.

  • Audriana V.OMG THE QUESO

    55555 by Audriana V.

  • Rober T.Get the angry dog. Great place for hot dogs and burgers.

    55555 by Rober T.

  • ObserverStreetWe're reluctant to use the phrase "fancy dive," but the Angry Dog is dark with long tables, mismatched chairs and a wooden bar that runs almost the length of the restaurant.

    33333 by ObserverStreet

  • BThe burgers and the angry dog!

    33333 by B

  • WickedchimpGood weekend brunch spot for Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Burgers are some of the best in Dallas.

    55555 by Wickedchimp

  • Travis B.Best burger in dfw! The angry dog will make you shit wrong for a week, but it's worth it. The angry tuna is killer if you're not in the mood for a grease ball.

    55555 by Travis B.

  • Sarahjoy C.The actual Angry Dog is the bomb dot com.

    55555 by Sarahjoy C.

  • Jill HummelReally enjoyed the burger but ended up with food poisoning! :(

    22222 by Jill Hummel

  • Perla C ROmg this place is delish!!!! I recommend the kitchen sink 👌

    55555 by Perla C R

  • Jim W.Consider splitting a plate. It was more than enough for my wife and I.

    55555 by Jim W.

  • Kevin MWhat more can be said.... It's awesome!

    55555 by Kevin M

  • Iris S.I've never had a bad experience here. The french fries are to die for, the nachos are fabulous, and of course, the Angry Dog is the tastiest chili dog around! I stop by every time I'm in Dallas!

    55555 by Iris S.

  • Trev D.Great service, mimosas and bloody Mary's are awesome.

    55555 by Trev D.

  • Tracy M.Get the Angry Dog!

    22222 by Tracy M.

  • Angry DogAngry Corny Dogs, just EIGHT 2013 State Fair coupons, late night THR-FRI-SAT, 10PM until close through OCT 18. The DOG is taking on the Sacred Cow of the Fair. It's a corny dog throw-down! Get some!

    33333 by Angry Dog

  • Joshua W.The Burger stands the test of being The Burger! It's worth the try!

    55555 by Joshua W.

  • Christina C.Try the Bloody Mary on Sunday. It's only $3.50 and nice and strong and spicy!

    55555 by Christina C.

  • Chris G.Try the Chicken Spiedies (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Chris G.

  • ObserverStreetThe name comes from its specialty--an all-beef hot dog with a choice of toppings

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • Raffaele G.there are many other really good burger joints in dallas, 1 right on the other side of the street "twisted root" where u can choose to have a side or not and dont have to pay extra 4 cheese!

    33333 by Raffaele G.

  • Raffaele G.yes the burger is really good but the fact that it comes necessarily with a side and i cannot even substitute the fries with the cheese fries paying extra, its reason enough not to go back

    33333 by Raffaele G.

  • Lukas K.Try the Chicken Wings - (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Lukas K.

  • Lukas K.Try the Nachos! - (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Lukas K.

  • Kevin C.Get The Angry Dog: hot dog piled high with mustard, chili, grilled onions & cheddar cheese. You may want to use a knife and fork.

    33333 by Kevin C.

  • Michael T.They need some southern style sweet tea....just sayin.

    55555 by Michael T.

  • Holly M.There are vegetarian options too!

    55555 by Holly M.

  • Rooster B.Sooo good!

    55555 by Rooster B.

  • Lukas K.Try the Burger - (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Lukas K.

  • Tully C.Smallest wings I have seen.

    33333 by Tully C.

  • Tully C.These wings came off a Cornish game hen.

    33333 by Tully C.

  • Omaka O.Really awesome hot wings. Can't go wrong

    55555 by Omaka O.

  • Logan Y.Try the Pyramid if you like blue moon

    55555 by Logan Y.

  • ObserverStreetBest chili cheese dog & fries!

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • ObserverStreetAngry Dog is the best!

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • David M.Still the best burger in Dallas.

    55555 by David M.

  • Roberto C.Try the Burger - #deepellum love in #dallas ! Love the #angrydog ! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Roberto C.

  • Mark H.We were not were not convinced by the gravy, approach with caution.

    22222 by Mark H.

  • Marion C.The staff is awesome, burgers are juicy with lots of extras available, the fries are perfect, & the beer selection is great. Check out the new late night menu on Thur, Fri & Sat. Best corny dog ever!!

    55555 by Marion C.

  • Steven N.The club sandwich is damn good!

    33333 by Steven N.

  • NaimaNachos are the bomb! Doesn't look big from the outside but come in!

    55555 by Naima

  • Rachel D.Awesome food awesome happy hour!,

    55555 by Rachel D.

  • Tony V.A Deep Ellum bar and grill, that has one awesome burger. The chilli is fantastic.

    55555 by Tony V.

  • Sparkle D.Delicious burger, perfectly done.

    55555 by Sparkle D.

  • Lukas K.best place and food...period .

    55555 by Lukas K.

  • Jeffrey O.Superhot, more like sortahot

    55555 by Jeffrey O.

  • Selina A.Try the Beef Spiedies - Marinated steak on toasted Italian roll with a side of pasta salad (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Selina A.

  • Kyle S.Wings, Burger and the Dog! They are all great!

    55555 by Kyle S.

  • Troy W.Do the late night menu!

    33333 by Troy W.

  • Sherri S.That was my first time and SO not my last! The burger was cooked perfect and the draft beer selection was awesome! Can't wait to go back.

    55555 by Sherri S.

  • Lauren A.Service at the bar is slow. Atmosphere is ok. Burger was good like everyone says but nothing above and beyond.

    55555 by Lauren A.

  • Erica C.Get the hotdog nachos!

    33333 by Erica C.

  • Carolyn G.The chicken-fried steak sandwich is to die for. Don't just go in for the obvious burger choice.

    55555 by Carolyn G.

  • ScioniQCityRaise your city iQ: The Jukebox sound level is set in stone. Don't even ask to change it...that's one of their house rules.

    33333 by ScioniQCity

  • Jason K.If not the best, definitely in the top 5 best burgers in Dallas. Really depends on what day you ask me. Full bar, Deep Ellum, Good times.

    55555 by Jason K.

  • Anthony O.Angry dog is awesome. The fact they have backslider blonde on tap can't hurt either.

    55555 by Anthony O.

  • StealingKittyBesides the burgers, this place has the most amazingly sinful chili dog. A must eat! Wear your elastic pants!

    55555 by StealingKitty

  •  ℋugh ℳorris H.I'll give an endorsement of their "Burger" I added cucumbers try it! 

    55555 by  ℋugh ℳorris H.

  • Anna M.Try the fried pickles!!!!

    55555 by Anna M.

  • Carolyn G.Gets crowded at lunch so go on the early side. Don't miss the Angry Dog or the Chicken Fried Steak sandwich. Their burgers are fantastic as well. Crowded & LOUD but worth it!

    55555 by Carolyn G.

  • Rachel D.Nice place to go for drinks and food before a show in Deep Ellum.

    55555 by Rachel D.

  • Sony Mobile WTAVery busy at lunchtime when the workers have their daily burger at the Angry Dog. Avoid lunchtime but definitely go for the burgers!

    55555 by Sony Mobile WTA

  • Pam L.The fries here taste so good with Ranch!!

    55555 by Pam L.

  • Christine F.Order the fried pickles, best in Dallas!

    55555 by Christine F.

  • Trophenia K.Y'all gotta try the Angry Dog! Make sure to ask for server Luann.

    55555 by Trophenia K.

  • Gwendolyn R H.order the burger and add avocado and bacon with monterey jack cheese. the absolute best!

    55555 by Gwendolyn R H.

  • Anna M.Best burger around.

    55555 by Anna M.

  • Mark E.The Angry Dog is just awesome. For 10 years I have been going there and never once have they let me down.

    55555 by Mark E.

  • Christian C.Hot Dogs are awesome here, but the burger is great too

    55555 by Christian C.

  • Joe B.Been my favorite burger since 1999 come here atleast once a month best burger hands down

    55555 by Joe B.

  • Brandy A.Delish food!!

    55555 by Brandy A.

  • Katrina D.They have the best wings I've had ever in life.

    55555 by Katrina D.

  • MUDI M.Im not leaveing a tip Kristie is evereywhere on my four square.... lol

    33333 by MUDI M.

  • Maggie H.If the waiter tells you that the marinated chicken sandwich is no good w/ the buffalo sauce b/c it doesn't get mixed correctly, tell him to kiss off b/c it was the bomb!!!!

    33333 by Maggie H.

  • Denton A.My vote for best burger in Dallas & best bathroom:)

    55555 by Denton A.

  • William R.Medium burger, grilled onions, cheddar cheese please. Best in Dallas!

    55555 by William R.

  • Kristin C.Try the pasta salad instead of frys as a side. It sure is tasty!

    55555 by Kristin C.

  • ObserverStreetIf the rest of these tips aren't enough to sway you, The Dallas Observer voted Angry Dog with The Best Hamburger in Best of Dallas 2010

    55555 by ObserverStreet

  • Charles H.Agreed. Best burger in Dallas. Great seasoning salt, too. They should sell that stuff!

    55555 by Charles H.

  • Chris NThe burgers here are amazing!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Chris N

  • Jay Witkowski - The Wit Galley CGreat service!

    55555 by Jay Witkowski - The Wit Galley C

  • Troy W.Beer + Burger + Beer + Beer + Shot & a Beer = Happiness

    55555 by Troy W.

  • Katie TBest hamburgers in Dallas for sure!

    55555 by Katie T

  • Kristie A.Grab a burger and and choose from the many beers on tap or in bottle.

    55555 by Kristie A.

  • Agent L.Fast service. GREAT drinks. Avg food.

    55555 by Agent L.

  • Gretchen H.Mmmmmmmmmm

    55555 by Gretchen H.

  • Euwye C.Get the burger medium well, a draft and solute to the marlin

    33333 by Euwye C.

  • Kristie A.If Howard is behind the bar let him make you a shot...they are always killer. In a good way.

    55555 by Kristie A.

  • Shiryl W.Get the Angry Dog!!

    22222 by Shiryl W.

  • Matt DNA KBest burger in town for my money, but I also recommend the chicken spiedies. Whatever they put in that marinade is some potent stuff. Tasty beyond expectation.

    55555 by Matt DNA K

  • Barb-o-joyVegetarians- have The Natural

    55555 by Barb-o-joy

  • Whitney E.Best Burger in Dallas bar none. Don't listen to anything anyone else says. No need for a menu. You want burger. Draft beer is ice cold, too!!

    55555 by Whitney E.

  • Colin B.Angry Dog. Enough said.

    22222 by Colin B.

  • Shariq C.You want The Burger medium

    22222 by Shariq C.

  • AdmonkeyThe spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich rocks. Go extra spicy for the daring.

    55555 by Admonkey

  • Kristal M.Get the Angry Tuna salad with the Greek dressing if you want a healthier option.

    55555 by Kristal M.

  • Steve F.order Duke's Chicken Fried Steak sandwhich. It is goodness.

    55555 by Steve F.

  • Nathan Ktry the speedies. you will come back for them

    55555 by Nathan K

  • Jay A.Try the chili dog.... if you dare!! Voted best dog in Dallas by lots of magazines.

    55555 by Jay A.

  • eattrn LBest burger in metroplex

    55555 by eattrn L

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