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KOI Palace Restaurant

365 Gellert Boulevard
Daly City, CA 94015

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(650) 992-9000

  • Sun - 9:00am - 9:30pm
  • Mon - Thu 11:00am - 9:30pm
  • Fri 11:00am - 10:00pm
  • Sat 10:00am - 10:00pm

Cuisine: Chinese Food Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 131 reviews


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KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA
  • KOI Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA

KOI Palace Restaurant Reviews

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  • ChefMozI attended a banquet this past Saturday and the food was so-so, the service was TERRIBLE and the organization from the part of the restaurant was UNACCEPTABLE. The overall comment is BAD BAD BAD!!! Very unprofessional!!!

    11111 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozThroughout the dishes I've tried at Koi Palace, overwhelmed my taste buds, but their services are unfortunately unpleasant. Needs help, inattentive and ignores the customer.

    33333 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozGiven the business Koi Palace has been having these days, especially at weekends, I doubt that the restaurant would be too concerned about losing customers even if it paid little or no respect to some of them. Nonetheless, I think its upper management would benefit from learning the following incident as well as the observation that I made this last Sunday, July 13.The ultimate point here is: With some improvement on the current situation, the restaurant can avoid some unanticipated safety hazards that might hold it liable for. For instance, if and when some of those huge seafood tanks (aquariums) get cracked all of a sudden, or as triggered by the kitchen helper falling off the ladder while trying to catch a fish, many more nearby customers could or would get injured. Negligence is always a big and costly issue in the United States. A well-known case in point is the incident involving a persons injury caused by a hot cup of coffee from McDonald. Another case is the recent penalty of $$$ M that a Taiwanese food company now must pay to the family of a two-year-old Boston boy who died of getting choked from eating the companys fruit jelly.Now that I seem to have caught your attention. Let me relate to you what happened on Sunday 7/13/03. At about 11:55 AM, my wife walked up to the hostess in charge for a table for 4. My wife was then given the number 120, and was told that the wait was about 40 minutes. Thinking that it was such a long wait, my wife naturally stepped outside to wait while I was busy finding a parking space. Meanwhile, my two daughters went inside to use the restroom. As my older daughter came out of the restroom at round 12:07 AM, she heard that the hostess called for No. 120 once quickly, then jumped to the next number for another party of 4, and had that party seated by her assistant or another hostess.Alarmed by my daughter, my wife thus quickly went back inside through the double doors and requested that our number be reconsidered. After our whole family had been staying and waiting inside for another 20 minutes, my wife spotted that No. 120 was not on the new tape (list). So my wife insisted on having our number relisted. Then another 10 minutes went by, before my wife noticed that our number 120 was now on another new list but for a party of 2. Thus we began to complain and mutter helplessly, along with some other impatient parties in the same crowd. Meantime, during the long interval between noon and approximately 12:45 PM, the hostess called the few older numbers for party of 8 or 10 more than 6 or 7 times (plus a couple numbers for party of 2 or 5 or 6). Then by about 1:00 PM, the hostess called on a party of 4 who checked in at 12:20 PM. At that time, we ran out of patience and insisted on having an explanation as to why a party of 4 who checked in at 12:20 PM could be seated before us checking in at 12:00 PM first and rechecking in at 12:10 PM. Fortunately, with the help of a higher-up and almost making a fool out of ourselves, we finally got seated at about 1:05 PM.How to improve the hosting system, to be fair to the restaurants every customer, and to minimize any unnecessary safety hazard? Well, if the double doors have to remain closed to avoid having too much cool air to escape out or too much hot air flowing in, one option is to set a microphone at the podium and have it connected to (or wirelessly related to) a speaker mounted outside near the main entrance. Otherwise, customers waiting outside simply cannot hear any call from a walkie talkie through the double doors and amid a large crowds talking by the podium. If the use of a speaker is a violation of the noise control code, perhaps a monitor mounting outside can be another option.In addition, to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, try to use numbers 00 to 99 for party of 4 or fewer. For party of 5 to 7 or 8, use numbers 200 to 299; and for party of 9 or 10 and up, use numbers 400 to 499. But more importantly, be more accurate when informing the customers about the wait time; there is a significant difference between 40 minutes and 5 minutes. With the above suggested numbering system, for example, when a customer checks in for a party of 3 or 4, tell them that #85 has just been seated and the new customers number is, say, 89. The idea here is that now both parties (the hostess and the new customer) can easily appreciate how long the wait is for a small table; that is, in this case there are simply 3 numbers ahead of this new customer. The way it is now, at least 2 from a party has to wait inside for the call. When called upon, one of the two in the party has to go outside to gather the rest of the party while the other person nervously proving that they have the right number. In short, too many people are nervously as well as helplessly jamming inside and around the seafood tanks for almost nothing.I care to write about this incident because there are just not enough grand Chinese restaurants like Koi Palace available in the Bay area.Michael H. Dong, Dr.P.A., Ph.D.Elk Grove, CA 95758

    22222 by ChefMoz.org

  • Bikash M.One of the best dim sum spots in the Bay Area. Everything is so fresh and tasty. Try the unique duck burrito and the many seafood dumplings!!

    55555 by Bikash M.

  • Vansi V.If you get in like by 10:30, it isn't a long wait.

    33333 by Vansi V.

  • Omer Z.Best dim sum around. Worth the wait.

    55555 by Omer Z.

  • 板津 魁.Crowded but I love this place fancy dinner for Chinese food m!

    55555 by 板津 魁.

  • Priscila JBoooo 👎🏽 waited almost an hour to get our food and although looks nice it wasn't good 😡

    22222 by Priscila J

  • Bikash M.Excellent dim sum!! Hong Kong style layout. Get there early to avoid a wait. Everything is so tasty!!

    55555 by Bikash M.

  • Jiafang SCan't go wrong with Shanghai dumpling, fried dumplings, clam congee, 流沙包糯米鸡也超好吃!

    55555 by Jiafang S

  • Jennifer N.Best Peking duck with buns

    55555 by Jennifer N.

  • Jennifer N.Fancy Chinese food and really attentive service

    55555 by Jennifer N.

  • chris puccettiStill one of the best dim sum places around.

    55555 by chris puccetti

  • George show up before opening or expect 1-2 hour waits

    33333 by George

  • Christine DSolid dim sum

    55555 by Christine D

  • Andy C.Dim Sums are great

    55555 by Andy C.

  • katherine k. r.204. Wild Mushroom & Black Truffle Buns - steam buns that look like mushrooms (so cute! 😍) and stuffed with mushrooms. 👍

    55555 by katherine k. r.

  • katherine k. r.161. Vegetarian Tofu Roulette - made from yuba (tofu skins, kinda chewy) and stuffed with mushrooms. Served cold. I liked it but probably not everyone's cup of tea.

    33333 by katherine k. r.

  • katherine k. r.Plenty of vegetarian options. We enjoyed 204. Wild Mushroom Buns, 161. Vegetarian Tofu Roulette (made from yuba), 157. Soy Marinated Tofu Cube, 407. Green Onion Pancake, and 307. Vegetarian Rice Roll.

    55555 by katherine k. r.

  • katherine k. r.307. Vegetarian Rice Roll - fresh rice noodles stuffed with mushrooms in soy sauce broth. 👍

    55555 by katherine k. r.

  • Mat (Badger) EAlways massively busy, always incredibly tasty and reasonably priced

    55555 by Mat (Badger) E

  • Gloria C.Kale soup dumplings 😱😱😱

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Escott KGood dim sum and dinner menus.

    55555 by Escott K

  • Anthony C.Molten salted duck egg buns are to die for

    55555 by Anthony C.

  • Anthony C.Come ~30 min early to get first in line.

    22222 by Anthony C.

  • Jimmy LuAwesome dim sum, when it's good. When it's not good, it's just average. Line is a bitch

    55555 by Jimmy Lu

  • Simon C.Great Xiao long bao. Lobster is very good too.

    55555 by Simon C.

  • jansen chowGood variety of dim sum but the latest creative menus are kind of disappointing..

    55555 by jansen chow

  • Ting AEverything on the menu are good.

    55555 by Ting A

  • diane jungAmazing food and service!! Super fast but not rushed.

    55555 by diane jung

  • diane jungbaked pork buns, hargow, shumai, GARLIC GREEN Beans, deep fried crab

    55555 by diane jung

  • Christine WuDelicious dim sum, the best soft tofu that I've ever had! Come early or be prepared for a wait-they have a nifty number system so you can pick up a number and get a call when you're next in line.

    55555 by Christine Wu

  • Arthur L.Best dim sum in the Northern California! They have all the traditional Hong Kong or Cantonese dim sum dishes. in addition, the chef over the years have created innovative dishes. Ck dim sum menu w pic

    55555 by Arthur L.

  • Jack ZawThe most packed Dim Sum place that I have been to. Which means it's really good. Try their abalone egg tart its a must.

    55555 by Jack Zaw

  • Rushil GoelSome of the best Shanghai dumplings I've had

    55555 by Rushil Goel

  • Brian S.Bummed that dim sum is only at lunch but what should I expect? Fresh seafood is where this place excels in the dinner menu.

    33333 by Brian S.

  • Eugene AeroDim sum 7.

    55555 by Eugene Aero

  • Chris S.Perfect dumplings

    55555 by Chris S.

  • Chris S.Truly fantastic dim sum. Very likely the best I've ever had

    55555 by Chris S.

  • John D.It doesn't get more legit than this. The best dim sum I've ever eaten.

    55555 by John D.

  • Tiffany LiuFried taro dumpling is the must! Remember to get the small egg tart or u will regret it!

    55555 by Tiffany Liu

  • Bennett W.Another popular venue popular for holding wedding ceremonies

    55555 by Bennett W.

  • Tiffany LiuLunch time. Deep fried taro dumplings is awesome.

    55555 by Tiffany Liu

  • Andrew WilsonThe horrendous wait is somehow completely worth it. Get the dragon's beard desserts by the entrance while you wait.

    55555 by Andrew Wilson

  • Don O.Pick up a fast pass and check out the other rides in the meantime. (Just kidding. You will be waiting at least 45 minutes for food.)

    22222 by Don O.

  • Staci TurnerDim sum, egg custard

    55555 by Staci Turner

  • Chefs FeedAdrian Hoffman, chef of Lark Creek Restaurant Group, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Crab xiao long bao.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Tom M.Yes, Koi is most known for their Dim Sum, and it's excellent. But don't sleep on their dinner menu! Salt&pepper crab, smoked sea bass, and handmade dragon's beard candies in front shouldn't be missed!

    55555 by Tom M.

  • Eddy ChenThe dim sum is good but the waits are horrific, especially when the "VIP" customers show up and cut the line. Your best bet is to go with a smallish group (i.e. 4-6 people) and show up early.

    33333 by Eddy Chen

  • SFistThis Daly City spot in the Serramonte strip mall is legit. It’s loud, overwhelming, and totally worth it. Dim sum is lunch only, but served every day.

    55555 by SFist

  • SFistIt’s always a good sign when generations of Chinese families spill out of mini vans to stand in line at a dim sum place. It happens every weekend at Koi Palace

    55555 by SFist

  • Brad T.Really, is any dim sum worth an hour+ wait? I wonder?

    33333 by Brad T.

  • SFGateSeafood stars here, including sweet prawns simply steamed and served with a soy dipping sauce spiked with chiles.

    55555 by SFGate

  • SFGateSpecialties: Dim sum, including lobster and Shanghai crab dumplings; garlic pea shoots; all seafood, especially shrimp, abalone and geoduck; steamed whole fish; roast suckling pig.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Kate A.This is great dim sum place!

    55555 by Kate A.

  • Luke M.Arrive early

    55555 by Luke M.

  • Nathan Y.Get here early on the weekends. Stay for a long time.

    55555 by Nathan Y.

  • BrianHighly recommend the whole Dungeness crab dumplings and legs. The rice noodle with fried fish is a real stand out! Don't forget soup dumplings with meat and crab roe. Delicious!

    55555 by Brian

  • Judy N.If you go there for dim sum, they have a fish prepared two ways, in porridge and wrapped in white rice noodles. Super good but u need 4 or more ppl to get a decent taste of diff dim sum.

    55555 by Judy N.

  • Wen L.They're very crowded so it's better to go early. Their food is very delicious.

    55555 by Wen L.

  • Allison C.Very good dim sum but there are Places in the outer sunset w 5min wait that are just as good.

    55555 by Allison C.

  • Manuela B.Try the duck burrito.

    55555 by Manuela B.

  • Mikhail D.It might be great for dim sum but dinner was not impressive at all.

    33333 by Mikhail D.

  • Odd P.Awesome Dim Sum. I was lucky to get an immediate seat at 1pm during the week. Totally packed. Food is excellent.

    55555 by Odd P.

  • Norbert H.Perhaps the best Bay Area dimsum. If you must visit on a weekend, do yourself a huge favor and line up 15 min before they open. Otherwise, you could be looking at a 1+hr wait.

    33333 by Norbert H.

  • Aaron D.Expect long waits. Dim sum is mediocre at best and its expensive. Not the best dim sum place I've been to so far.

    33333 by Aaron D.

  • Aaron L.Dirty bathroom...someone peed on the floor

    11111 by Aaron L.

  • Kevin Y.Get there before opening for the first wave. Chinese doughnuts are a surprising must try.

    55555 by Kevin Y.

  • Catherine C.Dim sum heaven!!! What a surprise!

    55555 by Catherine C.

  • Adambest dimsum around. prepare to wait. like 1-2hrs.

    55555 by Adam

  • ashley t.Get there before 11 or be prepared for a 1-2 hour wait. Lunch favs - #223, #201, #307, and #510 for dessert.

    55555 by ashley t.

  • Matteo F.On weekends you'd better come early! Huge line.

    55555 by Matteo F.

  • Jason N.There are not a lot options for these type of restaurants in the city.

    55555 by Jason N.

  • Dailoc N.The place is always packed but well worth the wait! Don't forget to try the dragon beard candy they make there too!

    55555 by Dailoc N.

  • Ryan W.The ideal dinner for two: half roast duck, honey walnut prawns, shanghai steamed dumplings, Chinese broccoli, and egg puff pastries for dessert. Easy. Delicious.

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • Shirley L.Get the duck with buns and suckling pig when here for dinner. Try to snag an invite to one of your Chinese friends' banquets ;)

    55555 by Shirley L.

  • Pacific Union InternationalAmazing gingko with pea tendrils in broth and coffee spare ribs. Give them your cell number when you check in, and they'll text you when you're getting close to the top of the list.

    33333 by Pacific Union International

  • J-Birdbe sure to order at least 1 order of egg custards per person. this place gets the egg custard award!

    55555 by J-Bird

  • Natta P.Better come early or come at the very last minute. The wait is ridiculously long.

    55555 by Natta P.

  • Jessica C.Both dim sum lunches and banquet dinners are tasty

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • JessieMust orders: 1) 奶黃流沙包 Egg Yolk Lava Bun; 2) 脆皮魚肉腸粉 Crisp Fish Filet in Rice Roll; and 3) 桂花杞子糕 Osmanthus & Medlar Pudding

    55555 by Jessie

  • Chris L.Get there early. Otherwise prepare for 30+ min wait

    33333 by Chris L.

  • Roberto G.Best Cantonese in N California.

    55555 by Roberto G.

  • jonathan g.One of the top Chinese restaurants in the bay area.

    55555 by jonathan g.

  • Tasting TableBrave the brutal lines and chaos for the juicy dumplings filled with crisp-skinned suckling pig:

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • Paul P.Good sign....all Asians here!

    55555 by Paul P.

  • Jess W.Pretty empty during the week for dinner but definitely packed on the weekends for dim sum!

    55555 by Jess W.

  • Andrew N.Get here EARLY

    55555 by Andrew N.

  • Lesly Charmaine T.THE to go place for dimsum in San Fran. Their menu practically consists of dimsum, and every other second their waiters will bring carts of them by your table for you to pick.

    55555 by Lesly Charmaine T.

  • AlecsReally great dim sum! Best place for tea in the Bay Area! Can e a bit pricy, but as a treat, it's a don't miss.

    55555 by Alecs

  • TiziaDim sum brunch is fantastic. Around 30 - 45 min wait on weekends

    55555 by Tizia

  • Jane C.Hands down, best dim sum in the Bay Area

    55555 by Jane C.

  • KathleenThey open at 9 on Sundays. Come early for no wait.

    55555 by Kathleen

  • KathleenOn weekends come at 10 am when they open to avoid waiting and get the xiao long bao!

    55555 by Kathleen

  • Norris T.They make dragons beard candy from scratch near the lobby! asiantastic clientele. Get the suckling pig or peking duck all else is hit or miss. Helps if you speak chinese (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Norris T.

  • debzyou can call ahead to get a number

    55555 by debz

  • Raymond F.Make a reservation ahead of time if you have a big group.

    55555 by Raymond F.

  • Jenny J.Come early on weekends to get a seat

    55555 by Jenny J.

  • Emily L.Koi does dim sum best, esp #308 (crisp fish filet in rice roll), #288 (grilled chive & shrimp dumpling), #268 (baked egg custard bun)!

    55555 by Emily L.

  • Wilbur W.Make sure to get the Sugar Egg Puff as your last dish for dessert.

    55555 by Wilbur W.

  • Angela H.best dim sum

    55555 by Angela H.

  • Eric C.Unless you know someone who works here or get here early, be prepared to wait in long lines for dim sum.

    55555 by Eric C.

  • Sorder the pinapple custards bun ahead of time. must have.

    55555 by S

  • Laura O.Best dim sum in the Bay Area. Arrive before 11 if you don't want to wait more than an hour...

    55555 by Laura O.

  • Danny N.Get the dim sum!

    33333 by Danny N.

  • Jessica C.Go for the dim sum. Try to go during the weekday or when they first open on the weekends, otherwise be prepared for a wait of 45-60 mins!

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • Chesca R.Go for lunch, not dinner! Dimsum is available only during lunch!

    55555 by Chesca R.

  • steve m.Best Chinese food so far around SF. Go during the week with 3 friends and order the Duck Feast a superb deal at $69

    55555 by steve m.

  • CJDont let the people outside fool you. The line starts inside.

    55555 by CJ

  • The FeastDon't miss out on a box of dragon beard candy! It's basically spun sugar with crushed peanuts inside, a lost art that you can see demonstrated here on the weekends.

    55555 by The Feast

  • Hana N.Lamb buns in clay pot. So cute and tasty :)

    55555 by Hana N.

  • Hana N.Tasty duck burrito and XO rice noodles! :) Worth the wait.

    55555 by Hana N.

  • Hana N.Egg custard tarts take around 30min! Also get green onion pancakes, shrimp/chives pan fried dumplings, duck burrito, BBQ pork in crispy rice roll, layered indonesian style cake, xo rice noodle rolls!

    55555 by Hana N.

  • Phillip BSome of the best dim sum I've ever had

    55555 by Phillip B

  • vandy m.Best dim sum ever!

    55555 by vandy m.

  • RyanCall in ahead to get a number. This will reduce your wait time.

    33333 by Ryan

  • Kim M.The dim sum is fabulous but dinner isn't too hot. Dinner is sort of a big rip-off.

    55555 by Kim M.

  • Stefanie Y.If you like durian, you MUST try the durian paste puff pastry. And also stop by the counter to purchase the dragon beard candy--traditional chinese sweets. This place is quality dim sum you can taste!

    55555 by Stefanie Y.

  • Danny G45 wait on Saturday but worth it. They have a fantastic variety of tea to choose from ($1 per person). Some of the best Dim Sum around.

    55555 by Danny G

  • Maria L.Coffee spare ribs!

    55555 by Maria L.

  • Joseph Y.Lobster stuffed dumplings at dim sum!

    55555 by Joseph Y.

  • Yidrienne AFor something different, try the coffee ribs and duck burrito

    55555 by Yidrienne A

  • CoEuS KGet to know the hosts. They will get u a table in front of the line. Lol.

    33333 by CoEuS K

  • IsaGo to Koi Palace. Delicious Peking duck in 3 tastes, Shanghai dumplings, fresh carb, fresh fish and fruit only at $69(mon-thurs) for 4 people. Choose Peking duck dinner.

    55555 by Isa

  • Kapo T.get their bbq pork neck. it looks like regular bbq pork but it's not. try it and it won't disappoint.

    55555 by Kapo T.

  • Alley G.The best chicken feet in daly city

    55555 by Alley G.

  • John D.Best Dim Sum in SF Bay Area

    55555 by John D.

  • Maria L.Wknd tip: get your wait number, DO NOT wait in line, go to Daiso & browse for 40min, come back ready for dim sum <3

    33333 by Maria L.

  • Jay T.For dim sum lunch, call in and get a ticket number before you come.

    55555 by Jay T.

  • Hitoshi PProbably best seafood Chinese in Bay Area... Avoid lunch time dim sum but go for dinner on weekday nights.

    55555 by Hitoshi P

  • David Shoney glazed salmon is a awesome or any seafood dishes. simply one of the best Asian seafood restaurant in town

    55555 by David S

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