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Wynkoop Brewing Company

1634 18th St
Denver, CO 80202

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(303) 297-2700

  • Sun - Sat 11:00am - 2:00am

Cuisine: Bars

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4.7 of 5.0 from 210 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
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  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
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  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
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  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, CO

Wynkoop Brewing Company Reviews

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  • tooley reviewGreat food, drinks, and would recommed to visitors. Love their fish and chips! Love the hamburgers, too.

    44444 by tooley

  • tooley reviewGreat food, drinks, and would recommed to visitors. Love their fish and chips! Love the hamburgers, too.

    44444 by tooley

  • Michael TGreat atmosphere here!! Food was awesome and they have a great selection of beers

    55555 by Michael T

  • Valeria BThe Lemon blueberry icebox is a MUST! Excellent balance between sweet and sour. Also ir you try the salmon Sandwich you'll not be disaponited👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    55555 by Valeria B

  • Dan O'LearyAmple upstairs seating as well as a ice outdoor patio.

    55555 by Dan O'Leary

  • Sara GBuffalo meatloaf fantastic!!! Pimento cheese spread magnificent!!!

    55555 by Sara G

  • Larry EngelThe beer and the bar tender Justin is the man

    55555 by Larry Engel

  • Hannah FLoved the cowtown milk stout

    55555 by Hannah F

  • Angelina ZeppieriLots of great beer, right across the street from Union Station. Get the flight and try 5-6 of their top brews.

    55555 by Angelina Zeppieri

  • Kyle LAlways a good option. Good food, good beer, good atmosphere.

    55555 by Kyle L

  • Laurie JTake the tour, try a flight - the pale ale comes top for me, but there's everything from apple & banana to nitro stouts.

    55555 by Laurie J

  • Andrea N.Craft beer and good great@

    55555 by Andrea N.

  • DoniaYou can get individual 5oz tasters for cheap which is nice since they had such a huge variety of style. Chat with your bartender. They know what's up.

    55555 by Donia

  • David N.Rail yard ale is very good with brats.

    55555 by David N.

  • Paul VCome here for the beer, it's great whether you try one of theirs or their guests taps. But the food was an even more awesome surprise : it's delicious, for real. Try the nachos with pulled pork!!!

    55555 by Paul V

  • Kévin KExcellente bière ambrée. Prix abordables, service agréable. Possibilité de visiter la brasserie. La terrasse ensoleillée est un must.

    55555 by Kévin K

  • Mark ADenver's original craft beer brewery with a good selection. They even brew one with bulls testicles! That's released in Autumn so time your visit.

    55555 by Mark A

  • Ciprian T.Good beer, crappy service. Denver has lots of good beer with less attitude and better service.

    33333 by Ciprian T.

  • Colin AAmazing ambiance, close to Coors Field, excellent beer brews and the wings were the test I'd tasted in years.

    55555 by Colin A

  • Robyn KriekMy favorite was the Patty's Chile Beer

    55555 by Robyn Kriek

  • B H.The pork Nachos are out of this world.. Rye-Teo Old Chap.. Winner...Miles Davis 2nd.. Sledgehammerin 3rd

    55555 by B H.

  • Phil O.Pork Nachos( WOW) , Craft Margarita(MMMM...), Sledgehammeren & Rye teo THE BEST beer in a long time!

    55555 by Phil O.

  • Guthrie GundyGreat place to hit up downtown for some grub, a brew, and some pool!

    55555 by Guthrie Gundy

  • Jordan W.A little too busy for a brewery for my liking.

    55555 by Jordan W.

  • Jon NGreat beer, especially the milk stout. Good tour too.

    55555 by Jon N

  • Allison K.Try the cowtown milk stout

    55555 by Allison K.

  • Steph AOutdoor seating. Great charcuterie board.

    55555 by Steph A

  • Kelly EGood portion sizes. The spicy caramel wings were 💣.

    55555 by Kelly E

  • Jason C.Pretty standard if you've ever been to a place like this before.

    55555 by Jason C.

  • Ryan AMile high!

    55555 by Ryan A

  • Ryan ABeers are great. Atmosphere is awesome. Staff is very friendly. Try the mile high. Crazy good

    55555 by Ryan A

  • Alisa O.Food and service were great!

    55555 by Alisa O.

  • Jon D.Large craft beer selection. The meatloaf is pretty good as well!

    55555 by Jon D.

  • Raleigh K.Wide variety of beers on tap, and good food. Excellent service for such a large restaurant.

    55555 by Raleigh K.

  • Kaila S.Railyard forever please.

    11111 by Kaila S.

  • Anson KDo not buy the vodka red bulls.

    22222 by Anson K

  • Erica WenzelBeers, beer tasting, wings

    55555 by Erica Wenzel

  • Jeff FBest Chile beer and ESB in town!

    55555 by Jeff F

  • Corey WVeg chili w/ their fresh pita, along with the variety of delicious craft microbrewery beer options on tap. Great staff. Great location. Lower downtown by coors field. Easy access from the light rail.

    55555 by Corey W

  • Caitlin KilroyUpstairs has so much space! Solid beer choices and great places to meet up with friends. Food is spot on as well!

    55555 by Caitlin Kilroy

  • Krista VogelGood food, and definitely get the Cowtown Milk Stout.

    55555 by Krista Vogel

  • Ariel W.Good beers, decent pub food. Huge place. Too big/generic for my tastes.

    55555 by Ariel W.

  • Steph JKari is one of the best bartenders in Denver. Wine and beer knowledge on point. This girl is wonderfully accommodating and seriously knows her alcohol. Ask for her if you ever come here. 11/10.

    55555 by Steph J

  • Missy C.The Rocky Mtn Oyster Stout is quite nutty. Get it? Actually it was really smooth.

    55555 by Missy C.

  • Jason NewbergSome real interesting and delicious beers...bull testicles? Chili? Yummy!

    55555 by Jason Newberg

  • Wylie F.The beers are pretty darn good, the noise level is a little much.

    55555 by Wylie F.

  • Nick D.Great beer selection. Nice location downtown. Good atmosphere.

    55555 by Nick D.

  • Samantha ASimple happy hour food. Great place to start a good night. They have a good chilli beer and I also tried the colorojo.

    55555 by Samantha A

  • Nick D.HUGE portions. Try the mac n cheese.

    55555 by Nick D.

  • Grant B.The pastrami sandwich is what you've been craving.

    55555 by Grant B.

  • Maekala JB3k is amazing!

    55555 by Maekala J

  • Cody T.Pumpkin Porter is 👌

    55555 by Cody T.

  • Lauren ClarkI don't know yet

    33333 by Lauren Clark

  • Shelly NRail Yard Ale is a good replacement for my OMB Copper.

    55555 by Shelly N

  • Mike BAll sorts of good beer, but I love the atmosphere and games upstairs the most.

    55555 by Mike B

  • Duncan P.The pickled shrimp is amazing.

    55555 by Duncan P.

  • Ted T.Great Bar menu. The food is really good, so is the beer!

    55555 by Ted T.

  • Wilma K.Patty's chile beer is very good very mild.

    55555 by Wilma K.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Wynkoop Brewing Company as seen on Drinking Made Easy , Rachael Ray - $40 a Day

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Nate W.Lots of great beer to choose from and always plenty of empty pool tables to play on

    55555 by Nate W.

  • William B.What's good here: the Chile beer. Sounds weird, but tastes like taking a bite of salsa and chasing it w/ a beer

    55555 by William B.

  • Kyla G.Craft beers are delicious

    55555 by Kyla G.

  • Westword StreetIn 1988, the year the LoDo Historic District was founded, the Wynkoop Brewing Company became Denver's first brewpub.

    55555 by Westword Street

  • Rick E.The service is great and the chili beer is interesting

    55555 by Rick E.

  • The White HousePresident Obama met up with Governor Hickenlooper and folks in Denver who wrote him letters for some pool and a pint at Wynkoop Brewing Company.

    55555 by The White House

  • Rachel JI love their chile beer!

    55555 by Rachel J

  • Michael L.Don't expect to be waited on if you sit on the patio

    33333 by Michael L.

  • Iyke Henesy THello how are u doing,love your company.

    11111 by Iyke Henesy T

  • Corinne M.Randy spoiled us! Great service here. They wen brought us like 6 extra maraschino cherries just cause we said we liked them! (Found in the Mai Tai-which is definitely not skimped on booze)

    33333 by Corinne M.

  • Abhishek ChinchalkarAndy Brown at Wynkoop is experimenting with farmhouse yeast and barrel aging, among many other small-batch projects.

    55555 by Abhishek Chinchalkar

  • Luis E.Try the Mile HI.P.A and the 50/50 burger best combination of beer and amazing burger!

    55555 by Luis E.

  • Andrea R.Tres Bon Saison is delicious!!

    55555 by Andrea R.

  • Cynthia BRye IPA is wonderful!

    55555 by Cynthia B

  • Aaron b.Awesome game room. Good beer. Not crowded like most of LoDo on a Sat Night.

    55555 by Aaron b.

  • Kevin C.The fish and chips were perfect

    55555 by Kevin C.

  • Carol B.Tomato bisque and gumbo both excellent. Also lovin' the grilled salmon sandwich with bacon and avocado (plenty big to share).

    55555 by Carol B.

  • ManiThe beer Mile HIPA is great. The food is amazing. Try the BBQ sliders, mac and cheese and calamari. #bomb.com

    55555 by Mani

  • Amy A.Sour beers are amazing love our barteneder too!

    55555 by Amy A.

  • Nicole K.If you like spicy stuff, I mean very spicy, try the bacon wrapped jalapeños stuffed with peanut butter goat cheese. Great flavors and unique.

    55555 by Nicole K.

  • Angus B.Bring your glasses and a flashlight the menu ink is do feint you can hardly read it

    33333 by Angus B.

  • Uber D.Get a free Uber Lager when you show you uberX receipt! 11/18/2013-11/21/2013

    33333 by Uber D.

  • EverydayMany different types of locally-brewed beer served here.

    55555 by Everyday

  • Doctor Nehemiah C.I have been visiting the 'Koop' since I moved to Colorado, about a year now. always good food, I've never had poor service, upstairs are nice pool tables, corner table, & shuffle board. beer = A+

    55555 by Doctor Nehemiah C.

  • Ray T.Great staff. My wife enjoyed her beer a lot. She recommends the pumpkin beer.

    55555 by Ray T.

  • Samantha T.Great beer selection

    55555 by Samantha T.

  • Sara Z.Husband and I got 2 beer flights, buffalo meatloaf and grilled salmon...everything was good, but service was slow and it was really loud. We had a long day and just weren't feeling the vibe tonight.

    33333 by Sara Z.

  • John P.Had to leave without service

    22222 by John P.

  • Brian N.Free pool for kids Monday to Thursday from 12 - 6 PM with a paying parent.

    33333 by Brian N.

  • Brian N.Pork Bahn Mi sandwich is spicy, but really good. This place is a normal restaurant with kid menu during the day.

    55555 by Brian N.

  • Jim K.Patty's Chile Beer is worth a taste!

    55555 by Jim K.

  • Jonathan F. J.Q: How's the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout?! A: It's a bit nutty! (Ha!) Actually quite tasty, so are the other beers!

    55555 by Jonathan F. J.

  • LukaszReuben is pretty good, will get it again the next time I'm here

    55555 by Lukasz

  • Name.comI tried to have just one beer, but it wasn't possible here! Too tasty!

    33333 by Name.com

  • Kevin R.Beer is awesome - try the Patty's Chile Beer. Food is nothing to write home about.

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Christopher L.Colorojo.. Enough said

    33333 by Christopher L.

  • Faycel K.The tours are awesome!!! Free tour, free samplers, and very informative.

    55555 by Faycel K.

  • Jessica L.Staff was less than enthusiastic about their job but I was in good company so it was bearable. Food and drinks are great! Try the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stouts and Buffalo burger. Delicious!

    55555 by Jessica L.

  • Lindsay S.I can all the way from South Carolina for a party's chile beer

    55555 by Lindsay S.

  • Andrew K.Patty's Chili Beer

    55555 by Andrew K.

  • Sam T.Have to try the Chicken Jalepeno BLT with a Rail Yard Ale! Top notch!

    55555 by Sam T.

  • Jesse G.Great food, awesome beers

    55555 by Jesse G.

  • Rick V.Love the colorojo

    55555 by Rick V.

  • Rick V.Try the Rocky Mountain oyster Stout if you want a taste of beer with bull testicles. You'll have a ball… Or two

    55555 by Rick V.

  • Chris C.Awesome beers and not to mention great food. A MUST on any beer lovers list!

    55555 by Chris C.

  • Todd C.Patty's Chile beer is Teh Awesome.

    55555 by Todd C.

  • Todd C.They make the wold's most awesomnest chili beer here. Drink it!

    55555 by Todd C.

  • Nicole K.Hummus is amazing. Love the Colorojo beer!

    55555 by Nicole K.

  • Jared J.Pork banh mi is absolutely delicious, nicely spicy and pork is super tender

    55555 by Jared J.

  • Aylestone L.Shit beer, shit atmosphere, fuck off

    33333 by Aylestone L.

  • AIA NationalColorado's first brew pub respects its past as former J.S. Mercantile Building by keeping the original hardwood floors, thick timber pillars and pressed-tin ceiling, still found there today.

    55555 by AIA National

  • Drew F.Order the Mile HiPA. You won't regret this fine India Pale Ale.

    55555 by Drew F.

  • L S.Tons of pool tables upstairs.

    55555 by L S.

  • Amanda B.Seek out Rachel. Best bartender ever.

    55555 by Amanda B.

  • Vanessa P.Skeeball, shuffleboard, and darts!

    55555 by Vanessa P.

  • Duane S.Get the Chili beer. You won't be disappointed.

    55555 by Duane S.

  • Chad C.Try the fried chicken!!! It has got to be the best fried chicken in Colorado!! It is so flavorful, crunchy, and moist!! This is the best fried chicken I have had in years!!

    55555 by Chad C.

  • Casey D.Go for the beer - NOT the food!

    55555 by Casey D.

  • Amanda B.You must see Rachel! Amazing bartender upstairs.

    55555 by Amanda B.

  • Ingather Research & Innovation FacilitiesA brewpub founded in 1988 by John Hickenlooper, former mayor and current Governor of Colorado.

    55555 by Ingather Research & Innovation Facilities

  • Dave G.Secret bar menu

    55555 by Dave G.

  • Alain L.Wixa Weiss: is great, Two Gun Pils: is quite hoppy, Light Rail Ale has a nice citrus after taste. Rail yard Ale: bit too hoppy, London Calling IPA: is very hoppy, Mile HIPA: crispy hoppy IPA.

    55555 by Alain L.

  • Amanda W.If you like cockroaches and no air conditioning its pretty rad!!!

    22222 by Amanda W.

  • Chad J.Mmm wow the Root Beer is amazing. You have to try some.

    55555 by Chad J.

  • Sonia S.Great environment, customer service, and food too!!

    55555 by Sonia S.

  • Sonia S.Must try Orchard Wheat beer. It has sweet peach flavored! I loved it !

    55555 by Sonia S.

  • Henry H.Get a tour from brad Landman...

    55555 by Henry H.

  • Lacy M.Veggie burger not on the new menu, but they have one. Amazing with cheddar and grilled onions.

    55555 by Lacy M.

  • Margot B.Even if you're not a chicken person, try the fried chicken-- incredibly moist and on par with Ad Hoc's.

    55555 by Margot B.

  • Ian E.The jerk working the bar wouldn't accept my 1$ off checkin special. Boycott

    22222 by Ian E.

  • Robby R.The Two Guns Pilsner is delicious!

    55555 by Robby R.

  • Lauren M.You have to get the spinach artichoke dip... the beer bread that comes with is so good. Great with a Railyard to drink.

    55555 by Lauren M.

  • Michael C.Bangers and Mash

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Gary J.Awesome brewpub. Great beer and food. Spectacularly friendly and attentive service.

    55555 by Gary J.

  • Ingather Research & Innovation FacilitiesColorado’s first brewpub & Denver's first craft brewery, Wynkoop Brewing Company was founded in 1988 by a group of urban pioneers led by former Mayor & currently Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

    55555 by Ingather Research & Innovation Facilities

  • BigRyanParkBuy a growler of your favorite beer and take it home!

    55555 by BigRyanPark

  • Kathryn Kit M.When they say that the pretzels are gigantic, they really aren't kidding!

    55555 by Kathryn Kit M.

  • Adam M.Try the Beer Taster Tray - Awesomeness (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Adam M.

  • Benjamin G.Sundays Roasted Prime Rib Dinner, mashed potatoes, and a popover. Perfect end to a long holiday weekend.

    55555 by Benjamin G.

  • AdMan E.Play some pool. Get at me bro!

    33333 by AdMan E.

  • Emilie N.Try the Milk Stout, it's wonderfully smooth and creamy.

    55555 by Emilie N.

  • Andrea K.Not the place to be for Patty's day. Service sucks and it is not that busy...

    22222 by Andrea K.

  • BigRyanParkRail yard won't disappoint you. Try it.

    55555 by BigRyanPark

  • Benjamin G.Late night food menu. Cheeseburger (or veggie burger) and chips w/ a beer for $5!!!

    55555 by Benjamin G.

  • Dan C.Go for the buffalo chili!

    55555 by Dan C.

  • Rebecca P.Delicious micro-brews!

    55555 by Rebecca P.

  • Michelle L.NOM... really great ribs and awesome bbq sauce!

    55555 by Michelle L.

  • Toni B.Try the Siverback! Great tasting ale

    55555 by Toni B.

  • Tymothe M.London Calling is the jam in my doughnut.

    33333 by Tymothe M.

  • Charles E.Try the stout!

    55555 by Charles E.

  • Ef R.Sweep the leg! (Possibly a euphemism.)

    11111 by Ef R.

  • SPIRETry the chili beer! Pair it with any of the delicious choices of comfort food

    55555 by SPIRE

  • David H.$3 bloody Marys for brunch. Yum!

    55555 by David H.

  • Virgil BThey just put a new beer on tap...Collective Hoppiness. It's a very delicious Rye IPA.

    55555 by Virgil B

  • 🌺Stephanie P.Amazing Brewmasters, brewing with excellent hops, resulting in delicious beers!

    55555 by 🌺Stephanie P.

  • Curt S.Hit the guest taps: upstairs bar over to the right. There are some real gems in there.

    55555 by Curt S.

  • Men's Health MagBrew pubs can be a gamble. But this spot won’t steer you wrong. Try Railyard Ale. One sip and you’ll realize they know their stuff.

    55555 by Men's Health Mag

  • BigRyanParkTry one of everything...I mean, why not!?

    55555 by BigRyanPark

  • Derek G.Obamanator is almost as disappointing as its namesake

    22222 by Derek G.

  • Jessie G.chili beer is the best but the run out sometimes. call before if that is what you're going for. ask for chili beer and bloody mary mix next time you're brunching

    55555 by Jessie G.

  • Paul K.Itz always hotter than hell in here

    33333 by Paul K.

  • Andrea W.Food ROCKS! But if u get shep pie, ask for extra gravy!!! Fired ckn is the shit too! Biscuits could b a little mire done in the middle, bur for a ga girl, they r pretty rockin' too ;)

    55555 by Andrea W.

  • Conor H.A local brewpub. It was a zoo during GABF!

    55555 by Conor H.

  • Eddie G.Full service at the vibrating table...r u lucky enough to get it

    55555 by Eddie G.

  • Vanessa M.Ok seriously the lamb sliders...pork sandwhich...vegas sausage tamale...risotto & philly cheesesteak are all amazing!! I'm overly impressed!! Try everything....happy hr....mon thru fri 3pm to 6pm...

    55555 by Vanessa M.

  • Ken H.I really enjoyed the Shepherd's pie with tasty lamb chunks. Add a splash of Railyard hot sauce to kick it up a notch.

    55555 by Ken H.

  • allen k.Get a Silverback.

    33333 by allen k.

  • Amy M.Cool matchbooks for us collectors!

    55555 by Amy M.

  • BestOfWinner of Best Pool Hall 2011. See more of the best at http://bestof.voiceplaces.com/denver

    55555 by BestOf

  • BestOfWinner of Best Old Idea 2011. See more of the best at http://bestof.voiceplaces.com/denver

    55555 by BestOf

  • Brett G.Wynkoop Buffalo burger + ale on tap = great weekend

    55555 by Brett G.

  • Courtney L.Great chili flavored beer and really fun atmosphere.

    55555 by Courtney L.

  • Eric W.The Wynkoop is the de facto #geoglobaldomination headquarters for Colorado. FRUGOS, Rogues, OpenStreetMap mapping parties, FOSS4G organizing, even stalwarts like GITA can be seen here. When neogeograp

    55555 by Eric W.

  • Jeremy R.If you're not sure what you to drink they have 5 oz samples for $1

    55555 by Jeremy R.

  • Jeff M.Our bartender Curtis at the upstairs bar was awesome! Made our night! Real good guy. Next time I'm in Denver I'll go back for sure.

    55555 by Jeff M.

  • Aaron K.Good beer, nice atmosphere. Try the Silverback Pale Ale -delicious. The buffalo burger was good, too, and kids get free ice cream with their meal. Nice touch!

    55555 by Aaron K.

  • BigRyanParkGet a growler/jug of their great beer, be nice, strike up a convo and the bartender might just throw a free beer 'token' your way!

    55555 by BigRyanPark

  • Melissa O.3rd stop on the DenverMicroBrewTour.com

    55555 by Melissa O.

  • Eric P.Chili beer is great! Very shitty burger selection tho, COMMON!

    55555 by Eric P.

  • LuigiMake sure to bring your ID. They card. ;-)

    33333 by Luigi

  • Westword StreetVoted Best Pool Hall in Westword's Best of Denver 2011!

    55555 by Westword Street

  • Nicole R.Bill's Strong Scotch Ale is delicious. Creamy, sweet, and definitely strong.

    55555 by Nicole R.

  • Timbo K.Service is pretty slow to come help. Oh and first!

    33333 by Timbo K.

  • Monica P.Try the mussels! yummy garlic wine sauce!

    55555 by Monica P.

  • BJ D.Brunch menu available on Saturdays and Sundays.

    55555 by BJ D.

  • Rachel B.Ack, the vegan sloppy joe is a thing of the past! Still the best brewery and restaurant in town. Kasey is still the best waitress.

    55555 by Rachel B.

  • Todd M.The chili beer has always been my favorite!

    55555 by Todd M.

  • Jeremy JPatty's chili beer = perfect!!

    55555 by Jeremy J

  • Westword StreetWinner of Westword's Best of Denver 2010 - Best Brewpub!

    55555 by Westword Street

  • Christopher N.Two guns and a bullet(beer and a shot are a great deal

    55555 by Christopher N.

  • J Michael H.Best pub food ever. Menu looks standard but the taste is amazing: Buffalo meatloaf, reubens, bangers and mash, fish and chips- can't go wrong.

    55555 by J Michael H.

  • Star B.Chilli beer mixed with Porter = Yum!

    55555 by Star B.

  • Jake P.Vegetarian green chili is awesome.

    55555 by Jake P.

  • Ronnie M.Like IPAs? Try the mile high PA

    55555 by Ronnie M.

  • Steve S.Love the chili beer.

    55555 by Steve S.

  • Rachel B.The vegan sloppy joe is so good, it's sinful. And Kasey is the best waitress, btw!

    55555 by Rachel B.

  • Kevin AndersonIf you like good food with excellent ales, lagers, porters and stouts, go straight to LoDo and Wynkoop's.

    55555 by Kevin Anderson

  • Mike D.The Ploughman's Platter is more like a meal than an appetizer...well worth it!

    33333 by Mike D.

  • Michelle V.Fun & relaxing atmosphere. Erica was an excellent server. Be sure to try the beer battered onion rings & the buttermilk fried chicken & mashed potatoes. Oh & the Railyard flavor was my fav!

    55555 by Michelle V.

  • Kim H.Must try the chili beer!! It is fantastic!!

    55555 by Kim H.

  • Kristen BRailyard Ale is the BEST!!!

    55555 by Kristen B

  • Tim F.If you're in town for just a bit (like I was), ask for a sampler set. I had 9 samples (about 5oz) for like $8. Absolutely awesome! Try everything without breaking the bank... Or your liver.

    55555 by Tim F.

  • Jenelle SThe chili beer is really unique and good!

    55555 by Jenelle S

  • Beth C.Fat Tuesday - apparently some Mardi Gras live music there tonight

    33333 by Beth C.

  • Michael K.The Wynkoop Brewing CO host a sustainability series the 1st Tuesday of every month in their main event room. Guests have included Denver Water and the designer of Sader City.

    55555 by Michael K.

  • nemohad the monkey ipa and the meatloaf

    55555 by nemo

  • Kim M.ONLY order one of the Wynkoop's locally crafted brews. If you order a Coors Light you'll either get your butt kicked or kicked out.

    55555 by Kim M.

  • Bo B.Yummy! Chilli beer and giant preztels!

    55555 by Bo B.

  • Brian O.If you never had a chili beer, try their's. The flavor is subtle and not over powering.

    55555 by Brian O.

  • Tim W.Cj likes the chili beer. out of it tonight. will have to make a return trip

    55555 by Tim W.

  • Kristofer BGo to Wynkoop Brewing Co. and order the Obamanator. Great beer that needs to be perminately on the menu.

    55555 by Kristofer B

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