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The Market

1445 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80202

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(303) 534-5140

  • Sun - 6:00am - 10:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 6:00am - 11:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 6:00am - 12:00am

Cuisine: Bakeries, Coffee and Tea, Delis

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4.7 of 5.0 from 103 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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The Market in Denver, CO
  • The Market in Denver, CO
  • The Market in Denver, CO
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  • The Market in Denver, CO
  • The Market in Denver, CO
  • The Market in Denver, CO

The Market Reviews

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  • sharksteeth reviewThese guys are extremely rude!! After 9 years were done . I was sitting at a table watching a family waiting patiently to order .( They were not busy) the manager said what do want rudely! The father put his 1st order in and the manager walked abruptly away to make the sandwich. The father went to ask for another sandwich . And the Manager said " ONE AT A TIME" the family was shocked at the rudness but were very humble and looked like they were treading on glass. I went the next morning again and bought a sandwich at the back and a coffee at the front counter with a credit card. He said "if you cant pay cash next time go some where else ". This is just the last 2 incidents . I have watched the rude behavior to customers for 4 years while I eat breakfast. Food is good but not good enough to start your morning off .

    11111 by sharksteeth

  • Mike NThe Reuben is probably the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Mike N

  • LennyCoffee was good. Oatmeal was disappointing

    22222 by Lenny

  • Kelly S.So cute! Breakfast sandwiches are big and prepared well. Coffee can take a while as there's always a line but cute spot for a quick breakfast.

    55555 by Kelly S.

  • Leca SLugar ótimo com várias opções de lanches, refeições e excelente café. Boa mercearia e produtos diversos para compra! Várias opções saudáveis.

    55555 by Leca S

  • Henry UGreat for just working a little while.

    55555 by Henry U

  • VallyriLemon meringue cake is so good! German chocolate brownies run out fast during the week.

    55555 by Vallyri

  • Doug GSuper good food, all homemade. They also sell local foods and vegetables, as well as several varieties of honey.

    55555 by Doug G

  • Matthew DBreakfast Burrito with chorizo and sausage!

    55555 by Matthew D

  • HusheroMoroccan hot tea all the way :-)

    33333 by Hushero

  • Crystal M.The hot chocolate is amazing. Definitely something to try if you're in the area.

    55555 by Crystal M.

  • Jessica T.As authentic as it gets. I felt like I was in a European cafe and market. Forget Snooze, go here for breakfast / brunch

    55555 by Jessica T.

  • Tom M.Wifi: connect to MarketGuest, the —somewhat predictable— password is Coffee2015

    33333 by Tom M.

  • RaynaCozy place to study, relaxed environment. Nice change of pace compared to other cafes in Denver. They serve (pricey) alcohol and what seems like great food. Large selection of tea, plenty of outlets

    55555 by Rayna

  • Rod MThree salad combo plate

    55555 by Rod M

  • House Hunters ColoradoEverything is great at the market! Enjoy coffee, pastries, lunch, wifi and great atmosphere.

    55555 by House Hunters Colorado

  • Nica MulvaneyI was confused on my first time there but the staff helped me and the food was awesome :)

    55555 by Nica Mulvaney

  • ColleenCute little shops to wander and ponder..

    55555 by Colleen

  • Michael D.Great sandwiches!

    55555 by Michael D.

  • Jackal A.Always busy, great place to people watch.

    55555 by Jackal A.

  • Usaj R.Goto spot on a weekday for coffee or homemade faire for lunch. Little known secret, they said "no" to one of the larger financial firms in the world when they shut down Larimer for a private party!

    55555 by Usaj R.

  • 👑Topher B.Walk the entire market before you decide what you're going to eat.

    33333 by 👑Topher B.

  • Gabby BThe vegetarian breakfast burrito was so fresh and tasty. Definitely a cool place to do work and have a bite!

    55555 by Gabby B

  • Jesse C.Hot portobello sandwich is delicious. Be prepared to wait an eternity, but it's worth it.

    55555 by Jesse C.

  • Jason A.Great sandwiches, pastries and coffee. Do not come to the Market to work online; wifi connection is always poor.

    55555 by Jason A.

  • Bryan CostanzaSo many good things that my head was spinning. I can at least recommend the apricot pork loin sandwich and pasta salad with sundried tomato and goat cheese. Looking forward to my next lunch there.

    55555 by Bryan Costanza

  • Syketha LGreat place to enjoy a sunny CO morning!

    55555 by Syketha L

  • Jessica G.WiFi: Coffee2014

    55555 by Jessica G.

  • BigRyanParkThe city life, NY Jewish deli ambience is what makes this place a winner. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and deli sandwich, and enjoy your surroundings!

    55555 by BigRyanPark

  • Tyler J.spring fling: the best cake in the land

    55555 by Tyler J.

  • Julian H.Really very good food and coffee. They have strange processes where to order, pay and collect your food though. I went twice and the staff was not very friendly and helpfull both times.

    55555 by Julian H.

  • Bridget W.The Brownie, the Spring Fling cake!

    55555 by Bridget W.

  • Victoria C.Sour cream muffin is delectable!

    55555 by Victoria C.

  • Karen J.Tip#3 If you want no pickle or a specific type of bread on your sandwich let them know 3 times and check your food before heading out the door

    33333 by Karen J.

  • Karen J.Tip#2 when ordering a spring filling cake make sure u tell them u want them to bake it on the same pick up day so it's more fresh and the bread is moist.

    55555 by Karen J.

  • Karen J.Tip#1 make sure the person making your sandwich/food wears gloves and isn't eating behind the counter while doing it.

    22222 by Karen J.

  • JesseESPRESSO MILKSHAKE!!! That's all! Yum!

    55555 by Jesse

  • Katie B.Coffee is decent but the staff was so unpleasant that I won't be back.

    22222 by Katie B.

  • Jason A.Great atmosphere. Fantastic sandwiches. But DO NOT come here to get work done. I've tried many times, but their WiFi connection is always fussy and slow.

    55555 by Jason A.

  • Andrea S.Spring Fling cake is amazing!!!!

    55555 by Andrea S.

  • Jenna W.Found this place on Yelp while traveling. Great place with great food! Got the vegetarian sandwich and it was delicious! And I'm far from a vegetarian!

    55555 by Jenna W.

  • Joe H.Love the quiche ... fresh every morning.

    55555 by Joe H.

  • Joe H.Have a friendly chat with Ernie behind the coffee bar. He will brighten up your day.

    55555 by Joe H.

  • Holden U.Good coffee, and great environment for a lunch date or a good place to study with a little bit of ambiance.

    55555 by Holden U.

  • Gordon N.Muffaletta and a slice of Spring Fling = Meal of Champions!

    55555 by Gordon N.

  • Jillian W.This place is great... It's affordable (yes, college students - you can afford it!) and hip and cozy. Great for drinking something to get you going in the morning while catching up on hw.

    55555 by Jillian W.

  • Jared K.Great coffee, great people. It has been in this exact spot for 30 years as of this last Sunday the 17th!

    55555 by Jared K.

  • Lesya K.One of the best spots with atmosphere around the campus. The coffee is great. Plus, their food is delicious. It can get pricey, but the food and the ingredients are well worth it.

    55555 by Lesya K.

  • Stephanie N.Adorable chairs me and Sam

    55555 by Stephanie N.

  • Christy C.Best place in downtown Denver!

    55555 by Christy C.

  • Harrison F.A great place for bfast! Try the breakfast pocket!

    55555 by Harrison F.

  • Brandon W.Sandwiches are big! A half is definitely enough unless you're really hungry.

    55555 by Brandon W.

  • Jim E.Great place to chill and enjoy a cup of coffee. www.AwakeMySole.com

    55555 by Jim E.

  • Julie E.The Cocoa Caliente is wonderful

    55555 by Julie E.

  • JM B.A) get the Milky Way latte, it's worth it. B) don't come after 8, most of the staff turn into gremlins.

    55555 by JM B.

  • Brittany B.Highly suggest this place- very Euro in set up and great selection. Best sandwich so far in Denver!

    55555 by Brittany B.

  • Jessica G.WIFI password is Coffee2012

    55555 by Jessica G.

  • Jim K.The Carrot cake is the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Jim K.

  • Rachel R.If you don't order the Spring Fling cake and Muffaletta sandwich, you're fucking up.

    55555 by Rachel R.

  • Tone$65 for the spring fling cake

    33333 by Tone

  • Davina v.I was very excited about the Spring Fling from the comments, but it was underwhelming to me. Go for the cheese blintz instead!

    33333 by Davina v.

  • IvyTry their iced coffee with a dash of vanilla syrup...delicious!

    55555 by Ivy

  • Sarah S.The Spring Fling cake is the best cake in the world!!! Zucchini cake with layers of fresh fruit and cream cheese frosting. Delish!

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Jeremy J. L.Try the Flourless Fudge Cake!!!

    55555 by Jeremy J. L.

  • Lauren P.The Spring Fling cake will be one of the best decisions you could ever make.

    55555 by Lauren P.

  • EmThe cafe mocha incites such a Pavlov reaction in me, it is so tasty! :D

    55555 by Em

  • Kate L.They carry Udi's gluten free bread for sandwiches, and are very knowledgeable about gluten free and cross-contamination concerns. They're awesome!!! And the sandwiches are delicious!

    55555 by Kate L.

  • Leonardo D.The Cafe Mocha Mint is scrumptious. The small is plenty for kicking off your day.

    55555 by Leonardo D.


    55555 by Missy W.

  • Amy M.Ordering can be confusing the first time you go, but just ask staff for help--they're pretty friendly. The gnocchi salad and the goat cheese/sundried tomato pasta salad were AWESOME.

    55555 by Amy M.

  • Thomas K.I was impressed with the good, friendly service. Also the food is fresh and superb I recommend the roast beef sandwich followed by a fresh fruit tart, the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Thomas K.

  • Anne M.I love coming here on Thursday mornings and reading the latest edition of The Westword. It's peaceful, and the food/coffee is delicious. So close to campus... no excuse not to try it.

    55555 by Anne M.

  • Kelley V.The Thanksgiving Sandwich might just be the best thing ever...

    55555 by Kelley V.

  • Abdulmohsin A.If you are in the campus and you wanna get some brunch and studying at the same time, The Market Cafe is great for you. Spring Fling cake is one of my favorite desserts they got, you must try it.

    55555 by Abdulmohsin A.

  • Evan C.There are some quiet tables in the back that are a great study spot! I would love to see The Market Cafe do more promotions to students and incorporate deals through FourSquare.

    55555 by Evan C.

  • Jessica S.The Market is the ONLY coffee shop on the planet that put milk in their iced coffee. But I'm supposed to know that. Asshole.

    55555 by Jessica S.

  • Ethan H.Sooo good reminds me of eugene oregon

    55555 by Ethan H.

  • Jackal A.Try the black currant tea made with milk. It's one of the favorite things to wind down the day with.

    55555 by Jackal A.

  • Fritz C.The fried chicken, cheese, and bacon sandwich on Wednesdays. Incredible.

    55555 by Fritz C.

  • Ajayi H.Great coffee and food.

    55555 by Ajayi H.

  • Davina v.I wasn't impressed with the spring cake. But the chocolate croissants are great. Wonderful baristas!

    55555 by Davina v.

  • Joshua W.Thats some damn good Meat Loaf

    55555 by Joshua W.

  • Chelsey R.Horrible espresso

    22222 by Chelsey R.

  • Conor H.Essential breakfast spot. The coffee is divine, and the grub is plentiful, diverse and rib-sticking!

    55555 by Conor H.

  • Thomas M.The breakfast burritos are to die for.

    55555 by Thomas M.

  • Kelley B.The breakfast pocket is the most awesome euro-Mexican fusion! Yum : )

    55555 by Kelley B.

  • Rachel M.Go here for cheesecake instead of the "factory" 2 blocks over.

    33333 by Rachel M.

  • Jon R.Table in the back corner by the back door is nice, quieter, and not as stiflingly hot as the rest of the inside.

    33333 by Jon R.

  • Domenic R.For a light snack grab a small bowl of the gnocchi salad.... You'll be haunted by the savory deliciousness for years

    55555 by Domenic R.

  • Cameron T.Mmm chocolate croissant.. lots of chocolate in the middle!!

    55555 by Cameron T.

  • Marco M.Try the "Spring Fling" It's one of the favorite things I've eaten in my life!

    55555 by Marco M.

  • MelindaAside from great ambiance and tasty grub they've also got an awesome selection of import/elite candies, chocolates, teas, balms etc.

    55555 by Melinda

  • Yuki MA fun place to relax for a coffee break and yummy desserts!

    55555 by Yuki M

  • Reynolds W.Love this place....low key, try breakie, coffee on porch. lunch selections good too.

    55555 by Reynolds W.

  • Ben B.Spring fling is insane!

    55555 by Ben B.

  • Marc BExcellent locally owned independent café. Try the sandwiches!

    55555 by Marc B

  • Jaime M.Curry Chicken salad sammy.. YUM!

    55555 by Jaime M.

  • Marci W.Great place to meet a client. Quieter than most places.

    55555 by Marci W.

  • Jenny JTake a friend (or 3) and try the giant amazing blueberry sweet cheese muffin. It's heaven on a plate.

    55555 by Jenny J

  • Drew DahlmanTry the spring fling too!! Sooo good! Nom nom nom!

    55555 by Drew Dahlman

  • Mike O'NeilThe Apricot Pork Loin for lunch is a must, actually any meat dish is a must

    55555 by Mike O'Neil

  • Emily S.amazing desserts

    55555 by Emily S.

  • Zach K.Get the Muffaletta at the Market Cafe

    55555 by Zach K.

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